Fowler, Kevin - How Country Are Ya? Lyrics

The other night
I met this hot country momma
She was lookin’ fine
I was thinkin’ oooh yeah
I wanna
Take her home
Make her mine
But all she got to say to my pickup lines
Was woah hoss!!
Hit the break before
We go any further,
Let’s get 1 thang straight

How country are ya?
Ya, she said I really need to know
Can you two steps?
Good cuz I’d had to let you go
You love your momma?
Make lots of money?
You own a shutgun?
Yep, yep
I got 2 of those
With all these city slicker
Wanna-be’s I had to be sure

How country are you? Yep!

Well she wore me out
With her long interrogations
I had my doubts and my own reservations
I had a list of little things
I wanted in a woman worth a wedding ring
So I sat her down
Said this won’t take long
Yeah I’ve got a few questions of my own

How country are ya?
Yep, girl I really need to know
Do you shoot whiskey?
Yep! Good Cuz I had to let you go
Can you fry chicken?
Yep! Whoop up some gravy?
Oh, I think you’d just be my kinda baby
With all these city girls
Sniffin’ around I had to be sure

How country are ya?
How country are ya?
We’re like 2 peas in a pot
How country are ya?
Come on let’s tie the knot
We go together like grits and gravy
Come on let’s get to makin’ us some babies
If we ever doubted it, now we both know

How country are ya? Yep!
How country are ya? Yep! [repeat]

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Fowler, Kevin How Country Are Ya? Comments
  1. Dana H

    Hillbilly fabulous!!!!

  2. Dustin Anderson

    Floated the river with him in new braunfels one of the coolest cats ull ever meet

  3. gilbert parker

    How country ru?

  4. Haylen Ellis

    I think you know Stephanie Miles .

  5. Coey Sanders

    I love this song come preform in Florida

  6. Donna Nelsen

    love love love

  7. Rosie Johnson

    Kevin is that Bambi in the background!

  8. Mike Sisley

    Love the roasting hot dogs on the hay fork.

  9. Chris Brittain

    2 people in the background at 43 the woman is my mom Chaney brittain and man is brent macallick

  10. pretty unicorn

    My parents are friends with him

  11. Sheila Owen

    hate it

    Country Pride

    Sheila Owen then why ya listening to it?

  12. Rosie Johnson

    seen him in Vegas after the pbr free show and he took pictures with his fans . great show

  13. Cross Roads Productions

    For not 'making lots of money' he has really awesome place..makes me suspicious of his claims.


    Cross Roads Productions which claims?

  14. Boots And The Hoots

    Has this guy ever heard Country?

    Ryder Grimes

    Boots And The Hoots yep listen to his older music

  15. cowboy 86


  16. Rusty Hill

    Saw this guy live - save your money - he sucks ass.

    4Cs .plugs

    You must be the guy he pointed at and said that guy is a shit bag

    Ryder Grimes

    4Cs .plugs hahahahahahaha

  17. weis nich

    im a german Boy and I love country. No country i die

    Cross Roads Productions

    +weis nich Du bist falsch!!!!! du hasst country musik!

    N. Z.

    Look into a group called Truck Stop. German band from the 1970's & 80's.

  18. Kathy Adams

    Just heart his today on the Range! LOVE it... my next iTunes purchase!

  19. John Chadwick

    All this music makes you want to take a road trip across the southern states , getting a big following over here in England

  20. Rob Goldsmith

    I'm English and I love American country music

    Danny Lingo

    +Rob Goldsmith its Texas country music ;)

    N. Z.

    Ricky Skaggs, on the BBC Wogan show. Look it up, there's a clip on here.

  21. Ethan Harwell

    the man is a true song making master mind

  22. Ethan Harwell

    the man is a true song making master mind

  23. Randy Aven

    LOVE the guitar case at 1:10

  24. Caroline Benn

    I love everything about this.

  25. Wendy Servais

    Oooooh, riding comando?  Nice!  Love the video, and of course you too!  :)

  26. Metal4Detecting

    Love it brother !!!


    0:42 was that necessary O.o

  28. Lauren H

    Dear Kevin Fowler.
    Please stop killing our  wildlife!!!!
    Love South Africa

  29. chris swift

    Taylor is just as country as FGL or Chase Rice! People better check themselves on the country they hear on the radio before the bash someone who writes her own music.

    Love this song too btw

  30. Michael W Morris

    My work schedule always prevents me from seeing your concerts. But soon in corpus I will finally get to see the man, they myth, the legend Kevin Fowler. Missed Buck Ownes in Cali, will never miss a country great again.

  31. Bob Pittard

    just heard this on I heart yup great song Been digging Kevin for a long time !Much success !

  32. Blake T.

    I have the same pair a boots

  33. john booth

    hey Kevin I am looking for my long lost bother and he would be around your age and you look just like my dad. Im not shitting you daddy was from south carolina

  34. Alexis Horton

    Never heard this.Pretty good.

  35. TheKingsdtr

    I like how country are ya?

  36. Thomas J. Oder

    YEE YEE!!!

  37. A. Maske


  38. Michael 'Hank' Wilson

    Nice job there pilgrim

  39. manandcat

    love this song!  this is what country should sound like not like todays country!

    Tommy Truth

    Damn straight!

  40. Tina Theriaque

    This video is so funny, can't stop laughing @Kevin Fowler can't wait to see you tonight in Abilene. Happy Valentines to ya!

  41. Shelby D

    I don't know if you remember me, but I met you at TCYS right along with Rick Trevino. I have had the chance of meeting luke, ricks son. I'm Shelby! You signed my friends phone case.

  42. ch-ris127

    ...I have never laughed as hard as this on a music video this week. Glad Fowler's back with a new album! Yup.

  43. Jessi London

    I don't know if I love or hate this song! The way he says "yep" is so entertaininggg haha.

  44. Caleb Sherman

    Country AS TEXAS.......=] Good un Kevin!

  45. La Kiesha Rodriguez Barrientes

    I love this video n song n made me laugh and smile n awwwww

  46. Brett

    Absolute garbage. How did country get this retarded and still be called country?

    K & O Racing

    Amazing. How did youtube get this retarded with people like you and still be called youtube? If you want to hear so called "country" that is dumb for real, listen to Lady Antebellum or Tyler Farr or someone like that.

    Neil Hasselquist

    Do you notice how you are not in the "norm" on this? That's because you're stupid and you suck...& you too K&O!

    K & O Racing

    @Neil Hasselquist I'm stupid and I suck? Weak argument. 

  47. Camille Boyers

    It made me smile and laugh.  That's rare.  Kudos.

  48. Nicole Wise

    Heard this at ZiegenBock and I love it!

  49. Jazmin Woodruff

    Love this song. I have it on REPEAT!!!

  50. kalmanizer

    I LOVE this Country Music Song! Yup! I reckon I do. :-D

  51. Matthew Ingmire

    Very catchy songs and have lost track of how many times I've played this vid.

  52. Stephanie Wottrich

    <3 this!

  53. Jaylene Guevara

    Love the video!

  54. JD D

    I'm a fan but this song doesn't do it for me.