For All Seasons - Speak To Me Lyrics

Feels like I'm drowning in all this noise
So much confusion that I can't avoid
I need to hear You, I need to hear Your voice
So disconnected, where is my joy?

So whether whispers in the calming of the wind
Or in the distant roar of thunder rolling in

Speak to me
Speak to me
Speak to me
Speak to me
Speak to me

Fear is an army that I can't outrun
All my defenses have come undone
Oh I need to feel You, I need to feel You close
Will Your love find me when I need it most?

Speak to me
Speak to me
Speak to me
Speak to me
Speak to me
Speak to me

I need to hear You, I need to hear Your voice
I need to hear You, I need to hear Your voice
I need to hear You, I need to hear Your voice
I need to hear You, I need to hear Your voice

Speak to me
Speak to me
Speak to me
Speak to me
Speak to me
Speak to me
Speak to me
Speak to me
Speak to me
Speak to me
Won't You speak to me

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For All Seasons Speak To Me Comments
  1. Verowatches

    I love this. I don't always want to feel like I'm waving my arms with the rest of the congregation. Sometimes I just want to lay back and chill but keep it holy. Thank you.

  2. Katie Wood

    Thank you so much for this gorgeous song. 'I need to hear You, I need to hear Your voice, Speak to me...' Brilliant. Please speak to me Lord, I am listening.

    For All Seasons

    so glad you found it and that it could minister to you today :)

  3. One Life

    every night in my prayers😊🙏☝

  4. Elisabet Briseno

    Came to my church tonight amazing didnt want it to end

  5. AlmaMusic

    My favourite song of "for All Seasons"

  6. Mike Pullmann

    How deep is HIS Love, HE wants to tell us about. Speak to me

  7. Jonathan Sanchez

    i like your music.

  8. David Gonzalez

    Muy bien hecho 👍🙏

  9. Brock Foxx

    Speak to me in all things God and fill me with your Holy Spirit! In Jesus name Amen and Hallelujah!

  10. Carol Purinton

    I am enjoying a song/season each month, and have looked forward to each new song,
    but when I heard that the next song after "Speak to Me" is cued up for the end of the week, my first thought was, "No...I'm not ready yet! I'm still processing 'Speak to Me'!" I wake up with it playing in my head, or I find myself singing various phrases at random moments.
    Washing dishes: 'I need to hear you; I need to hear your voice'
    In the car: 'fear is an army I can't outrun; all my defenses have come undone'
    Sorting the mail: 'speak to me'
    Such a powerful song!

    For All Seasons

    This is so kind Carol. Our hearts are so happy that you are able to worship through the daily activities of life through this song. Luckily, the song doesn't go away once the new one goes out!

    Carol Purinton

    ​@For All Seasons Dislodging this song would take a seismic loss of Clarity--the lies of this life would've started to make sense. Then I'd be in a Season of Self-Reliance. Ugh. Thank you for all your wonderful music! (and videos, podcasts,...).

  11. Garritt DuBois

    Beautiful song Emily and group.

  12. Padrino Reggie

    Wonderful song! I enjoy both the lyrics and the beat! This takes worship to a whole other fresh, deep, and ever-evolving level. Good work. This is my song for meditation a quiet praise!

  13. R Brill

    Great sound, beat, song. Vocals was hypnotic. Your song came up on an advertisement was hooked immediately. Keep it up.

    For All Seasons

    Thanks so much!

    R Brill

    For All Seasons dunno if people noticed as well that at 1:05 as the beat initiates, the red fireworks in the background starts lighting up in sync...coincidental or intentional? lol

    For All Seasons

    @R Brill 100% coincidence. When we went to edit it, we were blown away. As they say... God works in mysterious ways! ha

  14. Vincent Alfaro

    Loved it as soon as i heard it

  15. Nickkiselak

    What a great song

  16. Randy Bishop

    This speaks to me on so many levels

  17. Corey Gabrielle

    For all seasons helped me draw closer to Christ. To you guys in forever grateful.

  18. Studlio

    Thankyou so much for making your songs deep and so meaningful. Keep up the great work!

  19. Grace Wins Every Time

    You guys encourage me and my family so much! Thank you so much for everything you do and all the music you’ve been releasing!

  20. Roman James

    This song is so amazing!! It definitely is a season that I have gone through! Thanks y’all so much! Y’all are amazing!

  21. dmjames88

    Love the song!!

  22. dmjames88

    Love the song!!

  23. dmjames88

    Love the song!❤️

  24. dmjames88

    Love the song!❤️

  25. Ashley Ann Graham

    We all love the new songs.!!

  26. Maggie James

    Love the song!!💞 beautifully done!

  27. Michael Nelson

    This is amazing. Love you guys. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

  28. Emma Harrington

    so relatable and well put ❤️

  29. Dai Trevizo

    🧡😭Thank you for your music for letting God use you guys! I could relate to Speak to me! I have been asking God what is next for me in this season?

  30. Olivia Torok

    Such an awesome video!!!

  31. Mason Halstead

    This is my favorite video!! Also the song is AMAZING!💗

  32. Lizbeth Diaz

    i absolutely love this song soooo much <3333

  33. Katie Ziegler

    I’ve been reciting “Speak to Me” and “I Need to Hear Your Voice” over and over in my prayers lately as I’m walking through this season and I find that the more I meditate on His goodness even through the struggles, the more I’m reminded that I’m never alone in this and He is still always near even when I feel distant and far from His loving presence!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  34. A. H. Taylor

    Exceptionally potent...honest lyrics...and that trademark All For Seasons sound! Wonderful job, guys and gals. Keep doing what you do!

  35. PJ Jauregui

    Wow you guys did AMAZING on the music video!! Ya'll Are so impactful and amazing! God bless you guys, i can't see what the next season is! i'm stoked, love you all!!

  36. Madilyn Brooke

    love it!! 😍😍

  37. Roshin Varghese

    Wow you guys are awesome! Love the song! Keep creating! God bless

  38. elizabeth Jones

    I connect to these lyrics because I have been there. Awesome video!

  39. LMIG

    Always hitting us up with them nice beats

  40. Feliciano Thorpe

    Beautiful! this is like finding a diamond in rough

    For All Seasons

    Thank you Feliciano!

  41. Cathy K.

    I love your guys hearts. So well done. Keep listening, He is speaking. 💕Praise God for his goodness and faithful tender mercies to us. Better is one day, one moment with the King of Kings than thousands elsewhere.

    For All Seasons

    Amen. Thanks Cathy

  42. Leon Gage

    Yes! Great, love💃😎💪✌👏😍🙏🙌

  43. Mirax Andrax

    I need to hear your voice, thats my prayer LORD😙😙

  44. Marianah Rules

    On repeat wow never been touched by a song like this😢❤️❤️❤️

  45. Chris Hawley

    Doesn’t know God, just using lyrics

  46. Jelwin Paculanang

    Beautiful song...

  47. Genevieve Pierre Charles

    Amazing song and video! "Keep it up guys!

  48. Elijah

    Hume lake, thank you for giving this band the platform to show the masses of this amazing band. Keep going! amazing song!

  49. God's Grace

    love this song😙

    For All Seasons

    Thank you!

  50. Jonathon Cline

    The lyrics are inspirational and the video was so outstandingly creative and well synced. Thanks For All Seasons. God keeps using all your talents in amazing ways. Hope you visit Modesto again soon.

  51. The Knight

    Come back to Veritas again! :)

  52. Cameron Diamond

    I've been a long time fan and the new music is awesome! For All Seasons makes up the majority of what I listen to on a day to day basis.

    For All Seasons

    Thanks so much Cameron! That means a ton.

  53. Keegan Keelan

    Yaaass. Great concept on the video!! Enjoyed it

    For All Seasons

    Thanks so much!

  54. Jessika French

    Love you guys 💖

  55. Rayssa Barros

    Oii I'm from Brazil, I met this band for spotify and I found a great quality !! Hugs

    KaKy twins

    Brasil aqui

  56. william

    This is the first video I see someone oddly give a Thumbs Down...why!? Such a great song, how can anyone?!

    For All Seasons

    maybe they don't like California.... We sure do show a lot of it. haha


    @For All Seasons Not gonna please everyone, right? Still a great production

  57. Ian Shales

    Great music guys!!!

  58. Chad Northrop

    Love the choice of locations

    For All Seasons

    Thanks so much! We had a lot of fun choosing spots.

  59. Daniel Alvarez

    Awesome thanks!

  60. FAME

    Amazing video, can't wait for more from y'all! Btw, all this new music you're putting out is work: I listen to your podcast and for one a month, well done!!

    For All Seasons

    thanks so much!