Fort Minor - Get It Lyrics

[Intro: Tak]
Yeah, Ryu and Tak
Yeah, Ryu and Tak (S.O.B.)
Yeah, Ryu and Tak, Demigodz
Green Lantern, Scoop DeVille
This kid is only 17, man
He's about to be a problem

So let's get right to it and groove
It ain't nothin but a thing to get ya people to move
Gotta lovin the way we swing when we step on the scene
You know we kill it, goin all out, we about to {"G-g-g-g-g-get it!"}

Yo, it's in my blood, I was born to spit it
The coroner has kept me warm through the storms of winter
Ignored the pain and struggle when it's time for dinner
We huddle together and grind, rain or shine
Survive the weather, forget about changin spinners
Throw me a bone, I'm just tryin to raise my litter
It made me bitter, eventually made me sicker
So when the heat's on we don't get pre-game jitters, uh-uh
We go to work man, diggin in dirt
We took 'em to church, we're checkin in some teenage strippers
Livin life by the seat of my pants and three-peated
We champs, undefeated we can't, lose ever
Whoever want it with us better roll with a camp
You trust to cover your ass when your asses can't
Huh, so bottom's up, here's one for the crew
Put some liquor in your gut and tell me what you wanna do, sing it

[Interlude: Ryu (Tak)]
S - for every sucker left behind
O - what they were yellin when I bust a rhyme
B - best believe when it's time to get it
We grind and jet cause we ain't got time to kick it, no!
(S - for the drunk sexy women)
(O - sippin Jack with some Pepsi in it)
B - best believe when it's time to get it
We grind and jet cause we ain't got time to kick it, no!


Wow, look at 'em now, their mouths are closed
We done came a long way since 2004
Spilled "Bleach" got the whole entire crowd exposed
The fumes leakin in the street, throwin down them 'bows, whoa
We on the job, the run with the mob
The fake faзades to get it just to make new large
I roll a, seven to nine just to break the yards
And step in your mind and unfold the great bizarre
Hit the kill switch, yeah, found my hitch
I'm on the pitcher's mound for now, it's me and Will Smith
Finally overseas, I sneak in the mattress
Ain't nothin like a sweet club freak with an accent
We out gettin bent makin dollar amounts
So if you with me let me see you raise your bottomless shots, say it



[Holly Brook (Mike Shinoda)]
Gonna be somebody (for anybody tellin me I can't)
Gonna be someone (for anyone who told me I had no chance)
Gonna be somebody (I'm tellin you the time has come - like that)
Gonna be someone (and maybe you'll get it when I'm finally done)

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Fort Minor Get It Comments
  1. Judy Moody

    If I make a racing game one day this song is gonna be in the soundtrack

  2. we're Forever


    eyebrow 6700

    Here for M Shinoda

  3. Shino

    Why is this song so underrated?

  4. TronMan 32

    My myspace days

  5. Coffee

    Omg I've been searching for this song so long

    Ronald Maker

    Coffee me and you both

  6. Bharath Krishnan

    Sounds so slick.

  7. SchaefferMotorsKIA

    Used to listen to this before my high school football games. RIP Hip Hop.

    ryan hulla

    Pj Babbitt I suggest you dig around in the underground shit. Hip-hop more than live if you know where to find it. Start with Sadistik, Cunninlynguists, Deniro Farrars Cliff of Death albums.

  8. J Webster

    Styles of Beyond, baby..been listenin to these cats since the 2000 Fold album dropped way back when.. fuckin hate the radio with their mainstream Big Drake, Lil Sean payola bullshit.. this is _real_ hip-hop.

  9. Islam Benfifi

    SOOO underrated and awesome!! 


    I agree too damn much

  10. FashionBomb!