Fox Stevenson - Miss You Lyrics

Touch down
Pull back 'till I get it right
I miss you
Don't care

Quick look
Side eye
Head tilt
Did she go by?
Miss you
Don't care

Touch down
Pull back 'till I get it right
I miss you
Don't care

Quick look
Side eye
Head tilt
Did she go by?
Miss you
Don't care

Touch down
I hold back 'till I get it right
Miss you
Don't care

This quick look
Side eye
Head tilt
Did she go by?
Miss you
Don't care

I won't lose you
I won't lose you
I won't lose you
I won't lose you

Touch down
Pull back 'till I get it right
I miss you
Don't care

Quick look
Side eye
Head tilt
Did she go by?
Miss you
Don't care

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Fox Stevenson Miss You Comments
  1. Chris Matthew

    (My Dubstep) you're really weird.and thats ok.honestly it is what it is.keep doing can just keep on and on.

  2. Chris Matthew

    (My Dubstep) you know I just need jesus.

  3. PPA Psycho 100 1

    Who came from Marshmello?

  4. Chris Matthew

    (My Rap) I see you.hopefully for a little more.

  5. RageDasher

    Why am I suddenly getting recommended Fox Stevenson songs 24/7?

  6. Shane Chiasson

    #1 on "Songs 4 yo girl"

  7. The Ratt Pakk

    Marshmello @ Ultra Music Festival Miami 2019 brought me here!

  8. Ale Luya

    Marshmello dropped this live and I went bonkers! Love this song!!!

  9. UndRscore




    so good

  11. Martin Garrix

    Whos from ultra miami marsmello

  12. Beaztown

    WE CAN PRETEND BibleThump

  13. Natalie Laver

    Reminds me of my 2 boys 💙💚

  14. SubVengeance

    I'm headbanging, almost breaking my deask while I sing "I miss you donkeeeeeeeey!!!" xD Fucking golden song!

  15. lvlCaleblvl

    quick look side eye head tilt as you go by miss you dont care

  16. lvlCaleblvl

    noooooo i wont loose you..... noooooooo i wont loose youuuuu.

  17. Xccute

    How have I only just found this now? I feel blessed this song is amazing!

  18. braysniper

    One of those tunes that seems like you've been listening to it for decades... And will continue to for decades to come! Miss you 😘❤️

  19. Jake Mager


  20. UndRscore

    0:51 nothing like that iconic distorted lead melody and heavy sub bass

  21. Clickhawaii

    Came here from Jauz Shambhala set

  22. Midnight 17

    Oh how far he strayed away from actual dubstep like songs ; well it probably was for the better 🤦🏽‍♂️💙

  23. Gliding Waves

    Why so less views ??

  24. Margarita Navarro Hernandez Navarro

    Good song

  25. Mix Electro


  26. Valentino Bonanno

    Nunca pensé encontrar una canción de dubstep tan tranquila

  27. DuhitzRafa Yeet

    Love it UFK And Fox Stevenson I kinda cried the drop was so emotional idk why but thanks for this👍❤

  28. 本物の俺



    Thx marsmello entertain da popular song

  30. Max G

    Great job mr. Stevenson! loving your music

  31. Silas H.

    perfect song for when you're missing her and you're pretty sure she doesn't think of you at all...

  32. jerc wizz

    Is nice

  33. Veltster

    ohh this is straight fire

  34. Steven UwU

    my skin starts to tingling

  35. Betty Brandner

    try it at 1.25 speed! Better than the dnb version imo

  36. Tiff Carter

    I know mashmelow

  37. Tiff Carter

    This is the best song i have ever heared it is ASOME

  38. Totsuya Satis


    Sem Dúvidas, o Fox Stevenson é um dos melhores Producers de Dubstep na Atualidade !


  39. Leo_Kliesen_0

    Anyone hearing owner of a lonely heart by yes at the drop?

  40. Cringanator

    Still gold

  41. Randy Kasanpawiro

    CCC. Dj. UK.

  42. Toxin GD

    why all Fox Stevenson songs are really good?

    Die Marmeladenfresse/Derrbenn

    1.His melodies
    2.He uses a decent amount of dubstep-basses
    3.His voice is beautiful <3

  43. Kelsey Brown

    LL 2018 mix brought me here. 😍

  44. sl3aze

    Rampage 2019 be like soldiers ! <3

    jack bishop

    One of the best sets of the weekend. Tickets booked for 2020

  45. TitledExpert

    Here after Marshmellow played this at Ultra. Had to revisit this banger.

  46. SmityHead

    Play this video at 1.25x speed and this music becomes DnB :D

  47. Алексей Свотин

    It's not a melodic dubstep but it's more melodic than all melodic dubstep I've ever heard

  48. likelyproductions

    biggest love heart eyes for this song

  49. Inspector L

    Really one of my fav 😍

  50. Christy Elliott

    Good god this drop is so gnarly

  51. Alex Reed

    Can someone tell me why this song doesn’t have like 10M+ views??

  52. alibongo88

    Just listened to this about 8 times on the bounce unreal track

  53. Krista

    One of the best fucking drops I’ve ever heard I wish the rest of the song was just as good 😩

  54. Maxwell Lighitng Tutorials

    who came here from marshmallow doing this song?

  55. Marian Daniel

    subbed <3

  56. Jack James

    what kind of bass would this be?


    that's better:

  58. GaboC12 / G21

    1.25 D&B mix :v

  59. emily lee

    Nooo I won’t lose you❤️

  60. tdark987

    I wager you could replace the vocals with the ones from Out On My Own and it’d still work fine...

  61. Emily Polkabla

    This is amazing. I haven't found a song in awhile that makes my groove like this <3 Thank you Excision's Lost Lands Mix 2018.
    P.S. If you've never been to Lost Lands, you need to make it a plan to go. Time of your life meeting other people just like you enjoying themselves to the fullest. Lost Lands Fam 2017 & 2018 <3

  62. jeebs xo

    Filthy drop and a owl city vibe 💞💞 i love it 😍

  63. Itzel Charolet

    me gusto muchisimo

  64. GwynAndJulius

    Tomorrow will be a year

  65. CuttonCandee


  66. ツRepri

    marshmello sponsered?

  67. Sorta Strategy

    Still my favourite!!!


    This is dope but I prefer the mr brightside mashup with marshmallow. The drop has way more build-up and I just love it.

  69. Ggh Bgtdg

    this guy is the next big thing in my world and people like me of course he is gonna get big.

  70. Alex

    Need more songs or artist with a similar style to this song. Can someone recommend?

  71. Lebronftw27

    Getting the feels from this, missing my girl rn :(

  72. Siegfried Jahnke Fomai

    Can anyone reccomend songs with amazing drops like this 😍😍😍

  73. AnWarrior

    So Proud Marshmello Brought me here

    Christian Taylor



    Christian Taylor Marshmello - Mr Brightside Remix the drop at 1:24

    Amartya Singh

    @ِ hell yeah🔥

  74. TOPEDM

    That drop 🔥🔥🔥 melodic 😍

  75. Tuấn Hưng

    quá gắt 1 công dân việt nam said

  76. NOT ME.


  77. Mralex Mac

    sweet sound bro, goes hard with Mr brightside by the killers!

  78. OwneD - Pubstomper

    1.25 speed, sounds like a dnb VIP

  79. Леонид Солома

    Я в шоке.Этл невероятно.

  80. Ryan Fuller

    Keep it up bud!

  81. Hemant Tomar

    the music would be really amazing if the audio quality is better

  82. The Chiken Records

    Melodic Riddim

  83. Stephen Pontious

    can't believe I'm just hearing this. Awesome song!

  84. Pretty Roqayya

    🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥💯 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  85. I'm yuui

    From marshmello

  86. ElVélizGG

    This song is sad for me. :c

  87. Khoa Dang

    lovely dubstep :3

  88. Dainer Calderon

    Wtf? How make sweet music with creepy sounds? Dubstep is a thing

  89. Alex

    I heard this once and was hooked instantly! So glad I found Fox Stevenson

  90. Tired//Eyes

    Published on my birthday 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  91. Anexza

    this is one of few dubstep songs that give me chills

  92. tommy

    wow, this came out the same day me and my girlfriend started dating, what a great day :')

  93. Red Devil

    when marshmello play that in live concert

  94. Justin Schmidt

    Still underrated to my opinion... :/