Fozzy - Paraskavedekatriaphobia (Friday The 13th) Lyrics

Suspicious signs
Within your mind
Will make this jinx complete
And now you find
The end of times
When the black cat crossed your feet

You must beware
Death's everywhere
When the dog howls at the moon
The evil eye
You'll surely die
Unless you find your penny soon

Thursday the twelfth
Is bad for my health
Tomorrow is worse
Predicting my curse
What does it all mean
Friday The 13

Five leaf clover
The Good luck is over
The mirror cracks in two
A horseshoe found
Good luck abounds
For the horse, it's not so true

Snuff the candles
But can you handle
If the flame remains aglow
Good fortune shot
And now you've got
Another year to go

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Fozzy Paraskavedekatriaphobia (Friday The 13th) Comments
  1. Curse Of Maynard

    Friday the 13th, once again! 😃 December 2019.

  2. Cory Matthew

    Friday the 13th, Sept 2019 🤘

    JohnnyV Val

    Why im heres

  3. Count Adramélekh Sear

    September 13th of 2019 \m/

    JohnnyV Val

    Yeapers.... why im heres

  4. Brandon Lyons

    Friday the 13th

  5. Nick Allen

    Guess what day it is when I'm posting this comment?

  6. boonski

    Song of the day.

  7. Hyuzu Shokun

    5 years since I heard this song.

  8. Matthew Sorrentino



  9. Ruben T

    Happy Friday the 13th!

  10. odrin12

    Friday the 13th!👻👻🎃 oct13,2017

  11. Adrianna Fahrenheit

    The title of this song omg it's so long 😂

  12. Andy Hoffman

    Merry Friday the 13th-mas everyone!

  13. Fer Zombie 666

    First comment from the Friday 13th of 13/11/15 lml!!!!

  14. GiannisPaok4

    greek song

  15. Big Boss

    Everyone should watch this today!

    Nick Allen

    And today ;)

  16. karl bland

    they should putit on rock smith or bring back guitar hero

  17. boonski

    My soundtrack for the day.

  18. karl bland

    anyone else think he sounds a bit lioke ozzy lol


    Well Ozzy is one of Jericho's inspirations...

    White Trash Wrestling

    yes bro I was thinking the same thing

  19. Jsyrin

    * Fear of Friday the 13th

  20. Seth Miller


    Crazy Shooters

    Pa-ra-ske-vi-de-ka-tri-a-pho-bi-a. All three words are Greek, Friday, the 13th, and fear.

  21. Zayz Akai

    I graduate in a couple days on Paraskavedektriaphobia and it's suppose to be a full moon. 

  22. Dryster

    Where could I find a guitar tab for this song? :3

  23. Jean de la Femme Fontaine

    The most underground song of Fozzy, it's not justified, this song is magic, is not my favorite, but it's a realy good song
    P.S:I'm french, so my English is not very good

    karl bland

    i think it their best

    290 Dead

    It reminds of there sin and bones album even tho this came out first

  24. Fernando Moncada

    13 13 !!!!!

  25. CJ_CrushingC_R

    Next Friday the 13th movie should use this song


    greek ;))

  27. cmhardy316

    They were an '80s cover band in general. They originally went under the name "Fozzy Osbourne", but eventually shortened it to Fozzy.

    Ruben T

    And Chris Jericho's stage name was originally Mongoose McQueen.

    Nate Nauta

    @Ruben T Moongoose.

  28. cmhardy316


  29. samuele fiorini

    Un titolo più corto forse non mi dispiaceva

  30. Sean spurgeon

    awesome i didnt know Chris had a band O.O i love his band

  31. Infinate Lazers

    To those of you who don't know the lead singer is Chris Jericho. From the Wwe

  32. TheJoeMotes

    I'm from Winnipeg you idiot!

  33. ViperRulerlm

    It's good that he sounds like Ozzy Osbourne considering Fozzy started out as an Ozzy cover band. Hence the name Fozzy.

  34. stevef98

    The correct way to pronounce Paraskavedekatriaphobia is Paraska-Veda-Deka-TriaPhobia

  35. RockNMetal301

    WAKE UP!

  36. Gil Rodríguez

    It's me or Y2J sounds like Ozzy Osbourne??? A little bit*

  37. crazydog1223

    I remeber when I first found out he had a band I was so mind fucked xD

  38. Joka

    no wonder he called himself the ayatollah of rocknrolla

  39. Joka

    bad wrestler best singer ever

  40. Σιμος Κωβαιος

    Paraskave=Friday in greek(παρασκευή)
    dekatria=thirteen >> (δεκατρία)
    phobia=fear >> ( φοβία)

  41. Matt McMicheals

    I PLAY THIS EVERY FRIDAY THE 13TH! (And everyday too!)

  42. American Zero

    4 People didn't find their penny today...



  44. talent scout m

    you think the drummer and the person who plays the guitar are tired? lol

  45. Dylan From Cork

    4 people have Paraskavedekatriaphobia.

  46. Henrique

    is paraskavedekatriaphobia an actual word?

    Hyuzu Shokun

    Henrique yes.....fear of friday the 13th...

  47. zevvay

    4 people can't say Paraskavedekatriaphobia

  48. wired87


  49. mikeninis

    I love this song!!
    Fozzy Rocks ;)
    I'm Greek and i can tell the title easily!!

  50. MrAwesomedude96

    try saying the title 5 ties fast without taking a breath

  51. AngelofDethMetal

    pretty sick but there are wayy too many effects on the vox

  52. lennex88

    @MsMarGriffin WOW good way to copy the top comment

  53. Hardys4Life247

    Happy Friday the 13th

  54. Anny

    today :O

  55. Corinne Agopian

    FUCK I GOT MEMORIES WITH THIS SONGS... THE GIG I SAW OF FOZZY!! feel like crying now. the chorus is worse. hmm

  56. DeathDrPM


  57. ShantiPok

    THat's the longeesst song title ever

    Dave Revelle

    ShantiPok actually Jeremiah peabodys polyunsaturated quick dissolving green and purple pills is the longest.. by Ray stevens

  58. KontoBoTak

    Those who has Paraskavedekatriaphobia are from Winniepeg, idiots

  59. Magicka

    I love fozzy.

  60. Harsh Pandya

    03:15 - 04:04 EPIC!!!

  61. Jason Hepler

    @kftherasmus17 ahh come on paraskavedekatriaphobia isn't that hard to remember

  62. Lillian Santana

    I love this song Fozzy rocks.

  63. yongslicer

    @Robinpeltstar I only put sarcasm there because it's hard to potray it into text; especially not knowing the reader. About the wrestling thing. How old are you?

  64. trixter1998

    Happy Friday the 13th

  65. yongslicer

    @Robinpeltstar Chris jericho has a major grammatical error and should've atleast finished high school before try to develop 'cool words'.
    Yup, it makes me the geek for not watching men fighting each over; which all is rehearsed. (sarcasm).

  66. yongslicer

    @mikeydoo465 You can't say someone is a hypocrite without actually knowing them. A parasite is an organism that feeds off a living host.
    Yeah, you make sense. (sarcasm)

  67. Ian Kitt

    good music, horrible autotune tho, his voice is better without it

  68. Pascal S.

    @freakchic9 I learned to say it xD

  69. Trimondius

    LOL I never imagined Chris could sing like this,he really has a good voice compared to a shitty kid we know.

  70. Lillian Santana

    I love Fozzy Chris has a amazing voice.

  71. adrbp7

    kurna,ale długie słowo

  72. savantiflag

    Para Skavie Decka Tria Phobia

  73. Jackson Rockwell

    @DARKLORDSATAN stereotypical, but true.

  74. Dave Brace

    the two people who clicked dislike are john cena fans :P

  75. epicrockbandplayer

    @Roygoos Well in that case there shouldn't be any likes at all. I love this song btw.

  76. Lillian Santana

    Chris Jericho is a great singer and wrestler .Screw the haters.

  77. Alex Winegarden

    @y2a1997 you took the words outta my mouth >.>

  78. liontamer

    The dislikers hate Chris Jericho as a wrestler. And they suck

  79. Zach Johnson

    @mikeydoo465 and sychophants!

  80. Lillian Santana

    I love this song .

  81. starless1111

    i love fozzy

  82. RandomClips0com

    say ''Paraskavedekatriaphobia'' fast 10 times after another
    If you fail Like this comment :DD

  83. Elite Wrestling Legion - EWL

    the 2 who disliked this song and hypocrites and parasites

  84. Nic O'Neill

    im just starting to get into Fozzy and i cant believe this band isnt bigger this my 15th Fozzy song now...... and loved everyone

  85. Αδάμ Σίβα

    @Vorarephile4 i mean that phobia word exist on engl....paraskeve,dekatria dont exist ;)

  86. Cory Barnett

    the text on 'Chasing The Grail' is so overused lol.

  87. anifan1326

    Paraskavedekatriaphobia, the fear of Friday the 13th, and triskadekaphobia, the fear of the number 13, are two very cool sounding words. I don't have either of these fears. In fact, my favorite number is 13 and one of my favorite days of the year is Friday the 13th. Also, Chris Jericho is a very good singer and wrestler. He is a very cool guy as well. I'm a Jerichoholic for life!

  88. Αδάμ Σίβα

    its greek words :D

    and phobia its english :D

  89. Robert Lehmann

    chris jericho sing this song :)

  90. SCD999

    @freakchic9 yeah haha. imagine someone asking you your favourite fozzy song and you try and say this. :P


    I would just say the para cant pronounce it song

  91. Bleuh

    Hardest rocking Fozzy song.
    Hardest pronouncing Fozzy song.

  92. Alannah Frame

    I love how Rich Ward can't even pronounce it either xD

  93. Andrei Andrey

    How do u pronounce it?lol

  94. Just-In-Time

    Y2J Iz The Man In & Out Of The WWE

  95. Alan Vallejo

    Fear the friday 13th!

  96. Ian McGurrell

    he sings this not in a girls voice but like call me

  97. John7Uzumaki

    @freakchic9 well the name of this song is three greek words combined thus the reason it is hard for you to say :) believe me i know i am from greece!!

  98. liontamer

    i cant say antidisestablishmentarianism but i can say paraskavedekatriaphobia :D

  99. KUTULU849

    Total shit.