Framing Hanley - Count Me In Lyrics

Cradle up there's a fragile life
You can paint the picture pretty
But it serves as no disguise
Its only getting later now
And you've become a waste of time

The silver spoon won't feed your friends
Cause life tastes better when your eat with your hands

Count me in and I'll be the one
To take the knife out of your spine
Cause I know you'd be the first
To bury the blade deeper into mine
Into mine

Living on this charming life
You can write the prefect setting
But the story I'm not buying

We're only getting older now
And you've become a waste of time
The silver spoon won't feed your friends
Cause life tastes better when your eat with your hands

Count me in and I'll be the one
To take the knife out of your spine
Cause I know you'd be the first
To bury the blade, to bury the blade
I'm counting on you to bury the blade

Count me in and I'll be the one
To take the knife out of your spine
Cause i know you'll be the one
To bury the blade but she's still in mine

Count me in and I'll be the one
To take the knife out of your spine
Cause I know you'd be the first
To bury the blade deeper into mine
Count me in, count me in
Count me in, count me in
To bury the blade deep in your spine

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Framing Hanley Count Me In Comments
  1. reuben ramos

    Why am I just now finding this band

  2. Jacob harshman

    i bury the blade , i keep burying the blade deeper.

  3. DashieMare

    Criminally underrated album

  4. Becki Jones

    Framing hanley has never put out a bad song! They awesome 👍

  5. Cody Kennedy

    This song is badass on 1.25 speed!

    Kat Raye

    You don't mess with the magic by messing with the speed.
    Thats just like walking into someones church and insulting their priest or their religion.
    You just don't do it.

  6. mrs roo hubbold

    omg i love the start to this song

  7. HamOon PlaYer

    i can listen to this song , first 2 albums all day everyday n still they sound way better than today's pop music .

    Heather jo

    F yea..their back together;)

    Asking Jude

    What?! Really?!

  8. Imsocliche Oops

    silver spoon means being wealthy so what he's saying money won't give you friends and I'm guessing "life tastes bitter when you eat with your hands" means that taking things doesn't make you feel any better and doesn't give off a good feeling this is a very shallow guess though

    Patrick Moran

    Imsocliche Oops it's about backstabbing someone you love

    Audric Sage

    Patrick Moran That doesn't mean that wealth doesn't play a part.

  9. Harley

    God I can't believe that all these years I'd still be coming back to them (:

    Lauren Lüberth

    Yep, welcome 2019, soon 2020, haha. I really like his voice, also it brings back memories ^^

  10. Jessica Brown

    I remember when I saw them in concert at Hard Rock Cafe here in Chicago it was so amazing! ... God what memories

  11. Lola Ash

    Wattpad brought me here :D

    Kat Raye

    Late nights and crippling insomnia brought me to framing hanley.
    Nixon was and still is responsible for me still breathing.
    Well a combination of nixon and my fiancee.
    If I didnt have either of them id most certainly not be here right now

    Jacob harshman

    go girllllll

  12. VitaminSee

    These guys shoulda been huge. Not sure why they weren't

    Elayna Whitten

    I know right!!??


    Its 1 come back that I would pay to see. Miss these guys so much!

    Elayna Whitten

    me too dude

    Gabriel Mascitti

    cuz life is not fair

  13. Kailee Smith

    Love this song

  14. RNG1297

    Easily, my favorite Framing Hanley song!

  15. Lucy Bennefeld

    Just a non-dramatic comment passing through.

    Eric Soares

    Lucy Bennefeld 💗

  16. Red Drafter

    its from soul eater but its Asura the Kishen not death the kid the dude has 3 eyes come on

  17. Namine Alden

    k,I kno that ur aparenly an inuyasha fan( b.t.w. sgt. frog[ keroro gunso] funnier and cooler, so is squid girl) but that picture looks like death the kidd from soul eater.

  18. Jade Sixx

    No, I'm listening to this because I enjoy this song, but no one really gives a fuck.; Nor does anyone give a fuck about the Facebook quiz in which you're referring to. -_-

  19. Chronoroth

    Wondering if silver spoon is a drug reference. Considering we all know what silver spoons are used for..

    Audric Sage

    Chronoroth Nah I'm pretty confident it's a reference to wealth

  20. Kourtney Nieto

    oh ya it kinda does!

  21. Occultism

    Lmao Fharmy x'D

  22. Occultism

    Bullet For My Valentine.

  23. Occultism

    Really...Is that the only reason you like this band?

  24. pillzownsu

    7 people disliked this video so I can reply to this message.

  25. rhiannon turmon

    omg kenneth is soooooo amazingly sexi

  26. Wes Ggara

    Means that you can feed your friends your bullshit lies cause they already know

  27. calvary1girl2

    7 people didn't count him in. That's the best I got.

  28. Kourtney Nieto

    who is that?

  29. calvary1girl2

    Does it remind you of BFMV?

  30. Kourtney Nieto

    i love the guitar solo in the beginning!!

  31. mohamed islam

    i guess he meant that what ever he do.. the friend of his girl will never like him even if he feed them with silver spoons ... and she will lose him for her friend ... and the second part" cause life tastes bitter when you eat with your hands"= when they will break up she willl feel the lost and taste the bitter of life without him ... this is mY gues:)

  32. Dark Shadow

    But i like to eat with my hands

  33. Rastko Brezancic

    tnx,hope you are feeling better

  34. Red Drafter

    im gonna guess money wont get you real friends or something i just got outa the hospital from wrecking my four wheeler and bruised my pelvis so im VERY heavily medicated but thats what i think

  35. Rastko Brezancic

    The silver spoon wont feed your friends is a metaphore for what?

  36. cecilia frenchman

    SO BEAUTIFUL. [^____^]

  37. Christopher Allen

    i have a fear of cows :(

  38. Bake749

    @fahmzychick thank you for your wonderful input

  39. OwlKitten69

    JUST Found This Song . Story Of My Life

  40. Fah Min

    5 people disliked this :O

  41. Alice .



    Jesus Christ,Eminem and a normal guy in a boat
    the normal guy drops the paddles in the water and says "what now"
    Jesus stands up and start walking on water
    Eminem goes right behind him
    so the normal man seas them walking on water and thinks"if they can do it so can i" he stands up and steps in the water and drowns
    Jesus leans towards Eminem and whispers"you think we should have told him about the rocks
    Eminem looks back and says "what rocks

  43. LoservilleRockstar

    I don't know why, not that it matters why, but this song is my absolutely favorite by Framing Hanley. <3

  44. WonderlandIsLostForever


  45. teardropluvsparamore

    your an inuyasha fan and you like framing hanley just like me!!!!we are amazing!!

  46. Blxze

    563 people are smart people and five people are stupid as L

  47. mar //

    Framing Hanley is my absolute favorite band. :)

  48. elliport14

    @apatty94 exactly this.

  49. Lucy Belk

    5 people who have disliked this must be put in a mental home.

  50. Lauren Quiriault

    @inuyashafan1324 5 ppl eat with a silver spoon

  51. apatty94

    thanks :)

    i understand what it means to "be stabbed in the back", but I don't understand why he will take the knife out of his friend (I guess this means he helps his friend) and then his "friend" buries the blade deeper into his, meaning he stabs him in the back despite him having helped him?

  52. Wallflower_Avenger

    @apatty94 have you heard the term "ive been stabed in the back" Like people who are your friends are talking behind your back (with aut you knowing) or they betrayed you. its like that

  53. apatty94

    can someoneplease explain this music to me? I don't understand what does it mean to take the knife out of someone's spine or to bury the blade deeper.
    Thank you!
    (love framing hanley <3)

  54. Red Drafter

    @Th3Whit3Dud3 great to know bro

  55. Red Drafter

    ok wheres the comments about the 5 people who dislike the vid theres normaly about 5 or 10 of those in here but none on this one yet

  56. Brooklyn Culver

    I've never heard of this band before and now I like it.! It's just what I was looking for.

  57. Giovanni Martinez

    @inuyashafan1324 i think he is asking if you could do a video for how to love by lil wayne haha i love that song thatd be awesome if you did

  58. Red Drafter

    @thefamilypatterson ? what does that mean i havnt had a monster today so im still kinda not focusing good yet

  59. Kyle Chaisson

    Pandora FTW, always showing me good shit

  60. Yesenia Tirado

    @BestLyrics4You haha same here. :P <3

  61. sly

    @XlDeathxwishXl that facebook quiz is fixed so thats how i got so many thumbs up easy. think

  62. Jonathan Martens

    @chrystalxxxoella lol it did.. it made sense and i did a year ago...
    now i jusy type em in :P

  63. Jonathan Martens

    @TheHornetX due to facebook this was the song that got me into everyisngle song of theirs

  64. crystal kingbird

    lol is there anybody on here that didnt get here through facebook?
    any random seachering ? or just here because you typed in framing hanley like i did
    im not to sure if the last part made sence haha

  65. Keti Kharebashvili

    @TheHornetX i got here with the help of a quiz called : What song describes you.. :P :))))))

  66. CerealKillerbl

    Screw facebook I just wanted to hear this song.

  67. Julie Ginn

    @alykaychannel Same!!! I love that quiz now!!

  68. TheAsianSwagster

    Best accident ever doing that quiz

  69. Ryan

    a facebook quiz on which song describes me, said this song and i actually love this song ! :}

  70. Faro din

    check out my profil to see them live :)

  71. CadenaNunez

    no kidding bout tht facebook quiz thtz how i got here!

  72. jeepmetalfan22

    i got this song from looking them up after hearing hear me now.

  73. Jenny247ful

    facebook totally brought me here

  74. Angel Carter

    this song is my quiz result on facebook :) haha

  75. Red Drafter

    @TheHornetX thumbs up him adnd like the vid if face book brought u here that sounds better lol

    oh and if u guys have any vids u want me to do then let me know

  76. sly

    thumbs up if facebook brought u here

  77. Leah Michelle

    I didn't get it from a facebook quiz... I just love Framing Hanley <3

  78. mikethecpmaster

    @StephLikeWoahh me 2
    on facebook

  79. Danielle Palmer

    right i got this song also on the fb quizz

  80. Anastasia Wood

    I got this from a facebook quiz too lol but i have never herd of this song before

  81. MaKayla

    got this song for a facebook quiz too lol but i already liked them so hah!! lol

  82. Brittani Cramer

    @24Cristalina24 me to xD

  83. Amrika Seenath

    I came here because I love Framing Hanley and not because of a fb quiz :) <3 (:

  84. EarlyCuts6

    i came here with out facebook >.>

  85. Elizabeth Burtt

    fb told me this song described me.

  86. Sabrina Sexton

    omgg all the comments say they got here from fb ME TOOOO! and i thought id be the only one=)

  87. xoXjocilynXoxo

    i got this off of facebook ^_^

  88. Chelsea Lynn

    came here for the band =))

  89. Jaimmee Brady

    i freakkkiin love this songgg!!

  90. Zack Smith

    facebook is awesome t.g.f.t.q (thank god for this quiz)

  91. Lex B.

    yeah this is about right xD

  92. Caitlin S

    i did 2 just now lol:)

  93. Riley Bazza

    @emilelro i reckon. i got this sing of of the facebook quiz the song that best suits u

  94. 123happygurl

    i am loving facebook :)

  95. yvonee lovee

    ilove them..!

  96. Brittany La Monica

    i got it off facebook too

  97. Adrienne Clark

    dang! facebook said this is my song! n it is!! :P

  98. Hikari Chan

    I just took the quiz too and put a bunch of random crap cuz i got real song was love the way you lie...:P