For All Eternity - Born Lyrics

Into this world, short of life,
Without breath, void of light.
Into this world, short of life,
Without breath, void of light.

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For All Eternity Born Comments
  1. SgtBeta

    Glad I could find this band, they are awesome, reminds me a bit of Monolith(Nexus and Voyager albums) :)

  2. Ryan Eckert Art

    anyone know why this album has been removed from itunes?

    Victarion Belaerys

    Its back now. It was removed due to distributor conflicts. Fans wanted it back to online services and they budged, so rejoice! Lol (:

  3. Dream Scape

    the money riff ^_____^

  4. Johnathan Mendoza

    my favorite band of all time !

  5. Jaylo

    the intro is perfect

  6. marco luque

    love those clean vocals , i used to hate it but i dont know why i love it now

  7. Im' Totis

    A need a Change!!!!!

    Deniz Costa

    True.... We need a change...

    Nomar Establishment Politics

    +Deniz Costa #Bernie2016

    Jordan Whitt

    +Nomar Establishment Politics No.

    Augustin Desprez

    That was exactly what I thought

  8. Jvcxb M

    THAT INTRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. G Taylor

    To rid my life of hate

  10. We Are All Connected

    Much love for these guys from chicago!

  11. grayson carlile

    Plz come to florida plz!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. zubat salvaje

    Buena banda

  13. simon brandl

    saw them at Parachute music festival the are awsome

  14. Songs4Fallen

    Just from the intro I knew the song would be amazing.

  15. TheTenderSquid

    Awesome band, awesome lyrics

  16. Zach GIngerich

    Really is annoying when people think that this is the bands YouTube channel.

  17. shkelqimAliu

    they're so underrated , amazing band !

  18. Derek Heron

    i love you guys.

  19. FaeloBianchi

    fucking band!

  20. Aidan Mansfield

    You're awesome :)