Foo Fighters - This Will Be Our Year Lyrics

The warmth of your love's
Like the warmth from the sun
And this will be our year
Took a long time to come

Don't let go of my hand
Now darkness has gone
This will be our year
Took a long time to come

I won't forget
The way you helped me
Up when I was down
And I won't forget
The way you said
Darling I love you
You gave me faith to go on
Now we're there
And we've only just begun
This will be our year
Took a long time to come

The warmth of your smile
Smile for me little one
And this will be our year
Took a long time to come

You don't have to worry
All your worried days are gone
And this will be our year
Took a long time to come

And I won't forget
The way you helped me
Up when I was down
And I won't forget
The way you said
Darling I love you
You gave me faith to go on
Now we're there
And we've only just begun
This will be our year
Took a long time to come

And we've only just begun
And this will be our year
Took a long time to come

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Foo Fighters This Will Be Our Year Comments
  1. joe gongora

    I'm glad the Foo Fighters covered this song. A very fine choice of music.

  2. Alejandro Montoya

    Piece of shit

  3. Carolina Dominguez Vasquez

    This will be my wedding song

  4. Walter Jimenez

    Daisy me encantas mucho y en ti esta lo que un hombre desea


    Cool cover!
    xoxo The Clarences

  6. Ray Fenwick

    Foos do The Zombies whilst channeling ELO? 3 of my favourite things in one fantastic cover! How the hell I've not heard this before now is a total mystery to me!

  7. bpabustan

    Not a bad cover by any stretch. They will never equal The Zombies' original but this shows that they are huge fans of The Zombies' music. I think The Foo Fighters are HUGE HUGE FANS OF CLASSIC ROCK. This is enough evidence.

  8. Henrik A

    Sounds like Taylor on vox and Dave on drums, apparently isn't though? Decent cover.

  9. Mustachio360

    Man I heard the original for the first time and it was driving me crazy because I knew another band had covered it and I just needed to listen to it for like 5 min till I could hear Dave's voice

  10. Livin like Larry

    Dave Grohl’s voice is the best thing I’ve ever heard

  11. The Ban Man

    WOW! Never knew they did a cover of this!

  12. Niki Dettman

    This was our "First Dance" song at our wedding! Couldn't have my special day without the Foos!

  13. Natali DeMaggio

    Lol some what’s “best” is totally subjective to the person listening. Everyone’s taste is different. That being said, I MUCH prefer this cover to the original. I personally couldn’t appreciate the actual music in the original the way I could here and I love his singing voice better. To say one is better than the other is purely an opinion standpoint. I love it when artists take something awesome and make it better.

  14. Basteal

    I can't believe this s*** this is one of my favorite songs I didn't know Foo Fighters did a remake of it

  15. Bradley Handicappuccino

    "Mad Men" brought ME here. lol

  16. Fanfan MentalistFictions

    I prefer this cover.

  17. Shawn Cotton

    Sweet jesus, this is horrible.

  18. Sean Rose

    Original brought me here.. love their version!!! But gotta love The Zombies

  19. Tommy Dayzie

    The foo fighters are just objectively not good

    DC Chronicles

    Tommy Dayzie zero likes in 7 months how wrong you were

  20. rodri gutier


  21. theonlyantony

    Nowhere near the power of The Zombies original. Too lazy, too celeb!

    DC Chronicles

    theonlyantony sounds like the Zombies were just too basic and unpopular

  22. Dan Connors

    Vote now! The Zombies (the band who originally wrote and recorded this song) need your vote to get in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by 12/5/17. Use this link now:

  23. molly obrien

    Foo Fighters. They changed my life. In more ways than one. I wish I could have just one minute of their time to thank them. For everything. The hope. The happiness. The emotions. The complete relief. They mean... so much too me.

    Boru X

    molly obrien

    Love it Molly - lovely reply

  24. Pagan Jon

    Good version 👌

  25. Sarcastic Critics

    Dave never sing this live? I really wanna see it

  26. Gal Beeri

    the zombies brought me here

  27. jackster1212

    Not bad... but the Zombies original is still better... though, admiration who loves it enough to cover it.


    It's not a dirge.....Foo Fighters overrated as bad as Zombies underrated.....I miss Nirvana.

  28. Fania Major

    me to andere it was nice

  29. Paul C

    Hard to say..better than the original..less "rushed"..reveals the beautiful chord changes

  30. wikydansa

    Brick brought me here too *_* =)

  31. Nicole Bailey

    is this song on iTunes?

  32. Kelli Owens

    This was the perfect song for brick. And he nailed it..

  33. Kevin Cowell

    Brick killed this song on The Middle.


    freaking love the middle


    freaking love the middle

    Adam_kota_say Games

    +Natalie Belay yes

    antonia eccleston

    Nah the Foo Fighters killed it. #TheZombies

  34. Ryan M

    The middle brought Me here

    Roberto Ortiz

    +lemon tiger haha me too! such a heartwarming song!


    +lemon tiger I really enjoyed what they did in THE MIDDLE with this song!

    Strategy Timelapses

    Ryan M I was an Extra on the middle during that episode, third row of graduation peeps. Great crew, really kind. Even fed us breakfast, which most studios dont :p

    Deb Aykit

    Thank you!!! I couldnt remember where I had first heard and fell in love (and cried my eyes out) with this song!! I just finished s2 of Mrs. Maisel and heard the Zombies do it...but Bricks version has my heart ❤

  35. Only Tany

    How can i get this song? The link won't work and i would to own this song.

    Lounge Act

    just use

  36. Tom Hopper

    Horrible. Sorry.

    Raven Hadjen

    Horrible. Sorry.

    Tom Hopper

    Horrible. Sorry.

  37. Emily Davidson

    Oh lord I'm softening in my age. I have found this last year about 5 things I think are interesting or like about the Foo Fighters. Including this cover.
    Damn you Dave Grohl with your thin voice and questionable drum skills and your Nirvana coattails. You've grown, developed, and put your money to good use. Who do you think you are?Kris Noveselic?

    Emily Davidson

    He actually spells it multiple ways. Is he Krist again?

    Emily Davidson

    I didn't realize I spelled Novoselic wrong which I clearly did.Good looking out. thanks :)

  38. Clark W

    Yes the Zombies version is fantastic, and so is this cover. There's room in this world for both versions (and hell, I just found the OK Go cover today, good in it's own right).

    David Nicholson

    @Clark W

    Clark W

    Nice! Such a great song. Thanks for the link.

    Clark W

    @Chris Hayworth Seeing the Foo Fighters this past summer really highlighted how much these guys simply love music. They play covers because it's the music they loved growing up, and the tunes are what inspired them to be musicians. The throne Grohl sat on during the show was amazing, and he rocked OUT on that thing.

    Journeyman Man

    +Clark W The OK Go version is complete horseshit imo. The original melody is romantic, the Foo Fighters have captured it perfectly - this is beautiful, OK Go totally abandoned it - sounds awful (again, imo).

  39. ferdsup

    Foo in a british mood...

  40. George Drew

    Foo's are good but 'The Zombies' album from which this track is covered from 'Odessey and Oracle' is a must listen to!

    Sean Rose

    George Drew hell yea!

  41. Caroline Koziol

    ok i love the foo fighters and all but the original is so much better that it's not really debatable. This Will Be Our Year - The Zombies

    Space Hop Pro

    Idk maybe it's because I heard the foo's version first but I like theirs better. The zombies version is good too but feels rushed.

    Paul G

    I can understand that. The Zombies version fits well with the mood of their album, Odyssey and Oracle. If you haven't, I highly recommend listening to that album from start to finish. It is a grittier more psychedelic Pet Sounds.

    KyleExoticDesertMan X

    I'm just glad this band knows good music

  42. MandrillSlash

    Medium Rare

  43. sierkkanis

    Odessey & Oracle

  44. Kelly Martin

    <3 Love!!

  45. domino48094

    What album is this song on?


    Originally? Odessey and Oracle by the Zombies. One of the greatest albums ever released. Every track is fantastic.

    Tom Ph

    Zombies were great. Amazing keyboard. Then Foo Fighters covered it and its on their Medium Rare album.

  46. Rigo The Poet

    The warmth of Dave's love is like the warmth of the sun.