Fowler, Kevin - Borderline Crazy Lyrics

All these 60 hours weeks without a vacation
I'm all mixed up and my body's achin'
Talked to the Doctor and the bar down the street
But all he could offer me was sympathy
When I finished my drink and got up to go,
Everybody said goodbye but I said 'Adios'.

Got these Blue collar blues
and I can't sleep
Been counting margaritas instead of sheep
I close my eyes and all I see is a cloud of senoritas dancin' round me
I don't think I'm losing my mind
But I'm thinking maybe, I might be borderline crazy

Well I drove past my ex going in to work today,
And my mind, once again drifted to Monterey.
I hear mariachi bands playin' in my head,
the less I listen the louder it gets.
Been going to bed with my flip-flops on.
I just might be, too far gone.


Ya I'm all twisted up like a big piñata,
All I need right now is a whole lotta nada.


Ya, I might just be borderline crazy.

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Fowler, Kevin Borderline Crazy Comments
  1. Doc_Possum

    Kevin is the man

  2. MikeKorins

    Awesome. Love this tune!

  3. Sento Ball

    the best song ever

  4. texaskidzuk

    A song about my life.........thanks Kevin, another great song man.