Fozzy - All That Remains Lyrics

Looking over my shoulder at the road that follows
What once seemed to matter now dust at my feet
Memories whisper at the edge of perception
Silent reminders of a life incomplete

And all that remains
Are the scars to remind me
And all the lives I've thrown away
And all that remains
Are the bars that confine me
To a past I can't escape

Words that are unspoken are now reminders
Each second dies a silent death unmourned
I tried as a martyr to lead her, to guide her
Now I'm alone painted by the color of scorn

And all that remains
Are the scars to remind me
And all the lives I've thrown away
And all that remains
Are the bars that confine me
To a past I can't escape

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Fozzy All That Remains Comments
  1. The Barbaric Ram

    A lil bit of the bubbly

  2. dj cool k

    Fozzy is cool

  3. dj cool k

    Wrestling 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂

  4. TNR Wilson

    One of the best metal bands ever \m/

  5. Mary Witt

    Why no comments about the music?? Chris is not wrestling while performing with Fozzy. Also there are other people in the band that are quite talented and have been doing music 20+ years.

  6. Tim Herring

    Chris Jericho is such a great wrestler!!

  7. William Gunning

    This band kicks fucking ass this guy is talented

  8. Ronaldo Neves

    The band of Jericho... like and share maaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

  9. ClaudiusVideo's

    Wrestling.......Fuck you Haters i put my self on the list

    why cause u cant think of this man without it and even say his stage name with out it


    so you all need to shut the F up and just listen to good music if someone mentions WRESTLING {on the list twice} so be it thats what the man is mainly besides the rock band, your the Fuck heads still on the stupid u said WRESTLING shit that dont know how to stop doing something thats lame, {on the list three F-ing times :p }

  10. matt dillon

    My new favorite band.  O M G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Steve Lamorte

    At WWE World in Times Square

  12. Degarmo Tate

    I'm really wrestling with why this band isn't HUGE.

    Oh fuck.

    I made the list.

  13. maybeDOS

    this is one fire track.

  14. Kendall Rhodes

    He has been wrestling for over 10 years in WCW WWF WWE

    Romilda Gonsalves

    Kendall Rhodes wrong he has been wrestling for over 20 years

    Asus Geleven

    But then again, over 20 means that it's over 10 as well, so not quite wrong xD

    Asus Geleven

    I am Dead. Yeah, what I'm sayin is that 27 is over 10, so he is indeed wrestling for over 10 years

    Lee Halwick

    Jericho has been wrestling since 1990. And has been in more then WCW, WWF, and WWE! He's also been in ECW, NJPW, CMLL along with other Mexican, and Canadian promotions!

  15. John Livingston

    I heard Jericho lost the 🇺🇸 championship because the band is about to go on tour


    Yes. have you heard the new song?

    Jayme McDonough

    Trey Livingston judas?? yes!!

    Jayme McDonough

    Trey Livingston man truly is talented ..KING OF THE WORLD BABY!!!

  16. Bang!

    Next song: Killswitch Engage - Pantera

  17. Matt Jones

    Do you know what happens when you mention wrestling........YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!

    The Goddamn Batman

    Matt Jones NOT SO FAST PAL YOUR DOING IT RIGHT NOW ! And you knows what happens when you act like a hypocrite...... YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!!!!!!

  18. Der Gruftie

    With that Video Description, you just made the list of Jericho. WRESTLING !!!!!!!! whoops, sorry, i didn't mean to mention wrestling.... sorry i did it again ;-)

  19. Muhammad Smith

    ok I won't mention wrestling....oh shit......

  20. seymore butts

    does anybody know any songs like enemy?

    Cerebral Assasn

    seymore butts i do


    "Lights Go Out"
    "Watch Me Shine"


    yes enemy is also goof

    Starr Smith

    Lights Go Out

    Do You Wanna Start A War




  21. Steve Callan

    still listening

  22. Kimberly Scienzo

    I have this cd it's awesome! Chris Jericho has a great voice!


    I have it too, love these Songs.

  23. Kimberly Scienzo

    I love fozzy

  24. 4n0nym0u5 R3c1u53

    This album is the stuff of legend.

  25. Ian Israel

    You twat,Wrestling is what made Chris Jericho a household name and it's Jericho's love,just like Fozzy..Stop being such a Gomer Pyle.


    This has nothing to do with wrastlin'. So it stands to reason that this aspect of Chris' talent should be brought up instead of what he's also known for. It's just the stupid trend for kids now to bring up say, a quote from a jackass youtuber and post it on a music video because the youtuber used that song in his dumb video for cheap likes


    Triggered much?

  26. Joe Grace

    BIG FOZZY jumble.

  27. madmexican1002


  28. Ben Cross

    What happened after this album, the success of this record has gone to their head =/


    Yeah this one stands far above the rest

    Ben Cross

    it was a brilliant album, as was happenstance...... then everything went down hill

    Cerebral Assasn

    Ben Cross this one and there were teo other good ones and that's it

    Ben Cross

    Cerebral Assasn yeah the first two

    Masurao Katori Richardson

    i disagree

  29. t103Ninja

    did you guys know jericho is a wrestler? oh shit i mentioned wrestling, oops i did it again..... WRESTLING! :D


    t103Ninja hey, stop write Wrestling lol 😂✌🏻🙊

  30. TheCanadianBroski

    fozzy is 1 of the greatest rock bands ever in my opinion

  31. Pilar Valle

    Dicks!!!!!! Y2J IS GOOOOOOOODDD!


  32. Rxsouthern


  33. Aryam bieber

    Jericho rocks!

  34. terraliken

    listening to this whilst watching jericho wrestle. Fuck yeah



  36. Rudra Jha

    y2j my idol

  37. Lilly .Jericho

    I love Chris as a singer and as a Wrestler! He is so fucking awesome!!! <3 <3 <3 I LOVE HIM!!!!

  38. Browncoat Alex

    No he isn't, he refers to himself as Chris Jericho while he's performing with the band also, and if I'm not mistaken it says Chris Jericho on the albums.

  39. Moonlight Kidd

    Jericho and Irvine are the same person.. so there no point in trying to put an imaginary difference in his two names.. when he wrestles hes chris jericho.. when he sings.. guess what hes still chris jericho .. The Best in The World at what He DO

  40. RockNMetal302

    The singer it's not called Chris Jericho, it's called Christopher Irvine, maybe inside the ring he's Jericho, but when he gets up stage with a microphone in his hand and starts singing , he's fucking Christopher Irvine

  41. t103Niinja

    wrestling bitches!

  42. ufcfan921

    im going to see them with godsamck staind shinedown its gonna be fucking sick!!!!!! 9/16 baby hell yeah cant wait.

  43. Hu Yu

    also The Rock. I wish he won the KCA Favorite Male actor or maybe Teens Choice awards. Justin Bieber doesn't deserve the Teen's Choice awards. The Rock deserves it.

  44. Jaime McChicken

    Probably? Definately.

  45. Jaime McChicken

    Probably? Definately.

  46. James Murphy

    Just think Jericho could be the first WWE wrestler to win a Grammy. How fucking funny would that be. Poeple could probbly compare that success to Kurt Angle winning a gold medal or Brock Lesner being a UFC Heavyweight Champion

  47. rayjones31692

    who ever say Chris doesn't have good sound with his voice based on some songs they couldn't really get into should always come back to this song.

  48. Tasin Ishmam

    Wow....Shocking....Well i had no idea the dude could do anything else other then bad acting in short shorts....Well his range isn't really that amazing but that's still a pretty strong voice.......Well uhh the band is cool'ish too i guess.......

  49. Celia Cabello

    My favorite band is Fozzy and I hate that here in Mexico nobody knows the band. I want a concert in my city! I found the band cause I'm a Jerichoholic

  50. James Vlogs

    "Please do not leave any comments that have anything to do with wrestling."

    Why the fuck not? It's called freedom, we're all entitled to do it.

  51. Twan Wright

    LOL. Why you on YouTube then? ;)

  52. Rabidpit189


    When Jericho decides to close the door on his wrestling career, he has one hell of a music career waiting for him on the other side.

  53. Dylan Sorensen

    @dudesgotstyle jerichos band

  54. david samuel adame chavez

    who hell is fonzy

  55. YeOldeGinge54

    y2J wooo!

  56. Muss

    foozy is the shit, and they are very froot.

  57. VaderQuake

    I love wrasssling!!!!!

  58. Preston Slater

    @ratedromero theres a little thing called youtube to mp3

  59. corwin11412


  60. Ron Floyd

    i like this. it reminds me of a mudvayne mixed with a ozzy..with a hint awesome

  61. TheSmecheru2011

    great song

  62. coolins112

    @Summit914 Ugh get off your high horse jackass. If it wasn't for wrestling you wouldn't know who he was. I'm sure everyone is jealous of you (That's sarcasm in case you didn't catch on moron.)

  63. prok lokzii do dinok nazghul35

    ok is this the band all that remains or the and is called fozzy becuase this is awsome music sunds like ozzy osborne

  64. Travis Morrical

    this song is a great body slam for music. it has elbow drop lyrics and a piledriver guitar melody. WHAT A RUSH!

  65. Corinne Agopian

    C'mon guys! why debating about something the uploader wrote in the video description? You look like children! He just doesn't want irrelevant comments on Jericho's MUSIC!! His dream was to be a wrestler AND a rockstar. he could do both. So let his wrestling life & enjoy his musical talents there.

  66. lolkewlJ

    Y2J is a champion

  67. Jeremey Potter

    @wwekingofextreme Amen

  68. ShrinkingCapGrandpa

    Just checkn if it's OK to leave a comment that doesn't mention wrestling? D'OH! damn, there's that word... soz, couldn't resist.

    Cool track though :-)

  69. reenuswiliams

    killer mainriff ...

  70. NIRVANAmat

    lol does a bit!

  71. Boo Balu

    Clearly the guy who wrote the top comment can't read... It's in caps xD

  72. Stephan Sanchez

    There's a typo in the lyrics in the description. At the chorus after second "All that Remains it's "Are the bars TO confine me not THAT confine me. just a little tip

  73. TheMarkzmin

    @Kc7xify i fucking agree

  74. sean clark

    sounds like cky

  75. TriHard

    you can download it with an awesome program called VDownloader

  76. Cheyenne Mines

    Holy shit where the hell was i!
    Chris' music is bettern his wrestling

  77. Magicka

    That is some sick cover art.

  78. INGSOC

    this sound like an ozzy song!!!the vocals remind me of ozzy's!!!

  79. INGSOC

    @Kc7xify he is a good dancer too!!

  80. Brandon N

    @JPoz1123 bro All That Remains is an amazing band and if you were to be or are in a band theyre still 100x better btw just found Fozzy like last night theyre pretty good didnt Y2J was in here pretty sick shit


    @haters123 i insulted a shitty band and a shitty tranny loving dude

  82. Elessar2880

    @JPoz1123 Nice. Insult a highly talented band... Np sorry, I only fuck girls.


    @haters123 fuck that band.....and fuck you



  85. Rowlph77

    OK, I promise not to leave a comment that mentions the word 'wrestling'.
    Wrestling. D'oh!

  86. Elessar2880

    lol I was looking up All That Remains the band and I got this XD

  87. matt freeman

    He nameless fuck u! i do know what he is a wrestler right? how do u expect people not to post stuff about wrestling? fuck off

  88. felype peruzzo

    @NamelessFaceless97 I have to download the songs because i live in brazil, and nobody knows fozzy in brazil. I only know because I watch WWE and i´m a jericho fan.

  89. Zach Johnson

    @NamelessFaceless97 Good for you, as do I!

  90. Frank V.

    superb song

  91. Elijah Rivera

    @Kc7xify Listen to broken souls by fozzy on the album chasing the grail its awesome!

  92. deadmanisbigevil

    This may be my favorite Fozzy song to date. It is an AWESOME SONG.

  93. andreasantonopoulos