Ford, Robben - Peace On My Mind Lyrics

Someone to rule the world, it wouldn't be me
The planet's so wounded, who will its savior be?
It's hard to take care of things you can hold in your hand
Who can make sense of problems in a distant land?
The call to war is blind man leading blind
Every day more and more
I've got peace on my mind

They balance on razors, far from home and family
A nation on ice for the chilling of humanity
A senseless crime can bring your world tumbling down
When fire meets fire we burn away the common ground
War can make so many people blind
Every day more and more
I've got peace on my mind

Peace on my mind
If i'm dreaming
Make this dream reality
Peace on my mind
A cool light streaming
Let it be

They move in darkness pretending they see the light
Dividing to conquer, claiming what's wrong is right
To see a thing clearly, you put it in the light of day
Who can find answers when questions are just swept away?
War has made so many people blind
Every day more and more
I've got peace on my mind

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Ford, Robben Peace On My Mind Comments
  1. Neil Swinnerton

    A sublime performance from all three.

  2. Del Del

    indémodable, j'adore ce son, sa voix...

  3. Daniel Kuk

    Comment # 100

  4. batica

    His playing here is so superb ...~~!!

  5. Jazz Haze

    You know .... somehow, pieces of music were picked to go out into space on the Voyager missions. IMO, THIS should be out there. If some alien race is going to judge us on what we can do with some simple hardware/words/electronics and 7 minutes—I want it to be THIS!
    Holy GOODness this is so right on....

  6. Mr Guitar Who

    Preach, Master.

  7. Jazz Haze

    I've been fortunate enough to hear/see Robben 6 times... BUT I MISSED THIS! Holy God above—This is just HOT—!!!!!!!

  8. TheBalance

    This is the most profound, complete, live performance songs in the past 20 years that we have recorded for us. You can hear Robben's voice break up from the emotion at certain points. I watch this very regularly and always want to drop tears and believe the soul of the song deeply.

    Jazz Haze

    Man... Thanks for your honest words. You are not alone.

    Nick W 2016

    Very well said

  9. Earl Tutu

    amazing playing by the whole band. good vibes

  10. G VG

    once more Robben .. absolutely wonderful (and so much one with those guys on drums and bass)

  11. Virgyl Tracey

    Ι believe this song has something from Joni Mitchel's way of composing. Maybe I' m right, 'cause he was a member of her band...What a song!!!

  12. Mojotronix

    The drummer is working his ass off! Reminds me of Mr. Moon. Great tones from Robben, as usual. Bass player killin' it. Woo hoo!

  13. SwamiOrchestra

    That Dumble kicks ass!

    Jazz Haze

    With Robben driving—YES it does!

  14. richard3716

    i thought it was al pacino on drums

    Virgyl Tracey

    haha ha Indeed!! haha...

  15. David Dossey

    good stuff, woof!

  16. George Kam

    Awesome!!Guthrie Govan learned a lot from this track..i can tell...

  17. Mitch Farkas

    Those frets are fucking massive, are they not?

  18. g mat

    high water mark with Truth.

  19. Scott Eastman

    Awesome.. what an inspiration

  20. Brian Brown

    Great when he released it and even more important today in light of the lack of peace in way, way too many places.

  21. gaël Chuncho


  22. S F


  23. Matt Minjoe

    Tamra!!! Get well soon!

  24. blesseins

    Rob , why did you rub my- skin ???

  25. Frank Huizar

    Nobody plays like Robben!!!

    Jazz Haze

    Nobody! Nobody at all!

  26. Fabio


  27. Armando Pace

    That guitar amazes me. That feedback drives me crazy , and of course Robben's actually one of the greatest!

    Nick W 2016

    He is THE greatest.

  28. Júlio César - JC

    Excelente este guitarrista, muito bom ouvir o som desta ótima guitarra.

  29. Dave Tighe

    Beautiful, simply beautiful.

  30. Jan Rietkraag

    worldpeace , no PNAC no NWO no WO3 less US.


    +Jan Rietkraag A version of this on YouTube without political commentary ;)

  31. irishsetterarchie

    I believe the bass player is Larry Carlton's son! Beautiful performance. I wonder who wrote this song? Robben is a master artist and I am a long time fan.

    Virgyl Tracey

    Ι believe this song has something from Joni Mitchel's way of composing. Maybe I' m right, 'cause he was a member of her band...What a song!!!

    Robert MORTIER

    Yes. I saw him in Verviers (Belgium) with his famous father

  32. Luiz Ney

    Gostei muito. Guitarrista e interprete  de excelente qualidade... Robben Ford é grande.

  33. Maja Redžić

    a piece of peace in the space...

  34. Paul FENDER

    who know's the bridge chords?
    can you post it?

    L. Victor

    +Paul FENDER
    Gm7 - Em7/9 - Bb6 - Bsus7/9
    Csus7/9 - Em7/9/11 - Bb6 - Bb6/9 (F9 - G)

    Paul FENDER

    +L. Victor thanks

  35. astrofos1901

    amazing trio!

  36. Michael McInnis

    I thought the bass player looked like Larry Carlton's son... I was right!

  37. Frankie Calabro

    The great master Robben in action....and he's such a kind good person...God bless him!!!!!! Thankyou for this seb!!!!!

  38. Tony Del

    you said it bro the best tone EVER i thought the tele was it but hands down 335 is the rocket i think this is a great representation of genius, soul ,chordal melodic changes.. WHERE THEY ALL MEET TONE .....Eric might want those settings.. lol

    Phil Schroeder

    believe it or not... that might not be a 335... he's been known to use a different Gibson that looks like a 335 ... but isn't. 1966 Epiphone Riviera with the Bigsby removed and a hardtail installed.

    Jazz Haze

    that's just great .... Yeah, Eric might....

    Nick W 2016

    @Phil Schroeder it actually is a 335. The Riviera he plays (an extraordinary guitar)is a burst color...

  39. mano a mano

    What's to dislike? Everything is perfect; song, performance, sound, filming.

  40. Elijah Kai

    Robben Ford is truly a master. 100% pure musicality, no showing off at all. Yet his technique and rhythm are immaculate. He developed blues into an artform that no one can replicate. Genius!

    Virgyl Tracey

    A nice point of view. I believe he is the most important blues representative of our time...

    Nick W 2016

    Very well said. In my opinion, he is (arguably), the finest jazz/blues player in history.

  41. Syver Fossen

    Crazy sounds! WOW!

  42. tteague7

    Amen, EJ is the man.

  43. tteague7

    Glad to see another EJ fan out there. I just discovered Robben and he reminds me a LOT of EJ or maybe it'e the other way around since Robben's 61. :D

  44. JonP1961

    this is akin to a computer system administrator saying "the system has been running so good, haven't had to restart in weeks!" sure enough, she'll go down the next day ;)

  45. A.G.

    Am I the only one getting an Eric Johnson kind of vibe from the dirty tone?

  46. Eric Madis

    The one and only Robben Ford....Bless him!

  47. Angels520ex

    That tone reminds me Eric Johnson´s magic Stratocaster.

  48. Marlon Borreo

    that's luscious tone right there.

  49. Rich915

    I don't think it can get any better than this...! RF is truly a gifted musician. Oh & that 335 ~ tops!

    Phil Schroeder

    1966 Epiphone Riviera... not 335... tailpiece changed from a bigsby to a hardtail.


    Phil Schroeder Sorry to say Phil, but that is w/o a doubt an ES-335, 68 model IIRC. Check the headstock my friend. Unmistakably Gibson w/ the Crown Inlay....
    RF does have/play an Epiphone that’s been modified & has mini-hums in it.

  50. KirbyGC00


  51. SandoBG

    0 dislikes so far.... let's keep it that way, shall we? :)

  52. Airton Salles

    This guy deserves a statue.
    His sound is between the mystical and impossible.

  53. Michiel Jansen

    He's one of the most famous users of Dumble amplifiers. Unaffordable, even if you get the chance to buy one. The Ceriatone Overtone Special is the best and most affordable alternative for that Dumblesound, if you're looking for an amp like that. You can also buy the Hermida Audio Zendrive, that's an stombox known as 'Dumble in a box'. That pedal in combination with an Fender-ish amp shall do the trick too! I'm using a great Zendrive Clone and it's really amazing. Very rich and dynamic tone!

  54. Mathías Bocaz

    In deed

  55. Jay Bock

    WHATEVER ...this is lyrical! Sometimes poetry happens from a place and maybe just the right time. This would be the equivalent of some moment matching its potential.

  56. djangofest

    I recommend using windows media player or there is an app called ihearit for iphone to slow it down and transcribe it.After you figure it out and have any questions about what he did let me know. Ross

  57. KirbyGC00

    Anyone know how Robben is approaching these chords during his solo? I'm really interested in how hes getting that unique sound over this progression.

  58. Johny Pastos

    @pbmusic100 bridge pickup and bit of tone cut off.. at least that's what guthrie govan said to a video that i watched few weeks ago about robben ford's tone so try it out ;)

  59. Luey Anderson

    Fantastic as always. I love this album. This song in particular has been going through my mind off and on for months... it just pops up. Thanks Robben for the ongoing inspiration. ♥

  60. BYRNE

    how does he get that tone?

    Phil Schroeder

    Dumble Amplifier/ Overdrive Special... obscenely expensive amplification (a few pedals) and the old "it's all in the hands" cliche... the right amount of vibrato on the right note with the right volume setting and the especially right setting on the preamp... poof.. harmonic overdrive. It's taken me years to get this even close to that tone... using a Peavey Transtube amp (see introduction of "Trans Tube Technology" taking NAMM by storm several years ago).... It helps to use a vintage semi hollow body guitar ... but it can be done with a hard body fender product as well...

  61. Luey Anderson

    Robben is one the best live perfomers ever..this is beautiful..fantastic singer songwriter

  62. Federico Zagnoni

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic on the drums !! :-))

  63. kerranz

    @hjerthinfarkht He seems to instigate the howl (at least the first few times) by brushing the strings with his fingerprint, creating a harmonic that develops into the amp's pushed air. Of course position in front of the amp is critical. He does play a lot louder than I imagined, I saw this tour live and was a little shocked to hear it. But then Toss Panos is a monster on the drums, you'd better bring the heat if you're gonna play over him!

  64. BluesMistress

    Fabulous ~ As Always Robben Ford plays his Guitar ~!!~

  65. Luiz Eduardo Lerina

    simply beautiful, timeless music...

  66. jonsilence

    So beautiful and soulful...

  67. pinner94

    @hjerthinfarkht Semihollow + Dumble!!!!!

  68. Juanjo Torroglosa

    I love the sound Robben gets with that 335. Incredible. And that rhythm section is insane. Sex by ear

  69. iwishicouldplaygtr

    thanks for posting this!!!!!!!

  70. Larry Roberts

    Crossing The Disinclined

    Blind man leading blind:
    Can they find another reason
    To make us confined?
    Perhaps in another season
    The pestilence will fall behind,
    Nullifying the treason
    And crossing the disinclined
    Creating an age of reason
    For obtaining peace of mind.

  71. BandmasterPete

    Three words!
    Dumble Dumble Dumble!

  72. Rafi Alvarez-Tapiz

    Brilliant! Excellent players, beautiful song and a stunning sound from the cherry 335. Inspiring!

  73. dingoswamphead

    Very nice recording too - good quality and lets us see what we want to at just the right time.
    Thanks all.

  74. max vatutin

    He's greatest guitar player ever indeed!
    thanx for posting!

  75. Frank Helden

    Es 335 is a `68 :)

  76. Francis Rain

    Brother Robben You're the Best. Francis

  77. Josh M


    Dumble OD Special, and that 335 is probably a '64/'65.

  78. Riccardo Di Paolo

    marvelous! I'm looking for the chords... anyone? thanks

  79. Chuckbluesbreaker

    i wish i could play like that, those chords are amazing!! GREAT SONG!!! THANKS!!

  80. sergio

    awesome song ! Robben is a Master !

  81. Michael Lynch

    One of the best tone sounds ever here
    just stunning jazz fused blues
    my clear fave Robben Ford song and video

  82. Frank Helden

    Best guitar sound ever!!!!!
    The guitar sings like a bird!