Foreman, Jon - Your Love Is Enough Lyrics

Who can satisfy these longings?
Who could wash these doubts away?
Who can save me from my follies
Even when the feelings fade?

Your love is enough
Your love is enough

Who can find me in this darkness?
Who will alone can help me stand?
You could find a way to find me
Even love me as I am

Your love is enough
Your love is enough
You're my harbor in this lonely storm
Your love

Here in my maker's arms
I find my soul
Here in my maker's arms
I'm finally whole
Here in my maker's arms
Come home
I'm coming home

Your love is enough
Your love is enough

Your love is enough
Your love is enough
You're my harbor in this lonely storm
Your love is enough
Yes, your love
Your love is enough

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Foreman, Jon Your Love Is Enough Comments
  1. Lew Angellus

    Really, Your love is enough.
    Beautiful song. Thanks Jon! 😪

  2. Andriely Amancio

    Amazing ❤🥰

  3. Zach Wilson

    Jon! Thank you for using the gift God has given you! As church planters in England it can be very lonely and heavy! The Lord has used your music to encourage my family and I on some pretty dark days. Praise Jesus!!


    Jon foreman
    Forrest Kline
    Brian Wilson
    My top 3

  5. Victor

    I recently had surgery and I can't tell you how much this song has helped me.

  6. Hans Verano


  7. Simon Mărăcine

    It's just perfect. :)

  8. Tim Noll

    I really LOVE this song! Jon did an AMAZING job lyrically and musically! Very moving, so true, and so hopeful!

    Tim Noll

    And once I start listening to it I have to hear it like a hundred more times! Love it!

  9. Nile Whent

    Hits me on every level!!!

    Nile Whent

    Soooooooooooo good.

  10. Merc at Arms

    Never heard anything from Wonderland before- nice song, as usual!

  11. J_Robi

    love it

  12. Chris Topher

    I dont know that any real words can express what this song means to me.

  13. A'Leithia Sweeting


  14. George Jones

    I can honestly say Switchfoot is my all time favorite band and Jon Foreman my all time favorite artist.

    Elijah Abanto

    me too. :)


    same here! ;)


    same here! ;)

    Jessica López Barrios

    Me too :O :')

  15. DannieJ

    This is such a beautiful song.

  16. Natalia Do Santos

    This song is my favorite! 3

  17. ColtsFan1912

    I can't stop listening to this song. I've been having a hard year. . .my faith was being torn apart by so many things falling to pieces around me. I've felt like I've crawled through a valley on bloodied knees for so long. . .somewhere in the dark though I realized that God was still there. This song. . .it hits me to the core. It reminds me that the  Maker, the same One Who spilled the stars across the sky, who carved the canyons and breathed life into clay. ..He loves me. He hasn't left me. He is still here even in the midst of my wreckage. His love truly IS enough.

  18. Tamás Fábián

    Ohhhhmmmyyyglooooobbb.... <3

    Our Voyage

    @Tamás Fábián nice profile picture! :)

    Tamás Fábián

    @ourvoyage One of my fav albums of all time :)

  19. Sion Jeon

    Kinda reminds me of Yahweh by u2. But still an awesome song!

  20. lexres19

    Jon, your love for music and your love to send a message to anyone that wants to listen is amazing. You're so talented and God loves you man!

  21. Somente um indivíduo

    Beautiful song!! Jon, when you'll publish the song she said?? I'm so excited to listen this song!

  22. Paulo Júnior

    Jon foreman always impressing , congratulations!

  23. Nathalia Albuquerque


  24. Tracy Guidry

    I have been listening to your solo music non-stop since I discovered it about 4 days ago. I always loved your music with switchfoot. You are an incredible songwriter, but this solo stuff man... wow. God is really working through you Jon, and I just wanted to let you know that you music DOES have an impact on this world. It gets me and so many others through our hardest times, and I thank you for that. Stay strong in Christ, and keep making music. I will support you until the end.

    Marie Dolanská

    @Tracy Guidry Definitely true, I agree with every word. I couldn´t have written it better myself. And I thank to God for Jon´s talent and his incredible service which means too much for me. He is really inspiration for me and his strong mindset brings me closer to God.