For The Fallen Dreams - Falling Down Lyrics

And I'm thankful for everything I have
I'll make you proud never take this for granted
Sticking to my side, before your judgement of me

Pushing through, all the bullshit to make me happy

I found faith in myself and I will always remember
Your intentions
Come on

I'll never think that again, I'll never think that again
Above everything else, above everything
I'll never think that again, I'll never think that again
Above everything else

And I'm thankful for everything I have
I'll make you proud won't forget this

Now inside, now inside, inside me
Now inside, now inside, now inside me

I'll keep all these memories till my ending
I'll keep all these memories till my ending
I'll keep all these memories till my ending
I'll keep memories till my ending

Now inside, now inside, inside you
Now inside, now inside, inside me

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For The Fallen Dreams Falling Down Comments
  1. Grippingjoker GR


  2. Logan DeMott

    Who's listening to this in 2018

    Grim Zombie

    Ugh so nostalgic

    Jaecob Hageman

    2019 still rocking this shit 💀💀

    Grippingjoker GR

    @Jaecob Hageman FUCK YES

  3. jarl-caysen

    the ending is cathartic

  4. Alex Williams

    Who did guest vocals on this? Its sounds like Matt Hastings of MCMB

    Kyle Thorstad

    It is.
    Joey Sturgis recorded Unbreakable and Changes around the same time.
    The FTFD guys did the gang vocals on Unbreakable.
    The MCMB guys did the gang vocals on Changes as well.

    Alex Williams

    Thanks for solving the mystery man. I knew CHad did guest vocals on Headshot! but I wasn't show if Matt did guest on falling down.

    Oana dede

    Kyle Thorstad

  5. Gray Anderson

    I was just thinking that too dude.

  6. jimftfd

    It is ;)

  7. Chris


  8. Bryan Scott-Mac Kenney


  9. Damaris Rodriguez

    Needs more views

  10. Caleb Marshall

    i like how dylan is in the band picture.

  11. Rick Marcinowski

    I'll make you proud, never take this for granted! ba dum dum dum bow ba dum dum dum bow ba dum dum dum bow ba dum dum dum bow ba dum dum *insert melodic part*

  12. Jp Alva

    inside an adic, hallutionations causing static, is this magic ,witchcraft, ill epmpty out your medicine cabnit,ok ill admit im an adict,have you had it, im just a lost kid,attracked to an active,life path, iv gota get my life back, from these demonic icons,that have my mind washed,and crossed, with there demonic plots. im not a cost, a number that has no thoughts, iv got a conscience

  13. mastrgamr

    this song is a masterpiece, lyrics, vocals, drums, and guitars

    I love the ending riff.

  14. ashton bowerman

    such a gorgeous album.

  15. Thanh Cross

    great song

  16. OrangeCounty92

    @XxTheCleansingxX I like deep growls makes the music heavier and if they have some very heavy breakdowns then they become

  17. DeadSaiyan13

    Why dont they get more credit? They are similar to alot of mainstream bands but sound totally different. I discovered them a year ago and their my all time favorite band since. People dont pay attention to lyrics these days..

  18. larrybob141

    @guitatblabla third that

  19. guitatblabla

    I miss this FTFD.

  20. Devin Capriati

    @dpinny18 HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA yeah you just made my day with the comment back to that cleansing dude!

  21. Aric

    When I am depressed, I listen to Changes or Back Burner. Preferably back burner, but changes has great songs too. Their music helps me get over the bullshit and self-esteem burdens I've endured due to society. Thanks FTFD

  22. 9rmetal

    great song i love the drums in this song

    A B

    Andrew is f'n awesome

  23. Kevin Ebert

    @sexypilgrim22 haha yeah right.. you're an idiot if you really think that. U2 has a distinctive sound but for not their own sound and if you told someone who doesn't listen to this kind of music then you think it sounds all the same which means that it's not their own sound.

  24. Kevin Ebert

    @sexypilgrim22 Not really, they scream and have the singing like alot of bands do.. and they are a bit melodic. I've heard other bands like that, you can't expect a band to have their own sound nowadays.

  25. Kevin Ebert

    although i do love the newer for the fallen dreams music, this is and always will be the best stuff they've made. this is like different from any other band and the new stuff is like slowly getting into what other bands do.. making them less unique then they were when changes came out.

  26. Austin Travis

    @8GBnotEnough they make every band sound the same.

  27. metalhanded

    fans of this band seem very loyal to them based on YT comments. i think thats cool. i listen to lots of metal but core never really was my thing. what do superfans of this stuff think about my favs like soilwork, devin townsend, nevermore, in flames, darkane, opeth, scar symmetry, orphaned land, dark tranquillity, the haunted, amorphis, mercenary, nile, machine head, clutch, scarve, soulfly, FF, LOG, COB, TIP? all kick ass. what u think? ive seen most of them live and many core bands opened.

    Zachary Is Legend

    The haunted made me do it!

  28. justintyler716

    @WHitEChApeL092 Well I guess we all have our different opinions, I just wanted to to throw mine in there because I truly wouldnt say their one of the best bands of all time.

  29. justintyler716

    @11nikesb I wouldnt go that far, I mean their pretty good compared to most of the shit thats supplied today but there are bands that blow this one out of the water still.I would say their defenetly the best ambient/deathcore band I've ever took the pleasure in listening to(I truly dont like most ambient deathcore), and they are working hard to service their fans.But one of the best bands of al time?Ehhhh.:/

  30. XxXJasonVanityXxX

    Why is this AMAZING band SO under rated?! So not cool -.-

  31. Eduard Carrillo

    This song had meaning and it didn't stick to the generic "Fuck You Bitch" lyrics most bands play now of days, classic FTFD <3

  32. larrybob141

    Love this album and this song. Its good to always come back to

  33. obyrnproductions

    This song is completely amazing im glad that I live in michigan

    Silentx Killjoy

    6 years ago, i made this comment. Now, im crying. Simply music or those "Feels" from this music. STILL makes me who I am.

    Silentx Killjoy

    Still strong