Four Seasons, The - Ronnie Lyrics

I'll go on living and keep on forgiving
because you were my first love

So very warm and tender (the way you loved me)
Hey girl can't remember (and want more of me)
Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie why did you go?
Ronnie, oh Ronnie, Ronnie I am regretting but can't stop forgetting
because you were my first love

You said now you don't need me because I cheated
why didn't you believe me when I repeated
Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie you'll never know
Ronnie, oh Ronnie, Ronnie I'll go on living and keep on forgiving
because you were my first love

I walk alone
I cry at home
night after night (night after night)
day after day

(ohh) I never cheated
(ohh) I still repeat it
Ronnie Ronnie Ronnie you'll never know
Ronnie, oh Ronnie Ronnie I'll go on living and keep on forgiving because you were my first love

I'll go on living and keep on forgiving
because you were my first love

I'll go on living and keep on forgiving
because you were my first love
I'll go on living and keep on forgiving
because you were my first love

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Four Seasons, The Ronnie Comments
  1. thinchrisful

    Is Ronnie a guy?

    brian may

    in this song, Ronnie is a girl, but I usually associate this song with a boy-crush I had called Ronnie.

  2. brian may

    my crush's name is ronnie💝💝 but he's a boy lol

  3. jennifur sun

    the late Mr. Saltzman on the drums

  4. jjrosingana

    Where are the lyrics at

  5. michael grammer

    One of my My favorite four seasons songs

  6. Mr. Baghdad

    Frankie sounds a bit like Elmo at the end.

  7. Nigello Flaveo

    Shamefully not a hit over here in the UK [ although it didn't get the airplay of , say , Rag Doll ]. Amazing chorus that build and builds at the end . Thanks for sharing this little classic.

  8. Robert Reed

    Released 1964

  9. Ronica M Garcia

    💛Luv the four seasons💛And my nickname is ✨Ronnie✨

  10. bill bixby

    Nancy Reagan's favorite song.

  11. Mike Listman

    My dirty secret..he he he. Love their songs!

  12. Jerry Muzak

    In the early 70's my Uncle owned a bar in NJ. I used to sweep the floor of the place, every morning, before school (for $4/wk, which was bank back then, to a 10 yr old) and he used to blast this song on the jukebox, every single morning. Stick with me for life along with many other Four Seasons songs and countless other classic artists. Respect.

  13. robert broad

    Back then listening to this song on the radio in my dad's Olds. Beautiful night, the back seat was great and so was she

  14. bill chew

    These Jersey boys were still huge even after the British Invasion

  15. Mr. Baghdad

    Frankie at the end sounds a bit like Elmo with that falsetto.

  16. ronny1988VPS

    Ronny was here.

  17. Norma Castro

    Frankie can hit notes higher than me😂😂

  18. bill bixby

    Nancy Reagan's favorite song.

  19. firebase delta

    so back in 1962 there was this girl Ronnie --the prettiest cheerleader at Midwood H S in Brooklyn -- met up with her at Manhattan Beach -- we crushed on each other for the summer --

  20. nicky0016dd

    This is my favorite Four Seasons song!!
    And they had plenty of very good ones!!
    Great American group!

  21. DXPunx74

    I remember listening to this when I was a kid. My Mom has an awesome record collection from the 60s.i

  22. Patrick Meehan

    I'll go on livin and keep on forgivin because YOU ARE MY FIRST LOVE. Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons rock!!!

  23. Peter Gallant

    Is'nt this song about Phil Spectres wife/gal from the Ronettes.??

  24. Michael Fick

    Rip Ronnie Coleman

  25. SuperToombs

    just watched jersey boys....disappointed that this song wasn't featured in the film

  26. Pat Petrelli

    Great bassline in this song

    robert broad


  27. Steven Atkinson

    I'm only 35 and I enjoy this era of music. I keep procrastinating on making a compilation cd of songs from this decade. This track just made the list!!

  28. Ronnie Pereira

    Love this song my name is Ronnie and this song came out when I was 5..I remember singing this song constantly!! LOL

  29. Jose Belindo

  30. Michael C

    I wish this song was back on spotify

    Docta Groove

    Michael C why did they take it off?

    Jerry Muzak

    @Docta Groove
    I'm wondering the same, LOL. WTF.

    Matthew Moran

    It’s back on Spotify now

  31. Derick Robons

    still as braw

  32. Sophie O.

    I saw Mr. Valli in concert this and last year. Absolutely wonderful. Unfortunately, he didn't sing this one. But he's still great!

  33. philip tucci

    very beautiful song, one of the best groups of all time, great music & memories of life, proud fan since 1962, solid gold music, 17 number 1 hits

  34. Andy Randle

    There was only ...There is only ...There will only ever be ...One Frankie Valli.....Still touring at 82 and playing the Genting Arena, Birmingham UK on Thursday 20 April 2017

  35. Andy Randle

    There was only ...
    There is only ...
    There will only ever be ...
    One Frankie Valli

    Still touring at 82 and playing the Genting Arena, Birmingham Uk on Thursday 20 April 2017

    Esper Nova

    The debt was really damned

  36. Unholy Periodza

    I'm thinking of naming some girls in my own made up anime/manga series after Four Seasons songs.
    Ronnie, Dawn, Sherry, and Marianne.

    J See

    Marlena and,Connie !

  37. metepec arenas

    lo mazimo como ellos niguno

  38. ezra uneasy

    What lyrics? SMH

    Rae Dai


  39. Edward Branca

    The greedy pig politician Ronnie wants to come back as the greedy pig Trump.

    bob feltmen

    you suck

  40. R V

    my names Ronnie haha


    This can be your theme song.

    Veronica Ross

    Ronnie Cochran my name is Ronnie also. I was about 15 years old when it came out. I loved it so much. At this time so much. Many songs came out with women's names, but Ronnie was the first and last. Plus 4 seasons was my favorite group.

    Jesse Mathes

    My first love's named Veronica. I called her Ronnie :'(

  41. Richie Betz

    Favorite Four Seasons song.

  42. Jorge Mario Rodas

    It seems to me we never forget our first love. That person who caused our heart to open in that special way remains in our memories long after the fact.  Nice to hear and to remember her.

  43. Ronnie Olson


  44. Lorna F

    love this ☺ my dad's name is Ronnie....used this for his birthday, and his sister is Connie. Both songs are The Four Seasons

  45. JustEraseTheSystem

    that guitar strumming when they sing because right after the intro drums really stands out to me, this song is just amazingly put together, LEGENDS

    Jose Belindo

    Bob Gaudio used to surge the power on guitar chords

  46. Adam Moscinski


  47. frankie hunter

    The Four Seasons were and still are American Treasure.

    D.E.B. B

    @xmandlt I was referring to the sound. There are plenty of other tenor singers out there that could replace the other members of the group without any loss of sound quality. But Frankie had that singular, dynamic voice, and the writers wrote the songs with him primarily in mind. Frankie didn't write any of the season's hit songs as far as I know. Gaudio and Crewe did.


    Good point. I didn't know that. Thanks for the info, DEBB

    Jose Belindo

    Uptown Girl sounds like Big Mans World by the 4Seasons Robert Plant is 6 foot 1

    Steven Atkinson

    Timeless American Treasure. :-)

    Clint Coleman

    Awesome style,like bob gaudio said, nothing like the beach boys,not a brotherly sound,more street corner edgier style and I totally agree.and I love Tommy devitos baritone vocal track on this one as i love his vocal track on Bye bye baby.

  48. Jason Campagna

    Frankie Vallie and four seasons are the best! Nobody can sing like Frankie Vallie! Top 2 best voices ever!!!! We need to bring back this music there's nothing like it!

    Mike Listman

    Jason Campagna ...Agreed, but the composition s and arrangements by Gaudi are extraordinary too!

  49. Lobo Estepario Chilensis ALFREDO

    Only the angels sang this: they were the four seasons with Nick Massi.

  50. jennifur sun

    those opening drums always get to me     one of the first Seasons songs i fel in love with  still have my old VJ 45's

  51. Mr Blue Sky

    Nostalgic beauty!

  52. alan chrisman

    "Ronnie", Four Seasons.

  53. sheridanguy

    The Jersey Boys movie forgot it SHOULD have been about the songs.  Very bad movie.  I think they left this one out because it's so hard to sing - only Frankie can do it, so why not just have the actor lip-sync all the songs rather than croak like frog?

    Battle Of The Bars

    Okay. First of all the Movie was amazing, it wasn't all about the music, it was about what they went through to get to the top💯

    manny lumapas

    better on broadway


    @***** shew lawd - "this one"  (Ronnie) wasn't in the movie.


    Wasn't that Clint Eastwood's movie? I don't think they used the original music in that movie either. Anyone know for sure?

  54. Dion1957

    It's a shame this song and "Bye Bye  Baby" get forgotten in the incredible songbook
    of the wonderful Four Seasons.


    Dion1957, 'Save It For Me' is a great song too.

    Meticulous Broadcast

    That's the biggest problem with them... all their songs are bloody amazing. XD

    Jerry Muzak

    Great tune.
    I feel "Marlena" is quite underrated, as well.

  55. Jorge Mario Rodas

    This song is special for me.  Had a girlfriend called Ronnie in my last year of High School. We had so much fun but had to separate after school she went to work on a Bank while I went to the University.  But I still remember her when I hear this song.

  56. Eagle027

    Footie Footie you were my first love

  57. davidrlfield

    What was missing from the movie was a Exciting "in concert" or any kind of compilation medley of the 4 Seasons performing their back to back hits!  Too,too many songs ignored! 


    So right david.  The movie was a huge disappointment.

  58. Rick Samara

    Just took my wife to see the Jersey Boys movie! Great movie that I would recommend to anyone young or old. The story was fantastic! The music was a bit marginalized, but did include most of the Four Season's great songs. This is the one song that was omitted. Why? It killed me! This was the song I most recognized as a kid... when I become a fan. As I vividly recall, I thought this was a girl band; because I thought Ronnie was a guy. :)  Here's my guess. No one can capture the true voice and magic of Frankie Valli. I realize that. My thought is this was a song that the Frankie Valli actor just couldn't take on. Thoughts?


    Rick - couldn't agree more about no-one could capture this song (and Cmon Marianne) like Frankie.  Disagree that Jersey Boys was a great movie.  To me it was lifeless and didn't soar like the music should!  For going-on 50 years these songs have been rattling around in my head - with me (imaginary) hittin those high notes!

    jennifur sun

    @Rick Samara don't hit me you all but the first ime i heard the Seasons i thought Frankie was a girl understand Brian Wilson used to get teased about his voice when he was younger


    I really didn't know much about the Four Seasons before I went to go see the Broadway show in New York, and when I did, I instantly got attached to it. Fantastic music. I envy my dad's 60's generation.

  59. ferociousgumby

    What amazed me about this group is the end-to-end hits, just one after another. I didn't pay much attention back then, I was a kid and a Beatles fanatic, but now I listen to it again and think, my God! This is such great stuff, and Valli is a lyric tenor of almost operatic proportions (soaring into countertenor with NO break in his voice).

    David Roman

    Exactly, well said!

  60. Philip Dickinson

    Great Song from the One and Only FOUR SEASONS

  61. arturo gonzalez martinez

    Esta musica es otra de mis faboritas espero les guste a mis amigos y publico en general

  62. LouZ ontek

    Why does Fankie Vallie always sound as if he says "you were my fish love" instead of my first love?  Don't care, love the song anyway.

  63. Jesus Coronel

    Was This Song Writen For Ronnie Spector

  64. stan proctor

    This is my favorite Four Seasons song, and they had a lot of good ones...

  65. chance keyblade wielder

    Hey dude i,m in middle school but i listen to them and elvis and ritchie valens

    Clint Coleman

    But little richard is the king of Rock n roll.start with the foundation

  66. RandyBful1

    I also think the '60s were the best!

  67. terry sacravitch

    Ronnie was another Bob Crewe-Bob Gaudio big hit in that great year of 1964. It was one of 4 top ten hits for Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons that year. It was also on the classic top 10 Lp Rag Doll.

  68. Adam Neveau

    Frankie Valli tube is great. Makes work suck way less

  69. Scott Zaccagnini

    Used to be able to sing as high as Frankie when I was a kid. Now I am 41 and it don't sound right haha.

  70. paulineypiess

    favoriteeeee <3

  71. louis cifer

    what me chills.

  72. jewbybrother579

    I just saw him live tonight, and I'm so sad he didn't do this :( Although I guess it's not one of his more known songs, like sherry and big girls don't cry.

  73. ps2stony

    Such a nice song

  74. fntime

    I had the same experience but, I was in my 64' Galaxie 500
    a convertible!
    Summer night with the top down. The car was great
    but the NY Worlds fair sucked!
    Lived in Queens went many times!!
    Thanks for the memory!

  75. swisstaco5

    can we please stop arguing about generational tastes. just keep an open mind.

  76. Sam Johnson

    @Lonewolfmichigan i have a clue:)

  77. LMHS63

    Sounded great on 770 WABC radio on the way home from the NY Worlds Fair in my '64 Chevy Impala SS 327cu in convertable, top down on the then new Long Island Expressway.
    Those WERE the days....

  78. Joe Blow

    The kids of today have NO IDEA,CLUELESS.

    Frankie Vali and the 4 Seasons.....Priceless

  79. Gracie McSomeone

    lmfao,my grandma is fake crying because her first boyfriend's name was ronnie, she is so crazy.............she said this wwas her song as a kid

  80. newhotman1001

    Thanks for the information-Jeff

  81. John van Lith

    My favourite of them.........:-))

  82. steven pannizzo

    @FiteNoMore dude when your 75 as frankie is you have already been dead at least 7 years.why do you insult a musical legend? i think you may have vice grip but no balls! stick that in your crack pipe and smoke it!

  83. lineygoblue

    How can you "dislike" this song?

  84. 54nomore

    They are one of the greatest reasons why I consider the 60's as the greatest decade in Rock & Roll history.

  85. steven pannizzo

    anybody understand why rolling stone still refuses to acknowledge these guys. is it that they had no drug overdoses, no spousal battering,no public outbursts by band members. cant be lack of arrest records,ie devito and massi.or is rolling stone what i think it is, a left wing bunch of bleeding heart commie liberals? thats the beat i could come up with!

  86. TheRacerbrown

    One of their best!!!

  87. dominick chianese

    i just put in a comment about this song please forgive on my spelling not that good on a pc and spelling thanks mrbats38

  88. dominick chianese

    man i remeber this song and the four seasons my best friend gril name was ronnie and she had a yellow 1966 chevelle with a 396 and a four on the floor . iwas going out with her friend marcy and what times we had in that car to bad my friend did not know how to drive a stick but when they wanted the back seat i did the driveing what times mrbats38

    Clint Coleman

    Dude your story is beach boy lyrics,lol

  89. steven pannizzo

    @golferbob579 rag doll was 64,not 62!

  90. RoniGayer

    I love this song! My name is Roni and pronounced like Ronnie! I was going through my friend's ipod and found this, it just made my day!

  91. daniel h


  92. John Kelley

    Love this song......and the GROUP....Thank you Frankie.and the Seasons for posting this

  93. fntime

    @desert3347 Your comment, sounds idiotic. No offense, I'm sure you're
    a great guy.

  94. desert3347

    My girlfriends boy friend was "Ronnie". He had a 61 convertable and we would ride around it. This song came on the radio. Good memories for me but not them.

  95. Bob Mcelree

    I was part of a band that did warm-up for the Seasons in Indian Lake, Ohio in 1962 and they introduced "Rag Doll"........great memories!!

  96. Steve Carroll

    This is my favorite Four Seasons song. The bass is just crazy.

    Clint Coleman

    Yup this one and bye bye baby

  97. pvtpstr

    ah, yes...ronnie (veronica) was my heartthrob in the 7th grade back in 1963. she, of course, hardly knew i existed. still, i'll never forget her enchanting eyes, chestnut hair, substantial rack, and striking smile. the stupid cow...i wonder what she looks like now, lol. wonderful memory, nonetheless. thanks!

  98. kinkybeatle

    @seadawg1950 I agree except my favourite Four-Seasons-Song: it is the first 4-Seasons-45 I ever bought: the immortal "Rag Doll".