Foxx, Jamie - I Don't Need Anything But You Lyrics

Together at last
Together forever
We're tying a knot
They never can sever

I don't need sunshine now to turn my skies to blue
I don't need anything but you...

You've wrapped me around
That cute little finger
You've made life a song
You've made me a singer, oh

You're not warm and fuzzy
And ain't the most shyest girl
But nothing on earth could ever divide us...

Today was terrible
Today was a straight-up nightmare

But that was then
'Cause I was looking for something
Looking for my loose end
No, I don't need anything but you

But that was then
'Cause I was looking for something
Looking for my loose end
No, I don't need anything but you

But nothing on earth could ever divide us
But nothing on earth could ever divide us
But nothing on earth could ever divide us
But nothing on earth could ever divide us

Together at last
Together forever
We're tying a knot
They never can sever

You're two of a kind
The happiest pair now
Like bright shooting stars
You're floating on air now

And what's the title of the dream that just came true

I don't need anything
I don't need anything but you!

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Foxx, Jamie I Don't Need Anything But You Comments
  1. 唐芸群

    So touched by this song

  2. Dakota

    I could see Jamie Foxx a dad

  3. Kim Fonda

    Annie knew the dog and the presentation since they bomp into each other and they met!

  4. Shazar Shamery

    0.21 was the best you hoo

  5. Oli girl

    1:42 my favorit part

  6. Hafsa Majid

    When you see the last chocolate and you have it.

  7. Kim Fonda

    We're like her I had curly hair like her I love my family's favorite things to cook for my mom and sister and Chad my dream I want to become a vet I work hard to make my dream come true I work everyday!😙😚🙄😁😀

  8. Hak Lee

    who ever made this video should do a comparison between this one with the 1982, 1995 and 1999 version.

  9. Pascale Villadolid


  10. saja stone

    i was 7 when this came out awww now im 13 2019

  11. Selena Cunje

    This is a nice scene generally speaking the song

  12. Julia C

    Your not the only one i knew too

  13. Jojo Micheals

    cute moment @😚😙😐😘🤗😍

  14. Jassiebk Y

    November 2019 still here

  15. INKfrisk

    "Today was terrible"
    "today was a straight up nightmare "
    Me everyday

  16. abagraham35

    I love Anine so much and I like her she sings nice and beautiful with her dad

  17. Crazysisters 101

    1:10 😍😍
    But noting on earth could ever divide us

  18. Ultra Black Instincts

    Why are the cops dancing do they hear music too🤣🤣😅😂🤣🤣

  19. Nezuko Chan

    I keep rewatching Annie this is my favourite movie 😋

  20. Gonzo Gilberto

    Sooooo inferior to the original

  21. Shops Shire

    Oh she's really a post 911 version of Annie how cute

  22. WokenSzn

    I love. Annie

  23. chestnut45134

    Everybody dance now funniest part of the movie 🍿

  24. Donna Denson

    Who cant stop rewinding him picking her up and spinning her

    Just me okay

    L Wes

    Donna Denson that’s my favorite part. “ I don’t need sunshine now to turn my skies to blue. I don’t need anything but you.” Best part of the movie

  25. jas

    when the dvd came out,i watched it over 100 times (no joke) and i always knew sia was in this song.

  26. Nik Ki

    I never cared to watch this remake until today and I must say that the original is a million times better. This version sucked the soul out of it... I don’t like this version at all. To each their own though.

  27. Geoffrey Opare

    If you listen carefully you can hear sia

  28. Namjesus

    *”EvErYbOdY dAnCe NoW”*

  29. Naomi Joseph

    Cameron: everybody dance now
    Guy: No no its there thing

  30. Mekayla Slade

    riding unicorn because I wish I had one like my friend and my roblox name is jojoqueen2002...thx Sanna...

    Random kid with Tourette's

    Was that meant to be on IamSannas video or....?

  31. IronCity Experience

    Where can I find the instrumental version

  32. Khiron Williams

    Any one realise that's Jamie Foxx

  33. Khiron Williams

    I watched Annie 91 times

  34. Shanece Porter

    This is me and my dad's favorite song to listen to and dance to .

  35. Zonet Butterfield

    Today was terrible Today was a straight up nighrmare BUT THAT WAS THEN

  36. Elsie Osuhor

    I love it when Cameron Diaz shouted "every body dance now"!!!😂

  37. Alicia Anderson

    Continue the song, and no one mess up pls.

    🎵Together at last, together forever🎵 -

  38. Alain Mara

    I swear I use to love this and now I'm old and Im like 'rlly!!'

  39. joyce ose

    who has the full video I really want to watch it

  40. Byron Jabull

    Think it gave the movie a BEST finishing bang. Who else?

  41. Shanica Brown

    Go girl

  42. Denishea Bates

    I wish that were true but unfortunately it is not oh the pain

  43. tyroneuniqua lalala

    so much better than original

  44. Malik _yourking

    Together At Last...(Your Turn)

    Taina Michelle

    Together Forever

  45. 〰 DIXXY 〰

    Me when MY day is Going OUTSTANDING!: 0:45 Whenever my bother all the Hot Cheetos 0:48

  46. ToonPartment

    The old one was better just in case they DID MAKE A OLD MOVIE GOOGLE IT 1982 Annie

  47. Sasusaku4Eva!

    Sorry although Jamie's and Cameron's line made me chuckle a bit, this was just WAY too cringe worthy for me. The original version and the 1999 version were a lot better. And no I never have and never will see this film. Sorry, it just looks pretty bad.

  48. BabyGirl Zyy

    No one :
    Literally no one :
    Miss Hanagan : Everybody dance noww!!
    Lou : no no that’s there thing mami
    (Miss Hanagan while Lou is talking not giving a shit)

  49. Gabriella Desta

    did any of you notice that annies fake mom in it was the girl in peter rabbit ?

  50. Gabriella Desta

    its funny when they say today was terribell today was a stight up nightmare so funny haha

  51. Eden Joyce Baguio

    I love all the annie movies 1982 1999 and 2014
    They r different in their own
    I think the 2014 hannigan is so funny and she become better person
    Idk the 1995 yet i still didnt see it

  52. TheDerpTurtle

    Bully: *punches nerd*
    Nerd: I’m telling the principal!

  53. TheDerpTurtle

    I cried during around this scene. I was young

    Taina Michelle

    This scene is very emotional

  54. Taina Michelle

    I love this version way better than the original version especially the music cuz it's making this song rly emotional

  55. jennifer holzman

    Those people who played her parents deserve to get arrested

  56. The Doggie Six - Official Channel

    Right now my hair looks exactly like Annie's :D

  57. Victor Claw of Hogwarts


  58. Jesse Wright


  59. Rahbyn Crouch

    1:11 is my favorite part

  60. JaRiel McGary

    I don't need anything but you

  61. Heiress Charis

    It reminds me of me and my dad😂😄😇

  62. MelaninGold Ava

    Child predator song??

  63. UnderCoverBrother45

    I kinda don't be liking this but this annie is better than 1999 and 1982 anyone aggree

    Emilee Nedz

    Jordan Savege YT yeah i liked it better


    @Emilee Nedz hi can you go subscribe to my channel

  64. Eric D.

    I just watched this movie entirely with my daughter for the first time and all the years we've had this movie and it literally brought tears to my eyes because that little girl's Spirit lives in my daughter naturally😍😘🤗🤗

  65. TheGoldenFreak

    I need a 10 hour version of "everybody dance now"

  66. Naomi Tesfay

    1:44 I have never laugh so much 😂😂😂😂 ”EVERYBODY DANCE NOW”

  67. Sofía Wilton

    - No no it's their thing, mami

  68. ItsyagurlJay Imvu

    1:11-1:30 is my favorite part and
    1:44 😂😂

  69. Netta Hunter

    I love Annie so much and her music so😍❤️.WOW!

  70. Chatiera Moore

    Annie I don't need anything but you

  71. Malik _yourking

    Annie 2014 8d Audio

  72. Mama Coco


  73. Magai Lopa

    You are so funny🤣 because you act like my mom .

  74. Katie Rose

    This movie is NOT 5 years old

  75. LPS Luna Studios

    I love this movie. It reminds me of the relationship with me and my dad!

  76. Gaming boy F.P.C

    But nothing, on earth could ever divide us

  77. Oh Yeah Yeah

    Anyone else here from New York city

  78. Parthanna Willis

    1:44 lol everybody dance now !!!

  79. Anonymous

    there's always that one person to kill the vibe😂😭👌

  80. Shakira Namata

    so amazing i cried😂😂😂😇😂😇😇😇😇😇😇💓 its so cute

  81. extraoridnary emmy

    so my crush moved away and whenever ihear this song i cry

  82. Parte Do Meu Mundo

    Annie is my favorite musical stage play. I really like all the three movie adaptations, but this one is definitely my favorite, even If it's far from the original material.

  83. שילי בנימין

    אני מרצה אחד


    Good finishing song. I love it!

  85. YaShari Waddell

    Today was a straight up night made but I was then I thing about.😂😂😂😘

  86. YaShari Waddell

    Nothing on earth 🌎can never combined US😍😍😍😍😍

  87. Chase_13

    You cut out the part where it's like "If he keeps singing and dancing like that he'll never become Mayor.

  88. Gabriella Awaitey

    1:44 my favorite part 💀

  89. Cup of tae with a suga kookie

    Today was terrible

    Today was a straight up nightmare😂

  90. Queen saf Saf

    I got the part of Annie in my school play by doing this song

  91. Cacendy Flordara Francois

    If you like Annie click this

  92. Jada Shortt

    The cutest song in the world😍😍😍

  93. Its 0.2moni

    Black version of Annie

  94. Shreckapig Shreck

    Mrs hannigan is my favourite character