Foxx, Jamie - Fall For Your Type Lyrics

[Jamie Foxx - Verse 1:]
Can I, can I save you from you
cause you know there’s something missing
and that champagne you’ve been sippin’s
not supposed to make you different all the time
it’s starting to feel like the wrong thing to do girl
cause with all that recognition it gets hard for you to listen
to the things that I must say to make you mine
But live girl, have some fun girl, we’ll be fine
trying to convince myself I’ve found one
making the mistake I never learned from

I swear I always fall for your type, yeah (for your type)
tell me why I always fall for your type (for your type)

I just can’t explain this shit at all (fall for your type)
I just can’t explain this shit at all (fall for your type)

(I believe in people like you)

[Jamie Foxx - Verse 2:]
So who am I to judge you on the past, girl
I bet there’s a reason for it all
you say that you’re nothing like the last girl
I just pray that you don’t let me down right now
it’s too late, I’m already yours
you just gotta promise me, hearts won’t break
and end up like before

I swear I always fall for your type, yeah (for your type)
tell me why I always fall for your type (for your type)

Look, dress hanging off your shoulder, barely sober
telling me how you moving away and starting over
girl, quit playing you just drunk, you just saying shit
oh you dance, dance like how, like ballet and shit
oh, wait, no, I get it girl, I’m with it
I’ve been down this road before and yeah I skidded but forget it
damn, yeah, I wonder why I never learned my lesson
it’s feeling like the second chance and it's the first impression
and I heard it’s nothing new except for someone new
but how you supposed to find the one when anyone will come with you
talking to myself but I never listen,
cuz man it’s been a while, and I swear that this ones different
that’s why I’mma take you anywhere you wanna go
let you meet my friends so they can lecture me again about
how reckless I have been
and I’m slowly running out of all the time that I invest in
making all the same mistakes
and I’m just trying to correct it and I fall...

[Jamie Foxx:]
I swear I always fall for your type, for your type
tell me why I always fall for your type, for your type

I just can’t explain this shit at all (fall for your type)
I just can’t explain this shit at all (fall for your type)

(I believe in people like you)

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Foxx, Jamie Fall For Your Type Comments
  1. Mercedes Jones

    Still love this song 2020

  2. Beka Shakur

    B5 brought me here #b5wave 🌊

  3. Sh'Keria Covington

    I heard this song today and I wasn’t goin to be happy till I fount it and did

  4. Mariann Gitau

    Serious nostalgia ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Alicia Felix

    Just Mercy*:-)

  6. Rooscov Jean

    Date a Hispanic girl they said.....
    It will be fun they said.
    The forgot to mention that bipolar bat sh** crazy side that comes with it.
    My bro Jamie is still falling😂😂😂😂

  7. Vanessa Avalos

    Omg this song gave me life back in March the memories are flooding back back to that time. Still love this song.

  8. Kayaandjo dixon

    10 years already where did time go

  9. Mike Wohks

    Anyone listening to this best jam of all times in Jan. 2020?

    What do you say - this song and the video qualify for Grammy award?

    The vocal combo is just bad ass!

  10. Zwelithini George

    Hit a like if you still listen to this lovely song in 2020

  11. Noctis _Kohi

    1:12 be fitting with a lot of scenes

  12. Sirron Daley

    this song in slow motion hits different

  13. dahbrale

    Foxx is wearing too much clothes on that bed

  14. Natalie Travis

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssss👀💯 Jamie Foxx is just it, his range is just so on point💯I 😊 love it!

  15. GorgeouslyReal T.V.

    I miss these times!

  16. Smootherthankeish Ambiance

    I ALWAYS DO ....


    Evergreen...its 2020 and its still fire

  18. dtp TV

    2020 coming back to this song when I thought Drake was nice

  19. B Sweet

    I'm not saying Jamie is ugly but you'll never see him in a video with a black sistah with natural hair, omg!you understand what I'm saying these guys always looking at some half asian half white looking chick that wouldn't give them the time of day if they didn't have money it's so sad... black guys with $$ want to be white Rich men and white girls want to be black women with curvy figures omg their all confused dag. Whiteman did a number on us smh🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🙏🏽

  20. Big Black Nuts

    Imagine just having a straight face as your falling 50000 ft from the ground falling to your death

  21. The Vegas Home Sellers


  22. Crystal Guzman

    Hell Naw

  23. Xxxmermaid Love



    10 years later.. still on this vibe

  25. lakeisha Porchia

    I am so in love with this man he smooth as a new born baby butt.🤔😎

  26. مروان الحربي

    It’s 2020 and still listening to this song .

  27. Mandla Tshabalala

    2020 till forever ❤❤

  28. Emeka Abuah

    This song is amazing! Had no idea this was Jamie Foxx

  29. Elvis Camarillo

    This song is such a gem. Forever will love this song, easily one of my favorite Drake verses as well

  30. Pius Muchira

    … …😎…✌️…

  31. Guled Ali

    I hate all women my heart is broken😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  32. Jennifer Craig

    I love this song

  33. shydecember2019


  34. La Dreem formerly known as Sunshine

    That's the type that you need to pay attention to not the one's that try to act like they dont care to project and image...hey Man is a Man even when he cares about someone.

  35. Kevin Sierra

    2020 & Still bumpin this

  36. Juss BRAVO official

    💪 I remember being in county jail when this mf came out... still jammin this!

  37. lucki4mac

    Who's Still Just listening to This Song?

    Chantalan Martinez

  38. Merrick Verbeck

    One decade later here in 2020

  39. Lyn Hamilton

    Jamie Foxx: “let’s just make everything fall. furniture. me. everything”

  40. Sherman Clark

    2020 still here💕🤞

  41. Hello World

    2020 where you at

  42. Sivaani S

    2020 and this song still gets me in all my feels. Every. Damn. Time.

    Mira Reed


    Ragavan G

    Me tooo, we soul mates

    Sivaani S

    Ragavan G are you single?

    Ragavan Ganesh

    @Sivaani S <3

  43. Jay 'Nath

    We began 2020, anyone?

  44. Kimberly Donald

    7thJan,2020 ❤

  45. Jayden Gutierrez

    Who here in 2020

  46. mccaacl

    All I see is ray Charles in those glasses 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️❤️

  47. James Tinkham

    Mi padre

  48. James Tinkham

    Or thats like who am i to judge you but my teeth are missing

  49. James Tinkham

    2020 means 200cc will get me there.

  50. Toni Cooper

    2020 n still falling for your type

  51. Andrea Cabrel

    This shit goes so hard and so true !!!!! No matter what str8 heart break when you wear your heart on your sleeve smdh

  52. Ralph Nkuna

    So i am the first1 here in 2020

  53. Leon Kennedy

    That beginning is heart rushing🥶🗣💯❄️

  54. isabel escalon

    Anyone in 2020?❤💯

    Jeff Chrapcynski

    Yeah(2020) I love this song.

    Moby 45

    Hell yeah I'm going through my Jamie Foxx bag and came out with this

  55. Yasmine Hall

    The 2010 in your feelings song

  56. Zedz Dee

    Who else is here in 2020???

  57. 0.996 0.108

    my favoriet jamie song

  58. Brian Cle

    Who else listening while reading all the comments?

  59. Vincent Patitucci

    2020 I ain't falling like I did before.

  60. Megan Higgs

    Eating at the end of

  61. Megan Higgs

    What you doing

  62. Robson Green

    2020 yass

  63. It’s_Amani_bitchh

    Entering 20/20 with this song 😌

  64. Theresa Ward

    Fell into the sunken place 😼

  65. Anthony Lopez

    Ending my 2019 with this nice song.

  66. Ysalinelenoir Robert

    Qui l'écoute toujours à l'approche de 2020?

  67. C O

    Nobody cares when you’ve listened to this goddamn

  68. OG Campbell

    My spirit saying there something more to this and you been watching for a long time 😔👁️

  69. Royal Farmer

    1:35 can i get a meme

  70. Lori

    Listening and Lying are two different things. Sad

  71. Lori

    I don't know. Maybe because we're from the same cloth?

  72. Lori

    Marlon, my own family. Conspiracy to commit murder. Not if I can help it. I hope they go to prison for life

  73. Rashawn Wilson

    2019... When I'm feeling gud just vibeing.. drinking n smoking 💯🔥💪

  74. John L

    This song still slaps... but this video LOL

  75. un suflet

    Incredibil ce trec anii, incredibil tot o ador aceasta melodie.

  76. Jiro Jash

    Dec 22 2019? Anyone

  77. Samantha Smith

    This is still ma fav 🥰❣️

  78. Yash Bhora

    2020 anyone??

  79. Lemmy Schipper

    still loving this song it means the world to me

  80. nelly selaey

    Who's with me December 2019 ...Jamie Fox still rock

    Lemmy Schipper

    till i die my man

  81. Stoffon Cooper


  82. Valerie Boynton

    2 O 2 O💿📀 -
    P.S. HI , JAMIE
    5O CENT
    12 - 13 - 19

  83. Samuel Hoskins

    I always think of my friend Shareen W when I hear this song. 💔 The one that got away.

    Salisu Babadidi

    rest well soldier

  84. Tishana Nelson

    Madly inlove with this song ❤❤

  85. Guy Six

    Man who haven't ever felt the same way Jamie did when he answered the door and your fine ass sexy ass girl who pissed you off a day before is standing there batting her sexy ass eyes, long shiny hair was instantly not mad anymore . Make up sex is the greatest sex. I love me some Jessica Burciaga.

  86. Heather G

    2019 🙏🏼🔥

  87. Jacqueline Sibanda

    December anyone?

  88. Dfence Jam

    NO my Beautiful brother.

  89. San Francisco Niners Empire

    Who's here in 2020, I just can't explain this ish at all...

  90. Sherry Sardo


  91. Julio Bautista

    He look like ray Charles

  92. Good People Prosper

    Drake saved this song. Jamie Foxx sounds like any other rapper nothing different 🤷‍♀️

  93. S. Focus

    Song puts me back in summer busting the corner seeing her out on the sidewalk with her girls elbow nugging like there yo man go I hit the curb park and walk up to her with this bumping.......💪🏾🧔🏾💯