Framing Hanley - You Lyrics

If you're still up for chasing dreams
I've got a bottle, two glasses and a backseat.
And a lot of things to resolve
If you've got the time at all

I'm not one to be much different
Than who I really am
I lived my life for way too long
Trying to please everyone else.
Sometimes I should probably
Just bite my goddamn tongue
Will I've said too much a few times
But how much is enough

For you
'Cause I don't want to lose you

I was thinking about telling you
I was in love
I was in love with you

No palace of words will make this better
If there's deceit in every letter
You came to me with hope for a future
And I came to you with a waiting line

For you
'Cause I don't want to lose you

I was thinking about telling you
I was in love
I was in love with you
With you
With you
I'm in love with you

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Framing Hanley You Comments
  1. Krista XOXO93

    Still love this song 2019

  2. Shawn Fuller

    Good song

  3. nathan's channel

    if i only loved her.. =(

  4. Hale Valen

    love this band dude...

  5. XXY

    *I came to you with a weighted life.

  6. Amber Davison

    I'll always still love them...♥

  7. Holly Collins

    I'm in love with him

  8. HeidiH.L Jones


  9. Karly Zalapa

    ;n; ...

  10. Alison Bonser

    its weighted life not waiting line, js

    Ozzy McCarver

    +Alison Bonser You're right, but you could stand to be less passive aggressive. JS

    Alison Bonser

    I wasn't being aggressive I was just pointing out the mistake :)

  11. Amanda taken by Chris Brannaman

    Is he still alive? I seen rip on a video in comments.

  12. Jerry Hinkle

    Lets just fall in Love.

  13. Frost

    "I was thinking about telling you I was in love with you" that was also in photographs and gasoline


    "I was thinking about telling you I was in love with her" *


    Maybe this is to whoever he was adressing as "Her" in Photographs And Gasoline.


    @Thezlington Killed Kenny  That's what I was thinking too, to be honest

  14. mike parker


  15. Timothy Van Kuiken

    ... it brings back a lot.... so much

  16. Miguel Mauricio

    This video was very well-put together

  17. Colleen Glodo

    I♡these guys...

  18. Sam Rouse

    I love this song..........but Framing Hanley went so soft on this song


    i think that was the intention, 


    What does that even mean

  19. Brandi Wilkens


  20. Sam Horan


  21. Rachel M


    Rachel M

    @Brent Porter nah ^.^  haha

    Rachel M

    @Brent Porter lol aw thank you ^.^ thats sweet 

    Rachel M

    @Brent Porter Hehe  

    Rachel M

    @Brent Porter sure  

  22. imapanda500

    Well shit,you got 233,you better fuck this boy's brains out.

  23. Jessica Adams

    Everytime I Hear this I Want To Cry because It Explains alot and this song Is So Beautiful <3

  24. Victoria Mcanally

    If u want to download it onto your ipod or iphone you can copy the url and go to youtube-mp3 and delete the url on the page above where it says convert and paste the url from this song and then just press convert and download and it should pop up in your itunes or in watever u use to download your music

  25. zanz37


  26. automaticchic

    i can't find a website to download it anywhere.i once did it but lost the song...can anyone tell e?all that comes is you stupid girl instead

  27. NOPE5390

    200 and he's getting laid?

  28. JanInJax

    Bwahaha! Way to put an end to those types of comments ;-)

  29. kaph+iify

  30. Brianna Valiente

    He doesn't know if he wants to go down this road again..
    And I thought he was falling in love.

  31. tq_in_hq

    Two hundred. She's going to marry him.

  32. Bree Anna

    you know she was totally hoping some would say that. lol

  33. Scruffy616

    45th replay...i think hell yes!

  34. Jonathon Williamson

    A beautiful video for an amazing song. You've done well making the video, and I commend you on your effort. Job well done I'd say. *Thumbs up*

  35. Sierra SoftLips

    Haha what are you saying? XD

  36. J Holiday

    200 and you'll have sexual intercourse with him?

  37. mariana delgado

    I will love her through it all.

  38. Jack Belshaw

    his comment got 135 likes ... your got 0 ... i think people prefer his view on the comment over yours.

  39. Julian Chastain

    100 for vaginal sex?
    150 for anal sex?
    200 for everything?

  40. Julian Chastain

    It's julian and i know love you even more...

  41. malachi armenta

    I never got a text, call, got invited to hang out or was told i was loved. you lied

  42. BanditBadger


  43. Kyle Harris

    The really sad part is, the exact thing you are stating in your comment, is the exact thing you are doing.. 0_o Wierd!
    Take your own advice.

  44. Marieke Mohaboe

    You just made my day x)

  45. Кираматовна

    Я не тупой. Я делал точку. >__>

  46. KSIxMiizTiKZz

    No shit dumbass ..

  47. Alyssa Joan Collins

    She'll post a comment one day and be like: "Guys, I got a restraining order. :c Fifty likes and I'll do it all again."

  48. Кираматовна

    Why would you seek attention like this?
    You just want to be a top comment.

  49. Michelle Love

    So what happend ? :O

  50. AngelDuCiel

    I broke up with him thinking that I could be happier. I was .. so wrong.
    This was one of our songs.
    I'm sorry, Alex ):
    I miss you.

  51. Alex Clifford

    loldude, what the hell is your problem?
    Like, are you new here, or like what?
    Those comments you're choosing to react to are fucking JOKES.
    No need to write a story about a joke, like seriously you're wasting your time.

  52. Hannah Kaganac

    i could listen to these guys all night and never get bored

  53. pillzownsu

    Well howd it go?

  54. Tahera Thompson

    The most beautiful song ever..I cant feel anymore but this song brings me as close to feeling anything as possible

  55. Mary MorethanMiles

    You quit being a slag and a bitch !

  56. Mary MorethanMiles

    Those really rude people that have nothing else better to do than to find a comment they dont agree with and start making a riot , yall are Pathetic , you dont see people commenting on yalls shit about what you posted, so stfu you came her eto listen to the song not say stuff about other people , damn people these days

  57. Opa Mils

    I just had my heart broken last night

  58. textaddict100

    i love this song! <3

  59. Marissa Meadowcroft

    this is favorite video on youtube! i watch it constantly.....:D

  60. Renzo M. Estupiñan

    Ojala tuviera la oportunidad de decirle muchas cosas, pero siento que debo limitarme porque ya no siente lo mismo que yo.

  61. Leam la

    One lucky SOB. 11 more and it happens daily.

  62. crak dern

    10 likes i'll tell her i love her
    20 likes i'll tell her i love her
    30 likes i'll tell her i love her
    40 likes i'll tell her i love her
    50 likes i'll tell her i love her
    0 likes i'll tell her that i'll always love her

  63. Adrian

    The awkward moment when her comment has 131 likes. So as anLasiar said, Enjoy your meal miss "SCAR". :D

  64. Brianna Valiente

    Luke... I was thinking about telling you... I'm still in love with you. :)

  65. Evie

    well damn with almost 130 likes y'all better be using protection ;D

  66. Savannah Molloy

    Does this mean you fuck him now or???

  67. KaylaxCatastrophe

    I have been searching for a song that decribes everything I'm going through, everything I feel.. this is just way too perfect for words.. :/

  68. Stephanie Davis

    "I'm not one to be much different then who I really am, I've lived my life for way to long trying to please everyone else.. "
    Best. Lyrics. Ever.

  69. Audrey L

    This song cannot describe me any better..

  70. aimee huff

    meant him

  71. aimee huff

    the guy choose him over me after two years i spent nights thinking bout him i thought i was in love but i relieze that i deserved better and i got better> im happy he was in my life but i wish to this day i wouldnt let my self fall in love with im

  72. SleepingWithMuffinz asdf

    Then after those likes you can tell him that you got the courage to tell him that by having people like your comment on a youtube video :"DD!!!!
    Warning:he may think it's pathetic. -__-

  73. 7111816drkn335

    What happened?

  74. Shinzuno

    and, how did he react???

  75. Gayandproud33

    what a dirt bag

  76. Gayandproud33


  77. Bree Anna

    what a dirt bag!

  78. Kelsisauruslovezyeww

    There cant be a more perfect song than this. Honestly.

  79. MsBbika

    Now you have to kiss him!

  80. Aastronomical

    Oke it seems like you need to tell him the truth! c:

  81. Rosie Robidoux

    It literally kills me that I let you slip through my fingers. But it turns out that you loved her more than you could ever love me. I've been in denial for so long that I don't think I could ever get out. I lvoe you, and always will. There will always be that part of me that wants to be together, and the other part just wants to move on. Once high school ends, maybe everything will be alright? I guess everything happens for a reason.

  82. MetisMettie

    You have 64 likes, now do all four! XD

  83. Cay Thorp

    well that escalated quickly.

  84. Scarlet Joelene

    ur right and it didnt work out but im dating one of his friends now and it turned out better than it would hav with him

  85. Kassidy Laine

    This song makes me upset, awhile ago. There was this guy that told me he was in love with me, and he wondered why i wouldn't say it back. But i finally said to him that i love him also. We broke up alittle after that & to this day, i still hope to recieve a text from him saying, he wants another chance to be with me, that choosing her over me, was a big mistake. I just wish i could hear him say he loves me, one more time.... I fell in love, now i can't get out..

  86. Trisha-Ann S.

    i know how you feel. feeling it right now..

  87. SleepingWithMuffinz asdf

    When this fits your situation...

  88. xXScream4meeXx

    playing this song on my acoustic and i feel like crying...

  89. xXScream4meeXx


  90. Scarlet Joelene

    thanks love =^-.-^=i hope ur right

  91. Tyler Seel

    Good. I'm sure everything will go well for you ^-^

  92. Scarlet Joelene

    ur right....ill tell him cuz hes my best friend anyways.

  93. Tyler Seel

    Don't depend on likes. Just do it.

  94. Nadia Reinhorn

    how about you just do it? ;)
    this counts as fifty likes:

  95. Kaze Seven

    watching this and crying, i miss him so much!

    Haha, no, i have no love life

  96. Scarlet Joelene

    10 likes and ill text the guy i like
    20 likes and ill call him
    30 likes and ill ask him to hang out
    50 likes and ill tell him i love him

  97. Christi DiFrank

    the three simplest things in this world that are the most difficult to say:

    I'm sorry
    I love you

  98. Kylee Luther

    Where was this song when I wanted to tell my friend how I felt when me and him were fighting. Amazing song. Now one of my favorites from Framing Hanley.

  99. Breanna Germain

    Fully Agree.
    There is this guy I like he saved my life Yesterday. Because if it wasnt for him I would of killed myself Ive told him ive loved him and I was so scared so scared. I cried alot to. I loved him since ive known him. Honestly Its like I need him because without him I really honestly nothing I fall apart... Alot.... He means so much to me more than words can express.