Francesca Battistelli - Worth It Lyrics

Love’s not a feeling
Love’s not convenient
But I know love will change your life
Love takes sacrifice
Love cuts like a knife
Sometimes love will make you cry
Love’s not easy
But it’s worth it

Love is a hunger
But love won’t leave you empty
See it’s the language of the heart
Love can steal your pride
But love won’t let you hide
It takes everything you’ve got
Love’s not easy
But it’s worth it

What you gonna do when the bottom falls out
And you’re left with nothing but your fear and your doubt to hold to
Who will hold you?
Where you gonna run when it’s all on the line
And you’re looking for someone to save your life
To save your life

Love can hear you
Love can heal you
If you let it inside
Oh, remember now
Love’s not easy
But it’s worth it

What you gonna do when the bottom falls out
And you’re left with nothing but your fear and your doubt to hold to
Who’s gonna hold you?
Oh, where you gonna run when it’s all on the line
And you’re looking for someone to save your life
To save your life

Love can hear you
I know love will heal you
If you let it inside
Oh, remember now
Love’s not easy
But it’s worth it

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Francesca Battistelli Worth It Comments

    Thank you Jesus for amazing, everlasting Love 😍😘😍.n also thanks @Superkin Laurel😍

  2. Lauren's Hairstyles And Tutorials

    Sometimes love can make you cry! true that is! Please pray for me! My best friend is on the verge of suicide! I don’t want to lose him! I love him so much! 😭

  3. Too Much Candy


  4. Tutu Vega

    You've gotta have a concert in Buffalo new York!!!!!!!!!! 💙💙💙💙💙

  5. Zariah Vela

    AMEN !!!!! I go to God for love and for him to hold me

  6. Jecyl Geromiano

    Mind blowing....very sentimental song... I love it..... 😍😍😍😍

  7. Corinthia Lewis

    Very uplifting song. Giving me goose bumps

  8. New Watchmen Ministry


  9. alayia parish

    This song deserves a Grammy award. Wonderful song.

  10. Brian Pollack

    Who will hold me

    Mercy the Fabulous Dog

    Brian Pollack The Holy Spirit who is The Comforter will hold you. Jesus said to the disciples that he must go away but he would send The Holy Spirit to live inside them, to comfort them and to be their helper. Pray and ask Jesus into your heart today. You don’t need to use fancy words. Just ask him to forgive you of your sins and to come into your life. You will still go through things but God will always be with you. Be encouraged.

  11. Brian Pollack

    I wonder who will safe me

  12. Mysterious Shadow

    Hold on to God beacuse he carries all your worries and he Loves you more than anything..🌹

  13. Jen Bonse

    who's still listening in 2017? 😭

    Sabina Niță

    me! 😢

    Paul Tomlin

    2018. Keep going....

  14. Truegamer 175

    Love is it!

  15. Cherubim Song

    great song

  16. Cherubim Song

    I love this song thankyou Jesus

  17. Jordynn States

    God is awesome and everyone should put their faith in Him always bc He is the only one that will ever b there for u

  18. Kelsey Berube

    This song is so amazing

  19. Lily Rodriguez

    Love is a hard thing to find

  20. Lynne e

    God is Love

    Juliet Awino

    love it

  21. Lisa David

    Only Jesus helps in terrible feelings and situations because He is the only true Love.

    Zariah Vela

    Lisa David that is so true

  22. Julie Woolacott

    its Always worth it.,...if we let it go...what's the point of anything?

  23. Dustin Rowe

    love is hard but it is worth it 😁

  24. Lane Uhler

    Thank you for sharing this!!! :D

  25. Ragnvald Black

    Thank you God for Jesus!

  26. Ana F

    Love's not easy, but its worth it. So true!!

  27. Agness Sethi

    Such a Beautiful song ................... Its Makes me cry......................

    Esmirna B.

    Me too 😭

  28. FilthyRagsSoaps

    Love this song & oh so true!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting it!!!

  29. bela hernandez

    I found this song after realizing someone I loved with all my heart and that had asked me to marry, was not going to come back to the USA for two years. It almost killed me but like the song says is worth it... I decided to cast all my cares on the Lord and he truly can and will restore all you lost 100 x's. He is LOVE!"

  30. Turimove Katjipo

    So much truth spoken....listen to it

  31. Ryan Capalos

    LOVE of GOD?? Ohh 👍 Worth it...
    Love this song...

  32. Khasmier Cabal

    I'm so related to this. I love this song. This verily remind me of God's love on the calvary. Reminding it to us may revive us from being discouraged and confused. God's been so loving. And all we need is to share that love to other people by the means of the greatest love why God has given His life, which is for us to be saved. I hope everyone who can read this accepts Jesus in their heart. Thanks friends!!! :*

  33. Shiro May

    I first heard this song after yet another person who I thought was a really close friend ditched me. After she did, I had made up my mind to stop caring about anyone. I thought: "Why let anyone get close to me if they're just going to hurt me?" Then I heard this song and immediately started crying as I was reminded that I shouldn't just give up on love. After all, the One who IS love, has never given up on me.

    mang san

    Hmm Amen to that :) don't give up :)

    Dutchess and Kay -Makayla

    God never gave up on you... never give up on others! =)
    God loved the world! ...The world rejected Him! ...Yet He forgave them! <3

  34. Heather Holliday Maxwell

    So beautiful. Brought me to tears.

  35. ARocks Swag

    Sorry, my phone makes me mess up the words. Bi

  36. ARocks Swag

    This is true Lyrics:|
    Thank Our Lord Jesus Christ for all the Christian Music He Does. But don't thank the Idols like the Virgin Guadalup, Buddah or any stuff like that. Cause there just IDOLS made of materials. What can materials do, NOTHING. Believe it or NOT, it's TRUE. Need to tell U this cause the TImE is COMING

    Don't worry, U'll figure it out... Only Most if U... If U can...

  37. MidnightCry7

    If anyone can talk about love, it's God. The Bible shows us from cover to cover, from Genesis to Revelations, His character. Any of us in His place would have been like 'I'm done with you guys' and turn away, retaliate against humanity and destroy us at any time, maybe even redo creation. What stopped Him? Why did He show us immense grace and mercy every time of every day? His love. And what God did out of love, we will never be able to grasp it. It knows no end. The best possible gift He ever gave, He gave by sending His own Son, Jesus Christ, to die for unworthy sinners. Just so that we can still have a second chance to enter into a reconciliation with our King and Creator. Jesus could have said no, but having that same love for His Father and for us, He suffered loneliness, rejection, ridicule, betrayal, humiliation and ultimately death, carrying our sins as the Lamb to be slain for the sins of all humanity, including His own offenders and murderers.
    If anyone can talk about love, it's God. Praise the Lord. 

  38. Donna Sue

    after 41 years married
    I can say its not easy,,but you hang on and it
    will be all worth it,:)

  39. Mycapuno i

    I want this to be my wedding song. <3

  40. Stephanie Monk

    "Love makes sacrifices, sometimes love will make you cry but it's worth it" My friend is willing to wait until I graduate high school in order to date me if he has to... Love makes sacrifices and Love is true when the one who loves is willing to make sacrifices. "Love is not easy but it is worth it!"

  41. Bethany Thompson

    This is BEAUTIFUL! Francesca did a FABULOUS job. :)

  42. Bruce Chim

    Voice of angel

  43. Lupe Vera

    This sing is versatile!!! But no doubt only a person with passion n soul really can enjoy its rejuvenating effects

  44. Jesse Reyna

    No matter what may say to you about your faith in God and Jesus-Christ;no matter if the're rich or famous and call you nuts;just remember's not easy...but it's worth it. Thanks god for providing Mrs.Francesca with these lyrics;and she's the writer and not me;but really the Lord in her. God bless.

  45. Robi N

    please make a karaoke of this song.

  46. Jesse Reyna

    Amen! Thanks man. God bless ya my friend. Later.

  47. abdalioh

    hi jesse,
    amen for what you wrote, so true only through pain and suffering can our heart be changed, and be more closer to our god.
    god bless you brother

    Jessie Stokes

    Its amazing

  48. Karen Marie

    Very touching! God Bless!

  49. Kari K.

    wished i could listen to it on my xoom tablet, android!

  50. joshua espaltero

    like! <3

  51. kendall napier

    I love this song and the francesca.You did really good on the lyrics!!!!!!!!!!

  52. miguel ruiz

    yeah if only other people knew this trck is sooo good! Yeah and you can use this to get this music on your ipod >


    Such a beutiful song!!!!

  54. Jesse Reyna

    Amen-it's about trusting,kowing,and believing in God's holy love through Jesus Christ our lord and Savior;and to me it's about going through the trials and temptations that come with believing in the gospel of Christ Jesus our precious Lord and Savior. Didn't mean to affend anyone. Take care.

  55. Angie Sanchez

    loves not easy but its worth it < 3

  56. Sara gONZALEZ

    Really nice Song that not only helps you to realized love is hard but is worth it, it also helps me realized God is there when no one else is Thank You!!

  57. mody holgado

    love this song so much

  58. Cristina N. Trussel Rios

    Run to Love. Run to God. God is Love ♥ I love Francescaaa!

  59. Brucev7

    'Whose going to hold you....looking for someone to save your LIFE'....Jesus Christ
    Joh 14:6

  60. Lonso

    youre right mate but it can help in such situations too i think c;

  61. George Walden

    right! lol love this chick! you can really tell in her voice that she means it. still. our love for our spouse is a great example of Gods love for us. every part of it God designed for his satisfaction. have no clue what these peeps were saying but im sure you covered the deal lol

  62. Nicole Flores

    God's love is real!

  63. Jessica Leonard

    okay....i love this song!!!!!

  64. Savvy Marie

    this song made me cry. thank you Jesus love you. <3

  65. Reah Yearwood

    MOSTTT BEAUTIFULLLL song ever.. :)

  66. Laura O.

    A beautiful song both about earthly, forever love and heavenly, forever love. <3

  67. chelseabo17

    i see this as letting Gods love into my heart....but also as me and my boyfriend love. songs can have many meanings guys, its just how your heart interprets it:)

  68. Hypnozee

    No dislikes! It better stay that way! :)

  69. godslilprincess95

    Its more than just letting God into your heart. Its about seeing that love is full-filling and that if you try you will get the most out of life if you just love instead of feeling sorry for yourself. When I listen to tenth avenue they make me feel like the whole world revolves around me and Gods love for me.....but you know what there is more to life than that and its saving things like relationships even with guys. Just saying :)

  70. Ema4eva

    I search up a good song with good lyrics about God and there's a commercial for Victoria's Secret or something. Seriously? Can't youtube get rid of that so family's can look at this or something?

  71. Jwalker2695

    God is love. he's worth it :]

  72. TyFighterFPV Builds

    I thought this song was about a person who just had a loss in friends or family and she was trying to find a boyfriend that would love her just like the person she lost did. And then she finally found one and thought, "This is worth it!" But i was completely wrong!

  73. Lydia Krüger

    This song is amazing:)

  74. Rachel Poff

    This song touches ppl, reaches out to ppl, who feel like there far away from God. And they have no more love to give. And that love can heal you and change you more than you realize. (:

  75. changedchick228

    yehhh.... this song is really talking about letting God's love into your heart.... because God loves you no matter what and it takes everything to try to keep your relationship with him... and thats all that matters :) God will always be there for you to run to.
    :)) <3

  76. rishlovesyou28

    i WAS once reminded what love really means.. :')

  77. RainbowCrowArt

    @TheActualAstrid haha! Yeeaaah! XD You're welcwme. =3 But no thanks needed. X3

  78. Jenny Zuidema

    @GodsGirl4everPro really woow that sucks and hahahah thanks

  79. RainbowCrowArt

    @TheActualAstrid Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! ^_^ XD Thanks. X ) U're mine too. I= ) I see u more often than friends that live RIGHT next to me! And talk to u more, cause they aren't writing anymore for some reason. = /

  80. Jenny Zuidema

    @GodsGirl4everPro see this is why your like my best friend

  81. RainbowCrowArt

    @TheActualAstrid heh. U're fine. I just wanna make ppl feel better ta return the favor, but it can be a bit "more than I know how to chew", ya know? XP I just wanna make you feel special. ^_^ Cause ya ARE! XD

  82. Jenny Zuidema

    @GodsGirl4everPro awwwwwwwwwwww i'm sorry

  83. RainbowCrowArt

    @TheActualAstrid Nuuuuuhu! Stop felin' saaad! DX Don't wike it. =(

  84. Jenny Zuidema

    @GodsGirl4everPro *hugs you back* i know but still

  85. RainbowCrowArt

    @TheActualAstrid Awww. =( I know it may not feel as good as u want it to, hearing it just from 1 person...but if I could stand for a bunch of ppl, I would! I= ) But I'm not 1,000s. X I Crud. *Hugs to make u feel better! DX*

  86. Jenny Zuidema

    @GodsGirl4everPro *smirks* thanks.......but the fact i was so depressed this summer and almost did those things that i told you about i almost want to them again.....*frowns* :(

  87. RainbowCrowArt

    @TheActualAstrid I hope do too. ^_^ and, yes. U do. ;) Not the case with me at all. ^_^

  88. Jenny Zuidema

    @GodsGirl4everPro i guess and we hope to meet someday and really.....i don't usually make ppl happy more like annoy them till they hate me

  89. RainbowCrowArt

    @TheActualAstrid Well...not close, who knows, maybe, YET, He had/has His epic reasons fer everythin' XD, and I know, but maybe you 2'll get to see each other a LOT 1 day. <= ) And, frankly, I'M glad God made u...sometimes I'M down, and u cheer me up when u don't even know it. I= )

  90. Jenny Zuidema

    @GodsGirl4everPro well 1. i'm not really close with my parents, 2. i wonder why God ever made me, and 3. the one who calls me sugar cube i never get to see :(

  91. RainbowCrowArt

    @TheActualAstrid God, ur dad, and he 1 who calls u sugar cube. ^_^

  92. Jenny Zuidema

    @GodsGirl4everPro you don't know that......and what 3

  93. Jenny Zuidema

    @GodsGirl4everPro how........i don't even think a guy will fall in love with me cuz of my scars

  94. RainbowCrowArt

    @TheActualAstrid Aaaaww! :( Poor sugar cube! Dx But u certianly do. I= )

  95. Jenny Zuidema

    @GodsGirl4everPro believe me if you were me you would feel the same way, i'm just happy i have people i trust that i can talk to about it

  96. RainbowCrowArt

    @TheActualAstrid Awwwwwwwwwwwww! D= NOT true!

  97. Jenny Zuidema

    Wooow!! i feel like crap and depressed and i'm not worth anything to anyone ALL THE TIME!!!

  98. Trippy Lasagna

    this song goes with my status on glad i found it (:

  99. Sarah Rose


  100. val m

    Thank you so much for uploading this video