Four Year Strong - Tread Lightly Lyrics

Wait until the water breaks,
When all mistakes will rise to the surface
Decide. is it worth it,
To know that I will always feel like I'm

Holding my head under water
Keep me from taking another breath
It's a fight to the death
And still I keep thinking about

All I meant to tell you
I couldn't find the words to.
So read the writing on the wall
It's wasted on you
If only I knew what you would drag me into

Another seconds passed,
Another moment that I should have grabbed
But I was holding back and
I will never apologize
Forgive me if I don't sympathize 'cause I'm

Holding my head under water
Keep me from taking another breath
It's a fight to the death
And still I keep thinking

All of my friends they warned me time and time again
And the time will come where one day I will listen

The seasons are finally changing
And I know where to go
You'll find me here
In my home town
Where ill never be alone

'Cause we know these roads like the back of our fists

That we smash right though the pain and the bullshit

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Four Year Strong Tread Lightly Comments
  1. Richard Colmenarez

    this song crushed my testicles

  2. CspanDrums

    This EP means so much to me. I moved from Massachusetts to Florida and left all my friends and family. This got through the feelings of being homesick. Thanks FYS

  3. DayBefore

    it was in some game as a soundtrack and I don't know in which one.. :/

  4. cuhohdee

    fuck me and my friends

  5. 1missing

    This song is ridiculously good

  6. TheMudron

    Fucks all the synths

  7. ireallydontcareaboutnames

    WELCOME FUCKING BACK FOUR YEAR STRONG!!! Hope you keep this sound through the new CD!!!! I know I'm finding this late, college and RealFriends/Neck Deep/KnucklePuck/4th&Goal have kept me going while you found your way back home.

  8. jay masters

    "because we know these roads like the back of our fists"

  9. fat ugly

    they're back bb

  10. Tian Desta

    breaking bad's episode. one of them called "Tread Lightly"

  11. Ben Gasser

    So much better than any of their earlier stuff

  12. VoyeunOfficial

    Please check out our band everyone. We are huge fans of these guys!

  13. Chamblabla

    this song is so fucking addictive.

  14. patboke wangkgeaw

    Please release this album on iTunes store (TH) . thank you

    Pure Noise Records

    It's on iTunes, Player!

    patboke wangkgeaw

    I get it on iTunes yesterday I love it haha 

    patboke wangkgeaw

    It coming on iTunes TH yesterday. THANK YOU ;)

  15. Brenden Verlinden

    This musci should have been the foundation for FYS's last album. Love FYS but, their last album was not good. The majority of it was half assed. THIS song is awesome! Already preordered the EP! 

  16. EmberToAshes

    I love old FYS, I didn't like the last album. But last year I went back to it and it's pretty good. It's different, but not as good as their old stuff. Loving this though

  17. Gabe White

    Holy ballz!!! Nnnrgh... gah! I just had a creamy eargasm ;)

  18. T M

    Four Year Strong is hands down one of my favorite pop-punk bands. Everything they do is awesome. Great song...I can't wait to buy the Ep.

  19. Jamedog

    They're back!

  20. Jonathan D'Orazio

    actually really digging this!!

  21. Edal Margo

    finally... the old fys comeback :') the beardcore is better than never

  22. TMsnow

    can't wait to see them at warped tour in Charlotte

  23. Alexandre Britto

    They are back!

  24. ManKnownAsHelmet

    I need tabs for this

  25. TheKlamminator

    hell yes, sounds much better than their last album, can't wait to hear the rest

    Ben Starling

    just a shame this is only an EP and not a full length album :(

  26. Ron Jon Pira

    So damn hyped!

  27. Vitor Moreira Marques

    i fucking loved the riffs in the guitar and the screams in the chorus! congrats guys, you're amazing!

  28. NotKuyaMike

    sounds like it would belong on Rise or Die Trying, which means i love it

  29. Rob Campbell

    They sound like Enemy of the World again. Awesome. I love that album. The last one was a little boring and generic to me.

  30. Vivid Cyclone

    This song is just wow just pure awesomeness

  31. Dylan Powers

    The quality of this song is really poor...very loud and not very clear at all. Hurts the song in my opinion

  32. Matt Urso

    aw no breakdown!? yes i like breakdowns and theirs were pretty good.

  33. Mike Dunne

    Never got into this band, but heard a few songs from them but this actually pretty.

  34. Víctor Medina

    they are back!!


    welcome back

  36. Matt G

    FYS have got a slightly different sound nowadays, I love it

  37. devin white

    switching to pure noise was the best thing they could have done

  38. Goonatic

    WAY too hyped. <3

  39. Jake Sturm

    After reading the comments, I think I may be the only person who loves Four Year Strong's entire discography.

    Karin Sarina

    Not the only one!

    Tao Hoeffner

    No you're not !




    There's millions of Deftones/FooFighters fans, that's what their last album was, some liked it, some didn't. But they're back to their awesome old me I would've LOVED to love all their sucks because I was such a hardcore fan, now I can't say that, because people will look up their latest album and say "Oh, you like FooFighters, what about Bush or Creed or the Red Hot Chili Peppers?" It was so mainstream radio sounding and I just don't listen to that kind of music. Sorry, I love all their other stuff like the other people here... we're just as big as fans no matter what.

  40. Bhanio Gemilang


  41. Hiphopopotamus

    They're back, and I'm hyped!

  42. Joshua Wood

    Love this new sound!

  43. pinpotpan meme

    This band's sound has matured so nicely over the years. Even though it took me awhile to get used to the last album, I suspect I will have no such problem with this ep!

  44. Charlie Österlund // Drums

    Back in the fucking game!

  45. LessthanRyan92

    I still think FYS needs keys

  46. Sam Willie

    They lost it after enemy of the world, I hated the last album and this song sounds too much like it . I know I shouldn't be commenting if I have nothing good to say but god dammit I loved this band so much when I first heard "abandon all ships or abandon all hope"

    Bradley Christensen

    This sounds nothing like their last album, which was more of a radio-rock album. This is pop-punk, through and through.

    Sam Willie

    You hopes of good four year make your eardrums lie to you

    O N

    the only thing reminiscent of the last album is the production, which is a good thing being that the album was produced wonderfully. besides that, the songwriting, vocals (especially the gang/duel vocals), punchy drums and guitar work are very Enemy of the World-ish

    Sam Willie

    Well someone tell me why I would rather listen to any song on enemy of the world 10 times in a row than listen to this 1 song 1 time ever again ...

    O N

    because different people like different things? lol you have your opinion but the general consensus is that their new stuff is a return to their pop-punk ways

  47. Etgar Equator

    very excited for the new album, still, how could they sing this song while playing that complicated guitar pattern?

  48. deadblindeyes


  49. Anthony Smith

    i am way to excited for this!


    love this song, FYS ARE BACK

  51. Brian Ellis

    this is the fys i grew up with. hell yes 

  52. Ben Jenkins

    Does anyone want me to tab out the intro for them? Will post a video and tab tomorrow probably.

  53. Lewis Dawson

    Great song! But It's still missing that synth still...

  54. Ozone ZH

    FUCK YES I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS! THANK YOU PURE NOISE! no if only the story so far would stop release little singles and put out a full release

    Anthony Smith

    they just released something today

  55. j c

    This is awesome. But for me. RODT will aleays be their best work.

  56. Kharisma Wijaya

    now we're talkin!

  57. yodha andhika

    what!! they're back without synth... fabulous..

  58. Kyle Sweeney

    I couldnt be more happy that Four Year Strong is with pure noise. This band was THE band that got me into pop punk or anything close to it. Ever since they kicked Josh out I wasn't the biggest fan of their music. I just felt like they lost their edge. I understand bands mature but it just wasnt for me. But this song is pretty damn good, I am looking foward to the entire album. 

  59. Jesse A

    People are still crying over them not using synth anymore? C'mon. This is awesome. They don't need it.

  60. Ryan B

    absolutely love this. sounds more like their older stuff

  61. WillowsWork

    Sounding so sick.

  62. Ivan Rodriguez

    Not sure if I like this.

    Dominik Neudeker

    But I'm sure I do!

  63. Agustia Arjuna Wiwaha


  64. Joe Julet

    yooo four year on pure noise now? noicee

  65. George McKinnon

    So, does this mean Josh will comeback?

    Joseph Meador

    @***** i quit listening to them when they dropped that last album. the buttrock killed me....i really gave the album a good listen and it just didnt click with me. im glad i gave this song a listen though, its pretty sweet.

    Wise Gorrilla

    @***** Your use of the correct form of their makes me happy. That is all. 

    Travis Aron

    @***** Yeah man, I'm one of the few people that prefer no synth with FYS haha.


    @IanHateHero I think their music is good all around, RoDT was my favorite but I love Enemy of the World and iSWSoF this album is really short and that is what bums me out. I have all of their CDs but if they brought the synth back the could kill it! 

  66. crazypatsfan97

    We want synth.

    Eddie E.

    Nobody wants that

    Dickslap Mcgee

    Except for us


    yes we do! It sounds too much like in some way shape or form and that was just not even close to as good as enemy of the world or rise or die trying! WE NEED SYNTH!!

    Richard Colmenarez

    synth is gay

  67. Dylan Shears


  68. kacamata stocker

    INDONESIA can't wait your e.p !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Zach Masciarelli

    Rad song. Kinda sad its only gonna be an ep though.

  70. NurbedUp

    1:03 - 1:16 I so sweet. It's like fucking Ear Candy.

  71. gwen doe

    im so stoked about this haha 

  72. 02:04

    Although their last album was my least favorite i still enjoyed it heaps however this is a return to form! instantly became obsessed <3

  73. Mats-k Del Montehehe

    kani murag mani! oye!

  74. Meekahchu Jabronichu

    shit yeah

  75. Brian Kenney

    I've only listened to this like 20 times...nbd

  76. Danny Golden

    You guys just made all of Worcester proud. Thank you.

  77. Pablo Arana

    Great to have you guys back!

  78. Corey Kupensky

    they're back...fuck yeah!

  79. Carla Bagú

    finally i've been wait for years like four, fuck your band name guys.

  80. Mis Anthropy

    666th like. So glad fys is done being "too tr00 we are to cool for school" This is an awesome song.

  81. Jun

    This is the FYS that i know! :D 

  82. TheUnderdogzX

    Glad to have you back.

  83. Liam Millar

    Circle pit

  84. Thezombeescreamo

    This is the best summer ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    First: TSSF coming out on my Bday

    How this!!!!!

  85. gaetan alen

    un monstre !!!!

  86. Eric D'ab

    FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK !!!!!!! D: this is the beast shit evar D: 

  87. GillDoesGames

    Although this song isn't "amazing" to me, i like it and SO EXCITED for the new album! Can't wait to hear all of the songs on it and im sure theres going to at least be 2 or 3 that i'm gonna be hooked on!

  88. CoryZamparelli


  89. AllThtNoisNStufNJank

    I've missed this side of FYS :)

  90. VolumeSe7en

    best label for pop punk right now

    Enderson Band

    @sebastian ochoa Seaway!

    Amelia Marotta

    Any love for State Champs? They killed their warped tour set.

    rov trinidad

    @Andrew Marotta state champs were good. short set though :/


    And hopeless records

  91. nothnks

    I was hoping these songs would be about dad stuff. This is cool too.

  92. Noah Thakur

    It must really suck to be Set Your Goals right now

  93. Nicholas Prus

    :-/ it's.... Better than in some way shape or form? Love the guitar riff

  94. Coco Zimme

    Song would be better if they still used synth

  95. Emo Penguin7

    when i heard they signed to pure noise, that was the sign of good things to come, and the return of pop punk! but i feel like it needs synth! haha i wish they would bring josh back

  96. CaptainTizou

    It's a fucking mix enters Enemy of The World & In Some Way, Shape, or Form !!!!

    Fucking awesome !!

  97. Mikey Malikowski

    So much better than their last album. I feel like they tried to change their sound too much for the last one. Now they're back. 

  98. aleshellder