Four Seasons, The - Rag Doll Lyrics

Ooh, ooh
Ah, Rag doll ooh, ooh
Rag doll, ooh

(Hand me down)
When she was just a kid her clothes were hand-me-downs
(Hand me down)
They always laughed at her when she came into town

Called her Rag Doll
Little Rag Doll
Such a pretty face
Should be dressed in lace

Ooh, ooh
Ah, Rag doll ooh, ooh
Rag doll, ooh

(Shag rag doll)
I'd change her sad rags into glad rags if I could
(If I could)
My folks won't let me cause they say that she's no good

She's a rag doll
Such a rag doll
Though I love her so
I can't let her know

Ooh ooh
Ah, Rag doll
I love you just the way you are
Oh, Rag Doll, ooh
Oh, Rag Doll, ooh

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Four Seasons, The Rag Doll Comments
  1. Mr Duck

    I could listen to Frankie going ohhhh oh oh oh on loop man it sounds so good

  2. Robert Ramos

    Fake it till you make it. John Davis is a legend 2001 sw class tagdpol rag majestic 2013

  3. Robert Ramos


  4. Tonithenightowl

    Let's see 4 million listened... those 561 people must have their head up their ass :o)

  5. Neal F

    Whoever the session drummer was on this should get some credit...great job!

  6. Joseph F Danza

    One of my favorite songs by the 4 seasons and 4,000,000 Million Views.....

  7. Jasmine silver

    When your dad makes u put this song on....


    Watched the movie Hustlers...
    Missed them stripping days...

  9. ToKeNhI

    Truth be told that this was the very video/song used by the producers of ,"hustlerz", 2019 new film

  10. Salvador Guerrero Arocha

    Yo soy de esa maravillosa época.

  11. Jp Lewis

    I consider myself a rag mother died when I was four n my father abandoning me n my brother.while growing up never had much.hand me down I was thankful n grateful.I wished I had it asll but didn't .dreams n wishful thinking while growing up.I wanted to be accepted by others.n yet growing up being independent.finding love was touch n when I did I did not wanted to have my daughter be a rag doll.I wanted her to live a normal life without struggles.accept me four who I am.

  12. William Overly

    It was undoubtedly their greatest song. It came out around November 1963. A few weeks later, John Kennedy was assassinated

  13. Dan Frechette

    Like most of their hit recordings - a magical masterpiece.

  14. Nathan Hannemann

    Where did the Romance go?

    Dan Frechette

    To rap!

  15. jim smith

    Listened to on my, ...8track

  16. John Doogan

    A real gem destined for a place in the timeless classics hall of fame? Thankfully this still gets airtime on the radio. As a teen I used to select this record on my local motorcycle cafe's jukebox. I really love the story behind it, where's that girl now?

  17. John Freeman

    Been there seen it done it, got the T Shirt, I have been a big fan of the Four Seasons since SHERRY , Legends.....

  18. Jean Tetreault

    Frankie Valli made it well as a solo singer too!

  19. Jean Tetreault

    Great Doo-Hop! Group!

  20. Classic WWE 2k Matches

    So basically she’s a bum ?

  21. Sue Klein

    I just love this song. Frankie can put his voice to a higher range then most men can. That's what makes him one of a kind. There isn't going to be another Frankie.

  22. Angelina L

    Who's here from Hustlers movie?

  23. Baroque Hearted

    This was my fav group in the '60' some of their albums, Franki Valli still going strong!....jn

  24. Joseph Umstead

    One of my fav oldie songs of alltime! Thanks mom and dad!

  25. Messenger Charles

    I remember going out and buying this record and played it over and over. LOL

  26. mark montgomery

    Great music

  27. Brian Poliquin

    Awesome song this is music

  28. Roy LaFountain

    Probably, the 4-Season's greatest hit. Everything is great on this record. Sounded F*****g great on AM radio.

  29. Joshua Flores

    Im 46 and I love this music because of mother she loved her oldies God bless you mom miss you and love you and thank you for showing us your music and love 😢❤

  30. jane oughton

    What incredible harmonies these blokes sang ,,they were pure utter joy ,,guess what ? They still are xxx

  31. Anthony Galvan

    Just watched Jersey boys for the umpteenth time and always hated that they didn't tell the story or have this song in the movie except for the credits. Was by far one of their best songs

  32. Shane Furlong

    Love it.

  33. Bondfan1995

    Hustlers brought me here!

  34. James P

    In the furious competition for AM airtime in 1964, this song is a treasure and masterpiece. It is so distinctive from ANYTHING on the airwaves in that time period. Bravo Four Seasons!

  35. janet brown

    My favorite by them.To me their best ! Love Ragdoll

  36. wwgray1

    I used to cry listening this when I was a young teen and it was on the radio. After thousands of listens I still get tears.

  37. Connzoh

    I love this song lmao

  38. Bry Waterloo

    Is it me or does someone fart at the 1:02 mark!

  39. Betty Blue

    Hustlers, baby.

  40. fox spox

    There is much shame on ye who dislike this song

  41. Johnny Vack

    Great song, love Frankie and The Four Seasons! I never get tired of listening to him sing! To bad i can't get this song on spotify!

  42. fox spox

    This song is beyond great

  43. Captain Ahab

    Rag doll

  44. Connie Wagner

    Saw them live twice
    His voice is so great. Especially when he does..ooooooo. They will always be part ofy youth.

  45. Roger Alsop

    Such a good song.

  46. pilar rosales

    HUSTLERS good call on old school music than todays trash

  47. Xavier More

    Hustlers brought me here

  48. William Overly

    Probably their best song ( and that is saying a lot for this group that made some of the best recordings in America)

  49. Steve Ellis900

    I have always thought and may I share this simple irony with you. Frankie Valli was unique on more than one occasion...

  50. si james

    This song Actually manages to be better than the Beach Boys
    And that never happens!!!!

  51. Isaac Bobonis

    Anybody for HUSTLERS movie?

  52. AR Overanalysis

    *you're making me a rich man! Ralphiiee boiii!*


    2019 anyone??

  54. mickd6942

    Love this song it’s stuck in my head now thank you the jerseys yer gits

  55. king savage

    Who's 14 and Is here in August 2019 because they actually appreciate music like this

    do YOU hear the people sing?

    I was 14 in august but now I'm 15😂

    Marshall T.

    Well i am 67 and i grew up with this music... I have been a public school teacher for 40 yrs and so many kids today are lost with little self identity

    king savage

    People at my school make fun of me for the music I listen to

    Marshall T.

    @king savage but will you be standing after they have fallen... stay strong

  56. Frankie Neal

    This is my story back in the late 1940’s......I was very poor .....Sad when I hear this song .....

  57. Sonny Poremba

    God Bless 4 Seasons!

  58. the breadman

    From the very first time I ever heard this song I was struck by how big and grand it sounded. Between the bass and the drums at one end of the range, and the falsetto singing at the other, it just sounds magnificent.

  59. Gilbert Garces

    They definitely should've played this classic masterpiece in Once upon a time in Hollywood, when cliff picks up sassy pussycat😌😎🤗🌻

  60. Uapa500

    Thank you for sharing, I love this song so much 💖

  61. David Hudson

    This group was years ahead of the times in music and made it big anyway.  They have been one my favorites and this song is a great one.

  62. Diane Kim

    Anyone remember what song was on the flip side of the the 45?

  63. StReTcHxx97

    21 years old and this music will always slap. 💯 I love it.

  64. Diane Kim

    I remember begging my Mom to buy me the 45. It was the first record I owned.

  65. Sonny Burnett

    All those thumbs down are illegal aliens......

  66. lex marky

    In 1964 there was a contest on the radio to determine which group was the most popular. The Beatles, the Beach Boys or the Four Seasons. This wasn't back east. This was Southern California. People who weren't around back then don't know how big the Four Seasons were.

  67. Greyhaired Phantom


  68. Kevin C

    what a great song.......not my era I was born in 77 but I love music from all eras this is a great one.

  69. metalox88

    should be sung in Church

  70. Carl Rachel

    The lesson for all of us: Never let anyone tell you who to love.

    Nikol S. Ervant

    Oh for Christ's sake.

  71. Ethan La

    Alright it’s July of 2019. Who’s still listening to this song

  72. Frank Milazzo

    Ah ! What a song 🤗

  73. Krystel Ayala


  74. Clint Higginbotham

    Great great song. I recently Married a girl in the Phillppines. I had no idea that she was so poor until I got there. She'll never want for a single thing ever again. God has Blessed me with her.

  75. paul paige

    to those people thumbs nach down shame on you i just couldn/t slap my ex gf

  76. Roger Alsop


  77. Dave Ferrante

    the FOUR SEASONS are my best by far group

  78. electricwitch1

    Who's with me in 2019!💝

    Paul Bergeron

    electricwitch1 right here!! 💁🏼‍♂️


    Everyone nitwit because the year is 2019

    Don G

    Just barely 12-16-19

  79. Sean Higgins

    Timeless, magnificent, beats the trash that passes for 'music' these days.

  80. Blues Boy

    Somewhere in California the Beach Boys were listening and thinking "Wow, we could do that".

  81. Matthew PT Casserly

    Ralph...skip's here....

  82. yu na


  83. terry waller

    Must be something wrong. I can understand every word and the sentences make sense.

  84. LegendLink 9710

    "I love you just the way you are ."

  85. Miss Teri

    Franki Valli and I had a 'Thing' Going on since 'Kindergarten' Love Him. Thank You...

  86. John Haggar

    This is probably one of my favorite songs of the whole 50s 60s 70s 80s and 90s songs I feel like this doesn’t get any attention towards it it’s just an amazing song it gives me the chills every time (good chills) this song to me will never be forgotten absolutely fantastic by Frankie Valli and The 4 Seasons👍👍👍👍 I’m 21 years old I’m lucky enough to have my parents play these music majority of my generation has never heard of this song if they played this on mainstream radio it would take the radio by storm just like it did when it came out

  87. Randy Roubal

    It's Music That Makes You Feel Good.

  88. hennagaijin100

    Arrangement by the late great Nick Massi.

  89. Stephen Whittle

    No-one nails harmony quite like the New Jersey boys!

  90. Dick Grayson

    🎵Ragdoll, I love you just the way you are...🎵 hauntingly beautiful

  91. harpman7

    Solid Gold Perfection. Check out their versatility on this classic standard "I Can Dream Can't I"

  92. Joe Joseph

    To those who gave this song a thumbs must have never had any daughters.

  93. TheIntruder5150

    Still makes me cry, just saying.

  94. พิศุทธ์ ชีไธสง



    I Love You Just The Way You Are........2:22  There's nothing more to explain... How Beautiful   this song is .. !!

  96. sounds like a winner

    Singing multi Harmony Parts on key changes? People were daring back then - and they wrote and sang great songs