Four Seasons, The - Dawn (Go Away) Lyrics

Pretty as a midsummer's morn
They call her Dawn

Dawn, go away, I'm no good for you
Oh, Dawn, stay with him, he'll be good to you
Hang on (Hang on)
Hang on to him
Think (think) what a big man he'll be
Think (think) of the places you'll see
Now think what the future would be with a poor boy like me

Dawn, go away
Please go away
Although I know
I want you to stay
Dawn, go away
Please go away
Baby, don't cry
It's better this way
Ah, ah, ah

Oh, oh, oh, Dawn, go away, back where you belong
Girl, we can't change the places where we were born
Before you say (You say)
That you want me
I want you to think (think) what your family would say
Think (think) what you're throwing away
Now think what the future would be with a poor boy like me

Dawn, go away, I'm no good for you
Dawn, go away, I'm no good for you
Dawn, go away, I'm no good for you
Dawn, go away, I'm no good for you

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Four Seasons, The Dawn (Go Away) Comments
  1. Most Mobb

    The Sopranos season 4 episode 3 brought me here 😁

  2. Juan DeJesus

    Hustlers (2019)

  3. jim smith

    12 /20/19.. i’m just recognizing that this is the last two and the first two numbers while texting

  4. Thanos 0

    Free repeat 0:00

  5. isnt here

    This was my grandads favourite song for a while, he died of lung cancer this year and we played this song religiously for about a week. I love it to bits

  6. wd MTBsKILLS

    This song makes me want to put a bullet in my head because nobody loves me and i just feel this in a whole other level. Its a good song tho

  7. Scott Spencer

    Holiday 2019 anybody ?

  8. juliant43

    I want to be buried in a gold plated jukebox. But not right now!

  9. Michael Ashcraft

    Frankie was just freakin' born to it !!! Doc Mike USN

  10. Frank d


  11. Franklin Amanda

    I'm in my 20s and I love this song so much! Really all of their music

  12. Roy LaFountain

    Please friends, turn your young friends on to this music. It must live on!


    Too many times they play this song without the introduction. That makes a huge difference - at least to me.

  14. ScareAcorn39

    I heard this song on my first time driving to highschool in the morning, the sun was coming up and it was just a great song!! I'm 18, senior year!!!

  15. madkittyjoey70

    Think, think...
    What a big man he'll be
    Think, think...
    Of the places you'll see
    Now think what the future would be
    With a poor boy like meeeee…..

  16. Amboula Rozzo

    Dawn went away

  17. logan watson

    Go away I'm no good for you
    Oh Dawn
    Stay with him, he'll be good to you
    Hang on
    Hang on to you
    What a big man he'll be
    Of the places you'll see
    Now think what the future would be with a poor boy like me
    Dawn go away
    Please go away
    Although I know
    I want you to stay
    Dawn go away
    Please go away
    Baby, don't cry
    It's better this way
    Ahh, ahh, ah

    Go away back where you belong
    Girl we can't
    Change the places where we were born
    Before you say
    That you want me
    I want you to think
    What your family would say
    What your throwing away
    Now think what the future would be with a poor boy like me

  18. Johnny Vack

    Dawn go away, please go away! Another great song from Frankie and The Four Seasons. I've see him at Westbury 5 times, and hope i can see him again! Can't wait for this song to get on spotify!

  19. olddogg eleventy2

    This made me a good

  20. Baskerville22

    I'd have loved to watch/hear a recording session of this group

  21. The Kiwa

    Music these days are boring, every song I hear sounds same. So I'm back here!

  22. howzie23yo

    The mayor of munchkin land

  23. Vin D

    Buddy could have used a fourth, lower tom for the opening.

  24. Ames Harlem

    What's up with his voice? It's so different. I love it, I'm just saying, what's the deal with his voice?

  25. Cake Pop


  26. Ashley Joe

    Who came here from the movie “hustlers”?

  27. pilar rosales

    Hustlers had a great sound track

  28. Gerry Corcoran

    This song is almost Marxist. He can't marry the girl he loves because of class differences.

  29. colin ratford

    Now come on....who fancies a dance?

  30. Paul Szathmary

    There was a girl I was trying to win over. What made it tacky was she was my friend's daughter. Franki Valli wasn't her generation, but she attended his show with me anyway. It won me over. She's in the living room now with our 3 children.

  31. Justin Fencsak

    Hustlers !!!

  32. Hurric Dreemurr

    My friend: Bring you and your 1960s back to where you belong!
    Me: Same to you and your music: Up your ass.
    Frankie Valli is a gud bo

  33. guzzoCARTOONS

    I'm 9 I hate now music. This 50s 60s and 70s is the only music I like.

  34. charles aloisio

    Named my dogs from their songs and i miss my dawn your in heaven but still in my heart gods creation s

  35. B. Chuchlucious

    "Kong, go away I'm no good for you!" - Dwan

  36. Michael Cataldo

    This was their first single on the Philips label

  37. Arizona Paul

    Just another great song from the 1950's-60's. (other than the British invasion)

  38. Mark Grubb

    Listening to the 4 Seasons made "puppy love" flourish and I fell victim to it all.

  39. Carlee Frazier

    This is such a great song😊💜

  40. Da HTown Hustla

    Yes, this song was way before my time but I'm loving it in 2019. Hit like if you are too. 👍

  41. Hank SH

    He was gay, Gary Cooper?

  42. Mike

    Out of all of Frankie Valli's up tempo songs, this one is my favorite.

  43. Spike McFinn

    I could see Kovu telling Kiara this from the Lion King series. Except that part about the other guy.

  44. Alice brenenstahl

    Always listen to my oldies but goddies.

  45. Michael Ashcraft

    I was in New York once! Doc Mike USN

  46. Adrian Saxson


  47. Dawn M. Lausen

    This song was constantly sang to me as a young girl

  48. Steve Cocchi

    Why can’t we have music like that these days🎼

  49. Nestor123057

    This song was kept from the #1 spot by arguably the two greatest songs of the 60's: The Beatles', "I Want To Hold Your Hand', and "She Loves You".  The 4 Seasons ruled.

  50. David Kettles

    I was 11 years old & hooked for life

  51. Daniel Marcus

    I'm 32 I love the four seasons I'm seeing Frankie Valli July 19 1st time

  52. bill bixby

    What sells me most on this song is the "Think, think, what your family would say. Think, think what you're throwing away. Now think what the future would be with a poor boy like me" verse. I don't know why but those beats really hit home with me and I could listen to this all day.

  53. TheBasicHeim

    Shut the fuck up Sil!

  54. Wayne Mathews

    If this is not a good song I'll turn it up lol

  55. Back Bay Man52

    I know a girl like " Dawn," who is out of my league. I tried my best to drive her away, cos I didn't think I was good enough for me. But part of me still wants her. it's hopeless 😭

  56. kosher shyster


  57. Lily and Luna moon

    I will never get annoyed or want to not listen to this music ever!!! LONG LIVE THE FOUR SEASONS!!!😍

  58. Melissa

    This song will always have a place in my heart. I remember when my brother and I were kids in the 90s always calling 97.1 KISN FM and requesting this and American Pie. 😭

  59. john oconnor

    Come. Dawn don't go. Stay.

  60. Erik Cameron

    heard this in my parents car while growing up
    i'm almost 40 and it's still one of my favorite songs

  61. kani perry

    I WAS 37 when this came out

  62. John Lupo

    I woke up near the crack of dawn, this morning!!

  63. Lena Lundberg


  64. Sue Davies

    Totally love this song

  65. Cyndee Miller

    My Name is Dawn. Mother and I listened to the Four Seasons alot in our 57 Chevy going up Larges Hill in Ohio when life was life, not spoiled little brats who expect everything to be handed to them. Mother and I were accepting Commodities like food stamps are today. My Grandma and Grandpa Bought her the 57 Chevy and provided myself and my siblings with food and personal items God Bless Nanny and Popeye. Rest in Peace. You may ask where is Daddy.... A loser alcoholic who beat all of us and my Mama. RIP Mama.

  66. Kit snow

    The best group ever

  67. Roger Pratt

    Love the drum intro, love this song! I wish we could go back to those days! I was young and remember all the fun we had back then, specially late 50's to mid 80's

  68. Gary Morris

    Absolutely a great song !

  69. Steve Goldbloom

    This song was always very special to me, for some reason. VERY special.

  70. sunshine33rays

    The best.

  71. Mattez Since '09

    Meeting a girl that's too good for you. It's hard, been through it.

  72. J Appleton Howe

    Just listen to the drummer, the changes in beat and rhythm.. incredible!

  73. Robert Lashier

    Always listen them when I was in south east asia

  74. Robert Lashier

    Takes me back to 1962

  75. Rose Miller

    Totally feel. Except he's the Dawn.

  76. Duh Man

    1964. In boot camp getting letters from my girl back home with SWAK on the back and perfume drops sprinkled all over. Drove me nuts!


    But Carmela left Joe while he was there.

  77. chasinthewind1198

    Timeless never another Frankie

  78. Eugene Schulte

    It's The 4 Seasons people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. jim dooley

    Most people loved the Beatles in 64, I loved the Four Seasons. Still, do.

  80. Baldi Locks

    Is it ok to be 45 and love this song?

  81. Jessica McCranie

    Great sound quality!! Thank you 🙏

  82. John A.

    If you really like someone, you can tell your family to take a hike and marry the person anyway.

  83. Ruan Forch

    Mr.soprano told me to pay my respect

  84. Izzy_Is_Oran9e YT

    Izzy loves rock 🎸 💘 Enjoy 1964.

  85. Jon Gorrell

    We just saw Frankie and his backing group sing this (and all the hits) live last Saturday. Still timeless music!

  86. Warren Staelens

    I started listening to franki valli and the4 seasons when the recorded there hit Sherry whm i named my first dauhter by Its hard to belive she will be 50 yrs. Old in October.

  87. Catherine Hooper

    I'd take love over money

  88. Marcellus Wallace

    The Sopranos brought me here.

  89. Docta Groove

    I'm 24 and I'm glad I discovered Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. The music is beautiful and has not aged a bit. Sucks that music nowadays is shit.

  90. mujaku

    Looking for drag races in Lodi, Stockton and Modesto, listening to Frankie Valli how awesome is that for memories?

  91. Chaz Hernandez

    I've never stop listening to these guys even when they weren't cool or popular. Being a musician the recording and Bob Crews production was incredible.

  92. Популярно в България

    go awayyyy... moved to next song!

  93. lanarose823

    so butiful

  94. lanarose823

    i love these songs

  95. lanarose823

    i am only 11 and love these songs

  96. lanarose823

    yep best of the best