Forever The Sickest Kids - Summer Song Lyrics

I can tell you I'm ready but I'm not,
I can say that I care but it's not enough,
This summer's a one to remember,
And I won't forget..
Followed you through the west coast,
Take my hand and I won't let go..
This summer's a one to remember
So what are you waiting for..

This is the night, we came alive,
Into the summer times, state of mind,
Fight for the finish line,
We'll be ready til the sun comes up
Goodbye then give it up,
This is our summer song..

City lights of the 101
One on one tonight..
Your body language speaks to me,
Yeah, I'm hearing everything I need,
Calm down to a moonlit midnight kiss,
Your lips, girl, will go all night,
This summer's a one to remember
So what are you waiting for..

This is the night, we came alive,
Into the summer times, state of mind,
Fight for the finish line,
We'll be ready til the sun comes up
Goodbye then give it up,
This is our night, this is our time,
This is our last chance, all out fight for the finish line
We'll be ready til the sun comes up
Goodbye then give it up,

I don't want this to fade away..
As easy as it came..
I don't want this track to ever change,
Cuz this is our summer song..

This is the night, we came alive,
Into the summer times, state of mind,
Fight for the finish line,
We'll be ready til the sun comes up
Goodbye then give it up,
This is our night, this is our time,
This is our last chance, all out fight for the finish line
We'll be ready til the sun comes up
We'll be ready!!

This is our summer song..

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Forever The Sickest Kids Summer Song Comments
  1. Rohan Ghosh Dastidar

    Not Smosh but FTSK brought me here 😊

  2. jake strain

    takes me back to my first kiss 5 summers ago. I miss them

  3. Arc

    Not sure what the fuck was happening in this comment section in 2013 but I miss FTSK.
    Here's hoping you come back soon enough <3

  4. Destabilising

    What a surprise, subbed to Smosh. Because I have a different opinion to you it also does not make me a "faggot", only little children who get butthurt over other opinions call others that.

    Also I am not homosexual so cannot be. :-) Enjoy your PMS filled day.

  5. J. J.

    you'r the best

  6. Destabilising

    Smosh is a twat anyway.

    They wouldn't exist if youtube money wasn't around.

  7. XxNick32xX

    It was on the Smosh website a while ago for worst songs to play at a summer party or something like that.


    what video?

  9. Nathan Roberts

    check out my videos please!

  10. Shaun white-palmer

    this song is perfection :D

  11. Brianna Lenneman

    FTSK filmed this with their own personal cameras.... Don't hate.

  12. Perez Grinston

    dude, i love this beach! crazy, didn't know this was filmed there

  13. Brittany Rudd

    the video sucks

  14. Sane Vincent

    Caleb muito anti social :c

  15. woaxxerica


  16. DeeDee Bowers

    i rape the replay doesn't fight back :D

  17. jimbob615

    nice coning skills

  18. monstersfearME

    this was number 3 on bad summer songs xD but i like this song! D:

  19. mine monsters

    Badasses! the sign says no swimming, and they doing it anyway.

  20. Tegan Dillard

    Just saw this song on the smosh pit. I freaking love this song. But that wasn't posted by Ian and Anthony so whatever.That girl needs her ear checked.

  21. The Modern Glitch

    Smosh was pretty tough on this song ! It sounds awesome :)

  22. XxNick32xX

    Smosh brought me here.

  23. Lilix T

    Love the intro!

  24. Lexie Antonelli

    Pandoraa brought me here♥

  25. o0oMegA

    For me, best parts are : 0:03 - 0:40 and 0:59 - 1:21

  26. Jordan Good16


  27. Tyler Jaszkowiak

    Pop punk or power pop maybe?

  28. alison bedell

    omg yes i love summerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  29. lexie fields

    i will forever love FTSK

  30. Mchll0644

    I wish I could spend a summer day with Forever the Sickest Kids!

  31. helloelli

    i just really cannot wait for the summer, this is my song. seeing them two times in a two month span made my life, come back to austin loves<3

  32. bababoy0523

    sounds like freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Joshuwaahh

    I wish my summers were like this -_-

  34. Amelia Baird

    'scuse me for my ignorance but under what genre of rock would this sorta band fall under?

  35. MissCellaneous721

    dirty little secret much? whatevs i still love them!

  36. edwin alduende

    everytime i hear this song it reminds me of spending alot of time with my best friends <3

  37. Fandi Zapien

    1:42 <3

  38. Cynthia Leong

    @logannoops194 Haha yep they do!

  39. Logan Toft

    still raping it

  40. Logan Toft

    Who here raped the replay button? i certainly did

  41. Logan Toft

    @cynleong95 they definitely deserve more views than justin beiber. dude singin like a girl? can you say GAY?

  42. Chloe Taylor

    oh my gosh, i could NOT even begin to explain how much i love this band, i really wish i could meet them! does anyone know if thtey'll be coming to canada soon? anyways, this is a greeeatt song and video. <3 <3 :)

  43. Ali Smith

    This video just makes me so happy it's so raw and real that they actually went out and shot their own footage with 55m cameras gah this band <3

  44. Brian Thompson

    great song great band ... nuff said!

  45. Kelly Barnes

    They were at Six Flags St. Louis in this video(: I was there that day and got to meet Kyle and Jonathan♥

  46. Krists Jankovskis


  47. Nadia A

    when did marc leave??

  48. emilyxextreme

    Aw, cute video!

  49. supernaturalchic1000

    Awwwww <3 its beautiful video & song!!! I miss Mark already!

  50. scarlet1294

    i love how this band could afford to have a professional video made, but made an EVEN BETTER homemade video <3

  51. Anna T

    this was released during Winter for me, but now it's Spring, and Summer's coming up, so I hope the upcoming holidays will be memorable :) (and for the right reasons too)

  52. Emilly Weaver

    hehehehe....just got a text from johnathan <3

  53. Karen S.

    i listened to this all summer

  54. Punk Morse


    Some may already know @marcFTSK is now married we wish him the best of luck & thank him for 4yrs of hard work & memories!
    9 minutes ago

    @OhhRico will be touring with us filling Marc's shoes on guitar. :)

    Marcftsk Marc Stewart
    To clear up the rumors I have left FTSK. All of the fans I met along the way were amazing and I hope I had the same Impact you all had on me

    WHY. fuuccking hell :(

  55. inch691

    I love this band

  56. helloelli

    you five are honestly one of the biggest inspirations to me, ahah. seen you live twice this past summer, &hoping for a third this fall! ive loved you guys since 7th grade &im in 11th now, stay true.<3

  57. molly roach

    this is the best music video ever. its so cool that their so down to earth they dont have to show off their money by doing a big bidget music video. thy know they have true fans that like them for their music and not just what they have in their music videos. =D

  58. Vladica Vulin

    I found them on wikipedia,wow,they are good.Where the heck was I before?lol

  59. Ali Smith

    I really want to chill with this band

  60. Valentina

    I ususally hate homemade videos but this one just...gets to me. So cute. So real

  61. Nytheron

    Damn. I've known about this band for a while and wasn't really into their music but after hearing their cover of Crazy Train and then this song I think my mind has been changed

  62. Sonny Figueroa

    not gonna lie, heard this during the little league world series ahah

  63. Mariah .Kay


  64. WimpyRenzzi

    I like the video, even though twas a low quality one. :) Meaning of the vid: AMAZiNG FTSK ROCKS!

  65. thebStock

    this band makes me so happy <3

  66. Jasmine DelValle

    i saw them yesterdayy, amazing! all i can say.

  67. Weitna Carpitcher

    I bought a super soaker because of this band.

  68. Kristin Statler

    THIS VIDEO OWNS! Love this band. Love this video. Really love the way this was shot. All out fantastic is what this is.

  69. Adrienne Y

    5 people hates summer and are cold hearted

  70. Abbs

    we the kings
    and that really scared me cause i saw you call me girly before i knew it was you so i got a little scurred there <3

  71. Abbs

    1:27 i wanna run into them at six flags REALLY bad someday!!!!

  72. Lauren Forrest

    @iloveboysintheband8 so do i xD

  73. Sofie Addotta

    i have a BIG crush on kyle :3

    this song is perfect for summer and just makes me so happy :)

  74. Read0Line

    I have this song on my phone, and I listen to it all the time!!
    Love it!!

  75. Conor McCorry

    Do you ever notice that ppl who asks for likes dont get a lot? SO STOP!

  76. Kay Naylor

    Thumbs up for Kyles hat xD

  77. Read0Line

    This song is fucking awesome!!

  78. SerLex

    I wish I could have a day like this sometime. :D

  79. Chloe Taylor

    Were these giys in manitoba????? Ppl said they were. Dont think so though

  80. Tiffany Mason

    I Love It But I Didn't See Enough Of Austin D:

  81. Dara Susilo

    This is THEM. This is Forever The Sickest Kids.
    If you want some expensive mainstream videos, well.. Justin Bieber is on the suggestion box.


    Seeing them with Action Item!! :D

  83. ImFeeNominal

    @Zeegurl5 it was filmed in theirs and my home state, Texas! parts were in downtown dallas, texas; arlington, texas; galveston, texas; and Six flags over texas (which is in Arlington)

  84. ImFeeNominal

    2:00 was in six flags over texas... their home town, my home town <3
    they make me proud to be a texan!

  85. Cynthia Leong

    FTSK - one of the BEST bands of this generation. Their videos definitely deserves more views. Thumbs up if you agree!

  86. stellarzme

    the only bad that stays true to 'emselves

  87. Courtney Delgado

    does any1 know where this was filmed?

  88. BANDiTMCRmy

    gosh these dudes are soo cool :D love em already

  89. caroline bohrer

    was that at six flags over texas

  90. Chloe Taylor

    1:33 skills. omg, i love this band ! they are just amazing, hopefully i'll get to meet them one day :D. until then, i'll keep stalking and creeping them.

  91. scratchcardgloryfilm

    going on my summer playlist NOW, singer looks a bit different

  92. Abby Wetzel

    port a... c:

  93. dafed dep

    4 people like winter

  94. Amber Rawlinson


  95. Emma Louise

    my favourite video by these guys. amazing <3

  96. muhammad muaz

    simple and worth watching :D good job

  97. chelsey o

    Is it sad that i cried watching this, I really don't think iv ever loved a band this much! I just wish I could actually meet!! This is amazing :,)

  98. dudadesrosiers

    I love this. Just makes me wanna thank you guys for all the good memories. <3

  99. Karla Dulay