Foxx, Jamie - I Don't Know Lyrics

Yeeaah, Right [x5]

I dont know why (I dont know why)
She keeps on passin' me by,
Maybe her eye is on just some other guy,
And I'll forever be that fella on the side,
She passes me by

As I hopped off the train this shawty caught my eye,
I asked her for her name she gave me no reply,
She left me standing there with arrows in my heart,
But yet and still I'm wanting her,
And later on that week while driving in my car,
I coulda sworn I saw that shawty walking down the road,
I thought she passed at me while I was staring from afar,
Or is just my young mind wishing

I dont know why (I dont know why)
She keeps on passin' me by,
Maybe her eye is on just some other guy,
And I'll forever be that fella on the side,
She passes me by

Come back come back come back come back
Come back
(Come back come back come back come back)
I said come back baby
(Come back come back come back come back) [x2]
I want you here by me (Come back come back come back come back) [x3]

It gets so confusing this game,
I met alot of girls but never felt this way,
I get strange pleasure though from going through this pain,
And like a ghost I'm haunting her,
I often fantasize about walking hand in hand
But I don't know her name or if she's got a man,
And the only thing that gives me hope to stay
Is maybe one day she'll notice me

I dont know why (I dont know why)
She keeps on passin' me by, (She keeps on passin' me by,)
Maybe her eye is on just some other guy,
And I'll forever be that fella on the side, (but I dont wana be on the side)

(Come back come back come back come back)
Why wont you come back (Come back come back come back come back)
I know you want to (Come back come back come back come back)
(Come back come back come back come back)

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Foxx, Jamie I Don't Know Comments

    January 2020 still fiyah

  2. Thaddeaus Bush jr


  3. Ashley Eason

    It took me four years to find this song and im glad I did 😍😍💖😘


    2019 and still jammin love love LOVE!!! ❤️👌🏽

  5. illbaby86

    One of my favs ♥️🔥 #StillBangin

  6. kay dubb

    My joint wright here

  7. Kay D


  8. DexBlissWellness

    Beauty was her name when you catch her eye.

  9. Kay D

    2019 and I can’t get enough! ❤️

  10. Jalil Johnson

    2019 still ridin' 🔥😎

  11. Russell Jones

    This song is dope!

  12. Dante Waters

    I am the only one that randomly sings the "or ill forever be that fella on the siiiiiiiide" part 😆 that's the part

  13. no comment

    This is every Capricorn's theme song. We're always chasing after someone who will never notice us.

    al bin

    no comment bro real shit


    no comment Pisces too fam....dammit its true smh it’d be true fam....

  14. Jason Jackson

    My shit

  15. Carla Johnson

    Smooth ballroom jam

  16. Desmond Ferrell

    Comedy, Acting, there anything he can’t do?

  17. Keith Jones

    2018 an still don't know why? lol

  18. Chelle Alexander

    Still vibing to this in 2018!!

  19. Devon Johnson

    I was in junior high when this album came out and this was my favorite out of all the songs

    H Lee jr

    You need to hear "infatuations" & "don't the sun go down on our love" by Jamie Foxx from his first album

  20. Maurandis Berger

    34 people got passed

  21. sarah andrew

    Feel good music! You couldn't help but move!

  22. Dionne Washington

    This bomb ass ballroom/skate music that you can ride out to.

  23. Abby Vandenberg

    this song is Beautiful

  24. Abby Vandenberg

    good song

  25. Ebony Harris

    This is a cool ass beat...I love this damn song..Feb 2017, damn near 12 yrs and this is still my shittttt

  26. Shaune B

    I still love this song..

  27. Tra Three

    this song was slept on for sure. beautifully written. as someone said earlier the instrumental was amazing the highs lows and overall smoothness. A-1

  28. Denise Chaney

    i use to get my ballroom on off this song if you from the d you know what l,m talking about

    C. Reece

    You did not take it back with the ballroom!

    mary janes baby

    You better speak on it!!!!

  29. MzBee 2U!!

    I STILL love this song!!!! 😍😍😍

  30. Ja Tawn Avant

    Marvin Gaye music

  31. Erica C

    That's my shit!!

  32. donna broner

    The perfect swing out dance song.

  33. Lateke Burke

    One of my favorites from his c.d.

  34. Godwin

    This song is so playa

  35. Omar Talford

    hot tune right here, the highs and lows are wicked! right on point!!! ** it got so confusing this game, i met a lot of girl.. but never felt this way** 

  36. Stacey Lovett

    Jamie Foxx is the shit

  37. Tanya Perry

    6 people dont have a clue

    Tra Three

    Tanya Perry saddd lol

  38. Pretty Poison


  39. Boosted Bonobo

    I'm 16 and like this song and now it's 2013 oh and my friends like this and they're are around 14-19. I feel ya man.

  40. Rashad Little

    come back come back come back! this is how it be too, you really just want that woman to notice so you can show her how a man is supposed to treat a man Jamie is dat dude lol!

  41. nicknog00

    True Story: I use to listen to this song a lot when I was a soft more in high school, now the girl who never notice me is now my fiancé:D never stop loving you Jackie<3

  42. Alisha Hightower

    When this Album came out my brother turned me on to this song. I have been in love with it every since.

  43. MrDarkHawkins

    And I forever be that fella on the side, she passes me by....

  44. Johnny Harris

    And thee only thing that gives me hope to stay,
    is maybe one day she'll notice meeeeeeeee. I don't know whhhyy...

  45. shaqreia Carlton

    I don't know why (I don't know why)
    She keeps on passin' me by,
    Maybe her eye is just on some other guy,
    And I'll forever be that fella on the side,
    She passes me by

    i love this part i love jamie foxx

  46. Elajah Gibson

    Wow, I'm preety sure no one is going to see this but who cares. This song was posted on youtube in 2008. and now that it's 2012 and I'm in love with song is weird. I'm 10 and I love this song to death. If anyone sees this good because Ill know that I'm not the only one who is still listening to this song. Jamie Foxx RULES

    israelite leader simon bar kokhba

    and now this is 2018 im still jamming

  47. ChilledVibes Gaming


  48. TheGorillaGreen

    @babiiboii1 you hit on the head! this is so marvin.

  49. Boss Hog

    i love this song but i just realized that the lyrics sound stalkerish lol

  50. joshua bready

    this My shit

  51. Olddirtytiger

    Fucking Traaaaaaaaaaccccckkkkkkkk!! feel ur pain !! Wooooooooooooo!!

  52. Olddirtytiger

    4 people dont know why!!

  53. stasha thomas

    i love this song it's a really good song!!

  54. Tyrone Warfield

    good beat

  55. Vilson LS

    damn i'm really feelin this shit!! go jamie go jamie go jamie!!

  56. Princewmk

    the story just so real... happened to me for real...but am benging that ass now lol

  57. Dominique Grosse Kahn

    "i don't know" why "i want you"

  58. L.J. Williams

    This shit is so fuckin true cuz this is happenin with me right now but guess wat... I came out on top an I won her heart an he lost ;)

  59. Phokis1000

    dis nigga juss good @ errthang. writing, piano, jokes, acting! wtf...sounds like me lol

  60. AffaiR Alex

    i love it...i can man! great song

  61. TheSharebear20

    L-O-V-E this Song and the whole Album! Jamie PLEASE make a video for this song!

  62. Aanisah S

    dis album right here is a classic

  63. babiiboii1

    lol he went marvin on em!!
    im feelin that

  64. DaPhenomAce

    someone needs to make a spoof of this song

  65. Michael Cross

    Jamie Foxx went Marvin on this track. So smooth, mellow, soulful. A track to really flow to on the dance floor or to head nod to while cruisin on 95 South, driving in your car. Love this joint.

  66. ThaBossKdub

    this song is tight. J Foxx keeps it real.

  67. Young Swade

    this that late night ride in the car wit ya gurl song

  68. Mike Tza

    it definitely has that "I WANT YOU" sound and vibe to it.

  69. Trinitymurder

    i wish a guy would sing this song to

  70. Brandon Ennis

    this should be his next singlee

  71. AP3Brain

    GREAT SONG! There needs to be more new stuff like this! True singing mixed with a great beat and catchy lyrics.

  72. monolo006

    yea it do..he went marvin on em

  73. Keishirou

    fucking hot, jamie pimpin

  74. marjorie bazile

    this song is sexyyy

  75. ZacWills

    I hope he sing this at the BET awards

  76. Tyla Rodrigo


    love it
    my mom does too
    beat is amazing the whole cd is amazing !

  77. nattnatou

    its getting under my skin! haaaa god do u all hear da voice? da BEAT!

  78. DaDopeStar

    jamie did it again !! GREATT BIG UP JAMIE

    ( passin me by -pharsyde )

  79. abcolquitt

    great song! hope it becomes a single

  80. Ryan Coman

    I don't know why I love this song

  81. rico jordam

    This is my motherfucken SONG!

  82. wtf Oo

    wir wissens alle maaaan

  83. Dorthey Tate

    Good cd

  84. elogan72

    Unlike other artists, Jamie samples very tastefully. Without totally compromsing the original. Marvin Gaye is my favorite, by the way. Some of those young bucks use the entire song.

  85. Michael Powell

    stop hatin

  86. G-Allure

    So true i don't know why jamie lol

  87. nicci250

    love this song

  88. PYT923

    I love me some Jamie...He also used two of my favorite songs...I want u by Marvin Gaye(the beat) and she keeps on passing me by...This is a banger

  89. msdavis13

    Glad yours plays like the actual cd:)