For All Eternity - Vacant Room Lyrics

There must be more, to this vacant room that I've been sitting in.
Scratching at the walls, imprisoned in this state of mind.
Brought into life with no hope in sight.

Scratching at the walls of my new found home,
The paint sits deep under my nails,
A constant reminder of the attempts I've made,

To escape from this place,
To free myself from pain.
To loosen these chains.

To escape from this place,
To free myself from pain,
To rid my heart of hate.

Rid my life of hate.

My mind, an empty room with no windows to see through.
Isolated from the truth, from the truth.
Do my eyes deceive me by what they have not seen,
Freedom, the one desire that will never, never cease.

There must be more to this life of mine.
There is something deep inside
That testifies of a greater kind.
I cannot simply reach out for something better.
I sit here incapable of such a feat, predetermined defeat,
Unable to see past these walls around me.

My mind, an empty room with no windows to see through.
Isolated from the truth, from the truth.
Do my eyes deceive me by what they have not seen,
Freedom, the one desire that will never cease.

My heart,
It needs to change.

I need a change.
I need a change.

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For All Eternity Vacant Room Comments
  1. Gio Medina

    Excelente banda. Gloria a Jesucristo. 👏

  2. Holly333

    I love this band so much. I have no idea how they are not more popular than they are....

  3. Kenny Penny

    A constant reminder of all the attempts I've made

  4. Fabiano Santos

    Música maravilhosa!!!!!!!!!!! Perfeita!!!!

  5. Thiago Neris

    Arrepiei 🖤

  6. Oozie Tokes

    Someone in 2018😎

    Juan Souza


  7. Luca Rosa

    Best song in all universe.

  8. Israel Gonzalez

    Awesome extremely awesome B Blessed brother's

  9. Joshua Epperson

    Miss you guys <3

  10. Daniel Silva

    What a great sound! God bless you guys! And I'm waiting for a show here in Brazil 😍

  11. Mike Myers

    the weasel himself pauly shore weasing the juice right out of that drum kit

  12. Alice Da Silva

    I just met you and I love to hear

  13. Alice Da Silva

    you are awesome 😍

  14. Alice Da Silva

    my lives 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  15. D. Nijenhuis

    still unbelievable

  16. Anirudh Sen

    Your kind along with Islam are the biggest diseases to this planet.

  17. Sam Core

    Not bad.

  18. J H

    0:21 best part

  19. William Bontrager

    Bro...good music video. Love this band,. Can't believe the drummer sings and plays at the same time. Good cleans! Nice scream too!

  20. Shrugging Swampert

    and then baby jesus said. I NEED A CHANGE. In more than one way..

  21. Calbenmike

    Probably the best gutteralsI have ever heard since Christian Alvestam.

  22. Bel Vermillion


  23. Kyle Inman

    Okay, did anyone else notice they took this album off itunes and spotify to take the little dude standing before the gates out of the picture? 😂

  24. Dariø GR

    awesome band I hope this band still exist. they are nice

    mars bro

    Dariø GR Guy from future here,they just dropped an Album

  25. Sennin 110

    i love this band

  26. Stix Grim

    One of my favorite bands for sure. But this album has been removed from spotify, Fuck life...

  27. Law Dawg

    You guys go hard for Christ, soo glad my friend recommended you guys to me.

    Pimpin Crucible

    Law Dawg you should check out silent planet aswell especially their album 'The Night God Slept' they are very passionate

  28. Robyn Kuck

    absolute perfection!!!!! AMAZING!!!

  29. Zachary Bloom

    Never gave these guys a chance until recently. Bad move.

  30. Black People

    Late nights in the camaro listening to this jam!!

  31. Flavio Ceratti

    this band is amazing

  32. Daniel Davila

    ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dios que banda tan buena

  33. Ryan Rosendahl

    When that drummer comes in with the vocals I got such a rush! Fuck yeah! These guys rock!

  34. Alesino V

    Cuando vendran a chile !!!! 😱


    +Alexander Valdes Mañana :v

  35. Christian Fuller

    This made me to find my spirit to a center of my core

  36. Ben Smith

    First time hearing you lads and as a result I opened up iTunes, went to the store, and purchased Beyond the Gates and Metanoia. I greatly appreciate well composed music and you gentlemen knocked it out of the park. Must respect - keep pursuing your dreams!

  37. Jordan Whitt

    soooo beautiful. I hope one day they come to America!! specifically Virginia ;)

  38. fmf zn

    drummer, are you levi benton with the drums? haha

  39. Nel Bautista

    Christianity can be revive!! to God be the glory, they can save those kids who are astray thru their message..

    Black People

    Oh shut up, Satan will take their souls

  40. Nel Bautista

    clean vocals reminds me of cove rebers voice..

    Joshin Around

    Fuck yeah dude, I thought the same.

  41. Jason Easterling

    Love the band kool

  42. Core Essentials


  43. Aiden Pilot

    Vacant Room, Break of Dawn, Unharness, Beyond the Gates, The Divide, White Flame, and Awaken the Heart are FOE's best songs! Love this band so much, they're my favorite :)


    +Aiden Millar Just my thoughts mate!!!

  44. Juli M

    in luhvvv

  45. juanita gaitan

    loving this band since the first time I hear this amazing guys! 😍

  46. Aston Golden

    so fucking underrated

  47. Mary Ruiz

    El sonido... El screamer... Las voces limpias... La canción ... Todo es taaaan perfecto 😄

    Mayté Ruiz

    Hola hermana

  48. Danny Kubiak

    Best band on this earth, and im not sugarcoating it.

  49. Panda Go syndicate

    there really fucking good


    +Justin Todd They're* XD Just to be a troll.

  50. Daniel Foley

    Hallelujah. We need change father.

    Black People

    You need a hair style change


    +Black People lawdy you bald mah boi! #sendhelp #trololol

  51. Kingdoms

    wow im gunna keesh the hell out this song lololol ayyy lmao

  52. Jonny T.

    These guys are legit metal!

  53. The 80s Live Again

    everything is good brutal all the sudden the drummer starts singing he just swallowed some helium messes up the mood.

  54. Grimoire

    Any other bands that have catchy riff like this? Suggestion please

    iRFLeX Clear

    +Zai -Nanagear- ERRA .


    @smartalec96​ @Clear​ thanks :)


    The new Veil of Maya album.


    +iRFLeX Clear I just started getting into those guys. They're really great

    Stuart Baillie

    Aragami erra

  55. Linda Rosal

    This song!! <3 

    Mary Ruiz

    Vacant Room 😊😊😊

  56. Horror

    I love the parkway influence and I can hear Adept in there too. You guys are absolutely amazing. I can't wait to buy a full length from you guys!


    @Horror that sounds disgusting lol

  57. chan manalac

    One of the catchiest and melodic choruses i ever heard in my life. I even have it on repeat just on the part. Eargasm at its best.

  58. Matthew Rehnstrom

    Can't help but think of Levi Benton when I see the drummer



    Yung Newport

    He cut his hair off now and looks like the frontman

    Jackson Picarello

    Orlando Bloom comes to mind when I see the drummer. Funny, he could be his younger brother...


    haha look alike as hell!! lost brother of levi haha

  59. Kc Abalos


  60. AsteriónThaiFree

    Fucking Amazing. I hope you to come to Argentina some day :) !
    Could you post the Lyrics of this song please ? 

  61. Justin Smith

    The drummer is awsome!!!!

  62. Tyler Jackson

    I heard this randomly on my spotify. Somber chord progresh affected me in ways sweeps and random technical shredding could

  63. Giovani Cicconi

    Guys, you need to come to Brazil! ASAP!!!!

  64. Jacob Spiral Bryant

    I FAWKIN Love This Band

    Mayté Ruiz

    Me too!!

  65. Micah

    glad i found this band

  66. Maiker Rivas

    saludos desde venezuela! :D

  67. thehoulachan1

    this song... it made me blow a metaphoric load!.. until the singing....


    no offence to the singer, it was good vocals. I just feel it just didn't suit the song.

  68. iPlayXboxNaked34

    This band is flawless. If you don't like the cleans then don't listen to it. Stop your bitching

  69. EVAN

    the clean sounds so good! 4thumbs for the drummer who has amazing voice!

  70. Christina Hall

    People who hates on cleans shut up stop judging and being a stick in the mud

  71. derlvideos

    im really disappointed that this song has no breakdowns 


    Pretty sure 2:45 is the start of one....


    really ?


    @derlvideos yea dude, pretty much the end of the song is a breakdown haha

    derlvideos was sarcasm...well done

  72. derlvideos

    i know its apart of the genre.... but the clean sections with the power chords are getting really fucking annoying and repetitive... bi-polarcore

  73. Jonathan Sullivan

    I love this song so much! I can easily get lost in this. The chorus is gold to my ears. Lyric is so true, we all seek freedom in some way, shape or form.

  74. john malone

    Amazing. Shane you guys ROCK! 

  75. ILOVEROCK290

    Is it me or does the drummer looks a tad like Orlando Bloom?

  76. Damion Setzer

    They sound like a mix of some of my favorite bands. The cleans are amazing and add to the band so nicely. Great job guys!

  77. reefrunner

    not even a minute into having heard of this band...and I'm already hooked...

    Everett Martindale

    Love this band! Heavy metal with a dash of melody. LOVE IT!

  78. Adrian Zamora

    i dont understand why whiney high pitch sining is such a trend in metalcore now, kinda ruins the song

    Christopher Adam

    i think it adds to it... and it isnt whiney...


    Why are you posting this on all of their videos? This music clearly isnt for you, so piss off. 

    Deth Ro

    fuck you i fucking love his singing

    Pinball Mosher

    Yeah it sounds emo.  If the singing was better similar to Scar Symmetry's sound that would be better. 

    Everett Martindale

    The clean singing is just ketchup on the big Mac of metal

  79. Jarkess

    The drummer also looks like Orlando bloom :)

  80. Jarkess

    Wow first time I heard of this band I like them :)

  81. madi c

    get to see in 7 days :) getting excited

  82. preyfan

    amazing song. I love the lyrics. <3

  83. Sara Amaya

    Quiero ese batero para miiiiiiiiii*-*
    Son excelentes.

  84. Maculos Aquis

    drummer is insane drumming with vocals, also i like that the biggest guy is jumping around... guy is a beast

  85. the mry

    Amazing clean vocals, in love with 'Beyond The Gates' album.

  86. Helder 'The Answer' Correia

    Sound quality! greetings from Brazil. God bless you!

  87. AJK Productions

    So much respect for you dudes. Singing and drumming is not easy. Props all around!

  88. tank2003

    God Bless you brothers! your music lifts me up on high! Come to Mississippi. we should hang. And play Uno

  89. Виктория Флегонтова

    oh my god, you are amazing, clean vocal is amazing. Hello from Russia.

  90. Jeffery Torres

    i needed a change and you guys did just that

  91. Duckman118

    Metalcore is my favorite genre. My favorite bands are metalcore, August Burns Red, Misery Signals, As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, Oh Sleeper etc etc. I'm just sick of having these heavy bands force in terrible cleans that don't belong.

  92. Andy Vandy

    i can dig this!

  93. Brandon Sheets

    lol then dont listen to metalcore?

  94. Duckman118

    Those cleans are so bad. So sick of whiny vocals in metalcore.

  95. Paloma Oliveira


  96. Soulless

    Your drummer looks like Levi Benton from Miss May I :P