Francesca Battistelli - Hands Of God Lyrics

On my own
I've been falling to the pressure
There's a weight
That's been heavy on my shoulders
I need you
To lift me up
I'm so tired
Of trying to make up new excuses
Faking smiles
Trying to hide I'm only human
I need you
To lift me up
'Cause on my own
Is not enough

Every time you speak out
And say the words I need to hear
Every time you reach out
I can feel His love so near
I hope you know
To me you are
The hands of God

I don't doubt
God is with me in the valley
But I believe
He gave me you
To remind me
The face of love
An answered prayer
The hands of God
With me right here


Every time you listen to me
'Cause you know I need a friend
Every time you stop what you're doing
And help me find my way again
I hope you know
To me you are
The hands of God

You are the hand upon my shoulder when I'm hurting
You are the voice of truth and love when I am searching
For every time you reach to help me in my need
One day, Jesus will say, You did it for Me


Every time you listen to me
'Cause you know I need a friend
Every time you stop what you're doing
And help me find my way again
I hope you know
To me you are
The hands of God

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Francesca Battistelli Hands Of God Comments
  1. Lizbeth Davila

    Amen and hallelujah

  2. The Cause of Christ-Children Of God


  3. The Cause of Christ-Children Of God


  4. Monique Ramirez

    Makes me think of my Christian mentor. God used her to bring me back to him. She is one of my most trusted friends, and I'm so grateful she's in my life.

  5. Leah Renee

    I LOVE this! 😍👌🏼😿😊 and, I just can't cuz some people think that God isn't real?? Like really? 🤔😿 I love people, and there going to Hell, really? 🤔😿👀 I can't do it.

  6. Sarah Beatriz

    Brasil?? alguém???

    Thalyta Neves

    Sarah Beatriz eu kkk

  7. Ako Si Rancho

    When I've known and heard the lyrics of the song, I've thought of several Christians who was there to rescue, counsel and pray for me on times of distraught and prosperity. They were the 'hands of God' - they comforted and help me to even believe and trust God all the more! Thank you for being always with me. May you continue to do the good work which you have done. God be continually glorified in your lives and let it shine even more! :-)

    🎶 I hope you know,
    To me you are
    The Hands of God. 🎶

  8. A furry UwU

    i know so many ppl that dont believe......... my freind used to beleve but he went to his grandmas and he turns diffrent,..... he says he dont believe and god snt real....... his grandma is a demon worshiper,,,,, plz pray for him......

  9. Kevin Winn

    Man, I have a hard time hearing Matt Hammitt in this one. I hear him from 2:45-2:52 , and at 3:03 when everything's quiet. Perhaps it's a compliment to how Matt accompanies Francesca ? ? ??Great song though.

  10. Elton Steadham

    It was an honor when she came to Jackson ms I had the pleasure to meet her face to face . Thank God for you your songs have inspired me to be a better person. I recently graduated Teen Challenge program I want to say thanks for all you are doing and have done .

  11. Morgan

    helping others is just your way of being the Hands of God meaning he is using you to help others 🔰

  12. Morgan

    helping others is just your way of being the Hands of God meaning he is using you to help others 🔰

  13. Nevado Productions

    I LOVE IT!!!!

  14. Riwanto Sitinjak

    This song reminds me of how great the love of Jesus in mind

  15. Ximena Torres Landa

    Me encanta esta canción es de mis preferidas yo les doy un like

  16. Samantha Searcy

    Is your baby going to be a girl or a boy

  17. Carol Ludwick

    Saw Francesca here in Omaha.. She is a true inspiration..God bless her and her band!!

  18. Neil Bowman

    This song shows that God knows what to do and what to say through us in our lives everyday. That shows us that we are in the HANDS OF GOD. That's also why over 2.5 Billion people in the world are Christians because God knows and has everything we need and can go into any aspect in our lives, more than what Science gives us. He has everything we need, but are we willing to accept it?

  19. Habtamu Geta

    nice song

  20. cookies and cream

    my cousins mom died but when i listen to this song i feel all better

    she was drinking drugs :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

    pray for me please if you do thank you please answer back
    also my mom has cancer breast cancer and another type of skin cancer it the black ribbon

    cookies and cream

    thank you

    cookies and cream

    now my mom has breast cancer


    so sorry to hear that

    Its Astral! X3

    cookies and cream you're in my prayers! God bless!

    Michelle Basinger

    You are in my prayers

  21. Tiffani Linde

    Francesca has a beautiful voice she's so talented and beautiful

  22. Tiffani Linde

    Amazing song love it so much it means a lot to me and really helps me

  23. RapSpuffy

    7 people don't appreciate God -_- hmph

    cookies and cream

    +RapSpuffy omg

    • emuek •

    Now 25. Why??

  24. Tiffani Linde

    Love this song its amazing your so talented love your voice you inspire me so much your music is awesome your so beautiful and a great person

  25. Miriam Dusciuc

    So beautiful!

    cookies and cream

    +Miriam Dusciuc i know right

  26. Amber Walden

    Wow! :)

  27. Águilas Club Bíblico

    great..!! song...!! :D

  28. Cassey Nicole

    I absolutely love this song.. Would anybody on here happen to know where I can get an instrumental to this song? That would be greatly appreciated.. :)

  29. Anna Glenn

    It's okay to be different and preach the name of god!

  30. lora winebarger

    Amen, I need God to lift me up

  31. Jesse Reyna

    Hey i thought that "Write Your Story" was supposed to be on new frannies' new cd? I haven't seen it yet on you tube?

    Jesse Reyna

    praying for you okay?

    Miriam Dusciuc

    @***** I know this is three months old but I'll pray for you.

    Jesse Reyna

    @Miriam Dusciuc And what exactly is your prayer for me about? I'm already saved? so this prayer is about what? 

    Miriam Dusciuc

    Umm,..I was talking to Alec carlson because he said his dog died and asked someone to pray for him..

    Jesse Reyna

    ok sorry.. statements always get posted overlapping others. Take care.

  32. Joey C

    Amen to hear a real voice who can tell the story of life from every view point.

  33. Bob Carroll

    You are an inspiration

  34. Bob Carroll

    Love your music and heart

    Jesse Reyna

    Her and God are such a blessing to my heart from him above. Such wonderful music. I love her style. Have blessed day.

    Bob Carroll

    Love her music

  35. Bruce Wheadon

    Fantastic!  Thank you!