Fox Stevenson - Dreamland Lyrics

With extra time I'd like to think I would've done this better
The fact I could ever fail never crossed my mind
Somewhere out there hear my demons screaming "now or never"
I think I just crossed that line (yeah)
I'm kinda done with hanging out in bottle service
You confused me, yeah you used me, but that's just as well
Hungry people tryin' to break me, make me kind of nervous
Just goes to show that you never can tell

Does everybody live in a dreamland?
Is this dreamland all that we know?
Swallowing us up in an avalanche
And blurring these lines with smoke
They tell me that I should be a real man
But the only thing that I know
Is that I'll find my way out of this wasteland
'Cause this wasteland ain't home

With extra time I could have made up better words and letters
Pale shadows of my heroes help me rule the night
Somewhere out there hear my people screaming "do it better"
I'm just an echo of the things I like
I'm tired of never feeling like I'll serve a purpose
Snow on mirrors, future killers, yeah, just be yourselves
Hungry people always stressing, guessing, never surface
Just goes to show that you never can tell

Does everybody live in a dreamland?
Is this dreamland all that we know?
Swallowing us up in an avalanche
And blurring these lines with smoke
They tell me that I should be a real man
But the only thing that I know
Is that I'll find my way out of this wasteland
'Cause this wasteland ain't home

If I don't believe in all the old gods or the new
How am I supposed to find my way?
Searching the universe for something we can do
And living to fight another day
And that's okay

We're falling from on top of the tree house
And no one cares if we go
I stumble over to a policeman
He says, "son, you better get back home"
And everybody's laughing at me now
From their faces covered in snow
I'm trying to be the best I can be now
They say "make it something we know"

Does everybody live in a dreamland?
Is this dreamland all that we know?
Swallowing us up in an avalanche
And blurring these lines with smoke
They tell me that I should be a real man
But my pride will be the first thing to go
I gotta get out of this wasteland
'Cause this wasteland ain't home

Wasteland ain't home
Just goes to show that you never can tell

Does everybody live in a dreamland?
Is this dreamland all that we know?
Swallowing us up in an avalanche
And blurring these lines with smoke
They tell me that I should be a real man
But the only thing that I know
Is that I'll find my way out of this wasteland
'Cause this wasteland ain't home

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Fox Stevenson Dreamland Comments
  1. Ansollis

    Man this song is an outlier in "Killjoy" album, in my opinion. This is more akin to his older stuff that can be, for lack of a better term, "harder electronic". However, if out of every album I get one song like this from him, I will be 100% satisfied. (Please do some more DnB. You're bomb at it).

    Such a talented dude :)

  2. diamondPixL

    Man you and Stan SB sound so similar! Where is the collab 😍

  3. carlezanu


  4. Till

    Habe ihn im Logo in Hamburg vor 14 TAGEN gesehen.. Fettes Konz geile STIMMUNG.

  5. Napster2002 . aspx

    Top Rap Battles of 2020

  6. B3st Zock3r

    Almost the best song from Fox Stevenson, only "Go Like" is better i would say ^^ just love to hear his songs :D

  7. Thomas

    I've just found out that Fox Stevenson is amazing and now I envy the people that went to see him live... Oh wait I will see him at liquicity still 😁

  8. Kurt Andres

    Stan, we f*cking love you.

  9. Zegarr

    3:13 this part, man, these long vocals, nice intervals. just wonderful

  10. Ian Karemi

    I first listened to 'Peace Of Mind'
    Still phenomenal!

  11. Juan Pablo Munguía Erazo

    😃💯It's a very good song💯 😃

  12. N/A N/A

    Fox you never cease to amaze me.

  13. Konksling

    OMG this is amazing!
    SO much progress from the live version.

  14. adolf shitler

    stansb or fox now, im so glad you still produce these bangers

  15. L Harrington

    This whole song is insane, but the 2nd verse stands out. BTW thank you ongakuu for helping me find this song.

  16. MatremeX

    Just here because your second drop in Get lemon blown my head!!!!

  17. kabii

    This song is so good and beautiful that it left me crying at the last part of the song, this song is just so harmonic and everything fits perfect. And the lyrics also made it for me. I never had to cry from a "happy vibe" song like this one
    Thank you so much for making this beautiful music all these years Fox Stevenson, you are one of the greatest musicians alive and definitely one of the best in the drum and bass scene. I love you dude, keep it up ❤️🙂

  18. Freddy B

    At 2:43 it sounds like he says "Is this dreamland all that they know" instead of "we"

  19. JustAPanda


  20. Manuel Fernández

    This song makes me cry just because it makes me feel things. Somehow for some reason

  21. Mathias

    This is beautiful man

  22. Spellbones

    Clicking this was like a punch in the face, but in a good way

    Sinead Shepard

    ... are you a gaster?
    you look like a gaster.

  23. FUZZ!ANO


  24. DillySama

    Any Juicers? OngaPls

  25. Felix K

    so good

  26. Rusl10

    just what I needed to hear right now. Above anything else in this dreamland

  27. riven kh

    I'm realy in love with that song 😍❤

  28. toshi無法, ブライアン ,

    This song is so good. Makes me want to make an AMV with the shield hero anime.


    toshi無法, ブライアン , would this go with it tho

  29. plasmawisp

    This kicks so much ass.

  30. Noobi Plays


  31. Patrick76496

    This song is so underrated. I love it!

  32. Terrex

    NTK !!! <3

  33. HellFoox

    Put it in .75 Speed for a fair time :P

  34. Gecoo Tv

    the dreamland of Kirby is better

  35. Mz -Games


  36. Servy

    I do much prefer the old “chill” dnb songs under Stan SB like Dead, Let This Go and Turn it up, but this is still a banger

  37. ZULUL


  38. VDV

    The more I listen to this song, the more I fall in love with it

  39. AC ♠ Editor

    I can't be the only one who finds that this song just hits the nail on the head for the crazy world around us atm? XD

  40. Pieter-Bas Beijer

    This is sick! Amazing lyrics and the interaction with the music is spot on.

  41. Nikhil Kumar

    You are a good day necessity ❤️

  42. Ray Jakson

    Banger as usual

  43. Shadrazad

    holy shit

  44. Thug Shells

    Started my set with this yesterday. Yiy;re the coooolest. Thank you!

  45. GrimCoyote80978

    (If your reading this) Fox dreamland isn't working on my soundcloud it was 30: seconds and idk how to fix it and also go like is also 30: seconds for me idk what to do now

  46. Miaz

    Just wow. What an inspiration.

  47. Sumo Cat

    oh my... that 3:00 gave me goosebumps oml

  48. Jaguarz5 Isback

    I can relate to this song

  49. Red Dragon

    I'm about to clean my very messy room after neglecting doing so for over a year, and I feel that the lyrics helps as a way of motivation.

    "This wasteland ain't home" really speaks to me a lot at the moment, it's been a huge weight on my back for a very long time.

    Sinead Shepard

    Oh my God, I'm literally about to do that myself! Even more, we're both dragons! Neato!!! :D

  50. xNoveh_


  51. Oliver

    Feel like 200X grooves🎶

  52. Khang trần

    when i know fox stevenson my life is more color right now :))

  53. Daniel Vera

    I love this fucking music thank you Fox :D

  54. xXmegagallade


  55. Calakipmar

    This song would be great for an edgy kirby anime reboot

  56. Tyler Gowie

    He needs to upload on Audiomack

  57. Carya A

    Really love this one!!

  58. Switch

    Damn man.

    "im just an echo of the things that I like"

    This whole song hits hard, I get the feeling you were being swamped by other musicians trying to ride your coat-tails when you wrote this lol

    I love dance music, and the lyrics in a song are paramount for me if they have them. So I don't generally get into pop music (too shallow normally), and finding good EDM with good lyrics is like tracking down bigfoot, but everything gets a chance. You're on a completely different level though. Your lyrics are often my favorite part of your songs, despite my normal reaction. You're easily one of my favorite musicians who is still producing music.

  59. Pawches Pawches

    Love it

  60. Just Joe :P

    Youtube just told me this song is supposed to be in my recommended section, HOLY HELL, youtube knows my taste!! Incredible song

  61. stevenstrumpf7

    "I'm just an echo of the things I like" failed hero's story in a nutshell.

  62. nilouc

    ongakuu are u here?

  63. Kezwik

    Honestly i think so far this is your best track in my opinion, though i love every one of your tracks 😊 but this one makes me so happy and is very groovy

  64. MystAnorak



    finally something original! As usual fox nails it everytime

  66. Eric Reinecke

    Listening since this video had 5k views. This is so underrated, but if the world makes sense, this will blow up eventually. good work mr Stevenson, as always.

  67. J. Zweistra

    miss u murq

  68. オメガ


    i fucking love this song omg

  69. Sableshade

    Among discord and Discord I found this.

    Good beats.

  70. Baku


  71. Jeroen Van Dooren

    Fcked up haaaaaard👌🤘

  72. Daren Alesi

    1:17 best part!!

  73. An Awfully Hot Coffee Pot

    Fox Stevenson makes some of the best introductions I've ever heard

  74. Aimlovesmusic 14

    This video brought me here
    And I’m glad I had clicked on that video cause this song is now on my music playlist

  75. 周昊

    Looking forward to meeting you in China!!

  76. Araknair

    The8BitDrummer 's cover brought me here, to keep bouncing

  77. Joshua Carrick

    this whole album has this incredible effect on the vocals. A tiny distortion I think? Im not sure. It sounds absolutely amazing. I hope to god thats not just your voice because thats going to hurt.

  78. ¡LamiDroiid! - Loquendo

    I love this song and All this time!

  79. Tanger350

    ongakuu did it better

  80. Yukine


  81. CyberWolf41371GD

    Litteraly easily the best drum and bass song I've ever heard


    Listen to
    Everyday - netsky VIP remix
    It's the best dnb track that I know this song is second

  82. Miu

    good stuff

  83. Brent McBrentbridge

    Ed Sheeran plus Drum and Bass = Fox Stevenson :)

  84. Amplify: Drum 'n Bass

    Yo Foxy,
    I'd love to hear a club mix someday =P

    This tune is wicked.

  85. Vitor Henrique

    Delícia de DnB

  86. avonire

    Loving this one!!

  87. Эlison CocoAli Von Ritter

    Since I met Fox Stevenson, I knew I was not going to get rid of it and it was. Keep up your unique style that makes it authentic

  88. horizon

    it's been a month and i still love this song so much


    You will love it for the rest of your life xD

  89. Zircaa

    everytime i hear the first 10 seconds my heart starts beating faster, its so good. everything about this is pretty great, but the beginning is what really gets me excited

  90. Yellow

    This is the best song that he's made hands down

    P1ac3 H01d3r

    Simple Life and Go Like were pretty damn good, but I have to say this takes the cake.


    @P1ac3 H01d3r I liked bruises the best until this came along

  91. Olie

    Came here from a dancing PEPE meme.
    And i think i fell in love with this song


    @Terry Davis yup

  92. RockstarRaverBoy

    Firstly, upon first hearing this song, I cried. Not a "sad" cry, but a hardcore emotional cry. This song this f'in AMAZING. Almost to the level of "Out There".THANK YOU TO INFINITY for making these choons. They both absolutely mirror my thoughts and EXPERIENCES....thru all of my the letter! Seriously.... what you have sung...I have felt, but never written down or sung.....but I felt for decades yet never been able to express via my music or art. That is why you are here. I <3 you so much, for making what I wanted to do real and f'in brilliant! Plz keep on doing it!

  93. Michael Nichols

    So, is this song a little about cocaine? Lol, he says snow on mirrors, and snow on faces. I assume so...

  94. Atomic

    Best song 2019 <3

  95. Joshua


  96. SpectreLegion

    Heard about you more lately mate. Music's pretty good