Fozzy - Sin And Bones Lyrics

What ever happened to you?
The weight of the world
Has crushed your shoulders
Why do you do what you do?
Greed lives in the eye
Of the beholder

If you want it
You must take it
If you believe it
You can't fake it
If you have it
You must use it
If you find it
You can't lose it again

The ice in your veins
Makes you strong
The hole in your soul
Tearing onward
You're breaking your back
The sin and bones lead
You astray

The glint in your eye is of cold steel
You're stabbing the knife in their back
The love in your heart has been congealed
Jumping right off of the track

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Fozzy Sin And Bones Comments
  1. William Fehrman

    The name of the album was created by an auto text. Rich Ward I believe sent a text saying he is so hungry he is skin and bones. And it changed it to Sin and Bones. Boom! Album title!

  2. XXsirstrawhatXX

    Sounds like a kickass name for a Stand.

  3. DJ Ray

    This is one of Fozzy’s best songs eeeeeeeeeeverrrrrrrr.

  4. Cole Chung

    If you want it you must take it

  5. Let's play With the difranco'S

    Love fozzy Chris the lead singer kinda knows me not fake promise


    Chris Jericho

  7. 290 Dead

    This album dude so melodic . Went to a show for it . Really epic. Halcyon way was also at that shows. Some pure fucking rock man . That was back in I think 2014? lol

  8. Jamie Mctaggart

    fozzy rule