Fozzy - Revival Lyrics

Just look around and take a snap-shot
At the shadows distorting it all
The walking coffins with painted faces
The evolution beginning to stall

Watch as the day turns to twilight turning old
Feel my skin start to shiver I'm so cold

Only when we're open to the truth can we see what is real
That there is so much more than this
The more we look the more we find
And all the past we leave behind

Believe in nothing what they see
Never digging to reveal
What lies beneath the shallow surface
Is reserved for those who kneel

Scared by what's in the mirror save my soul
Dead to the blackness around me take me home

Oh Lord we need this Great Revival
To change the hearts of man to ensure our own survival
So stand up and understand the need
To look inside ourselves to know this Great Revival starts with me

What'cha gonna go when you've hit the bottom
and the good ol' days are long forgotten
What'cha gonna do when it all falls down
Come on and join our Great Revival

What'cha gonna do when you've lost your focus
and found yourself all consumed in darkness
What'cha gonna do when no one seems to care
Come and join our Great Revival

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