Fowler, Kevin - Chippin’ Away Lyrics

Yeah a lotta people say she's a little outta my reach
Maybe I'm aiming too high, but that's ok, I'm chippin' away
Well this mornin at the feed store, walkin in I held the door
Saw the sweetest little smile sneak across her face, aw im chippin' away

Yeah I'm chippin' away, chippin' away
Gonna break through to her one of these days
That wall's high but I know I'm, chippin' away
Aw chippin' away, chippin' away, I'm gonna do whatever it takes
Makin' her mine one swing at a time, chippin' away
Oh I'm chippin', chippin' away

It's kinda like a miner, diggin' for a diamond
I know it's gonna take a while but it's worth the wait
Aw I'm chippin' away


Bought her a dozen red roses, bet that'll do the trick
If that don't win her over, I'll be right back at it again

Yeah right back at it again


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