Foo Fighters - Young Man Blues Lyrics

You know a young man ain't got nothin' in the world these days
You know a young man ain't got nothin' in the world these days

You know in the old days
When a young man was a strong man
All the people they'd step back
When a young man walked by

But you know nowadays
It's the old man,
He's got all the money
And a young man
And a young man
And a young man
And a young man ain't got nothin' in the world these days

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Foo Fighters Young Man Blues Comments
  1. undersolo

    Almost got it, gentlemen...

  2. Lucas Prado

    The Who

  3. Smufter16

    I knew at 0:29 this was a good but not great performance. The Who set the bar way too high....they outman this band at every position. Just too strong. But kudos to the FF's for bringing YMB to the Millennials. The message remains true as it was 50 years ago...even worse today.

  4. Charged Hellhammer

    Rubbish, doesn't sound even close to The Who's performance. Whats up with that at 4:00!? Just playing the Same three notes for more than half a minute!

  5. Ross G

    Sorry America, but this is poor. Terrible vocals, Daltrey at 100 is better.

  6. Ricardo Feldmann

    Not even close.

  7. bostonwhofan

    You won't find a bigger Who fan than me.......and this is AWESOME!!!!! Such a great cover! BTW, I'm going to see The Who at Fenway Park in Boston on Sept 13, 2019!!! I can't wait!

    Emilio Montes de Oca González

    How was it?

  8. Jason Geer

    Was at this! Superb!

  9. Ian Black

    From a Who fan, this is a great version. Also checked out the Joe Bonnamassa version, and again, it had a different slant.

    Richard Barrow

    The who covered it as well. Mose Allison wrote it in 1957.

  10. LeftyandFriends

    Lol. Lame ass.
    And now a real band..

  11. abt7217tc

    how embarrassing

  12. Fred Weiss

    Absolutely not impressed.The Who were The Who.And they really had steam on it.And Keith always a feast for the eyes on the drums.These are weak guys.

    Bubbas Ernie

    Fred Weiss lol, weak guys. These are modern day rock and roll legends. Dave Grohl is almost worth 300 mil and was part of Nirvana which had a diamond selling record with Nevermind. Smh.


    @Bubbas Ernie all the same and money mean nothing if you dont have good music. they are like mcdonalds millenial rock...generic sellouts

  13. Sci Ense

    now listen to The Who Young Man Blues (Live At Leeds)

    op 23-5

    Me too‼️

  14. Jack Murphy

    Song is originally by Mose Allison and best known is the version by the Who.  Foo Fighter's version is okay but the best version I've ever heard is the one by Joe Bonamassa at the Beacon Theater.  If you like this song do yourself a favor and check it out.  Joe B. on guitar and Tal Bergman on drums are unbelievable!

  15. Rafael Meneses

    i did not know the whos fanbase was so fucking annoying... the original version is good but thats it. go rub one and go to sleep people nothing to watch here.

  16. ora ploa

    Je préfère la vèrsion des WHO il de White et live at leeds 😳🤪👍

  17. Spacial

    They obviously have talent, why did they have to imitate, (badly) The Who, Live At Leeds version?
    Does no-one have any original ideas? Do modern musicians have to imitate bands from the 60s all the time?

    TeeGee Tan

    You completely miss the idea of what the Foo Fighters is all about, then.

    Also, just because they tried to play a song they didnt make doesnt mean that they don't have any original ideas.

  18. Maximus Attackus

    THE WHO live at the Isle of Wight is much heavier , louder and better

  19. Larry M

    What a butchering of a great song. Live at Leeds is the only way to listen to this one.

  20. Patrick Jordan

    three guitarists attempting to get the sound The Who with one!

  21. TheRockerxx69

    Not even 100 miles near the Who s

  22. halcyon289

    And the point of that was what exactly ?

  23. Dr. Larry Mitchell

    He ain't got sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet fuck all!!

  24. Green Haze

    Man this is shit.

  25. Richard Patik

    I grew up listening to The Who. There’s always an edge in Pete’s guitar, Roger’s vocals, John’s bass and Moon’s drums — none of which I hear in this rendition. At least these guys must admire them enough to play this great song.

  26. soul man 77 wayne

    the who would blow them off the stage

  27. E K

    Well that was fun...I don't what's with the all the haters...yea yea The Who is great, but this was great too, you can' t say that mashed the song up...they respected it well and did with honour. It was great, you haters just get off the internet. I love The Who's and this was powerful, tight and great sounding.

  28. Mr1945pete

    The Who Tanglewood 1970. I was surprised by how much of a lack luster performance Dave Grohl put into this song. The drumming is great but the vocals suck. You realize how much better Daltry is as a front man.

  29. GroovingPict

    lol, all the snobs in this fucking comment section... Pete himself would punt each and every fucking one of you

  30. Joelyon Morrison

    People on here saying The Who wrote this song. 😂


    Mose Allison.

  31. garypetrol

    Holy crap...all you Foo fans need to go watch The Who Live At Leeds version to see how this should be played....this is fucking horrible

  32. Hughe

    These guys are simply wannabes wtf This drummer can't touch Keith Moon He sucks!!

  33. rolling and tumbling

    time to be funny, time to pretend while your drummer find a new stick

  34. Ivo Ponduša

    *Great Mose Allison cover!!!*

  35. Papi Chulomin

    Trying to play a song by The Who and actually sound anything like them, is like a 12 year old trying to keep up with a cheetah.

    *It. Just. Ain't. Happening.* Not even The Who can match The Who of 1970.

    Richard Barrow

    It's not by the Who.

    James Jackson

    The Who didn’t write it.

  36. Michael Chambers

  37. James Charlton

    Song made great by The Who, not done justice by the F.F.'s (and I'm a fan of boh. Over contrived, and nowhere near the sheer raw power and virtuosity of The Who, live. Listen to their performance at the Isle of Wight. Nuff said

  38. Sandro Wagner

    Man... 3 guitars that don´t do a good job of only ONE GIBSON that Townshend used to play when Who cover this song on Live At Leeds! #ShameOnYou

  39. Bob Marley

    The who fighters

  40. J 16

    great band but nobody out whos the who

    Tony Dardi

    J 16 You’re right. Some things are just better left alone.

  41. Andy Ayala


  42. Stefan Hamilton

    I don't see the point, you will never play it better than The Who, or as well.

  43. Rafe Sanger

    I dont get all these comments saying this is bad...
    I think this is a great cover. I think it blows Bonamassa out of the water, I think its better than The Who at Leeds. Just sayin.

  44. James Ebola

    How do I tell this nicely...YOU suck! The who is 1000 times better.

  45. Mark Rice

    Hey I'M not a foo fan by any means, but they did that song well, it wasn't great but it didn't suck that's for sure I think Townsend would like their version

    curragh 42

    Mark Rice lol. no he wouldnt. and I'm foo fighters fan. Why even attempt this

    Mark Rice


    curragh 42

    @Mark Rice live at leeds is,probably greatest live album ever..I don't know.. I love dave.i kind if wish they would do stuff off first 2 albums more

    Mark Rice

    currah 41 Maybe I'M wrong but are the foo fighters better than that,I DON't know I like one song they have done, Who let Dave be the lead singer because he can't sing he can yell but he can't sing

    curragh 42

    @Mark Rice yeah great band man. They have changed alot over the years tho

  46. Ming

    Nah, it's all about that bloke who broke his leg and his massive ego. The Who was a collective of individuals who liked playing R&B.

    Corvus Corvidae

    Yeah. There were no massive egos at all in The Who. ;-) Anyhow, this was ok but pales in comparison to The Who.

  47. Jorge Perez

    The singer, of course, is not as good as Roger Daltrey, the drummer is not as good as Keith Moon and the bass player, specially, doesn't even attempt to play like Entwhistle...

  48. frankyforearmsnycnh1


    Zander. H.

    frankyforearmsnycnh1 so if you covered a song you’re a poser?


    @Zander. H. - no but these guys are, for their level of fame they choose to try and glean some fame off the old bands when its not happening

  49. alberto santos

    Booo! Fighters

  50. Yeah Whatever

    load of shit and the drummer is so slow that it's so funny lol.

    Humza Ahmed

    Wyatt Nash Taylor Hawkins is slow? You have no clue what you're talking about.

    Yeah Whatever

    Humza Ahmed
    yes hes really really slow
    nothing compared to Keith Moon

    Ashton Vartanian

    Wyatt Nash Nothing compared to Keith. You're right, but I don't compare them. Just because the Foos are covering a song from The Who doesn't mean that it has to be the exact same note for note, beat for beat. So, because your comment is asinine, I'm gonna say fuck you.

    Curtis The Drummer

    Wyatt Nash If you think Taylor Hawkins is a slow drummer try playing most of his fills in any Foo Fighters song without messing up once.

  51. British-mechanic

    People saying it's not as good as the who 😫 their not the who, their a bunch of guys having fun and rocking out, that's what it's all about! Would u rather have some X factor loser on the telly or these guys. Oh and I love the who with passion


    Amen!...came here from the Isle of Wight and this was fun.

  52. Studs Ramrod

    Stick to what you know in future lads, no-one can match The Who!

    Ashton Vartanian

    Studs Ramrod They aren't trying to match them. This is their rendition of the song.

  53. Sebastián Serrano


  54. Walter Goldstein

    That did really suck

  55. urmero67

    This is an awful version by an awful band. The Live at Leeds version can"t be touched.


    urmero67 I agree. The Live at Leeds recording is remarkable


    Phil Goldring He’s worse.

    Andy churches

    @karl Joseph Clarke* Isle of Wight *

    Nima Rafiei

    Young Vic, 26 April 1971. Fastest, angriest, and most in your face version The Who ever played live!

    Yasser Daychoum

    Isle of whight>>>>>

  56. MultiDarkSquall

    But it´s one guitar, played by Pete Townshend! Of course it would be better

  57. Orrin Black

    @blakkat41 its a cover of course its not the same as the original

  58. |• DeLta •|

    The Who only had one guitar and it still sounded better.

    the who

    Sahara fire fox XD Foo Fighters don't have John Entwistle or Keith Moon 2

  59. 97DMC


  60. charlon batta

    these guys are rock gods


    yes the who, not the foo

  61. HunterGatherer

    Hey! Look at you! Look at me! Look at me! Get the FUCK out of my show! You don't come to my show to fight, you come to my show and fucking dance! xD Dave is awesome.

  62. mrcadzilla

    He can never be Keith Moon.

  63. tiemyshoes92

    incredible. cant say much else. I love them unconditionally

  64. xennex

    if kurt not died maybe we will never watching this video

  65. Edgar Mendoza

    super BIEN¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  66. Martyn MacDonald

    Dave grohl is so like jesus that he doesnt wear any shoes.


    and thinks he is with that ego to match

  67. brengf

    @AHybridMonkey Who cover

  68. Martyn MacDonald

    @AHybridMonkey where you the guy who got kicked out then?

  69. AHybridMonkey

    omg ive been trying to find this song :D i went to see them live in the itunes festival