Forever The Sickest Kids - Ritalin (Born In America) Lyrics

I was born in America but
I feel like I was raised on Mars
No matter how hard I try
I still feel like I'm an alien cause
I was taught at a private school
My parents were scared of what I'd do
If I were bullied
Would I one day snap and bring drugs and guns
To school

If I told you once I told you too many times
I've got a real short temper and I'm out of my mind
Should've been medicated when I was young
But my mom choose to pray instead of whoring me out

I can't shake the feeling that I'm falling apart
I know I've been told I've got fire in my heart
But the world it brings me down
I'm not sure how much more I can take

I see the light at the end of the tunnel
(I see the light at the end of the tunnel)
I see the light at the end of the tunnel
(I see the light at the end of the tunnel)

I was born in a hospital
And I'll die in a hospital bed
Alone and happy
Will my kids be there
Will they be too busy

You're as fickle as you've ever been
You'll be gone just as soon as the trend ends
I'll be playing
In front of 10 drunk fans god willing

Social media you know you're breaking my heart
I got a hundred thousand people telling me all their thoughts
It's not that I can't relate
I can't reply to each and every comment made
We're never good enough no matter how hard we try
There's always a better band, better song
Make up your mind, do you love us for who we are
Or our skinny jeans and tattooed arms

I see the light at the end of the tunnel
(I see the light at the end of the tunnel)
I see the light at the end of the tunnel
(I see the light at the end of the tunnel)
I see the light at the end of the tunnel
(Whoa, whoa, whoa oh)
I see the light at the end of the tunnel
(Whoa, whoa, whoa oh)

I was born in America
I will die in a hospital

I see the light at the end of the tunnel
(I was born in America)
I see the light at the end of the tunnel

I see the light at the end of the tunnel
(I see the light at the end of the tunnel)
I see the light at the end of the tunnel
(Whoa, whoa)

I was born in America
I will die in a hospital

(Don't let me go)
I was born in America
(Don't let me go)
I will die in a hospital

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Forever The Sickest Kids Ritalin (Born In America) Comments
  1. Jeromy Lyon

    This song is like 60 secs 2 long 4 no reason lol

  2. omega name

    anyone got chords

  3. Rohan Ghosh Dastidar

    Like : Die in a hospital bed
    Dislike : Die in your sleep

  4. femme music

    A true ADHD jam

  5. Derps OfAmerica

    I've always wondered if the "do you love us for who we are or our skinny jeans and tattooed arms" meant "do you love us because we have tattooed arms" or "do you love us regardless of our tattooed arms" because I think it's the first one because a lot of people liked them because they were "angsty" and not because of the music or content. Does anyone actually know?

  6. gopher001

    is this song secretly about weed? just wondering

  7. Масло Масляное

    I like this 1:03 part most

  8. William Orfanakos

    Someone please explain what's being said between 3:39 and 3:56

  9. William Orfanakos

    Just found out about this band the other day. This is tied with "Nikki" for my favorite song from them

  10. Nikola Lazic

    Ive heard better songs, but i love these jeans and the tattoos, just wow!

  11. rojão

    my friend's name is Mars and every time I hear this music I think "she wouldn't be a good mother"

  12. Alejandro Rojas Gómez

    hola morros :v

  13. Annie Huckaby

    I don't wanna be an American Idoit!

    Xaz Lexa

    it's spelled idiot.



  14. Rohan Ghosh Dastidar

    The best FTSK song I have ever heard

  15. Chituga Khalifa

    If a child on Ritalin got physicly bullied and beat up severely, that will spoiled the child mind and mess up a child mind. just one hard slap or kick

    Chituga Khalifa

    same if a child got bit by dogs

  16. Msilverbolt

    You've raised me.. i need you ;-;

  17. amber heart

    The light at the end of the tunnel is a train ^.^

    Rohan Ghosh Dastidar

    That's about to hit us and shred us into pieces 😂

  18. Thalia Hipolito

    Please don't disband. I love youuuuuuu FTSK.

  19. Stupid cactus

    "The bible of, none of the above, on a steady diet of.... SODA POP AND RIDALIN!


    Green Day

    Stupid cactus

    Priyam yes.

  20. Dark Fapster


    *thou im a swede*
    Just fun to say it like that xD pew pew pew

  21. messybrains

    My life ^

  22. RainbowButtercup

    I can so relate to this song XD

  23. Leung Nok Him

    That piano solo is just like "River flows in you" XD

  24. Dan Wright

    FTSK HAS to come back with a new album. I keep hearing about them possibly breaking up... It saddens me

  25. Mason

    I love this song so much >W<

  26. Nuclear Breadstick

    It's so fast... Singing it right is seriously harder than tabbing it out.

  27. Mr. Robot

    Is it just me or is 0:46 - 0:53 Tom De longe?


    +Jonny Snniper I went scrolling through the comments just to see if this is true, sounds so like him

  28. lala123

    sooo truee !!!!!!

  29. metalstyle89

    Is it just me or is 3:40 Yiruma - River Flows in You?

    Monika Hawkburg

    No,it sounds like it,but no its not C:

  30. MrPersianPleasure5

    whenever I heard the beginning of this song on the album I would always skip it because it was so annoying to me, but now going back and re-listening to the song I really enjoy it...I just start 30 seconds in ;P

  31. Taylor Scott

    The piano parts sound like Bella's Lullaby. :'D

  32. MikeJo90

    CT & Wes winning Rivals 2

  33. Holly may

    We'll things got real "comments.likes.sharing love us for who we are " damn so true for all musicians XD

  34. Edmae Barrida

    You guyz rock!! relate much to your song 3 1 new fan here :)

  35. oneinchmoon

    i dont know how much i can take

  36. demonheist666

    committed suicide..

  37. Justin Brisson

    This one of the most real songs they've ever put out

    B Rian

    Justin Brisson yes, you're right in a way. They've said it before, always had it in their lyrics. Not everyone gets it to the full capacity that it was written for but now theyve decided to be more easy to read because of the way people are nowadays. Sorry to say.

  38. JustinStRx

    This song is me.

  39. Allie Nonyadamnbusiness

    So was that Kyle during the instrumental part talking??

  40. Azeldafan1

    ADHD..... what else is there to say? :P

  41. cygnus

    One of the best bands ever. :)

  42. mechi colon

    i was born in mars o.o

  43. ashley fishie

    This is my favorite son off J.A.C.K.


    A wanted Johnny To win idc bout Frank lol CT and Wes was enough I'm glad Jordan and Marlon didn't win


    Challenge bright me here

  46. Heroinex A.R.B

    my fave song from them :)

  47. Colton Stewart

    The line "I was born in a hospital, and now I'll die in a hospital bed; Alone and happy" makes me tear up tbh.


    Like this if challenge rivals 2 brought u here!

  49. MrDemonFiend

    Does anyone know what is said at about the 3:38 mark?

  50. crystalmoon116

    I was born in 'Murica

  51. Felipe Elgueta

    I couldnt read anyshit

  52. Luis AlegreMusic


  53. Mer -

    I never give FTSK enough credit.

  54. Ariel W

    These new FTSK songs sound so much like Been Bradley...

  55. Nikki Ivis

    oh, not helping out, who- I see, I see

  56. chuhingkum

    i'm sorry, but i have to write this: The light at the end of the tunnel is a train :D
    don't take it serious , please :)
    but i really like the song.
    it's the first time i hear a song from this band. :D

  57. emily taylor

    My bad johnothan* always back your facts up with google, kids.

  58. Angelica Lindo

    J- Jonathan
    A- Austin
    C- Caleb
    K- Kyle

  59. emily taylor

    j- justin
    a- austin
    c- caleb
    k- kyle

  60. Maddie Jake

    what is it? I can't figure it out..

  61. Nikki Ivis

    yeah, that moment

  62. alf

    Wow I just figured out what J.A.C.K. stands for...

  63. Nikki Ivis

    when I need to ignore everything like the bitches and yeah, everything I turn up music on and try to ignore it, that's okay but this song turned up soo loud is soo good it just fixes everything, thank you guys so much, for everything and the years of great music
    I was born in Australia, so no one I know has heard of you caz you aren't big here at all but you should be everywhere your the best.
    Thank You
    ... so much

  64. Auto Blackout

    Good Songs Keep 'em up!

  65. wizkalia

    my new favorite song for real

  66. 哈哈

    i've always loved you guys for who you are!

  67. Haven .Pottinger

    Bought this album from them at warped yesterday not disappointed:) love you guys keep up the good work.

  68. Austin Hilton

    "Do you loves for who we are, or our skinny jeans & tattooed arms" that was actually really legit song line. A question a lot of music fans need to ask themselves

  69. Lauren Ford

    I'm just starting to listen to you guys, I have to say you're pretty good so far c:

  70. Shane Haley

    What's the little speech say at 3:37?

  71. TheUnholyOne

    This band is that tits. Think I'll buy their album . . .

  72. L. Yamada

    this is a song so many people and bands can relate to. Great Song!

  73. Margaret Adelle

    He's famous because someone whose already famous hooked him up .

  74. Riqua 27

    i love u guys for your unique, passion and friendship!!!!
    I was born in Indonesia

  75. Nikki Ivis

    omg I only just noticed what J.A.C.K. stands for, im so dumb (jonathan, Austin, caleb, Kyle

  76. Raist xxlöälö

    Its a draw my life :DD

  77. Jomher Castillon

    I don't like your tattooooOoOed arm. I love your passion on your every work! So Good!!! I was born in the Philippines! ;)

  78. Paige Boylen

    I love you guys for who you are :)

  79. Kanisha Lucille

    he's famous because he worked hard to get where he is and has a great fanbase that supports him.

  80. Legit Wonka

    But yet Justin B. can get famous off of repeating the same word over and over and over again.

  81. Monkī Dī Rufi

    Amazing album. ♥

  82. prankmasterstove

    They are the sickest. Forever.

  83. Ben Hope

    best lyric, so much similar to my life, my past, how i growd up, and how i see the world now that im older, god this guys are soooooooo fucking sick!!!! <3

  84. Sofia Domingos

    I love the song but i can't read the lyrics , it's away to fast

  85. Catelynn Marie

    this song speaks volumes to me. amazing

  86. Daniel Sanchez

    Too repetitive.

  87. alfonso marines

    that moment when the lyrics are useless because they move very fast:(

  88. Chris Period

    Strobe light, maybe?

  89. Chris Period

    You are not alone, Sir.

  90. Karianny Figueroa

    i think people are getting the wrong idea about private schools. just because you go to a private school does NOT mean you're rich, i use to go to private school but my mom could barley afford it along with the house & everything else. & just because you go to private school doesn't mean that the people there are nice & perfect, they're definitely just as bad as people in public school.

  91. Adam Mayhue

    This album might not sound exactly like their old stuff, but it wouldn't be any fun if they stayed the same, right? It would just be the same thing over and over again. They are still great, I'm pretty happy with this new album :)

  92. RecklessGeorge

    When the piano part came on, I thought they were playing the River Flows In You

  93. Bihyun Kim

    amazing !

  94. Kathleya Amanda

    the piano break is sooo good

  95. Dakota Kilgore

    Hey Fearless are you gonna put up Rebel

  96. 3Vampireviolet2

    Silly yet moving me gusta