Fozzy - It's A Lie Lyrics

On the radio you speak
To millions that you claim to teach
Minions never out of reach
Propaganda brings belief

It's a lie
It's a lie

Speak the speak the quips you quote
You never write the speech you note
If they can view then they can vote
False sincerity that you emote

Nobody knows exactly what the future holds
Claim to have a second sight until the day unfolds
When will they see that the path I choose is up to me
The scars that they leave are deep

Make decisions through the night
Proven wrong but claim they're right
Drag the world into their fight
Your leader leads you into this plight

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Fozzy It's A Lie Comments
  1. lexxx9999

    who is the female singer?

  2. keith turbin

    am i missing something?whats with all the wrestling talk on here?is it some secret code or what?i guess if its secret code,no ones gonna say that its secret code

  3. Alex Chapman

    Why does everywhere that claims to have the lyrics for this song always omit Bonecrusher's parts?
    It is so irritating to try and find the full lyrics to see a large portion of the lyrics not included.

    Lil Skies

    Alex Chapman just search it on google and listen to it on Spotify

    keith turbin

    great  theory,100's of search results when googled yet not one with all the lyrics

  4. Reda Lhioui

    Great song, but who's the gurl?

  5. Elija Matt

    Obeying the local habit, I like to mention Chris' WWE career and point out he is a fine guy but never equaled Triple H.

    And yeah, I also enjoy his music!

  6. Malice Entity

    I really wish I still had this album. :/

  7. Christopher Kieffer

    I just seen he had a band right now.
    I knew Jericho was doing something with his life.

  8. Melissa Lloyd

    Too bad this doesn't have all the lyrics. I used to have the original album. This is an amazing song.

  9. jay jayy

    when wwe signs me to a lucrative contract i'll use this as my entrance theme.. gais pls support mi drm to bcum wrassler. 
    much swags
    many yolos
    gimme support pls

  10. TFT Tom

    'wrestling' l0l0l0l0l

  11. LeRoy Walker

    this is an awesome song!!

  12. Adam Basa

    Who is the female singer? Such a great voice!

  13. Commnon LP

    a wrestler in germany who is on the road to tna has this as his theme its bad bones john klinger

  14. Crash Underride

    It's Jericho.


    crashunderride actually it's Alison Irby. Never heard of her but they tweeted something about that once

  15. OmegaSaiyan92

    who is the female singer

  16. Josh Asham

    Why isn't Bonecrusher in the lyrics...?

  17. RomusKdC

    the female singer ^^

    Lil Skies

    RomusKdC what about her

    A Google User

    who is she

  18. Zach Johnson

    Is it Jericho saying "IT'S A LIE", or is it the female singer?

    Reda Lhioui

    It's the female singer I think.

  19. Yzeedroc

    Wen I make it to the wwe this gon be make theme

  20. Cicerus Lopes

    For me this is a great song... no prejudice... for open minds persons

  21. Hassenmusic

    good song to brake some asshole's face!

  22. Salih


  23. kashkeej

    i listen to rap rock and metal and this shit is fukin awesome

  24. SmokeGoneDead

    @rockthel0rd000 saying that is like saying music is for pussy's if u like music u like it, if they like wrestling they like wrestling there's no reason to make a bad comment on wat ppl like.

  25. trever pitts

    this bands not bad i was like it will suck i got the cd and it blow my mind how good it is well put together

  26. Zach Johnson

    Worst Fozzy song, what is with the rap bullshit?

    Bubba Mane

    I fucks with it

  27. Zach Johnson

    @rockthel0rd000 fuck off

  28. Gilbertdu62

    Who is the woman ?

  29. Leon Blythe

    Cake, It's a Lie

  30. Thèo Crêpéaux

    Chris Irvine Rulzz Irvine is an awesome singer

  31. ethanfourr

    @deathkid2983 jericho** wrestler**

  32. TheDashingSoul

    @Couldbemrright2002 Reloaded came with a DVD

  33. k5lta

    it did not know Bone Crusher can get so heavy HELL YEAH!!!!!!!

  34. Interioroutbreak69

    Fozzy is actually quite a cool band.