Four Tops - Indestructible Lyrics

We are friends, we are brothers
Always there lookin' out for each other
In a world where so many dreams are broken apart
But when the world tries to beat us
We hang tough, ain't no way they'll defeat us
You and I will always survive, together we're strong
Heart to heart
Any storm we can weather
You and I we've become
United forever

Two hearts that can beat as one
There ain't a single thing, we can't overcome
We're indestructible (indestructible)
We've got the power of love
So strong we can generate
A wall of solid love
Nothing can penetrate
We're indestructible

There's a power, deep inside us
Ain't no one that could ever divide us
We won't fall, we'll show 'em all
Just what we're made of
You and I
We're in it together
We stand strong through it all
United forever

Two hearts that can beat as one
There ain't a single thing, we can't overcome
We're indestructible (indestructible)
We've got the power of love
So strong we can generate
A wall of solid love
Nothing can penetrate
We're indestructible

Heart to heart
Any storm we can weather
You and I we've become
Untied forever

Two hearts that can beat as one
There ain't a single thing, we can't overcome
We're indestructible (indestructible)
We've got the power of love
So strong we can generate
A wall of solid love
Nothing can penetrate
We're indestructible

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Four Tops Indestructible Comments
  1. Dawn Fulthorpe

    So cool 🥰

  2. mark castillo

    I am a fan of hard rock and progressive rock and heavy metal,but I can't deny that Levi Stubbs is probably one of the greatest vocalists ever,he makes me shudder,he had such power and emphatic phrasing,there will never be anyone the same

  3. Graham Sullivan

    You can feel the love they had for each other,true inspirational friendship.

  4. james anthony green

    I still love this song ever since I heard it back in 1988 first as the Olympics anthem.

  5. Dennis Bastek jr.

    Where are guys likes this in todays world?

  6. Jack Burton

    This music video is one of the most badass things ive ever seen in my entire life. Fucking TOUGH.

  7. Jürgen Weighardt

    As top as can be!

  8. Arsen Jaho

    How I didn't know about the existence of this song before?! I thought only Loco in Acapulco was their big hit.

  9. herbert olyslager

    Sept 2019?.

  10. amann

    Which city?

  11. soulman2000

    I’m sittin here with a lump in my throat knowin only 1 exists today. The love of these 4 men is a VERY special thing. Unlike the Temps that had drama and multiple personnel changes. These 4 will literally die off til the 4 tops are no more.

  12. Tommy Middlefinger

    Great feel good song, This was way before the 8 years of Obama's destruction and war and liberal confusion

  13. Jerry Gil


  14. Hr. Oldenberg

    Deutsch: Es sooo schade, das dieses schöne Lied nicht im Radio, im öffentlichen Rundfunk gespielt wird...
    Die haben alle Angst....
    Die schöne Maxi Dance Version habe damals gerne in der Disco und im Club gespielt...♡♡

  15. Mark O'Neill

    A song which is still relevant now-thirty plus years after being released.

  16. Karen Singer

    GAWD, we need this right now...I’m actually crying...

  17. Samuel Velez

    Great artists and great music never dies. The best song in the 1989 movie Alien Nation. The Four Tops will always be indestructible.

  18. Zanyzo22

    Great song 👍 They don't make em like that anymore 😔 they had a special kind of something 🤩

  19. Sabine Altbürger

    I love this song so much! Brings Back so many good memories

    Marilyn Mcfarlane

    What a guy I really loved him xxx

  20. Isaak Garcia

    Haha this is tight classic af real shiit

  21. Douglas de Jesus coração musical

    Esses caras são muito bons !!! Será que eles ainda estão na ativa????

  22. Constantin Franco

    Nice Song

  23. Martin Bausch

    Einer meiner Lieblinge❤❤❤❤

  24. Alden R. Davis

    It’s 2019. Still loving this with the power of Motown.

    Marilyn Mcfarlane

    OMG love this song it gets me every time I here it always love it

  25. Jürgen Weighardt

    One of those songs and videos that can pull you out of almost any doldrums!

  26. williamg2552

    This song, "INDESTRUCTIBLE, was recorded by The FOUR TOPS during their 1980's Motown period. (which is why you can hear Smokey on it). In the wake of their huge success on the NBC-TV special, MOTOWN 25, The Tops re-signed with Motown, and recorded 3 albums "BACK WHERE I BELONG" , 'MAGIC" , and "HOT NIGHTS", which went unreleased.At this point, Motown was going through problems, and The Tops decided to buy the masters of The "HOT NIGHTS" album and take them to ARISTA RECORDS , at the urging of their longtime friend , ARETHA FRANKLIN , who was on that label. these tracks became the basis for their "INDESTRUCTIBLE" album.

  27. kelly franklin

    They only made one Levi Stubbs

  28. SawedOff Shotty

    2019 here and still listening.

  29. Victor Taylor

    Young & old, black, white, yellow, male& female, everybody coming together in this video to have a grand time.if that could happen for real!

  30. Emmett Cyrus

    2019 still listening to this any one else???

  31. Endorill

    I believe they are the Harmony of Heaven.

  32. Endorill

    One of my all time favorite movie themes.

  33. Alan Caunce

    One of the most successful of all the Motown groups. This song says it all. Thanks gents for all the brilliant songs and albums that you gave us your legacy is and always will be timeless. God Bless.

  34. Sharon Anderson

    Please someone in hollywood make a movie about these FOUR TOPS.Their story is just waiting to be told.They set the example on how four grown men can still maintain friendships in the music business until there death this is RARE in today's world. and much more so in show business with huge EGOS .Please tell there story but do it right.

  35. leo2saints

    Alien nation the movie brought me here. Something the current generation can learn a lot from.

  36. Andi Goldberger • 103 years ago

    This song would be of great use for the Soviet Union.
    One man is joined by hundred other fellas singing about them being united and strong...

  37. Blaquejew

    How in the world did I miss this song back in the day? Nice late 1980's tune from the Four Tops.

  38. Michael Sparks

    Don't read this wrong i'm not a big fan of the four tops but this is one of my favorite songs they made next to When She Was My Girl

  39. Divad Cur

    The late Levi Stubbs and Smokey Robinson exchanging lead vocals on this cut. Did anyone know that ?

  40. Jürgen Weighardt

    A song that keeps on gripping me since 30 years now. A great song - and never too old to listen to!

  41. Kathy Scott

    I adore the Four Tops,,,this video is fantastic..,what would I do without the Tops, to pass the night away.,.i love Motown....INDESTRUCTIBLE, !!❤❤❤❤

  42. Lenard Futrelll


  43. Clarine Delsol

    what a beautiful video Levi's voice is out of this world what a talented group. Obie, Lawrence and Levi are sorely missed,however, their lovely music lives on and is still relevant in the 21st century.

  44. B Classen

    my favorite song by the four tops! There were many by this band. I think it's awesome that this band has such staying power in 2018! We need to get back to real music like this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Robbo Rich

    Do you have to yell in my ear?!

  46. Laura Bales

    A true singing group that has appealed to many generations. This is one of my favorite songs by them. Ask my mom and she will have a different favorite. Ask my son--different favorite. But one common thing is that we all love them and appreciate their music. RIP to the 3 original members. And thanks Duke for carrying on so even more generations can hear and appreciate these legends !!

    B Classen

    Laura Bales It's a shame nobody knows true music these days as they are subjected to violent rap or thrash metal! Very strong message indeed indeed.

  47. Aamin Washington

    I have been in this world for 76 years 🙄🙄🙄

  48. Shaine White

    Alien Nation brought me here. Good sci-fi action film of 1988. This song is in the closing credits.

  49. John Robertson

    i love the band

  50. R. Hut

    Amazing song. I loved it in the 80s, i love it nowadays. Evergreen.

  51. Tharan Manning

    I love this song and especially the shows how people can come together and have a good time without fighting or gang activity.awesome video.

  52. Tommy Jommy

    What a powerfull song😍
    Makes me happy

  53. Kay Carter

    The 4 Tops. Simply legends.
    Just lived their sound.

  54. Graeme Watson

    This is the reason I love YouTube I can listen to great music like this instead of the rubbish on the radio

  55. Raymond Guerin

    Indestructible? This is Incredible!!!

  56. Dominici Pierre Henri

    Une si belle amitié !!! Je rêve .........

  57. Richard Bailey

    June 1st, 2018

  58. FirstGunnerySergeant


  59. havingfun1968

    Whoever the 50 assholes who gave this a thumbs down, needs their ass beat!!!!

  60. havingfun1968

    GREATEST SONG EVER. I met Levi Stubbs in our VA Hospital (Bethesda. MD) and he signed the album I had and said, "This will be ONLY the second time in my life I will sign my last name to an autograph. I just sign LEVI. But for you Marine, it is yours. My niece has the other one, but you REALLY deserve it. Anyone who lost his left foot, and took 13 bullets, and is still alive, YOU ARE TRULY INDESTRUCTIBLE!!!" YES I AM, I have a beautiful wife and daughters to come home to, and NOW we are TOGETHER AGAIN.......Semper Fi, Captain T, U.S.M.C.

  61. LittleMissLeared

    The unofficial theme song of the 454 Casull and the Freedom Arms Model 83.

  62. miss sutch

    i love this song so much xxxx

  63. Jan Klaasen

    Back in the days when music was real music.

  64. forkayleigh

    I love it!

  65. Joe Delft

    @3:53 sounds like an Asia (the band) vocal riff. miss these guys.

  66. miss sutch

    grew up with these.when i feel down i listen to make me feel you 4 tops xxx

  67. Joe Delft

    What talent. Our world is devolving. Sad. These guys set the standard... and no one can reach it.

  68. Ed Vella

    It’s not an 80’s video without an airborne high five. 😂

  69. williamg2552

    LOL !!! Lawrence is Lip-syncing off of SMOKEY'S voice at 0:35 !!

  70. Edward Clark

    The Four Tops performed this song live in London on the Terry Wogan tv show and got a great reception. They were really loved in the UK.

  71. Tony Spencer-Smith

    Anyone know a link to this video with Manchester United treble?

  72. Justin Aames

    Good times and good music! ...What happened?

  73. Jean Francis

    PURE CLASS.........

  74. Lassmichma

    Warum sind die jungen Menschen schon so alt? So langweilig? Aber lass mal...wir über 50 übernehmen das. Legt euch auf die Couch......WIR machen das!

  75. Edmund Fendel

    The great Levi Stubbs. He could still belt it out.

  76. Edward Clark

    I keep coming back to this wonderful video. The Four Tops were simply MAGNIFICO!!

  77. miss sutch

    prop one of my fav songs in the whole world xx

  78. John Brocklehurst

    2018 and still listening and still loving The Four Tops and Motown.

    jolanda versluis

    John Brocklehurst me to

    Tyler Wright

    John Brocklehurst 555

    Marianthelibrarian Boutet

    Me too, I'm still here and still loving them!

    Marilyn Mcfarlane

    So am i love it xxxxxxxx

  79. MrLorchen
    3:03 at the window: Looks like David Gahan Depeche Mode.

  80. rockyosmusic

    My favorite Motown group. Such great songs over the years. Levi had such a powerful voice.
    Only one member left as of this writing. WHY do people have to get old?
    YouTube, don't you just love it!

  81. Baddan7

    Possible correction to my earlier posting: on further research, Duke Fakir stated in an interview that they were supposed to record 2 performances for 'Top of the Pops' but the BBC producer insisted they couldn't do it in one day. They were annoyed at this but the producer wouldn't budge in that they could only record one performance. This was probably what was meant when mentioned that they were busy recording. Recording a TV show performance for a New Year's Eve show. Duke Fakir later said in a 2016 interview that he was "so, so, so glad that they had to stay behind". Very eerie!

  82. Baddan7

    ......god bless Abdul 'Duke' Fakir x

  83. Baddan7

    This was released in January 1988. It is eerie and remarkable to read and learn the following: In Dec 1988 the Four Tops were busy recording in London and appeared at the BBC on the Top of the Pops music show. They were booked to fly back to New York and Detroit on Pan Am 103 on the 21st Dec. The B747 disintegrated by a bomb explosion over Lockerbie just before 7pm. They missed the flight because they overslept. This certainly gives the song 'indestructible' an entirely new meaning and context!

  84. Darryl Ruiz

    This was a comeback of sorts for the group and they nailed it Tho Levi Obie and Larry are gone we'll always have the Tops music

  85. David Sanchez

    q encantan....los four tops!!!

  86. Dakota Starchild

    Levi put his heart and soul into his singing until the end! I love how his sound was so unique that they equated his awesome voice to pleading. His awesome life, voice, dedication to his group members, his humbleness, faith to his wife, just, a lot of things brings tears of joy to my eyes. He's one of my role models and influences, and The Four Tops is my favorite Motown group.

    Silver Shamrock Novelties

    So true. I wouldn't know what to add to this. If everyone would look at the world like Levi and the Four Tops did, it would be a better place.

  87. Joshomatic79 grady

    This song and video looks like it was a lot of fun to make and brings people together!

  88. Goog Googleman

    This should be Olympic Games Anthem! Powerful message!

    Stacie Stockman

    Goog Googleman it was on the soundtrack for the 88 Seoul Olympics

  89. justin fleming

    Alien Nation brought me here i like movie!

    X - Man1418

    a movie about a giant plant that eats people bought me here

    justin fleming

    Xavier Walker
    yeah little shop of horrors

  90. robert lyons

    very emotional to watch ......RIP

  91. Liz Freel

    i bought this single when it was released and today in oct 2017 it still sounds as fresh, a great song from a great group,

  92. David Pickens

    This video plays like the opening of a superhero movie. Lone crusader walking alone down city streets joined by his fellow crusaders bringing together a city with love and hope.

    Jane Wolfe

    David Pickens Well said

    Karen Singer

    David Pickens AMEN!!


    David Pickens What you said, DOUBLE!!!!

  93. Johnny Allright


  94. Nelson Walker

    What terrific voices makes a person want to get up and dance

  95. chadoo54

    Great cut !

  96. Errol Nicholson


    Anette Richard

    Smokey doesn't need to be in video, he's not a 4 Top, even though his voice comes out of Lawrence's mouth, these 4 guys were indeed indestructible. Love them Fourever

  97. bill baker

    they used this & david bowies scary monsters & super freaks in the movie alien nation with james caan both great songs

  98. SVWaldhof07 Achim


  99. Peter McArdle

    Levi - You were the best - Our world today needs your songs and message