Foxy Brown - Stylin' Lyrics

Fever Baby
OK, alright
Uh-Oh Uh-Oh
Yeah Uh Huh

Bitches throw ya drinks up, Style when we be comin' in
Niggas throw ya guns up, Whyle when we be runnin in
And all that ain't nothin, We at the bar frontin
Its necessary, We stays in Burburry (Whooooo)

[Verse 1]
You know how it go, Fox and Gav
In a navy blue Rov, Stuttin in Halo
On the I-95, Keepin it live
In the hood, in the 5, Front of Kennedy Fried (Whooooo)
Then slide off with a NBA jump-off
Or a nice lil' rapper, Whoever money stack up
Duke, Cop a little H-Tod shoe
And them little boxer dudes, Get a watch or two (Whoa)
It aint greed, Yall got kids to feed
Fuck it, All he wanna do is kill it and leave
So, Lay low and throw the pussy like the free throw
Brooklyn broad and bet I keep the heat low

Its necessary, We styles in Burburry
And our walk is mean in them Frankie B. jeans bwoy
Its necessary, We stays in Burburry
And a Mark Jacob bag and a H-Tod shoe (Whoo)

[Verse 2]
When we walk up in the club, Niggas be like, "OH!"
They aint got no dough? Bet we be like, "NO!"
We bout our paper and all that fam
Rollin through Planet Hollywood knockin that Killa Cam (Whoa)
Up in V.I.P. with F.B.
With a nice throw back, Right below a good G
Now, dude is ill, I'm lovin his boys
I'm all, seing he's gangsta, I'm watching him swift now
They wanna see us, Bitches they wanna be us
Fox and Althea in a powder blue two seater
We the truth in our Juicy sweat suits
When we come through ya town, Every'ting shut down

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
20's with the rims, B-custom kitted Bently
And everything we do, They assist like Jamaal Tinsley
Cocky bastard, I only spits acid
Slept on Broken Silence, Fever bout to smash it
This here's a classic, We keeps it drastic
I'm all engaged engaged to dough and married to plastic
And you know how we do, Fresh pair Air Force 2's
With the toaster, Kobe pull over (Whoo)

[Hook x2]

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Foxy Brown Stylin' Comments
  1. Brittany Combs

    2019 still here

  2. Eugene Murphy

    COME'OWN FOX!!!!! ❤❤❤

  3. Charles Rivers

    If she rapped like this she still be hot today , 🔥


    Charles Rivers she does check her latest track “so Brooklyn remix” ✌🏾❤️❤️

    Charles Rivers

    @TVFoxboogie oh naw , I'll check it out thanks


    She still does 🤨

  4. Devon B


  5. Suprxme Fire_

    This is amazing

  6. NatefrmBklyn

    She so Brooklyn

  7. Alimah B

    My shit!..

  8. Valerie Boynton

    ( 2 O O 3 )

    2 O 1 9

  9. DuBBssBiTcH

    2019 in 2 months

  10. Kyle Gordon


  11. Alimah B

    Always gunna b my shit!..

  12. Deon Lucas

    This song is bananas! Takes me back

  13. allseeingeye iswatching

    Baddest bitch to evah spit

  14. Slimkidd730

    Real World: Las Vegas

  15. jay2luv

    Y'all late talking about Wendy williams brought y'all here. You all need your hip hop cards pulled this is a classic you late bitches!!!!

  16. Kiara Wilson

    kim n fox best ever do it 🙌💋💓💕💖💖💗❤💞👸👍✌

  17. Uncle Brotha

    My mom had this CD in her chevy beretta.

  18. Battlerap Tv

    Boogie fox

  19. jsunshyne87

    Our walk is mean in them Frankie B jeans boi!! Love you Foxy!! #ItsNecessary

  20. King Tony

    I'm mad fever never dropped the but songs I heard was dope so at least we got to hear it

  21. skylar chase

    this song came out in 02

  22. Alba Tross


  23. Greg Cummings

    she still stylin hold ya head fox boogie much respect to one of B.K.s finest female mcs

  24. Aminah Shabazz

    Shout out to Trinidad! Shout out to Brooklyn! I rep both like my gurl Fox B, bwoy! Like the TRUTH, it's very necessary Yo!!! :-D

  25. bentlee718

    Wendy was stylin in that dress when she came out to this song 😍😍😍😍

  26. Jay Carr

    Wendy brought me here!

    Arizona15 Floyd

    ✋ me too lol


    you and me both

    Talib Moore

    I saw Wendy Giving foxy some it.

    John Doe

    when? i need the reciepts

    Jay Carr

    @John Doe Hot topics of the day I posted my comment.

  27. Natalia Jackson


  28. Reginald McBride

    Althea is da one on Love&Hip Hop Benzeno wife

    Reinaldo Alvarado

    CokeaineO Blige yes it was lol

    Reinaldo Alvarado

    She's also in Foxys song Cradle To The Grave

  29. Marcus Smith

    Driving down Franklin ave ma & Bart bumpin that Kill Cam

  30. TeeAnnification

    Whew.... Girl this my shyt... EAST Oakland, Cali Love you Fox Boogie!!!!!

  31. adrian moore

    That fire!!!

  32. PeediSigel

    This song came out in '02

  33. Rock Strong

    Foxy Brown...the best!!!!

  34. MatrixMeditations

    Thank you - happy new year to the TVFoxboogie channel and all Foxy fans! 2013 is gonna be a big year for FOXY BROWN!!!!

  35. TVFoxboogie

    her brother Gav & Anton are still involved .. twitter @Gavin718 for any business related inquiries and yea u right, FOX is a CLASSIC !

  36. MatrixMeditations

    TVFoxboogie do you know who is doing A&R for Foxy nowadays? I'd love to send her beats to use for mixtapes, etc ... just can't find the contact info. Thanks for running this channel - Fox shit is timeless. Love hearing this shit!

  37. QdottDat Storm

    is it just me or is the song dippin

  38. NICKO YM

    I HOPE SO !! Nicki is releasin an album in November "Pink Friday : Roman Reloaded The Re-Up .. I hope there's gonna be a lot of hip hop on this album .. maybe a foxy collab *crosses fingers* #TEAMMINAJ #TEAMFOX

  39. TVFoxboogie


    Octaviius Willingham

    TVFoxboogie #TeamKingFox

  40. NICKO YM

    I really want her to collab with my Nicki !

  41. NICKO YM

    Wow !!

  42. TVFoxboogie

    @ijnklaxdil thx :) plz subscribe !! she had a commercial for this song back in the day with other rappers noreaga, camron, ludacris .. it used to play on MTV

    allseeingeye iswatching

    TVFoxboogie when is king soon come out..we dying out here for a new fox record !!!

    Ms King

    Yessss I remember the commercial vaguely she was driving with like Gucci driving gloves on