Four Seasons, The - Marlena Lyrics

Marlena, Marlena
Marlena, don't go oh, no, wo, wo
'Cause I love you so, oh, oh
Never gonna let you go, wo, wo, wo

Marlena, c'mon girl, won't you give in?
Can't you see that you can't win
Never gonna let you go

Shame, flirting with the guys on the corner
You're such a bad girl
Telling me your out with your mother
That's a lie but I still love my Marlena

Don't go oh no
'Cause I love you so
Never gonna let you go

Shame, flirting with the guys on the corner
You're such a bad girl
Telling me your out with your mother
That's a lie but I still love my Marlena

C'mon girl won't you give in
Can't you see that you can't win
Never gonna let you go

Dup dup dupdee do
Dup dup dupdee do
Dup dup dupdee do
Marlena, dup, dup

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Four Seasons, The Marlena Comments
  1. Wolfsky9

    Summer of '63, America's last minutes of innocence. 11/22 changed everything.---------------------------Wolfsky9, 73 y/o

  2. Mike Listman

    So camp, but still sounds fantastic! Thanks for posting and for the description.

  3. taratova

    Love this song.. had to hear it.. your such a bad girl... ha ha..

  4. Marlena Alaniz


  5. Norman Bommarito

    Hello.Marlene in Hazel Park Mich. in 1963

  6. Jeffrey Parent

    I wonder if Frankie can hit falsetto these days.

  7. Abigail Frazier

    What happened to this kind of music?

  8. Louise Staats


  9. Cary Matthews

    I had a great time with you Miley Roberts

  10. James Tulk

    Listen to the harmony supporting Valli's brilliant vocals. This isn't music, it's magic.

  11. Tonithenightowl

    When you hear Frankie... you don't mistake him for anyone else.

  12. u000drl

    One of their best always overshadowed by their big hits. Frankie’s best falsetto

  13. stripervince1

    Fantastic group. Dozens of hits. America's Beatles.... Until 1964 when the real Beatles came over.

  14. Mary Lynn Johnson-Kerker

    One of their very best

  15. Nestor123057

    The chorus of this song is so joyous!  It reminds me of my boyhood days in the Bronx, sitting on milk crates, in front of the grocery store, drumming and singing our hearts out.  Today, we'd all get arrested, or worse.

    Theresa Jesselli

    Ahh Growing up in the BRONX......nothing better.

  16. Jace Isham

    MDE never dies.

  17. Harry MacAvoy

    Personally my 4 Seasons favorite. Reminds of me of the Sugar Maples pool c. 1964-65

  18. Alex Yamach

    Always loved this song.

    LaurenJayne Diamond

    Me too!

  19. Max Ridi TV

    Great to have my name be marlena sometimes lol

  20. darrell nunes

    The best

  21. Jim Rader


  22. Wolfsky9

    Double sided hit, in that Summer of '63. ----------I loved both !! ----------WolfSky9, 71 y/o

  23. Peter Pinedo

    wonderful song, love it!!

  24. Nextaxpro E R Rocky

    1963-64: My first woman was from September, 1963 - February, 1964. Her name was Murl and I believe that is the correct spelling. Used to guess at her name: "What is it? Marlena?" "No, Murl". I'm sure it was not spelled a boy's name. She was "all lady", even though 15 then. Her parents were normal, good, red-blooded, patriotic Americans. We were getting pretty close but, one night she danced with another guy and I, being jealous and very immature, broke off contact. We saw each other one more time after that. It was not very long that I began missing her and missing her a lot. Was never able to get another date with her, even though I did not give up for at least a year and a half. Murl, I never told you that you are the most beautiful woman on this earth. I should have told you that night that you called me "Dearest" -- my sincere, deepest apologies.
    Murl, where are you? Can't find you. Please look me up. You knew me by my birth name. Know that you remember the name. Never accomplished the great Capitalistic dream. Close doesn't count. But know that you would have motivated, coaxed, coached me and I would have made millions and bought you huge houses, comfy cars, fur coats, gold and so on. I still remember what you told me so able to tell a fraud. I want to see you again now even though knowing we will see each other forever in that most beautiful, real, physical Place. Hope you are in the best of health....

  25. J. M.


  26. Paul Singer

    a la butane Marlena!!

  27. paprikash

    I forgot to mentions he's still performing .

  28. paprikash

    For Sure....This is a classic frozen in time !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Harry MacAvoy

    Anyone who happened to spend a some summer time at the Sugar Maples resort in the Catskill Mountains of upstate NY in 1964-65 will recall this song being endlessly played on the rumpus room juke box.

  30. Dion1957

    I don't even remember what the A side was


    Dion1957, you ever hear "Candy Girl?" That's the A side of this outstanding twin spin!


    "Candy Girl"

    Linda Dee

    Dion1957 That's funny, either did I. Didn't think there was any Four Seasons song better than Marlena.


    Dion1957 beggin. a side

  31. Dennis Derr

    One of their BEST!

  32. Jerry Jaye

    AHA---this seems to be the 4 Seasons record that Billy Joel's Uptown Girl was meant to pay tribute to!

    Linda Dee

    Jerry Jaye Wow! What a great connection you made. Uptown Girl even sounds like Marlena, musically speaking. Good call.

  33. adam thompson

    I used to think this song title was Don't Let go!!! That's why I could NEVER find it until LAST WEEK 7/15/17 My cousin played it on a road trip.... I was to TEARS !!!! LOVE it MORE than the "A" side Candy Girl!!!... Candy Girl's name is Marlena!!!

  34. allen blackman

    I think Bob Gaudio wrote a lot of their songs

  35. rhonda collins

    This song is my mom and dad songs after 55 years

  36. Shteve67

    My favorite song of theirs ❤️

  37. freeguy77

    I love Marlena, but I adore "Candy Girl" as a better song. Candy Girl is every boy's dream. Even if Marlena is a 'bad girl'. Funny, when I hear the song, it still sounds like they are singing, "You're such a fat girl!" I thought those were the words for decades until I found out otherwise. Candy Girl:
    Candy Girl in stereo:

  38. wen B

    Frankie Valli is so great 😊 Love this song.

  39. Diem Seize

    i like it

  40. Tonithenightowl

    Valli knew he was going to be successful, he just didn't know how. Gaudio. He could write it, Frankie could sing it, a match made in heaven. I adore Frankie Valli talk about being blessed with talent. Gaudio too.

    Hailey Blogs And More

    Tonithenightowl don't forget Nick's bass vocals and Tommy's guitar

    Ben Strumas

    Tommy sang baritone too to fill in the harmonies

  41. woldoog1

    Their best IMO.

  42. Philip Quinn

    Never can replace the originals

    Boxing Hetero

    I just went searching because of this comment, found songs by CHRIS ROBERTS and BOBBY GOLDSBORO and they both were trash compared to the Four Seasons, did I miss something?

  43. jennifur sun

    can anyone tell me about the Seasons drummer  loved the  man

    joe smith

    i agree, he's really good

  44. mark rechter

    curious, living in Rhode Island in the early 60's Marlena was the A side and Candy Girl was the B side. It was also that way in the New Haven/Hartford market. Each side was rated differently although some stations charted them the same. Marlena consistently was the preferred side.

    Peter Key

    +jennifur sun Thanks. Just don't ask me what happened last week.

    jennifur sun

    +Peter Key sadly Peter i hear you. i have to make jokes about my absenteee memory, expecially short term, because if i don't it SCARES me to death. most of my moms sibs died of Alzheimers. if i ever get that take me out and shoot me

    Vincent Baretti

    I find your comment interesting. I live in Cranston, R.I. and I bought this 45 single in the early 70's about 7-10 yrs. after it was released, from Ladds Music Store in Garden City, Cranston. The man behind the counter had to do some research in his catalogs before he told me I'd have to order "Candy Girl" in order to get this song because it was the "B" side.

    Ed Haffey

    mark rechter they were both A to me!!


    mark rechter man! I didn't know they were on the same 45!!!!?? I'd say Candy Girl is a tad better

  45. Marlena

    Wow I love all the songs after my name. Especially since not very many people have this name, lol


    My daughter does!


    I know a few. I bet it's more popular in other countries.

  46. howard schwartz

    one of the greatest flip sides of all time


    I think that if it had been released as an A-side, it would have been a bigger hit.

    mark rechter

    @catman916 this was the A side in Southern New England. 

    Samuel Acevedo

    Yep the flipside to Candy girl I have the 45 RPM kind of worn out but that's cool

  47. Dion1957

    In Philadelphia and South Jersey this was huge--I mean as big as Sherry. GREAT SONG!!!


    Having lived in Philadelphia for 4 years, I can say that the people there knew how to pick music.

  48. thecountofbasie

    Hit 36?  Didn't know of my fave Seasons sides...never saw a Vee Jay label scan...that's an added treat...the fade on this one is every bit as cool as "Dawn"


    @catman916 Never connected the two...though "Uptown Girl" is honestly one of the few Billy Joel songs I can even stand (and it's impossible not to hear the Four Seasons influence on that one)


    @thecountofbasie  "Walk Like a Man" certainly was an influence also.

    Sharon Luongo

    @thecountofbasie yup-thought it was Frankie valli 

    jennifur sun

    @thecountofbasie still have my old ones

    jennifur sun

    @catman916 interesting i can hear it now that you mention it

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