Fozzy - Wormwood Lyrics

[I. The Tribulation]

The day of Judgment has arrived
Only the blessed shall survive
The second coming of Jesus Christ
Returning like a thief in the night

A tribulation, seven years
The prophet's right the end is near
The written fall of Babylon
All believers dead and gone

Chosen people ostracized
Take the mark or surely die
To buy or sell, must be affixed
The Antichrist, Six Six Six

Ushering in the End of Days
Destroying those who've lost their way
Only the blessed shall survive
Armageddon has arrived

Wormwood falls from the sky
A soul denied, twice will die
Wormwood falls in the sea
Humanity will cease to be

Wormwood falls form the sky
A soul denied, twice will die
Wormwood falls in the sea
Humanity will cease to be

[II. The Seven Seals]

On through the dead of night
See the four horsemen ride
I saw the lamb open wide
The seven seals are broken

The white horse is given a crown
The conqueror bent on conquest
The red horse is given a sword
Taking peace from the world, slayer of men

The black horse is given a scale
The deliverer bringing famine
The pale horse is given the force
Die by the sword, sickness and plagues

Souls that are in slain
Testimony maintained
The sun a black snake
Devastating earthquake

Heaven is still, raining fire at will
Heaven is still, raining fire at will

[III. The Seven Trumpets]

Seven trumpets
Seven angles
Seven trumpets
Seven angles

A hailstorm of blood
Falling like a flood
A mountain in flames
Plugging in the waves

Locusts arise
To torture, not kill them
Massive attacks
Two hundred million

Booming thunder
The lightning destroyer
The bride did not know her
The whore of Babylon

IV. The seven Thunders
Seal up what the seven thunders know
Trumpet of the seven angels blow

[V. The Seven Bowl Judgments]

The judgments of God
Slaughter all in its path
The angles of God
Pour the bowls of his wrath

The first Vail
Unleashes sores on the children of the beast
The second angle
Pours his bowl on the sea, killing all the living creatures
The third Vail
Unleashes blood on the rivers and springs
The fourth angle
Pours his bowl on the sun, scorching people with the fire
The fifth Vail
Unleashes night on the kingdom of the beast
The sixth angle
Pours his bowl Euphrates runs dry, armies walk across
The seventh Vail
Unleashes hell, every mountain is razed
The mother whore
Holds the cup in her hand, filled with filthy adultery


[VI. The Thousand Years]

I saw heaven open wide
On the white horse Justice rides
Clad in red roves dipped in blood
His name is the Word of God

Beast is captured, burned in fire
Locked away the king of liars
One thousand years is Satan's stay
Begins this resurrection day

Warning sign, a prophecy
Rising from the eternal sea
Down on your knees start to pray
Ray of son to light the way

Will this happen, a story cast
Or a fable from the past
Make your choice this is no game
Will the Book Of Life bear your name?

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Fozzy Wormwood Comments
  1. dillon crumpton

    Iv been looking for the acoustic tab for this song for years never can find it

  2. Dave Batista

    its 2019 and still i love this song.... its awesome

  3. Njzeo

    My ears are bleeding from the bad-assery

  4. MelanicDisaster

    I kind of wish Fozzy would head more into this direction again. I do like their arena metal type stuff. However, with material as incredible as this, it's clear that they have the ability to write semi-progressive masterpieces and music heavier & more complicated than regular modern metal. Storm the Beaches was good too, but this has the dark atmosphere and is heavy as all hell. Plus, the overall writing is just superior here.

  5. Adam Ngangan

    This song is a hidden gem. I love it!

  6. 3n1gma Qu1nn

    Love this song not a fan of the bible or whatever but this song is cool

    As for all the years old comments saying its all gonna happen soon we must have different interpretations of soon

  7. HELL TOUPEE 666

    @thepeersshow fozzy is the only band to write a song about revelations?? How about "revelations" by Iron Maiden??


    How about "four horsemen" by Metallica ?? Do Fozzy fans listen to music or they just like Chris Jericho so they think he invented music ...

  8. Old Man Tai

    Goddamn, that is just the perfect ending to an epic song. I doubt Fozzy could ever top this one to be honest.

  9. poisongodmachine3

    Who would've thought this is the same band that now records poppy songs like Lights Go Out and Do You Wanna Start a War.
    Come back, Mike Martin! Fozzy needs you!!!

  10. Jack Bagy

    This is the best song I have ever heard by FOZZY

  11. Sarah Reddy

    Holy. Crap. Okay so after like 5 years of listening to the creepy chant in the beginning of the song, I just now realized that it's just the Latin translation of Revelation 8:10.

    Connor grant

    Are serious?!?!?! That's awesome I love you right now!

    Ryan 88

    Yes mam and it starts at the end of December 2019
    X mas week
    Ring of fire eclipse

  12. TheRoadbeast1

    song of truth, not long till all this starts happening


    Hahaha. Still holding your breath?

    Angree Coffy

    It was suppose to happen in 2011 lol

    Talûn-karkû The Warchief

    your religion is as false as all the others

  13. AscendAboveTheAshes

    Such a fucking underatted song and band!
    Loved these guys ever since I saw em live at a free show in Hamilton ON

  14. Matthew Sorrentino


  15. AurifyElectrify

    How dare they block this in my country? I thought this was Amurrica.

  16. extream enigma

    awesome song

  17. Fennica Apologetica

    The end is near and Jesus is coming to take those who believes in Him and have relationship with Him, if you know Jesus dont be afraid or if you have sinned, just repent! :)


    4 years later you are still wrong.

    Ryan 88

    @hejdk6 x mas week 2019
    Is wormwood we will all find out soon enough
    The sky will fall

    Josh Lexcelius

    M.H the truth of the matter is, we’ve actually been in the end times since Yeshua/Jesus was raised from dead. Whether things like the rapture will is debatable, but there is a whole set of prophecies in the Bible, throughout the major and Minor prophets, some said by Jesus himself, and some I. Revelation that must happen before the Tribulation can even start.

    Also if the ancient Prophetic calendar is to be believed we still have another 300 before the Tribulations or a “Rapture” can even happen, but that calendar while it has been right usually is slightly off on it’s dates for example, the Mashioch/Messiah came 200 before it predicted.

    Then I have an idea that what Jesus/Yeshua did may have reset the time we have left because also according mankind is supposed to rule the earth for 6000 years, well... it’s year 5779 and for about 3500 mankind did not rule the earth. The Devil did. If the clock hasn’t been reset, then we only have 221 years till the Thousand year reign(Messianic age) begins and then after that this earth will be destroyed.

  18. Cameron Maddox

    8:57 killer solo

  19. BradyMcGregor

    A lot of bands have, one of my favourites is "Supper's Ready" by Genesis.

  20. ThePeersShow

    this song is epic Fozzy is the only band that i think that has written a song about revelations

  21. LeRoy Walker

    this song is amazing

  22. amermuscle

    Check out our song rev 8 11

  23. Ace Kurtsinger

    I saw your username...
    Now you have my permission to die!

  24. CircleofModerators


  25. Collin Conry

    I love this song but it's to long

  26. Cameron

    The pale horse has the force lets hope he is not on the Darkside.

  27. 50yer

    Nope, it's pretty awesome!

  28. MegaCasperC

    Wow Jericho can actually sing

  29. Richard Biniasz

    lol seriously

  30. Richard Biniasz

    Once again Mike Martin wrote this. Not Rich

  31. Richard Biniasz

    Mike Martin wrote this not Rich Ward

  32. Richard Biniasz

    My dad is close friend with Mike and he mike was fired from fozzy because Rich Ward was jealous of the song because he usually did all the writing. And Mike was in the band before this album came out. He toured with them for a while then the CD came out.

  33. Joseph Paulo Cacanindin

    Wasn't Wormwood the demon is C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters?

    Josh Lexcelius

    Maybe, but in Bible it’s debated that if it’s a meteor, or all the trees will decay/turn into a form of wormwood trees.

  34. trstewart48

    well if he wouldent have wrote it he wouldent be singing dumbass rich ward is what makes this band and all his other bands without him there would be no fozzy he started the shit

  35. xvthricexv3

    we listen to the singer not the writer

  36. Mohammed Ait Said

    We don't care about who wrote it we care about who sang it ;)

  37. sebetallan

    The beggining is damn freaky ;)

  38. trenton muniente

    in the fucking description it says that rich ward did not write the song you moron

  39. Corinne Agopian

    Surely one of my favorite Fozzy songs.

  40. Aaron

    The lyrics to this song are things that are actually happening now. Including random dead fish and red rivers.

  41. MUTAZX

    these strange sounds in the first part of song are creeping me out

    thumbs up if it happened to you

  42. Holy Judgement

    this is the most beautiful song ever :)

  43. ZakkHaake

    @TheJokxification Yep...

  44. Seth_K20 Stream Archive

    @ZakkHaake Didn't Jericho go to Mike asking for this song?

  45. Cally Ledoux

    @ZakkHaake I Am Not A Dude :P

  46. ZakkHaake

    @619CallyMizanin Mike Martin wrote it dude ! The arpeggio king !!

  47. Aaron

    Four horseman ride! I guess Chris predicted the Hall of Fame too. Lol

  48. Cally Ledoux

    @50yer Lol My Bad I Just Read On Wikipedia This Song Was Written By Rich Ward :O

  49. 50yer

    @619CallyMizanin That is not true, please read the description.

  50. Cally Ledoux

    Actually Chris Jericho Didn't Write This Song, Rich Ward Did.

  51. NMCW Network

    im srry but this song gives a big hint on jericho return

  52. Anny

    yep is the Y2J return theme, now... IT BEGINS

  53. Jimmy Dylan

    @the1jimmydylan heyyy...29...nice! Now...2 weeks anybody just as lost as ever? lmao!

  54. Sid Van Pelt

    Thumbs Up If You Listen To The Whole Thing! :)

  55. Sid Van Pelt


  56. Leah-Lela *

    The begining scared me but it's a good song! lol

  57. MrLizard618

    @the1jimmydylan you got me

  58. Jimmy Dylan

    Thumbs up if you're here trying to figure out WWE's "It Begins." Jan. 2nd thing!

  59. jpraelster93

    This stuff is going to happen guys

  60. FrenShadow

    Chris Jericho is a freaking genius!!!

  61. Lane Litton

    this song is amazig and now i can tell what he is saying

  62. Mike Martin

    Thanks for posting and spreading the word. I appreciate it. Glad you're digging it!

    The Paul Hedrick

    I legit think this is one of the best songs ever written, man. No lie. Killer job!

  63. 50yer

    @TheDrifter666 Yeah... I'm just too lazy to change it.

  64. Robert Jones