For All Eternity - Broken Hands Lyrics

Purpose, isn't found in my broken hands or my selfishness.
Everything they have told me has broken my spirit,
And it has left me, without a plan or a purpose for this life that I am meant to lead.
Meant to lead

I'm a broken man, I find no purpose in these hands,
I can't build anything for myself.
They have left me, with no guideline or outline of what or who I am meant to be.
Everything's unclear (everything that I see here),
So tell me what, what do you expect from me?

I'm just a broken man, gripping to life with a broken hand.
Broken hand

I wish (I wish) I had the strength to live a life,
A life free of regret. To live a life free of regret.

All these thoughts running through my head,
In my own strength, I think I'd just wind up dead.
Lend me a helping hand,
Someone teach me to be a better man.

It's like I've heard it all before.
Give me a reason to breathe or I won't breathe at all.

Living through all this pain,
Living amongst this hate,
I can't bear another day.
What could I do, what could I say,
That could make this pain go away,
What could I do, what could I say,
I can't bear another day,
And it's eating me away.

I am alone and cold, hopeless and broken and wretched with no place to go.
I am alone and cold, in desperate need of a purpose and a chance of hope.

I wish (I wish) I had the strength to live a life,
A life full of hope. To live a life free of regret.

Give me the strength.

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For All Eternity Broken Hands Comments
  1. seebeast78

    Love it

  2. XerxiezZ

    Best band ever ❤😍

  3. cargate credito mangas de putos


  4. Ryan Mayes

    Not exactly judging here but in my opinion, it takes more courage and honor to speak your truth about god then ignoring it all together. It’s not perfect but clearly shows. I like all kinds of metal but there are more emotions running through Christian metal than deathcore bands like Spite. Take Wage War for example.
    I’m a huge fan of metal all together but I can relate more to stuff like this.

  5. Israel Gonzalez

    Keep the faith God is good brother's

  6. Alice Da Silva

    i ❤❤

  7. Jason Easterling


  8. Calen Ellis


  9. matias 4


    Daku 88

    +matias 4 Non HORRIBLE!!!

  10. Jeremy Friesen

    0:00-1:29 Sweet Song!

  11. OMGawhiteguy1

    Reminds me of Donnie Darko 

  12. Loren Coon

    Cant decide between solid ground or this song haha


    there both so good but i like solid ground better

  13. Tyrell Merrick

    Wow just amazing.

  14. Bazz27

    Not bad at all, I can dig it.

  15. IPGtv Concert Videography (3.5k?)

    oh my god shut the fuck up

  16. ITurnMyBackToTheWorld777

    i agree

  17. AllGloryIsFleeting13

    I'm sure they would love to know how your band is so much better. What is that? Oh, you don't have a band? Please continue to tell them how they could improve when no one besides your mommy knows your name.

  18. This Bright Skyline Band

    Me and my Brother made a vocal cover of this song! If you could check it out and give us some feedback it would be awsome!!! :D Thanks

  19. Jesus Crust

    If you get rid of the clean vocals this would a bit better, but it's really good so far

  20. Flex Gz

    You guys are lyrical genius's

  21. RisingVapre

    Holy shit.

  22. Omni Codex

    I wonder why they decided to put bold Peter Dinklage on the album cover...

  23. James White

    The guitar melodies that go under all the verses are fucking unbelievable. Everything's starting to get stale in metalcore/post hardcore for me, but somehow these guys bring new life into it all... amazing!

  24. James White

    No it's just the standard metalcore stance, 'christian metal'... it's getting old and the same lyrical content recycled over and over is getting dull. This song however is fucking sick.

  25. James White

    Forevermore are quality, I'd rate these guys more highly though.

  26. Philip Lopez

    If u like this listen to Forevermore


    amazing band

  28. djent420

    1:08 best fuckin groove

  29. djent420

    Best fucking song can't get enough

  30. MMShns

    Like bots...? Isn't it obvious? :p

  31. John The Lustful

    The similarity of the avatar for the album cover, fapped twice as harder than wayners.I broke my hands and feet.

  32. Karlo Kupres

    this is one of the best songs i have ever heard

  33. SupremeCommanderSil

    So by conforming to the majority makes them more hardcore? I thought it was more extreme to have a positive message the majority of society rejects and not care that people ridicule you. When FAE get on stage and say "Hey, we're Christians" that takes more guts than saying "F this F that I don't give a F about anything". I honestly reckon the most "bad arse" bands are Christian. Sad thing is, people would see Satanist and New Age bands as more hardcore. Yet they're conforming to their audience.

  34. Nikki Bizeta


  35. Alexander Kode

    Amen brotha!! Lol. I remember back in the day when it first came out, it was the shit!

  36. TeethGaming

    Tibia love <3

  37. PrezDBagsDrumCoverz

    Cool story. Your songs are probably much more exciting.

  38. Kyle Reese

    Reminds me of a "For All Those Sleeping" kind of, any one else agree? That's not a bad thing, this is the third song i've listened to by For All Eternity and I instantly liked them.

    Jaden Doxtator

    Reminds me of erra a little bit

  39. Austin Sorell

    i wish there weren't so many bands like this that label themselves christian. they'd be more badass if they gave no fucks.

    Caleb Shaw

    Austin Sorell I actually disagree, I think standing for something important for eternity is better than standing for something that is important for nothing. Bands that stand for things that are important for nothing end up talking about crap on top of crap until it's mumbo jumbo about killing people and animals and things that don't matter which there are bands that do worse than that, which I believe is a disgusting thing to do to music.

  40. Alexander Kode

    Yeah no kidding! Oh and i checked out a few of your videos... tibia? ;D

  41. Phantom Liberty

    2:51 is when I max the volume. Every time.

  42. Jordan Eddy

    its been three years. Lets hope its soon.

  43. Alexander Kode

    This band is going to go far...

  44. crushjey


  45. Moth.

    This band is beyond fucking superb. Keep it up guys! You fucking rock!!!

  46. Elias Foussekis

    @bepymip yes I agree cant even believe it. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack. Between In a best female model 2012 exclusive interview she had mentioned about her strong abs with this 7 food items. i found it here ->

  47. 111UnderOath111

    Torn is the Veil - Mirrors

  48. Brandon Enright

    so sick

  49. Begbie !

    was not expecting the cleans, but they were awesome

  50. Laura_s_22

    woahhh! this is epic!!!!

  51. GrizzlyOne95

    Wow, such a powerful and beautiful song! One of my favs from this album.

  52. Nicholas MacNeill

    1:09 gives me chills everytime.

  53. anthony veilleux

    good band.... but i dont like clean vocal


    everything is good in this song , fucking amazing.

  55. Josh Scott

    Shane Carrol My Hero!

  56. 101metalfan2

    great song i am loving these guys seen them once and am seeing them again cant wait :D

  57. Farmuh Dawwg

    Whoever disliked this musnt have ears.

  58. DANGERw1ldman732

    AWESOME! Perfectt Metalcore

  59. Fenhawk11


  60. Jonnycreations

    Moshing since Birth 1989

  61. brendon micallef

    awesome!!!!!!! cant wait to hear the album

  62. Adam Bornflores

    no dislike so far, that's amazing! :)

  63. MrJackiisan

    Can't wait to hear this live in bendigo!

  64. Simon V

    So good, great work

  65. ohh wahh ah ah ahh


  66. TheJodalorn

    Omg I can't wait to see you guys Live, this album is gona be biblical! lolz

  67. mcicchetto23

    remembers me so much about the close your eyes last cd 'empty hands and heavy hearts' thats very good!

  68. Roberto Diaz

    available in stores & online, bitch please i have aTube Catcher
    (good song, you are awesome)

  69. DAVE -

    Everything has just improved on this new song. I hope the album is just as good as the song! This is the perfect mixture of heavy, and beautiful melodies mixed with clean vocals.

  70. victor almazan

    Pure awesomeness!!

  71. BoBar

    Oh yeah, it's sheer brilliance. Love it and cannot wait for the full album:)

  72. BoBar

    I have been waiting for this for soooooo long!