Forever The Sickest Kids - Get Over Yourself Lyrics

Full of regrets, inside of my head
I'm losing sleep, but so oh oh oh oh what
I'm thinking ways to getting back to reality
Convince my brain to never go back to my old ways

Get over yourself
You're the worst compared to everyone else
Get over yourself
We were kids living day to day lives
We're invincible at nine

I had it all planned out perfectly
It fell apart, but so oh oh oh oh what
Do I do now, now what do I do?
To stop myself from repeating history

Get over yourself
You're the worst compared to everyone else
Get over yourself
We were kids living day to day lives

Get over yourself
You're the worst compared to everyone else
Get over yourself
We were kids living day to day lives
We're invincible at nine

I hold my breath
Feel my heart beating in my chest
My stomach's sick
From butterflies living in it

I hold my breath
Feel my heart beating in my chest
My stomach's sick
From butterflies living in it

Regrets are always greater on the other,
Side of the road
I had her saying that I need it
But I didn't know

Regrets are always greater on the other,
Side of the road
I had her saying that I need it
But I didn't know

Get over yourself
You're the worst compared to everyone else
Get over yourself
We were kids living day to day lives

Get over yourself
You're the worst compared to everyone else
Get over yourself
We were kids living day to day lives
We're invincible at nine
Invincible at nine
Invincible at nine
Invincible at nine

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Forever The Sickest Kids Get Over Yourself Comments
  1. SleepingWithPanic!AtTheDisco

    I liked the old emo FTSK. I still like them but they're pretty much just pop punk now with pop rock mixed in.


    They were emo?

  2. Diego Calderon

    We were kids living day to day lives**

  3. Zenith

    whatever you say you fukncgni idiot! it can be also 25 yeasrs old. so, shut the fkcukck up!

  4. TheBeautifulDead〈3

    haha am i the only one who thinks it's funny that these people who are arguing about what emo is are doing so on the song Get Over Yourselves? XD

  5. Rayne Valentine

    Forever The Sickest Kids speak the life lessons we all need to learn!

  6. Ivy Babbitt

    Yes. And, as the song implies, get over yourself!
    Can't we all just come together and enjoy this amazing music without starting mindless debates? Because that'd be great.

  7. Charlie

    why can't everyone just be like "i see you enjoy Thing! i don't enjoy your Thing, i prefer this Thing, but, you are allowed to like your Thing and i won't hate on you or your Thing because you have the right to like any Thing you want!"

  8. xyxskatexyx

    How about you all shut the fuckup, wether you're even making a strereotype comment I don't want to read anything about a stereo type on a fucking song on youtube, i could honestly give less fucks but in this matter all of you idiots seem to think its necessary, stfu.

  9. Aaron Ceballos

    haven't found a song thats not awesome by these guys

  10. Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    I request .ftsk keeps on bringing me down lyrics and song plz

  11. MJ the Genius

    i think the it says "the grass is always greener on the other side of the road"

  12. zoey white

    where did this whole emo arguement come out from???? weirdos

  13. squirrillboy05

    @superfunify umm actually you couldn't be more wrong emo is short for emotional meaning one gets in touch with their emotions more than others it has nothing to do with music nor style. but thanks to idiotic people thinking they're smart it's become just that just as how gay has become something totally different from the actual meaning and lesbian was never a word to begin with. point is emo is not a genre of music in reality.

  14. CrouTheBlackwing

    fucking badass, nuf said!!!

  15. Karly Maddox

    For All You People Saying Emo Kids And Emo Is A Type Of Music, Get Your Fucking Facts Straight.1 Emo Is Short For EMOtional. EVERYONE In The World Is Emo. Kay.? And Emo Music.? Woww, it's Called, Scremo, Heavy Metal, Etc. Kaay.?

  16. AnnaDawson

    i look like a "girly girl" act like a "tomboy" and love "emo" music :)

  17. Jarrod Turek

    what album is this on?

  18. Jarrod Turek

    i fell in love at the first sound of music literally

  19. GinnyxoxoDawn

    Lol everyone's talking about emos while I'm like I like This Song...:3

  20. DarknessQueen1996

    My two best friends are Emo. My guy bestie has been though a lot of shit, and so have alot of people. I like Emos because about 75% of the time, they're nicer than 'Normal' people. Because they actually KNOW how hard things are, and are cautious about what they do.

  21. Bekah Lloyd

    "Emo" is for emotional. LOLOL.
    We've all got emotions.

    Shut the fuck up and listen to the music.
    All your arguing is ruining it's meaning.

  22. CatScreams4Zombies

    I am so sick of this "EMO" bullshit. Get the fuck over it. You rarely hear about fuckin "gangstERs" being b down as much as emos. Chill. The. Fuck. Out.

  23. Jdesflynn

    @DracoAzule Then you've had a very poor sampling. But still, why does that mean you can stereotype everyone else to be the same, when they're not?

  24. Big Zeke

    @Jdesflynn Every single emo I've ever encountered is like that. Every single one.

  25. Jdesflynn

    @DracoAzule I'm sorry. but that is a ridiculously single minded view. You ACTUALLY believe that all people society deem to be 'emos' are like that? If they are the only encounters you have had with emos then i feel sorry for you, because there is alot more to them than meets the eye. Not every emo is like that. But then again, there are many people who AREN'T emos who are. What you need to do is open your eyes abit, and see the whole story, because i don't know a single 'emo' who is like that.

  26. Big Zeke

    @Jdesflynn Because most of them get depressed over the dumbest shit and tend to think the world revolves around them. They say something like "But I was bullied my whole life you don't know how I feel!" Yea I do because I was bullied too but I grew some balls and got over it. There's people over in Africa who watch their family and friends die almost daily from disease and starvation, yet emo's think they're living in hell because everyone avoids them.

  27. Jdesflynn

    @DracoAzule Fool, why do you have such a thing against emos?

  28. Big Zeke

    @Jdesflynn Eeyup.

  29. Jdesflynn

    @DracoAzule So you'd prefer to class yourself as inhumane than 'emo'?

  30. Big Zeke

    @Jdesflynn Actually for the most part I'm an emotionless insensitive asshole.

  31. Jdesflynn

    @DracoAzule By definition YOU are an 'emo'. Ever thought about that? 'Emo' is an abbreviation of emotion, or emotional, and as EVERYONE has emotions, by definition EVERYONE is an 'emo'. You are just stereotyping people into what society thinks of 'emo' kids. If i think about it I'm an emo. I listen to 'emo' music. I have been tempted to cut myself before. Does this mean I need to sort my life out? Yes. Does this mean that i am immature? No. Dude, sort your life out before insulting others.

  32. Jdesflynn

    Just as im seeing loads of comments regarding the word 'emo' and i would just like to clear things up once and for all... the word 'emo' is an abbreviation of the word emotion, or emotional, and as EVERYONE has emotions, by definition EVERYONE is an 'emo' no point using this as an insult, your just insulting yourself. Besides, theres no difference in people who like different kinds of music. So why make a difference?

  33. WolfofLoveandHate

    stereotyping sucks.

  34. Krystaaaal

    I can't stop playing this song <3 and I'm not "emo" haha why judge someone on there label, seriously STFU and just be nice to everyone. <3

  35. Emilly Weaver

    @froglet2008 thank you, you just made my day :)

  36. Kyle Averhart

    im starting a band amdi need some fans andsomesupport

  37. Jennifer Kenner

    hey guess what. Im a 15 year old cheerleader (yes, captain) and this is one of my fave songs, and i am friends with a few emo people and they arent annoying...stop labeling i can say for sure the "popular kids" get way more annoying...

  38. Emilee Sutliff

    labeling is dumb. i listen to this music and i'm not "emo". and emo people arent like the stereotype.
    I'm a straight a student, i go to church, wear bright colors, enjoy country music and do community service. but i love this band. people are so annoying with their stereotypes and judgments.

  39. Ally Marie

    Love it.

  40. xLePrEcHaUnPiGx

    Peppermint Hot Chocolate................

  41. chloebeth fielding

    i think paramore rocks too little buddie(:

  42. mylaaaa

    @FearKissers Your sooo lucky! I've always wanted to see Marianas Trench live! ( : Have fun!

  43. ben sepp

    Everything about there songs are kickass but I think they can improve the lyrics so it all sits in tune better.

  44. OhDidIDoThat

    A friendly reminder: please do not feed the trolls, as they get quite enough of that.

  45. Tori Nori

    @DracoAzule I don't quite remember, but it was probably to you. I guess it would make more sense sendnig it you you, so i'm gonna go with you. But i'm done fighting, I don't really care. I don't know why I even got invovled.

  46. Sammi williams

    I Likee This Sonqq And Yhu Madee It On My B-Day I Dnt Kknoee Yhu But I Lovee Yhuu !! ღ

  47. TheLmfaoMovement

    @xXMissDramaQueen98xX By calling your boyfriend "Emo" you're "Stereotyping".

  48. Big Zeke

    @SuperCharlotte97 Well that's great because you're not worth my time either. :D

    Why don't you go join all your emo friends and cut yourself.

  49. Arielle Goldman

    uhm.. "emo" is a style of music. It's short for emotive hardcore. Modern society has to make a "stereotype" for everything, which makes people feel comfortable pointing out an entire style and saying " all emos are cutting posers." In reality, it's all in your head. You may only know 7 stereotypically labeled "emos", but that doesn't mean you know everyone with that label. No "clique" has to watch this video of this (awesome) song.Chill out and just listen to the music And don't be a statistic

  50. ramond baten

    i know mad people this song applys too -.- specifically my girl cousins -.- get over yourself shit

  51. Big Zeke

    @awshumsauceness Was that message meant for me or did you send it to yourself on purpose...?

  52. Big Zeke

    @ILoveCameronxX Yea everyone gets emotional. Heck I get emotional too. For instance, two months ago some dude rear ended my car and destroyed it. I was pretty fucking pissed about that for a few weeks, but anyone would be, especially when you need the vehicle to make money and pay your bills. Or when a loved one dies. That's also something to get upset about. Serious stuff.

    Not because 'no one understands me' and other stupid shit like that.

  53. Big Zeke

    @GoHardcoreee I know you said not to reply back but I will anyways just because I damn feel like it and if your time is so "valuable' you shouldn't have said anything anyways. :D

    I'm not gangster because I hate rap. I'm not jock because I'm not rich. I just don't let shit get to me like you do.

    EMO's are IMMATURE. Because they scream and cry about every damn thing, and then they wonder why no one likes them.

  54. Mckenzie ScreamsMayday

    2:08-2:22=bad ass

  55. Amy Rugan

    @DracoAzule Uh... Oki well I don't wanna be bitchy or anything but dude, please just leave emo's alone. I personally love emo guys. Im a punk girl, im not emo but I like emo people. They don't cry over stupid things and they are'nt gay or anything. I respect your opinion on them, so please respect mine, dude. Amazing song btw :)

  56. Tori Nori

    @awshumsauceness That's not expressing your opinion. That's being a jerk. Expressing your opinion is saying "Oh I don't feel being emo is right because...." And it's not totally different, people choose to be gay just like they choose to be emo. There's nothing wrong with any of their choices.And if there attitudes are immature then what's yours called?

  57. Big Zeke

    @awshumsauceness Have fun being hated? The big thing wrong about what you said there is you assume I give a shit about what people think of me. *shrugs* Just because I say what I think. And dude, being gay or deaf is TOTALLY different. I don't know any deaf people but I know some gay people and most of them don't go crying over stupid shit like most emo kids I've seen. I don't mind the clothes, or even the music as much as I do the immature attitude.

  58. Tori Nori

    @DracoAzule Some needs to get a slap in the face from reality. You're seriously making fun of emo's? Do you know how many emo's there are in the world? You say it's wrong, but look at how many there are, so it's actually right. That's like making fun of someone because they're gay or deaf, what is wrong with you, go pick on someone in real life and watch yourself get beat down. I bet you're some fat guy who can't get a date for his life. Have fun being hated.

  59. Rosie Peterson

    I would just like to point out there is nothing wrong with quote unquote emo people. And it's not just emo people that like this kind of music. This is some intense music that has good meaning to it. Anybody who likes this music is normal. Just cause they don't like the same stuff as you doesn't mean they're freaks. So please just do everyone a favor and just grow up. There's no reason for trash talking people on YouTube. It's pointless.

  60. Big Zeke

    @whymekarma Also you know it's pretty sad that you're 22 and you still haven't matured past being emo

  61. Big Zeke

    @whymekarma You are making death threats over YouTube comments. And you say I'm the one who is PMSing? Yea, okay dude.

    Typical emotrash.

  62. starterpivot


  63. Big Zeke

    @whymekarma lol awww poor widdle emo kid getting mad?

  64. Big Zeke

    Emo's need to get over themselves and grow the fuck up.

  65. mica

    5 People need to get over not loving this song

  66. Jillian Smith

    I love the backround ..
    And the song ..
    I looked threw your videos , we seam to have the same taste in music .
    Cool ..(=

  67. Alexis Bryant

    LovE IT!!!!! :)))

  68. Ashlyn Adami

    @super7random they posted that 6 months ago....

  69. Rohan Kumar

    @acupatard didnt they just release a new album????

  70. TheLeharrr

    awesome name

  71. Megan Mayday

    @Skaifox4 I think you're missing the point of their lyrics?

  72. Jddonis32

    @rockenrebecca i know it was an old post but its not on the new cd

  73. Noelle Gracia

    haha i like ur WAALAAHHHH....very realistic ;)

  74. Kelli Tomaszewski

    I hold my breath,
    Feel my heart beating in my chest.
    My stomach's sick,
    From butterflies living in it.♥(:

  75. madzison

    I love ftsk but this song is shit.

  76. TheACE027

    hmm The start of the song is from american pie 2 when steve stiflers party gets broken up i swear it is

  77. Josh Lopez

    @lexalikestodance369 early 2011

  78. Josh Lopez

    @rockenrebecca ya keep on bringing me down and get over yourself are both gonna be on the weekend : saturday which comes out in early 2011

  79. Claire Endl

    where do you get the backgrounds for your videos?:p

  80. Callie

    haha. one person clicked dislike and thought it said dis i like. (:

  81. Callie

    ahha 1 person though dislike said dis i like. (:

  82. Callie

    @rockenrebecca yeeep. its from there new album the weekand:saturday ahah. there so amazing! the new album isnt out yet, but im so excited for it to be out!

  83. Josh Currie

    @bruton77 Well that's what we all thought :/
    This full length album'd better be worth it!

  84. Micael Bruton

    great job on the video!! Saturday will be out so soon!!

  85. sma9401

    @iloveyouhhlotts I would think so.

  86. sma9401

    I think this is the new official release date for The Weekend: Saturday, October 19th.
    I can't wait! :)
    I love FTSK sooooo much and this song... AWESOME!:D
    They are so inspiring and such good people.

  87. Katrina Fey

    when is the new album coming out

  88. Tyler Douglas

    this version isnt mixed and mastered yet. cant wait to hear the final product.