Fozzy - Where Eagles Dare Lyrics

It's snowing outside, the rumbling sound of engines roar in the night
The mission is near the confident men are waiting to drop from the sky
The blizzard goes on, but still they must fly
No one should go where eagles dare
Bavarian Alps that lay all around, they seem to stare from below
The enemy lines a long time passed, are lying deep in the snow
Into the night they fall through the sky
No one should fly where eagles dare
They're closing in, the fortress is near, it's standing high in the sky
The cable car's the only way in, it's real impossible to climb
They make their way, but maybe too late
They've got to try to save the day
The panicking cries, the roaring of guns are echoing all around the valley
The mission complete, they make to escape away from the eagles nest
They dared to go where no one would try
They chose to fly where eagles dare

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Fozzy Where Eagles Dare Comments
  1. Don Sams

    Well Done By All.....

  2. Alex Saucedo

    Hmmm. Not bad. Pretty good. Like it. My favorite iron maiden song too. Badass guitar solo. Ripping on that solo. Good job guys

  3. Darth Talon

    He should do fear of the dark that would be cool

  4. Roberto Dos Santos

    fue beast ir Word jericho

  5. Justin Campbell

    Wow just wow you guys are amazing

  6. Rob Maynard

    This is a tribute to the band and the song. Its a cover of a great song and should be accepted as a tribute to the band that first put it out instead of people trashing and bashing it. At least he tried his best to do it justice and did a fucking amazing job with it. You can't compare a cover to the original. A cover is a tribute to the original. It amazes me how people can cut people down for trying their best but we don't see or hear them trying to do something like this. They just cut it down or compare it to another cover. Fozzy did a great job on this track. Iron Maiden tracks are hard to do as I listen to Maiden and played in a metal band growing up in the 80's. Jericho did a spot on job here great work.

    Justin Campbell

    Rob Maynard amen


    Once saw an interview with Iron Maiden, when asked about the cover they had nothing but nice things to say so yes you are right

    Alex Saucedo

    @EGPMH . He does a great job here. Not bad at all
    Sounds good. Love that guitar solo too. Horns up


    “Fucking amazing” is an overstatement. Fozzy sucks dick

  7. Michaelslayer1

    Excellent drumming

  8. MARA Ansfield

    by far better then iron maiden

    Sebas R.

    By far, you are the craziest person here.


    HAHAHAHAHA no -_-


    Is not even the best cover out there, you should listen the Tyr cover, that could be compared equal to Iron Maiden

    Tym Jepsen

    fickin sucks shit

    Justin Campbell

    Not even close lol

  9. Zak Randol

    No Dislikes on a YouTube Video?!?!?!? O_O xDD

    Miguel Angel

    3 fools

    Aries Zaverdinos

    Miguel Angel Now they are 6 fools.

  10. seanmaiden

    chris kicks ass in the ring or in his band. damn he really hits those high notes. fozzy is awesome!!!!

  11. Manic Maniac

    Why Is your first two words not capitalized but the rest is???

  12. a7xpyro

    i saw the live last october, and they really needed to play this song

  13. metroidwylde

    the best Cover To This One By Far!!!