Foy Vance - Only The Artist Lyrics

Montague and Capulet
Already sets the scene
I knew you were a foolish bet
But it was better to beg than bleed

From the very first night we met
You made me love you and I never should have left you
Romeo and Juliet
Nothing but a writer's dream

I remember the time when you told me baby
Love is a work of art
I saw you scanning the corners of the canvas
Just like you didn't know where to start
I can't imagine the portrait you were painting
When you saw me looking so alone, oh no
That's something only the artist could know

By the coast when I held your hand
Feels like a distant dream
I knew I was a foolish man
But I was caught up in a fantasy
You held my face and you gently kissed
But all it told me was how much you'd miss me
Romeo and Juliet
Always bound to call a scene

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Foy Vance Only The Artist Comments
  1. Michael Solo

    Wow....what a tune.....I was having a meal out with my beautiful wife and amazing 3 year old daughter......and the restaurant was empty....apart from us......I could hear this in the background. Never heard it before.....sounded I shazzamed it. 5 days later, just had a proper listen.....and wow.....took me back to a lovely memory with my family. What a great track......thank you

  2. Catherine Kiely

    Saw him on 14 November at University of Limerick. Incredible performance. Wow wow wowzers😀 love only the artist

  3. The Lily Bee

    My Queen ❤😘

    The Lily Bee

    😘❤ Miss U2... Love it ! 😍

  4. Carel May

    I'm speechless. I think I found my new favorite song!

  5. Jennifer Harrington

    Beautiful. I love listening to his music every morning while having my coffee ❤

  6. tugba yılmaz


  7. Володимир Галета

    Very good.

  8. Brklynz007

    Ayo, Oboy got that sauce! New fan...

  9. 138boris

    Untouchable Mr. Vance👌

  10. dford145

    Amazing. Seeing him in New York in October. Can’t wait

  11. rene riedel

    Bull's-eye. I'm lost for words. Text and harmony go hand in hand. Thank you so much to my brother in spirit. Greetings Rene

  12. Rockabillygoaty

    Started listening to Foy a while back when I came across his version of "Purple Rain" and have enjoyed everything he has brought out ever since.
    He is a fantastic musical artist and a song writing genius!

  13. Ali oufensou


  14. Alexei

    Like before even listening the song

  15. Christina Simmons

    It like early Christmas 🥰🥰🥰

    Hullu Viking

    You should check out Foy's version of Hallelujah, that's an experience that everyone walks away that much better for having experienced it. Cheers 🍻.

  16. Carl Pawluk

    Great song! Makes me think about creation, earth, space... something only the artist could’ve known.

  17. JanLilyJing

    Great song!

  18. Charlie & Leigh Ann

    10 out of 5 stars!!! Loving all the new music!! Thank you Mr Foy Vance!

  19. richard tough

    Looking forward to seeing him at the Sage in November...such a great talent!

  20. Simon Timoney

    Love it! Foy is a unique talent!

  21. Dmytro Prydatko

    I love this song

  22. Sharon Ledbrook

    Thank you💚🎶💜

  23. Kody Fisher

    Always make such great music!! 😊👍

  24. Mikko Angelo Agas

    gold. much love from the Philippines

  25. Travis Fitch

    Another gem, thanks for all your hard work!

  26. Nïk Jäne Muśic

    Love it !!

  27. Douglas

    john newman