Fozzy - The Way I Am Lyrics

Everywhere I look I see disease
Seems like the world was taken from me
Time seems to be tick tick ticking away
Forgive me for all, all the things I say

Will you leave me there
The way I am
Interpretations of the day
The way I am
Deliverered from the gray

Something makes me want to believe
Nothing in life was given to me
Cannot ever stick to this game
Everyday, everything the same

Time has a way and now I see
What happened to all, all of my dreams
Now and then I feel incomplete
But I won't live my life in defeat

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Fozzy The Way I Am Comments
  1. Justin Campbell

    no1 in particular sent me here , I just honestly like this song .....  :) haha

  2. W Y A

    drink it in mann

  3. ItsMeNathanLee

    Anyone who dislikes this is a stupid idiot.

    Phenomenal One

    MrZeroFaith and came to the list.

  4. Nightmare Fuel

    I love how Chris uses the intro to this at the end of TIJ

  5. Luis Lopez

    omg tremonti best guitar good track

  6. Mert Kerem Yavuz

    Old school Fozzy

  7. That Guy With an Afro

    One of my favorite songs by Fozzy

  8. ZacksGuitarCovers

    Wrestlemania 21 highlights


    yes! sadly i cant find that video anywhere :(


    same i wonder why


    +Anonymous deleted or copyright reasons

    Itz Yahnkee


  9. marie L

    I just wanna say I love this song so much. 3 So proud of you Chris. I cannot wait to see what's next.

  10. John Steve

    Tiene muy buenas canciones Fozzy, Jericho es bueno en ambas cosas; luchar y cantar...!!

    francisco olivares

    Jonathan Sacarías si traduces la letra al español te hace sentir único y detergente

  11. Ariel ZZ

    Chris Jericho el mejoooor!! The best!

  12. Donna Perry

    Chris Jericho has 2 great hobbies Singing and Wrestling