For The Fallen Dreams - Perceptions Lyrics

Breathing in and out as they point to the man,
As he lays a gun in his hand.
Looking through the window at him,
No sign of breathing. Breathing.
Running around,
I'm running around again.
Back and forth,
Back and forth,
I'm breathing.
In and out,
In and out again,
And again.
Running around,
I'm running around again.
Back and forth,
Back and forth,
I'm breathing.
...And in this dream I had of you,
If I could say one thing to you.
Our dreams won't die.
They'll never go away.
I find myself reaching backwards for him.
No sign of breathing.
Looking through the window at him, at him.
For the promises you've made,
And all the lies you've portrayed,
Forever in those eyes...
Hopefully you will find what your looking for
And maybe someday you can
Realize that the pain only holds so deep.
In this moment, in this day
We will hopefully find underneath all the lies
And somehow find our way, and somehow find our way...
Our dreams won't die.

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For The Fallen Dreams Perceptions Comments
  1. Still life

    anyone in 2019?

    Shao Dynasty

    We out here fam

    Hollywood Funk

    About to be in 2020!! STILL bumping ALL the FTFD albums

  2. Madhav Gupta

    Can't decrypt the initial few moments till he reaches the running around back and forth part. He says Sire you're brain dead-you lost your life as a broken beat horse following/tailing the very people that loved you so the fickle chase of life which comes back to you in the doomed reality and haunts you amidst the dark-winds of the night with a load of fallen brotherhood to forewarn you sinner that this a loosing battle till the end-running around again. All the irritations, frustrations and non-senselessness end with death.

  3. Sasha Czermisin

    Wiki says this is Dylan, this is definitely Chad

    Brian Quillo

    Sasha Czermisin this is definitely Dylan

  4. pariah.bandofficial

    If you guys like older ftfd with Dylan then definitely checkout our single "West Ave" thanks!

    Evan Kees


  5. Tim Mcgra

    damn dude they did vocals so overpowering, it almost ruins the instrumentals, god damn mix your shit

  6. DiscipleOfSound

    Where did they go wrong?

    Swiggity Swootie

    DiscipleOfSound they didn’t.

  7. Stoned Umaruto


  8. MAKrampage

    i wish ftfd's new album was more like this album. i really like the small touch of clean vocals on this album and they really fit in and arent too forced like they are on backburner and wasted youth. the new album is pretty good though its just missing some cleans in my opinion. anyway relentless will probably always be one of my favorite albums.
    Wasted Youth < Heavy Hearts < Back Burner < Changes < Relentless


    I agree 100%. But Chad couldn't sing if he tried. He's a very bland vocalist. He sticks to one range of screams and thats about it. Dylan was way better imho but only on this album (where it showed his actually range).

  9. DeviantSyndicate

    I need to change my pants.

  10. Metal Conquest

    There is.

  11. Coco Zimme

    70% of wasted youth does sound like this. Lead guitar is still there. only thing off is drums and vocals. And I personally loved dylans vocals.

  12. Dropdeadpanda x

    i like how they sing one line XD

    Jirawat Sangsuriyan

    Dropdeadpanda x agreeeeeeed

  13. blackbeltdude77

    all of their earlier songs from "changes" and "relentless" does

  14. Tormented

    Richter's growls were the number 1 ladykiller on Rise Records before shitty overly feminine frontman for bands started taking over the label.

  15. Kurt Tanner

    I knew I couldn't have been the only one to think that.

  16. CrabChapperz

    0:55 sounds like romance is dead by parkway drive

  17. Jason Fontaine

    1:08 my fav breakdown by ftfd

  18. DGDSnSFoo

    My favorite song and album from FTFD. I have some lyrics tatted on my stomach.

  19. Alex Calabro

    Shut the fuck up with these stupid sub genres. METAL IS METAL. THIS IS METAL. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEADS.

    Brian Quillo

    Alex Calabro nah

    Jeff Bell

    That is actually an incredibly ignorant statement and please don't ever let me hear you say the phrase "metal is metal" ever again. Thank you.

    Grippingjoker GR

    @Jeff Bell guys he is right stop being metal elitists

  20. Lenn Decimated

    Should've just replied to me. I didn't see your comment until now……
    Listen I'm really sorry for the rudeness. I was built up on something that was irritating me. I don't think I'm better than you at all or anyone for that matter. It's not about that, dude. Sorry for what was written those months ago

  21. Tyler Diederichsen

    nothin metal about them

  22. kendall deleon

    fine then bro im wrong your happy now? u need a cookie because you think your better than me

  23. Drew Elder

    i said that a long time ago man, i realize i was a dumbass back then

  24. kendall deleon

    @SkyyVodkaa ok man but it wouldnt be metalcore with singing almost all sub genres of metal and what not have singing metalcore should have none to breake the genericness

  25. SkyyVodkaa

    @135034pcti That isn't true. Technically you would be right to say it doesn't make sense for a Metalcore band to have singing, but a lot of bands under the Metalcore genre have singing.

  26. kendall deleon

    @135034pcti to me theyre more of a progressive metal band

  27. kendall deleon

    @OrangeCounty92 killswitch is metalcore that is true its just that wen i type in metalcore i get bands that dont incorparate singing there fore i conclude there is no singing but u can if u want to

  28. OrangeCounty92

    @135034pcti There is singing in Metalcore like Killswitch Engage?

  29. Relapsemon

    Everyone spam the replay button!!!...or spam skipping to the end

  30. ginganinjabamf

    really this has been up almost a year and not even 10,000 views? what a shame..

  31. kendall deleon

    fine be ignorant

  32. Drew Elder

    @135034pcti you have to be stupid to say that. Miss May i, as i lay dying, the plot in you, of mice and men, etc etc all have clean singing. i dont know what you classify that stuff as but whatever you call it your probably wrong

  33. kendall deleon

    @slipknotrocksman666 im telling u if u want metalcore listen to abr and parkway

  34. kendall deleon

    @GuitarPlayerSkater1 theres no singing in metalcore u kno tht right ?

  35. ponceclovis

    fuckin ads

  36. MetalHead080

    @abeautifumistake187 sounds like Romance Is Dead :P

  37. Drew Elder

    @slipknotrocksman666 This band is straight up hardcore, or at least they were on Changes and Relentless, but now their closer to metalcore. unfortunately.

  38. Aaron Brady

    There not even Post Hardcore to me, there more metal, and hardcore, with clean vocals, they remind me of a As I Lay Dying, more like a metalcore:)

  39. ghgi81

    some how man must die has more views

  40. Jeff Morris

    @zip747 Yea, it's pretty much riff plagiarism if you ask me. However, the rest of the song is different enough to stand on its own.

  41. zip747

    @abeautifumistake187 yeah doesn't it sound like Romance is Dead!?

  42. Orion Pax

    Omg i love this song...
    One of the best breakdowns ever....

  43. Orion Pax

    Omg i love this song...

  44. wasitnice

    This song needs a video...

  45. Sirens Of SE-WI

    for the fallen dreams is one of the most under appreciated bands ive ever seen. theyre too good.