Francesca Battistelli - Find Rest Lyrics

He never sleeps, He never slumbers
He's been awake at every hour
No tear catches Him by surprise
He's never lost, He never runs out
He never lives in the shadows of doubt
No fear catches Him by surprise

Find rest my soul
Put your hope in God
Put your hope, put your hope in God

He always is, He always will be
He always has been everything I need
How can this be catching me by surprise
He's ever strong, He's ever faithful
His love is real, now nothing is impossible
'Cause nothing catches Him by surprise


I close my eyes, and I can see
The arms of mercy holding me
I close my eyes, and I can see
The arms of Jesus holding me


Put your hope in God
Put your hope in God

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Francesca Battistelli Find Rest Comments
  1. Lisa Derr

    This is the best song ever u

  2. People

    That song is so powerful and deep.

  3. Edward Chalgren

    Great song and love the steel guitars. Acts 16:31

  4. 神秘嘉宾Dave Khoo

    Need lyrics

  5. A furry UwU

    thease songs always help me....... i used to get teased bc i had adhd......... and this music christan always helps me......

  6. Pastora Marilene Fernandes

    i love sing

  7. Hannah Susan

    Beautiful song this keeps running in my mind really love this I put my hope in God. Whenever satan lets me down this song is an encouragement to me.😊

  8. Kevin Cansfield

    This is a departure form the modern trend of worship based christian music, back to the more contemporary style of my youth, I like it

  9. Kevin Winn

    This is a great song, and Album too!! "I hope your soul finds rest with this, my friend."

  10. Joseph Plahar

    spirit filled excellent

  11. Alison Wijayaratne

    Nothing catches Him by surprise!! He knows ALL things ❤Find rest& put your hope in God alone !!

  12. Philo Cesar

    Amennn , thank you God

  13. Hailie Ziehmer

    my soul

  14. My Vibes

    put your hope in god

  15. Morgan

    I love this song and the meaning 🔰

  16. Stacey Steele

    Jehovah is my name you fine it in the bible at psalms 83:18

  17. Cilla

    this song ministers to my soul

  18. Stacey Steele

    this is a very nice and helpful to me to no that God is there

  19. Jenny C

    this song is my fav!

  20. Lucas Casper


  21. Yasmin Haywood

    I love this song !!!!

    Lucas Casper

    Me to Iove this song

  22. Dustin Rowe


  23. Dustin Rowe

    Find Rest

    Katie Black

    Dustin Rowe mguj

  24. mrnorm777

    Best song on album!!!

  25. Ella Rodriguez

    Great Song
    love it love Fran

  26. AgentD2009

    95.1 Shine FM (Baltimore) brought me here. :)

  27. Ana F

    I can't believe anyone would look up to this song, listen to it and dislike it. But 9 people have thumbs downed it

    Scott Lemmermann

    Ana F people want control, and life is nothing about control. God rides with you. Some folks don't like it. We go with Him.

  28. Neil Bowman

    This song always ministers to me when I hear it.

  29. Jesusfreak zionwarrior

    even though i walk through the shadow of the valley of death i shall fear no evil.....

  30. Josie McElroy

    no matter what anyone goes through they can always count on God to help them through it. God bless everyone!

  31. dalila araujo

    Muito lindaass todas as música dela😍😍

  32. Charlotty Lama

    Find rest, my soul .... :)

  33. Faith Scheffler

    Love it's<3

  34. Lary Cyrille

    Yes, I find rest only in you Jesus

  35. W! Entretenimento

    Is better!

    Cyndy Bowman

    beautiful heart and God that brings these words through.

  36. naomi chisanga Mutale

    This song is amazing! My favourite on the album. Where can I get the instrumental? I'd love to do a cover.


    i made a cover of this. I'm so blessed by God's message through this song. So so blessed! thanks too Fransesca! but i didnt put it on youtube,, only on facebook. heheeheh. 

  38. dariusgilmore11

    This song!!!! It has me in tears. I love it.

  39. Melissa Crites

    I really love <3 this song! I've played it over and over. The whole CD is good but this is definitely one of my favorites. :)

  40. Anthony Schiavone

    This song is so powerful, it honestly brings me to tears every time I hear it. Francesca's songs are always such a blessing, but this is one of my all time favorites. Praise God for His love for us, we are so unworthy...

    "For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin." Hebrews 4:15

  41. Brucev7

    Haunting melody.
    1 Corinthians 15:19
    If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied.

  42. Mike Sanders

    amazing album been listening to it all week. each song is special in its own way. what a great blessing!

  43. MaximeMei

    I have to admit that the new album has really impressed me by the wonderful songs. This is a beautiful song!

  44. Mary Osire

    Favorite song on the album :)

  45. book2709

    Amazing song and such a reminder that He is our strong tower and refuge!