Four Year Strong - Go Down In History Lyrics

Go down in history

Will I ever know what it's called when I see it?
Will I feel like it's there when I call?
Will I crawl to the end of everything that I've ever known
Just to prove I can conquer it all?

But still I know that I am just what you needed
I count to ten but still I'm defeated
Every time that you turn to go
And still, I hang on every word that you mutter
Bite the tongue and choke out the stutter
Every time that you say "hello"

Time rolls on, and still I feel like it's already gone

It's never too late to keep your head straight
Move your hands back and forth in perfect symmetry
So you can live like a time bomb that doesn't have long
Go down in history

Is there anyone out there?
Or am I doing this on my own?

This time, I'm gonna take the world on, bracing for impact
Cross my fingers, hope and believe that
You'll be right by my side

Time rolls on, now I feel like it's taking way too long

It's never too late to keep your head straight
Move your hands back and forth in perfect symmetry
So you can live like a time bomb that doesn't have long
Go down in history

I know my days are numbered, so I'm making them count
I've left those minutes behind me without a second of doubt

It's never too late to keep your head straight
Move your hands back and forth in perfect symmetry
So you can live like a time bomb that doesn't have long
Go down in history

It's never too late to keep your head straight
Move your hands back and forth in perfect symmetry
So you can live like a time bomb that doesn't have long
Go down in history

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Four Year Strong Go Down In History Comments
  1. Vitalik Surmyak

    Who played Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5?

  2. D.D.C

    I know this is pop punk, but DAMN that guitar work. Bordering on, technical punk?? If that's even a thing

    Matthew VandenBerg

    If this surprises you, check out Belmont.

  3. PopPunker2001

    When you realize that Rhett from Good Mythical Morning is in a Easycore band

  4. HypeBeast Today

    who’s here from tony hawk pro skater 5 ?

  5. randomwhite boi

    I'm just watching this for first time and I think I am in love with this band! This is my first exposure to this band!

    Shadow Gaming

    randomwhite boi yes same and I love it

  6. Mike Kristin

    This track makes me feel like I could piss lightning

  7. Reggie Lovato

    Nice to see the ZZ Top of Pop-Punk is still alive and well. Awesome song!

  8. HelloDeins !

    they should put their band name “the beards strong”

  9. JussaPeak

    Most metal bands can't even match these guys energy live.

    EZcore is alive and well, my friends

  10. Wouter Van Dort

    I love this song!!!! It makes me happy😁😁😁😁

  11. skatefreak666666

    the only thing good about tony hawk pro skater 5 was this song

    HypeBeast Today

    skatefreak666666 yes sir

  12. Franklyn Romoneski

    amazing how jewish influence permeated the most trivial sense of music,,, sad FYS was great,,,F braw hope you T it up!

  13. My YouTube Account

    I like the energy of the drummer

  14. Brady Crane

    2018 still jammin to these bad ass bearded dudes, rock on!

  15. sophie macfadyen

    this video makes me so excited for warped


    sophie macfadyen saw them at warped, been a fan for years, just never got to see them.

    It was absolutely magical, I don't think it will ever be topped

  16. Brian Stancato

    118 had a seizure and hit the wrong button

  17. Jay Edwards

    good stuff

  18. Flavio Baptista

    F.y.s in brazilian please 😊🎤🎸✌

  19. Northernlights4

    Love that guitar right before the chorus!! And the fact that a little extra is added on the 2nd and 3rd

  20. TokyodriftE56

    Yellow card in 15 years.. old, bearded m, still crying and mad at the world.

  21. TheTenosynovitis

    four beards strong

  22. Nolan Wood

    saw these guys play in worcester a few days ago

  23. richard thompson

    Four Beard Strong!

  24. Sad Sappy Sucker

    guitar hero live??

  25. A Fistful Of Vinyl

    Loving the Badlands/Springsteen Woah-oh-ohs!

  26. Paddie Corley

    I love the face of the guy in the red shirt at 0.09 as the first exposed cleavage he's ever seen walks past him

  27. Blake Dickson

    Cheesy pop. Over polished recording with cliche breakdown. Throw in some fashionable hipster beards and some vans t-shirts to keep the sponsors happy and voila!!

  28. DrummerJD356

    Remember everyone: This band fucking rules because they played together for SEVEN years before "Rise or Die Trying".... think about that

  29. attica

    I did not understand why a poppunk band look like hipsters! o.O

  30. Pop Punk Not Zits

    I love when pop punk bands have bite to them! I could listen to this, and the new Your Favorite Franchise all damn day.

  31. JesseMarz

    Come to South Africa!!!!

  32. Johnathan Mongi

    Anyone know where I can get an instrumental for this? Pleeeease let me know!

  33. Mihály KItreiber

    Vans promo video :D:D:D:D

  34. Beastmoad Killer

    Found this on the guitar hero live playlist. Think I found a new awesome band.

  35. Discotraxx16

    i love seeing myself in here lol 1:37 me and my turquoise sunglasses

  36. Pineapple Happiness


  37. Velhomiguel

    It's impossible to listen to this and not get pumped about whatever you doin'. Ride a skateboard to this and I feel like Tony Hawk. Run to this and I feel like Usain Bolt. Play ball to this and I feel like Michael Jordan.

  38. Florida Hippy Man

    this song hits hard!

  39. Mehlstaub

    Anyone else realized the guy with the Pokémon-cap in 0:54... ash catch'em *_*

  40. Ian Watkins

    We are #1

  41. fox buraku

    What tuning

    Daniel Snyder

    fox buraku D tuned

  42. Sandeep Chakroborthy

    Where was this music video shot ?

  43. Shumba Chidawo

    that song get me into pop punk)

  44. SlowedRap

    justin beiber fans disliked this

  45. Jack Wylde

    Four beards strong

    AaA WwW


  46. bayu 321

    beard ,beard everywhere,lol

  47. Franxbeldad

    Four Year Strongyear

  48. Certified Big Boi

    I didn't know that the Wyatt family started a band

  49. Steven Kelley

    How can anyone dislike this?


    Beard envy, I bet.

  50. うま氏guitar

    cool song :D

  51. Jackson The Epic

    Wow I didn't know Rhett was in a band

  52. Corey Pearson

    Guitar Hero Live brought me here, how does this not have at least 1,000,000 views!?

  53. Dylan Tatta

    I can't wait to see you guys this summerrr

  54. grishyyy


  55. Jackson The Epic

    I'm absolutely ecstatic to see them at warped

  56. Lizzie Goodall

    Those are some hearty beards

  57. Deathdealer208

    This song is so much fun to play in Guitar Hero Live!



  58. Allan Siminatti Fernandes da Silva


  59. cervicatillo


  60. Sad Black Man

    Hey this may be a dumb question, but how do I distinguish the singers? they sound so similar!

    Kali Palazzo

    I thought it was 1 guy until I watched the video lol


    +Sad Black Man watch a few of there videos and when you see them singing you'll start to recognize whos who, when i first got into them i thought it was one singer, so don't feel bad. once you realize which one sounds like what you'll wonder how you ever confused them haha

  61. T.K The God Breaker™ 神ブレーカ

    I feel like the only thing that could get you kicked out of this band is Shave.

  62. Carlo Rey Solitana

    Their Drummer looks like Conor McGregor . :D

  63. Bostaffninja88

    My mom wants to know why the drummer has "bullshit" tattooed on his leg.


    omg bro, I literally paused the video towards the end because my mom said to turn it down.. then I read your comment & lol'ed.. then I noticed I paused it right when it was showing the drummers leg tat & lol'd again.. sooooo funny!

  64. UrbanAgent423

    I didn't know Jack Patillo was in a band

    Nicholas Persaud

    +UrbanAgent423 Lol this is what he does when hes not at AH.


    +UrbanAgent423 ahaha this one got me :D

    SpeedYz317 TTV

    +UrbanAgent423 AH FAN since Day 1! +1


    RT fan since '08, represent.

  65. Faust Von Barley

    Looks like Mumford and sons gone pop-rock.

  66. Carlos Alfonso Hernandez Garcia


  67. RadblasterRax

    how do someone know in what tunning they play this song?


    I think it's one step down so DGCFAD

  68. Aaron Chamberlain

    There's an ADTR tattoo at 1:42.

  69. Ruben Cruz

    Lmao I just noticed this was filmed at the Shoreline in Mountain View. Hell yeah!

  70. TheMaximusprime09

    loving the 'bullshit' tattoo on the drummer's left leg

  71. Daniel Jordy

    those beards are magical

  72. Matthew Gantos

    There is not a single shot of just Joe...or hell even a shared shot with more than 7% of his body in it. We know you're holdin it down back there somewhere buddy!

  73. joe mesa

    this song was amazing live

  74. sight/sound

    these guys are the katy perry of punk.

    be butthurt fuckboys.

  75. Mayumi De Leon

    I didn't know Duck Dynasty had a band

  76. DespiteGoodView

    Goal in life = Get Four Year Strong to Sweden, haha.
    Also, we in Despite Good View just released a new music video on our channel, check it out! I think you will like it, i mean.. Since I found you here in Four Year Strongs comments ;D

  77. Chad M

    Four Years, Four Beards, great facial hair

  78. Sam Desai

    Four Stretched Ears Strong

  79. hpsfl

    Must... Buy... VANS

  80. Blue Streak Blvd

    If you like this band, check us out! We're a new band from upstate New York and we're just getting started. We just released a new EP. Help us out and check out our songs!

  81. Alberto Polania


  82. Dan McVey

    One of the best choruses from anyone I've heard in a long ass time. This song and EP are just phenomenal!

  83. Thezombeescreamo

    FYS= Duck Dystany

    Nick Becker

    @Thezombeescreamo How about no


    @Thezombeescreamo FYS > Duck Dynasty


    @Thezombeescreamo Four Beard Strong

  84. caotsstoac

    Are the cameras on tripods just fixed on the band?

  85. randy verdan

    So Obi Wan Kenobi is a guitarist when he's not in space.

    Che Green

    @randy verdan I've always thought that!

    Blake J

    hello there

  86. ReverCassetteOficial

    Hey friends, check this out:
    We are a band of pop-punk, a hug from Venezuela :)

  87. Buffalo Go

    Check us out if you love pop-punk with british accents!

  88. Steve McKee

    My god Alan Day seems like Damian Sandow from WWE O__O'

  89. DropDaStrings

    Reminds me of a new Sum 41

  90. Matthew Hegarty

    Fucking great riffs!

  91. Marco túlio

    Beard power.

  92. llJORDANll

    Fuck yeah

  93. Brett Page

    Four Beards Strong 

    Savage Dawgs Highlights

    EazyE187um The...entire band has beards lol why are you here?

  94. Ricardo Oliveira

    I came here because of Seth Rollins!

  95. chineyravana

    i listen to this every morning before going to work :)

  96. Cory Goben

    LOVE you guys