For The Fallen Dreams - Substance Lyrics

What makes you who you are?
What makes you who you are?
What makes you who you are?
I am the reason, that I am who I am
What makes you who you...
I am the reason, that I am who I am
What makes you who you are?

The feeling is setting in again, I ask myself do I change or stay the same?
What happens when I just fade away, I am not the same, we are not the same
The feeling is setting in again, I found a way to change, I'll never be the same
My mind's made up and I'm here to stay, I am not the same, we are not the same

I'm counting down the days, I'm living week by week
Do you know what it takes to believe in me?
There's something leaving me, I can't believe how far I've come, but how weak I'll be
I'm counting down the days, I'm living week by week
Do you know what it takes to believe in me?
There's something leaving me, I can't believe how far I've come, but how weak I'll be

Where do you go when you're all alone?
This world's so cold you won't make it on your own
Where do you go when you're all alone?
This world's so cold you won't make it on your own

We all die younger, we're losing sight of ourselves
We all die stronger and its breaking me, this life is breaking me

I'm counting down the days, I'm living week by week
Do you know what it takes to believe in me?
There's something leaving me, I can't believe how far I've come, but how weak I'll be
I'm counting down the days, I'm living week by week
Do you know what it takes to believe in me?
There's something leaving me, I can't believe how far I've come, but how weak I'll be

We're losing sight of ourselves and it's breaking me, this life is breaking me

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For The Fallen Dreams Substance Comments
  1. Mitch DeSilva

    Need the tabs! can't find em anywhere 😣

  2. bakerXderek

    Still bumps.

  3. Christopher Mann

    Always remember who you are and where you came from.


    FUCKING NICE ......

  5. Ryan Thomas

    sit on my cock holy fuck this is awsome

  6. Blueskythinking

    Looking back on it this song really sounds like in hearts wake


    +Brendon stacey 'In hearts wake' is my favorite band!!! this song is great!!!

  7. 5280Superman

    ive heard a lot of people hating on newer FTFD, i never really listened to them, just a couple songs here and there, but i dig this.... idk what people are talking about.

  8. Fábiorl

    Dylan vs Chad =

    Mark Kernaghan

    @Executive NOVA Just to say that I love ADTR just as much as I love FTFD with Chad. My joint favourite bands.. There are a load of great songs with Dylan but I just prefer the sound of Chads voice with the heavy instrumentals :) 


    @Fábiorl i muuuuch rather Chad on vocals


    Well Chad can't sing so his already at a disadvantage there.


    Definitely Dylan and I don't really like adtr at all I just prefer singing than all out tough guy vocals.. I've been listening to metalcore too long to be impressed by how brutal some guy sounds. I find melody inspiring not rawr rawr

    Matt Brown

    +Fábiorl chad all fucking day

  9. Jake Nura

    If you guys like heavier catchy shit like this than you might like my band's new song. Just posted it on my channel, check it out if you want and let me know what you think! Cheers!

  10. SpartanWays Rebel

    who are they sings this songs ?

  11. Brian Krol

    Dylan would piss his pants in a fight with Chad


    Typical "xhardxcorexedge" comment calm down on the testosterone..

  12. Frank WÜLF

    Why this track does not appear on "Heavy Hearts"?

    Jarrad Schwartz

    Switch back to original vocalist.

  13. DJesé

    I thought this was supposed to be on Heavy Hearts?

  14. Chris Langton

    This is the real For the Fallen dreams, not those other two day to remember albums that you call wasted youth and back burner :)


    lol do you listen to adat to remember? if so i dont see the back burner comparison at all.

  15. Connor Serianna Smith

    This is the first song that the band had written and they just decided to release it now. For the people that say Dylan is better I can agree and disagree with that since I loved wasted youth but Chad is the original singer and they lost their sound with Dylan since cleans aren't what this band does.

  16. Ruse Kitten

    That fucking Changes feel is back. I got chills.

    Mike Herman

    yes changes is still the best but this is a close 2nd imo

  17. Mickey Swish

    Don't believe any comments you read on YouTube. Some people are fucking dumbasses..

  18. Casey Moore

    @FerroNJ4 It's chad.  He was the original vocalist, then dylan came in and he left recently and now chad is back.

  19. robert damian

    emerald blue is the album due on 3.4.14, so what is this? gonna drop 2 albums  a month apart?? dont make sense

    Casey Moore

    It's the same album dumbass.  

  20. FerroNJ4

    So I'm new to this band. I don't know who the singer is, Dylan or Chad? I think its Chad from Legend. Some help guys? Thanks.


    FerroNJ4 3 years later, yes, he's Chad Ruligh from Legend and For the fallen dreams's singer in 2008

  21. Iks Klatka

    this song's too short

  22. noskilz04

    ANDREW IS BACK WRITING WITH THE BAND! THEY'RE COMING BACK!! When Dylan wrote lyrics, they sucked. But when Andrew wrote them>>> And the fact that Andrew ALSO writes music for TGI, you know their new album is gonna be killer!

  23. Matty Richardson

    just made a cover of Emerald blue (: powerful shit man

  24. oren ishi

    i am looking forward for a new album..hope it will be as good as always...

  25. Brobie

    I do like how they were able to change their sound to cater to the lead singer's voice. With Dylan they added the lighter, almost pop-punk feel to compliment his cleans and with Chad they can switch right back to hard hitting to compliment his screams. A testament to the song writing, imo.

  26. Sergio Martinez

    I always liked Dylan better, he was so amazing.

    Times of Justice

    Dylan is so much better, he used also clean vocals. Chad isn't able to use the clean vocals

  27. gargajo

    It is so funny how when Dylan was in the band, everyone hated him and wanted Chad to come back. Now Chad is back and everyone loves Dylan. Sometimes you should only take a look at the likes and the plays. Opinions are like asses, everyone have one and you know what comes from there.

  28. Brobie

    Has it occurred to anyone that, instead of debating Chad vs. Dylan, maybe the biggest reason they had to change their sound was the loss of Andrew Tkaczyk? No one complains about Relentless, but does about Back Burner and Wasted Youth. Just some food for thought. I like both vocalists, personally. Not sure if people didn't know, but Chad was in a band called Legend after he left from FTFD. Check them out, they're good too!


    Also, for those hoping they will make something similar to Changes, they can't. Chad and Jim are the only members left from when Changes came out. They are also without one of the principle song writers (Andrew) so I wouldn't expect anything too close to Changes, and am eagerly awaiting the direction they do go in.

  29. pricetag

    I don't personally know a lot about these two vocalists, but this song is alone better than all the albums with the other vocalist.

  30. Dzimka Bujiashvili

    Dylan was(is) better.

    Dzimka Bujiashvili


    Evan Wiger

    Absolutely not.


    both are good, they both have pro's and con's god damn stop with the bitching about whos better then who. both are awesome and better then many other vocalists in the core genre's music scene.

    Josh Barnes

    LOL Dylan doesn't hold a candle to Chad

  31. oqdoxx17

    fucking insane cuntzzzzzz <3

  32. Brian G

    Everyone is going to shit their pants when they here their new album. 

    Taylor Browning

    The other new song they played on their last tour sounded so fucking sick. This album is going to slay. 

  33. OudomReaper K

    Dylan is alway good than chad i think

    Stephen Schwartz

    always better **

  34. Logan Grimes

    They're only good with Chad. Really stoked hes doing FTFD and Legend.

  35. Brandon Bright

    If you like For The Fallen Dreams, check out my band, The Owl In The Grove. We're a progressive melodic hardcore from Port Huron, Michigan. We're currently working on recording our full length.

  36. rum ham

    Who gives a fuck what fucking genre it is

  37. Devan Sobolewski

    Relentless was their best album. And that had Dylan on vocals. I don't see what's so good about Chad.


    well lets look at it this way. this band was not going in the right direction at all with dylan. there was like 0 chance of anything like relentless coming out ever again. but at least with chad's comeback it kicked them in the ass to start making some genuine shit

    Raivis Rutins

    Relentless was awesome, but what happened then? Back burner was ok, and wasted youth - just another rise records band! They only become more and more generic.(

  38. Richard A.

    The amount of stupidity on this comment section is ridiculous...

  39. Onyxaxe

    FUCK YES!. I'm so glad the guy from Changes is back. This is so fucking awesome.

  40. wakingthefalln 7x

    Yeah dude they been hard... I stopped listening after changes. ..... I hope the whole album is like this.. I might actually listen again

  41. notAdoctor0206

    glad chad is back 

  42. OrangeCounty92

    Kind of boring and mono tone.atleast his vocals are heavier.

  43. SINofficial

    Lyrics are simple and straight to the point. Well done, from a well done band.
    - Strength In Numbers

  44. The Real Yellowdude112

    For The Fallen Dreams is back! CHAD IS FUCKING ILL! Fuck Dylan Bitch, he's a cry bitch.


    soo is he still with Legend?

    Taylor Browning

    @outlawedRAGE336 Legend has a new album coming out in 2014 and they picked up The Acacia Strain's guitarist so it'll probably be heavy as shit. 

  45. Quelaagging

    This song is good, but BRING DYLAN BACK!!

  46. Ubaid Fayaz

    These Guys are great, I love their Music. Waiting for next album.

  47. Luke Ormsby

    I dont understand why everyone loves Chad so much, you cant honestly say that these lyrics are well written in comparison to the last two albums. 

    Chava Sobreyra

    @dakota atkinson FTFD was absolutely famous before Dylan, unless you want to get into a pissing match about what 'famous' means.

    FTFD was on top of the 'melodic deathcore' genre when Changes came out.

    Maybe you didn't know about them yet, or maybe you don't care for that sound, but that doesn't mean they weren't famous. 

    Yeah sure maybe they are WAY more famous now, but that doesn't mean they weren't famous then.

    Dylan isn't a scapegoat. He is why their sound changed. There's no doubt about that. That doesn't mean he was wrong or is a bad dude. If anything everyone should be thankful he was talented enough to keep FTFD alive and and growing. 

    Ruse Kitten

    Yo, Chad just has some sick fucking vocals honestly, I find him to be in that fine line of bloody guttural and airy singing vocals.


    @***** it is true that the previous albums had better lyrics, that's honestly undeniable, while I still love this band, it's sad to see how much the song writing had changed, their songs used to be paragraphs long, whereas now with some it's just 5 or so sentences over and over, the vocals have gotten a lot better though, sad to see their lyrical merits slip away

    Mike Herman

    dude realtalk dylan wouldve turned ftfd into an a day to remember type clone if he had the chance

    code grim

    @Michael Walter Herman this

  48. dwmons

    New album anytime soon?

  49. Bigbearchris

    Finally this band is going back to their roots!

  50. Schmydtt

    Nice Song

  51. Derek Smith

    I was talking about when that dyaln guy was in the band with the referance to backstreet boys james holland.

  52. Jacob Arnett

    Hey, if you enjoy Metalcore, check out this band from the Cincinnati area:

  53. The Death In Me

    What's up everyone! We are a Metal/Hardcore band from North Carolina called The Death In Me. If you like FTFD, you may enjoy us! It would be awesome if you all could take a minute to take a listen to the songs we have on our channel from our new EP. We would love to hear your feedback! Thanks!

  54. eRic

    Chad, deoxyribonucleic acid makes you who you are.

  55. DutchMasterHC

    If you hear backstreet boys in this, I think you have an ear infection from going to too many of their concerts.

  56. Ethan Innis

    I don't know about you but I'm not hoping for a return to Changes. I want something completely new. Sure Changes was a hell of an album, but I want to hear what else Chad can do. Not just more Changes.

  57. lifexlovexlivin

    Bands will always evolve and it's always for the best when they don't give a fuck what their audience thinks. I hope their new album's not a remake of Changes, but something different (though I loved Changes to death and still listen to that sacred album). Whether I personally define it as equal to or better than Changes, only time will tell.

  58. Derek Smith

    By most of the logic in these comments, they should just re-record Changes. Makes no sense

  59. Chris D

    This song is alright, but I hope they go back to that more darkish, constantly changing guitar/drum notes with good transitions. This song feels rushed, and I know if they really want to, they can go back to the sound of Changes.

  60. chris x

    Changes over everything

  61. Ryan Winter

    When does the album come out

  62. Zone Based

    I'm fine without Pitch Correction: The Song.
    He was an incompetent vocalist. I've always liked the band, and that is my opinion.

  63. FL3M SH4DY

    They both represent the Mitten so fuck it.

  64. Far From History UK

    like this? you'll love this! :D /watch?v=olXnQPtS_SY

  65. Derek Smith

    After Chad left they became a pop metalcore band so that 15 year old girls could get wet over his tattoos, tight jeans, jean vest, and womens hair cut. Chad needed to come back so this wouldnt happen ever again. i understand every one has their own taste in music and i respect that but when you go from a heavy as fuck band to backstreet boys with breakdowns.......give me a break

  66. Adrianna Valdez

    Check out Strength In Numbers for some San Francisco Hardcore.

  67. Ding Dong

    Some say Dylan and some say Chad, ill reserve my judgement..... But what if there was both at the same time :O Dylan gave diversity and depth and Chad is more of a intense and heavy feeling, let us wish they were added together rather than subtracting them from one another :D

  68. Christian Johansen

    I like it ! I think it's back to the "changes" days, one of the far best albums in hardcore history!

    Anyway it's my fav album in my collection, So more of this YES! xD

  69. ZIon Anderson

    this song would have been amazing if the chorus had dylans clean vocals in it and wasent always screamed, imagine it, realise it, believe it, believe in my words, believe in me :p

  70. TK Motorsports

    The lyrics are boring. I hope the album is better. This is way too repetitive.

  71. jonathan kautz

    I really wish Dylan was still in the band. Relentless and Wasted Youth will always be two of my favorite albums.


    negative feedback is important sir

  73. FruitSalad yummy

    You sure you gave them a fair chance? This songs sounds like a lot of other more mainstream metalcore/hardcore bands. Their older shit was much more unique and still heavy as hell and really good. They had heavy songs, heavy mixed with melodic broken chords, epic songs, chill songs, and most of them were really respectable. This sounds like they hardly tried honestly. I wish I could say better, but oh well.

  74. JoshExplainsItAll

    Then piss off and don't comment.

  75. BeanieEnthusiast

    Its a single.

  76. BeanieEnthusiast

    the last two albums were awesome.

  77. BeanieEnthusiast

    How was Dylan a 'douchey' singer?

  78. BeanieEnthusiast

    wasted youth was amazing

  79. music?!

    Wow, I came to check these guys out because I'll be seeing them with Senses Fail this month, but god damn, this is an awful first impression. Half the song is just god awful chugging, the lyrics are nothing close to original, or even inspirational. In fact, lyrically, this has all the appeal and charm of a generic top 40 pop hit, musically, it's the equivalent of stomping your foot in to a mic and calling it a melody. Hopefully their other tracks are better.

  80. Jimmy Mc

    I like all FTFD


    the most generic thing ive ever heard/seen

  82. Antonio Souto

    roman numeral for 4 is IV. VI is 6 XD

  83. Bruno cruz

    Chad is a better lyricist than dylan , the lyrics of the changes and in this track are amazing

  84. jlink38

    Solid proof getting rid of a douchey singer doesn't get rid of a douchey sound.


    This band is dead. I'm done.

  86. JDobrzanski95


  87. MightyBrooks

    I tried listening to their other albums and I just can't get into it. This song sounds like a different band. I love it!

  88. MightyBrooks

    Correction fail LMAOLOLOLLL

  89. Theguy1015

    Holy Metal! Is FTFD comin back? In this song no sappy poppy clean vocal breakdowns. They just may be reviving themselves. I hear hint of earlier 2 albums guitars wise but... Like their first and second albums, nothin but the growls + a little clean vocals to compliment. If the entire new album is gonna be like this, I'll forget the last two, that .. well.. sucked. And I'll buy it. Maybe their listening to their fans...

  90. YoungGoldie


  91. Yeet Smith

    i've done it. i've found the least intelligent comment ever. anyone striving for that achievement can just go home now

  92. DarkTangentMetal

    correction fail.

  93. FrontlineGuitar

    YOU AGAIN. You're commenting on like every video I watch haha. Still love your PWD cover!

  94. xTylerBurden

    you are stupid. it can also be "IIII" and not only IV. both works.

  95. kcl902

    i really like this but i wish the lyrics were a tad louder

  96. LandonHerockMusic

    Im glad to see there going back to Changes.