Forever The Sickest Kids - Forever Girl Lyrics

You're my forever girl
All things aside just know
no matter what you do
I'll be there for you.
when the world starts bringing you down
I'll be there to stop
and lift you off the ground.

'Cause we've got that thing
people dream about
and see on silver screens
It's undeniable: you're the one,
the only one for me.

You're my Forever Girl
No matter what you do.
You're my Forever Girl
And I believe in you [x3]

You're the apple of my eye,
My American Pie,
Light of my life.
They say things change with time
But one thing is for sure
It won't be you and I,
you and I.

'Cause we've got that thing
people dream about
and see on silver screens,
It's undeniable: you're the one,
the only one for me.

You're my Forever Girl
No matter what you do.
You're my Forever Girl
And I believe in you.

Go ahead and scream and cuss me out,
Cause we'll be making love
before the sun goes down.
No matter how angry or sad you can make me,
wouldn't change a thing!

You're mine Forever, Girl
No matter what you do.
You're my Forever Girl
And I believe in you [x7]

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Forever The Sickest Kids Forever Girl Comments
  1. Say Goodnight

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  2. ksgross100

    Cant stop thinking about Meghan ( Strawburry17 ) and Jimmy Wong. They were my favourite YouTube couple.

  3. Lights Out

    i know dat feel bro

  4. Anfernee Campos

    Cheer up man, things happen for a reason.

  5. IcyDeath91

    well maybe if your name wasn't seirrasthesex, you could be someones forever girl....

  6. danieltoshistheman

    i really fucking love this song

  7. neowearsprada00

    Caleb gave us a hug,when they call 5 fans to go up their stage.theyre amazing

  8. Anisa Raeann

    im going thru like the same thing right now.

  9. dabadguy4273

    Maddie Mikayla Marks (musicismylifemyworld), if you see this comment, I love you and you'll always be my forever girl<3

  10. Rawr ImBree

    I love you Skylar R.I.P ill always be your Forever Girl <3

  11. Brittany Jones

    Congrats! thats my birfdaay :3 enjoy the big daay

  12. brenda castro

    my ex dedicated this song to me and we got into a fight and we have no contact anymore.. and i still listen to this song and cry.. i wish he would know.. i miss him.. I love you and miss you Tyler Ian Reese, thumbs up so he can see it?.. he listens to this song a lot as well.. but not how i do.. i miss you tyler/:

  13. Henry Urbina

    yeah i have a forever girl 2 years this may 14

  14. Joana Zanchetti

    cute (;

  15. CloserLook

    @McKey1998 oh now its 10. lol

  16. bdandalbff

    <3 this!!

  17. osdy ramirez

    10 lonely people now ]:

  18. Anthony Michael

    I had a forever girl. Keyword "had". Everyone makes mistakes.

  19. Kyra Martin

    @erich025 HEY! Caleb (The person who sings this song) is a ginger!

  20. Molly G.

    Me and my boyfriend have this thing where everyday we send each other a song that reminds us of each other and today he sent me this song <3

  21. erich025

    @BLEHALLOVERYOU 10 people must be gingers

  22. Justin B

    ohh this song is thats why it took FOREVER to find

  23. vintagelove2013

    I can't wait to be someone's forever girl.

  24. Naiila Flores


  25. nubulsky

    this song is just sooo sweet, i wish somebody would sing this for me :(

  26. Nick Ellis

    lol the most beautiful song to sing to ur gf :)

  27. HalomasterA69

    im gonna go kill myself now....

  28. maddy

    @MonsterfyDC shut the fuck up

  29. Nik Tucker

    Before this song was made me and my girlfriend have been calling each other forever girl and forever boy... I'm so glad I found this song and can't wait to show her <3 I love my forever girl so much..

  30. Danica Hooper

    @sojkjkjklololol but isn't it jonathan who's singing?

  31. asianflavor

    I met a forever girl. She's the most amazing girl in the world. I would do anything for her :) <3

  32. asianflavor

    @itsnotyouitsmatt 6 lol

  33. treestumpsemily

    "You're the apple of my eye. My American Pie. The light of my life" <3

  34. AthenaChild

    @itsnotyouitsmatt actually its t 6 now, lol.

  35. Katie Mae

    Mine and my boyfriends song. :)

  36. MLymberz

    lol nice song:) reminds me of a good time in my life:')

  37. ellie dojcak

    This is my favorite song I wish my boyfriend felt the same way about me. :)

  38. Nadia A

    This has ABSOLUTLY NOTHING to do with anything BUT. . . Lets eat, Grandma! Now try without the comma Lets eat Grandma. . . COMMAS SAVE LIVES!!!

  39. godrod5

    keEP PREESSING 7!!!

  40. KxAxTxIxE16

    @cclin10553 You are my hero.

  41. Your Stupid Mcfaceyface

    @loveybuggy123 true that!!!

  42. Fatima Rodriguez

    This video makes my day :)

  43. Kellie Glynn

    first time i heard this song was when my boyfriend sang it to me <3 :'D lol

  44. Nicolle Szalkowski


  45. BethCooper

    3 people have never been in love.

  46. Marlon Cruz

    3 dislikes? Thumbs up if you dislike their disliking.

  47. Ricky Rothmann

    i covered thisss =D

  48. McKenzie Whitehair

    @itsnotyouitsmatt its actually 3 now:( those 3 people are clearly stupid because this is an amazing song:)

  49. Your Stupid Mcfaceyface

    @itsnotyouitsmatt haha i dislike that person too

  50. Phil Zumbano

    @lebouefbison12 true that!

  51. sophieMLolz

    why can't i like this more than once x) its so awesome <33333333

  52. Shelby Lynne

    This song made me remember who my forever boy is. (:

  53. Jennayyy41

    @TikiLikiWiki thats adorable!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Your Stupid Mcfaceyface

    Hey 1 person that disliked this, i dislike you.