Fowler, Kevin - That Girl Lyrics

Sunset by the lake
It looked just like a dream
My world stopped on a dime
When she hopped out of that jeep
All my Buddy said "Boy don't waste your time"
She's out of your league but I was out of my mind

That girl bare foot in a sun dress
Top down hair in a wild mess
Sweet smile singing to the summer of 69
That girl just a little crazy
Green eyed sweet child of Dixie
Everything I ever hoped I'd find in
That girl

They say some people never change
Girl I know its true
Cause you still turn me on
As much as you used to
And every time we touch
I'm still 17
And in my arms you'll always be.

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

Top down
Sweet smile singing to that summer of 69

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Fowler, Kevin That Girl Comments
  1. Dominic Ramirez

    Yee haw nigga

  2. Max Leyendecker

    He will be in Thorndale Tx BBQ Cook off tonight June 23..2017 like he's there now well be payinguntil 12am

  3. Steven Allen

    Can't wait to see him and Brandon Jenkins in Paul's Valley, Okla for the Okie Noddlin tournament in June.

  4. sb plaz

    has sent body been to his consert besides me

    Banjo Bandit

    Sebastian gamblin mee

    Pete Newton

    I'm going on Friday

    Dillon Peterson

    Don't know how to answer this b/c u can't spell! I've seen him over 100 times. Met him and hung out with him, Roger Creager, Boland (on his bus), Josh Abbott, Randy Rogers, etc, etc

  5. Tj Muffoletto

    I love this sing

  6. PapierVersnipperaar

    Pants in the boots or over the boots? its my dilema, most southern clips it's over, I do over too but sometimes I feel like tucking them in but don't, doesn't seem right.

    Trenton Motal

    PapierVersnipperaar they go on the outside because they should only be boot-cut. If you tuck your cuffs it tells people you are ready to fight.

  7. Alaina Karsky

    It was at a Kevin Fowler concert that I met the love of my life!!! I have him to thank 100% for coming and playing here in Texas!!

  8. Allyn Cheves

    And Alan Jackson's Balogna (spelling?) and White Bread video

  9. Zionikk

    Anyone recognize this pond from the Craig Morgan - This Ole Boy video?

  10. T Montgomery

    Thanks NRA for introducing me to this artist, and thanks Mr. Fowler for supporting our civil rights!

    Dana H

    NRA forever. Trump 2020.


    Cant wait for oyster bake

  12. David Ingle

    them is some hot girls!

  13. Kristi Poe

    Aw baby i love u
    3 puddles

  14. Connor Lyles

    129, 515 views now.

  15. Copenhagenman11

    Very good song

  16. Krystal Norton

    Love this! Reminded me of my relationship :)

  17. Gothicvampyressgwen1

    He's peforming in my hometown.

  18. zach ingram

    this song is the best country you can get

  19. brandyleigh31

    Love this song a friend of mine inti his music then I seen this video and flipped love this! !

  20. MomofJ5

    I won tickets to see you at Zeigenfest, woohoo

  21. Marie Beyer

    6 people don't know that girl.

  22. Peachezz131

    I have a 1954 GMC that would work. But, whatever, at least they didn't use a toyota or something.

    WARBOSS_ 1

    Peachezz131 toyota is american made

  23. extremerc76

    its alot easier to come by a ~78 chevy than a 30~40 something truck in 2011... the truck they need is probably long gone!

  24. Peachezz131

    Does anybody else realize those old people in the begining wouldn't be driving a '78 Chevy pickup as teenagers?

    Jim Johnson

    They didn't age well at all. Lol

  25. Logan Malcom

    doesn't everyone want a love story like this.. where you can go back to the place you met after you grow old as shit together. Adorable (:

  26. CHRISTO017

    ahh doesnt sound like the kevin fowler i know...sounds like he sold out.. :(

  27. acdcgreat

    I have those same boots! 3:08

  28. Melissa Garner-Witt

    What's funny is that I have a screenname of Thatgurl286

  29. dh11fedex1

    dude it is that girl from the song "Raymond"

  30. ThomasBus8516

    I think the older lady shown is the same one that appears in Bret Aldridge's "Raymond"

  31. Nikki Wetzel

    Mine and Austin's song!
    The first time I heard it we were in his truck driving,
    now I listen to it all the time <3
    I love you baby. 2.23.12.<3

  32. Adrian Farias

    He is coming to the Poteet strawberry festival

  33. Morcelu

    @TR3V0Rx44 I looked at this 10 minutes was at 60k, now I'm 70K. Great Song!

  34. JustinMooreLoverr

    This is my fave songg(:

  35. Shane Gillam

    dam good song.

  36. jenniferlee872

    HAHAHA laughing at the people who are freaking out about Summer of 69. Classic song, people. Come on!

  37. lomira123

    @MrPartyhardXxx the summer of 69' was when they were about 18 or so. now its present time and they are older

  38. lisa keith

    i don't get why they used old people,....

  39. April Dahlberg

    Love this song!

  40. Wesley Gilmore

    Seeing him tonight in Las Cruces!

  41. Kelley Cagle Clark

    @volleyballchik38 singing to "the summer of '69" title of the song

  42. Tim

    This has got to be the BEST SONG i have ever heard

  43. Corby Ingram

    My fiancee is that girl

  44. jjk gg

    WTF This video demands more views NOW!!!!!!

  45. Ohuknow24

    Kevin fowler is the shit !!!!!

  46. 12valvegal

    @jordanhenscheid tell me about it! he changed now that he's Nashville Country instead of Texas Country. Never thought that would happen.

  47. chucklaw84

    @volleyballchik38 Why not? Its a GREAT song!

  48. Steven Zotos

    Killed it! this is goin on my summer 2012 playlist!

  49. Bevie Arlene

    Go Kevin Fowler!!! Amazing song! So many memories of summer <3

  50. jen77ify

    Great song and video!! Thank God for great texas country singers like you!!! Love me sum kevin fowler!!!!

  51. moortje1991

    I like the song.