Forever The Sickest Kids - Shut The Front Door (Too Young For This) Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
And she said, said, said
when ya gonna call me back?
when ya gonna come back home?
And I said, said, said, said
When I f-f-f-f-feel like it
I'm much too young for this
I'm too young for this
I've got a million things going through my head
and not enough time to think
I'm too young for this
I've got a girl that wants to tie me down
she's been begging for a diamond ring
I'm too young for this
My boss got me swearing a lot
And I'm picking up the weekend shift
I'm too young for this
Oh my god I wanna tell them off
I wanna 'nade them all and blow them away

I'm playing, I'm playing, just kidding, I'm not
I'm playing, I'm playing, just kidding, let's blow them away!

We don't have to
listen to you
We're living it up and doing just fine,
you live your life and I'll live mine.
We don't have to
listen to you


[Verse 2:]
My girl gained another pound what a catastrophe
she's just a demon i skin tight jeans
I'm too young for this
Got caught in the parking lot
mcloving in the back seat
I'm too young for this
Got a bill in the mail today
that I don't have money to pay
I'm too young for this
Getting sick of all of this
I'm too young for this

I'm playing, I'm playing, just kidding, I'm not
I'm playing, I'm playing, just kidding, let's blow them away!

We don't have to
listen to you
We're living it up and doing just fine,
you live your life and I'll live mine.
We don't have to
listen to you


We don't have to
listen to you
We're living it up and doing just fine,
you live your life and I'll live mine.
We don't have to
listen to you


I'm playing, I'm playing, just kidding, let's blow them away!

We don't have to (I'm too young for this)
listen to you (I'm too young for this)
We're living it up and doing just fine,
you live your life and I'll live mine.
We don't have to
listen to you


I'm too young for this
I'm too young for this

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Forever The Sickest Kids Shut The Front Door (Too Young For This) Comments
  1. Luciano V

    Underappreciated band

  2. Animation34_Kid

    I love this song and the video great work 😊👍

  3. ayla wonderland

    Beautiful lol

  4. StandbySeattle

    why was this song not on the new album :(?

  5. Stembrick Productions

    Nice video! Great job.

  6. Lillian Juliette


  7. Lillian Juliette

    I agree with you, you shouldnt be made fun of for that,thats stupid, and also i'm a girl and no, i dont like this band because of the boys in it, i listen to it because of the music, yeah those obseesed fan girls are annoying, im obssesed with ATL, not with any of the members of the band,but with their music.

    Just An Idiot Who Makes Videos

    Lillian Juliette Yeah

  8. Donnita C

    that random black guy is their manager. He is the shit. i want to meet him.

  9. Zoya Mohsin

    im glad you said "obsessed fan girls" because a lot people say its the "girl fans" that give bands bad names but its not im a girl and i love FTSK and ATL and im not an obsessed fan girl

  10. Austyn Johnson

    What did you use to make this? It's awesome

  11. Donnita C

    The manager is the shit man. I wanna hug him.

  12. Josh Trinidad

    This sounds like a blink song in a way.... Are blink alternative pink too?

  13. puddingkiddz

    I'd call it more alternative that pop punk, but both work

  14. Heathermarie122

    that would be their tour manager.

  15. Heathermarie122

    that's robi menace their tour manager.

  16. Darwins Dancefloor

    I'm pretty sure that's their bodyguard...

  17. umhowboutno13

    The words are shaking in anger

  18. Caleb Brown

    It doen't bother me too much hahaha jk. (;

  19. Esther Harnish

    I'm too young for this. 3

  20. melbranque

    funny how the lyric video's better than the actual music video

  21. FamousBandOfficial

    Hey guys! :)

    My name is Michael Bellizzi & I'm the singer in a band called Famous.

    Really love this tune & as a band we know how hard it is to make it. Especially today when there are hardly any bands left. But staying true to yourself is what we believe in & keeping the music alive is what we stand for.

    If you could take a few minutes of your time to listen to our songs, it would honestly mean the world to me & my band.

    Spread the word & lets keep the music alive TOGETHER!

    Peace & love :)

  22. Camrynn Galleciez

    random black guy xD

  23. heyitswonderwomen

    This is such a summer song! I love it!

  24. Terri Lawson

    Nope. They mean 2012.
    That comment was posted a year ago.

  25. WeAreNotMeaningless

    you mean 2013

  26. MarandaJoyce

    A boy band has multiple guys that don't play instruments and JUST sing. Therefore, they're not a boy band. (:

  27. Jackie Vega

    Awsome lyrics video!

  28. danielle bonsignore

    download it from youtube to mp3 converter

  29. Sam Murray

    hell yes! but replace man with woman :D

  30. Harley Risinger

    Not a boy band, a Man Machine.

  31. DaMan869

    No no no no no, this isn't a boy band. A boy band is gay and has terrible music. This is freaking awesome!.

  32. ccKachow

    YOU, have got what I neeeeed!!!!!!! but you say he's just a friend...

  33. Blaine mccarty


  34. Felix Martinez

    This song is badass i love it except the black guy killed it but love it!!!

  35. habito10

    Es un buen happy-punk

  36. Cheyenne Florence

    They did. Bamboozle Roadshow 2010. I was there C:

  37. CameronCanFLY

    Im so glad you typed that comment and mentioned u would be a happy man. Its nice toknow im not the only guy that likes this band. Where i'm from guys get made fun for liking poppunk or "BOY BANDS". ..its so annoying. When i read comments that say "CALEB GET IN MY BED NOW" I almost wanna give up lol. Obsessed fan girls give certain bands a bad name.

  38. AqwAirwizard220

    Dude I listen to this song probly like over 100000000000 times a day the song just awesome and catchy !:D

  39. sleepswithllamas

    I love this song :) I love the music vid a lot too!

  40. Cody

    Why you no on 2012 Warped Tour?

  41. Cassie L

    @63edwardluver that was definently one of my favorite parts of the song!!!! <3

  42. Cassie L

    @63edwardluver I loved it!!!!!

  43. Cassie L

    2:43 to 2:53 is what happenned to my headphones after listening to this song!!!!! :)

  44. alf

    To be honest, I don't see much of a change between 'old FTSK' and 'new FTSK'. Even if someone were to notice a difference, it's not a bad thing. People think that because Mark & Kent left, it's a whole knew band. It's not, it's still FTSK and they're still the same.

  45. Riqua 27

    I prefer the old FTSK. I hope Mark & Kent could back to FTSK

  46. Fonseca joshua

    R.I.P Old FTSK..

  47. Carlileann

    Can someone send me a link to "king for a day" I can't seem to find it :/ please & thanks(:

  48. Katlyn Allen


  49. lexie fields

    jk god take a joke he did ruin the song

  50. lexie fields


  51. lexie fields


  52. xoJoeJonasWantsMeox

    they did. at Bamboozle Roadshow in 2010

  53. fred louis

    that guy killed

  54. Technologeek92

    lucky =)

  55. Katie Morano

    Please tell me you are all kidding with this who is the black guy shit.... Its Robi....

  56. Mely Skye

    Please play Warped Tour this year! Pleasee!

  57. Riqua 27

    she's just a demon i skin tight jeans.
    If you know what i mean.

  58. Azazel Corcione

    i met that guy ha ha

  59. Anna Klein

    @helenaa1995 It is their new single :)

  60. Okapi23

    I love this song!!! <3

  61. Helena Crowther

    anybody know what album this song comes from?

  62. FamousForADayBand

    @THEBIGEGGPLANT i liked a couple of songs off of it... just sounded too over produced/generic whatever you want to call it. there's no problem with it, just a matter of personal taste :)

  63. Rockin Robyn J

    @THEAmberMichaela your welcome ;)

  64. Rockin Robyn J

    @THEAmberMichaela They are on Warped tour 2012 this year.They said on their twitter.

  65. Karl Schultz

    @FamousForADayBand really? i think it was fuckin amazing!

  66. Nadia A

    FTSK ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  67. FamousForADayBand

    well if they keep going back in this direction i'll start listening again :) didn't like the self titled

  68. silas glines

    @KJMPro I assume you have a better song?

  69. Fran Nicole

    how the hell did you do this lyric vid lol :P do you use movie maker???

  70. Naw Blood

    Their Ep was fucking amazing. Alma wasn't bad, very catchy and the new stuff honestly isn't that bad. Not as good as the other stuff but its not terrible.

  71. Devon Voss

    Underdog Alma Mater was their best album so far. The new album was so disappointing, I hope they revert back to their original direction rather than the direction of another mediocre rock band.

  72. SlangNastee

    If only they had the lyrics in the description.... oh wait...

  73. JustinStRx

    Sickest breakdown ever

  74. Kyra Martin

    @TheLordilover They already did a couple of years ago... sorry to inform you...

  75. darzzydarzz

    how the hell can i make a video like this?!

    anyone know any programs or tips????

  76. Katie ATL

    @THEAmberMichaela They apparently got confirmed. Not 100% sure if it's true, but I hope it is. :) Just google Forever The Sickest Kids Warped Tour 2012.

  77. icancuthere

    They were at warped tour 2 years ago and seeing them live was amazing. Some of it was better live because they make it better by how they act on stage.

  78. grav3digger

    @THEAmberMichaela I like you now. :D

  79. StandbySeattle

    favorite part 2:14 :P

  80. StandbySeattle

    wow this sounds good :D ! sounds like there first release :P

  81. Paul Budoy

    the black guy and ftsk made it awesome. why? it shows how much this band respects and loves their fans.

  82. Bree Hassell

    random black guy...but this song is hot

  83. Autumn Barker

    love it :)

  84. ClearSkysAreOurLife

    This song is so good, that my neighbors are on the streets dancing to it.

  85. Logan Toft

    @ImMarriedToAndySixx lol

  86. Logan Toft

    @kails0523 me too

  87. Logan Toft

    One of the best songs i have ever heard it sucks that i cant listen to my favorite one, mistletoe is for quitters, without that feeling in my chest growing stronger and getting to the point of crying.

  88. Stephen Silvia

    song was better live

  89. Cardude02

    song matches my life! haha

  90. Tyler Dutko

    @skogrand12 oppsies

  91. Julia Bergeth

    I live in the city that the black guys hat was from! Indiana represent!!

  92. Tyler Dutko

    this song has grown on me so much! love it! but who is the random black guy......

  93. Ron Bass

    why are you writing new stuff already? did you dislike your self titled that much? it was definitely a step down from underdog but it still wasn't bad.

  94. miranji

    proud to say im friends with these guys.

  95. Sarah Smith

    love the ending. these guys rock! i've seen them live twice and got pulled up onstage by jonathan!!

  96. Dane Bressert

    This song is a friggen masterpeice

  97. MissEllaIfYoureNasty

    Is that the infamous Robbie?!