Foo Fighters - Marigold Lyrics

He's there in case I want it all
He's scared cause I want
He's there in case I want it all
He's scared cause I want

All in all the clock is slow
Six color pictures all in a row
Of a marigold

He's there in case I want it all
He's scared cause I want
He's there in case I want it all
He's scared cause I want

All in all the clock is slow
Six color pictures all in a row
Of a marigold

All in all the clock is slow
Six color pictures all in a row
Of a marigold

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Foo Fighters Marigold Comments
  1. Spencer Kaufman

    Kurt <3

  2. Andreas Grands

    I remember when i first heard this song. It was a shock to me realising dave was singing although it was a b side in a Nirvana single

  3. resolve222

    I'm a Marigooooold 🤘💜🤘

  4. budirock original


  5. kellen menkveld

    This isn't really a foo fighters song. I think marigold is supposed to be a dark, cold, and cozy song not one that you move your whole body in time with. Still a great rendition tho.

  6. jbsmith82

    fuck you for for lining your pockets off of Kurt and turning a beautiful song into shit.....

  7. Sam Torres

    forgot to move the table

  8. A Neglected Stranger

    When you speed up to 1.25, it sounds like the 'Nirvana' marigold


    Thank you for the advice.

  9. Juan K Adam 10

    i like marigold foo fighters version , i love marigold nirvana version

  10. Ziggy Stardust

    Came here for the FF but the violinist is sooooo hoooooooot! They don't let me out much.The violinist is hot!!!!! Good choice Dave.

  11. Colton Shaw

    Kurt would be proud

  12. Tiago Fernandes

    I love this song!

  13. king wolf


  14. B Dulaney

    Is the gal playing the violin a Corr sister?

  15. Gytis Stankevičius

    I thought its gonna be Periphery's cover

  16. The Nonsense Buffer


  17. JoshDanielsMusic

    I love this song and I know it's not like hyper or heavy... but dat crowd is dead af!

  18. Luiz bastos

    when dave first started touring after nirvana dissolved, everyone in the crowd would ask them to play this song, but he refused to play it. but now foo fighters is such a successful band that i doubt that most of the crowd recognizes this song...

  19. Matias Salcedo

    Great song

  20. BoxOfCurryos

    How weird it must be for Dave to perform this song. He refused to do it when the band first started.

    can’t speak for Kurt but I’m definitely proud. I bet he never imagined himself performing this in front of Wembley

  21. Agustín Rodríguez

    Yeah marigrhol!

  22. rebirth70

    Wow. Don`t think nirvana would have lasted much longer, with this guys talent. He was gonna front his own band regardless of cobain. May have taken a few more years. God/Jesus bless and save all that read this.

  23. The UFOs

    Kurt would have liked this performance. Thank you, Dave, thank you, Foo Fighters.

  24. Tinovakhin

    Una gran canción, grabada hace años con Nirvana, la cual merece más atención por parte de los Foo Fighters, debería estar en un album sinceramente.

  25. Allek Krähe

    Uma das minhas favoritas. Foi composta ainda na época do Nirvana na gravação do In Utero.

    Guilherme Ávila

    Daleeee é o Kurt porraaa

  26. Tom Barnes

    Jesse Greene. That is all.

  27. Kardus Se Irama

    this song made by dave when still in nirvana.. nice...

    but. i'm still waiting foo fighters play nirvana song, whateva who will sing it

  28. Kain 128

    OH SHIT, a song from the Pocketwatch demos! (Yeah, technically it's a Nirvana song, but my mind just goes to Pocketwatch demos before the Nirvana version).

  29. Prasanna Srinivasan

    Bet Dave sang this with the heaviest of hearts...

    Ranae Jones

    Ikr?! 😢 I'm getting emotional just watching on my phone. Can't imagine if I was there 😭😭😭

  30. Prasanna Srinivasan

    They forgot to move a chair in the beginning of the song 😂

    Kain 128

    Underrated comment.

    Pepito la caca

    We understud the reference:)


    Best comment

  31. Prasanna Srinivasan

    This song is so addictive.
    This song wrecks my heart.
    I miss Kurt... albeit Dave sang the original..

  32. Александр Рудаков

    Привет из Российской глубинки. Эту песню на магнитофоне затирал до дыр... Спасибо, Фу Файтерз!

  33. Luke Foulds

    Love you save

  34. Dean Hood

    That orange guitar but. 😍

  35. PER3IRA

    Nirvana 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  36. Isabela Castro


  37. Zulandratronics

    This is ... Gold.. Marigold..

  38. hakeem m

    I wonder if Dave could ever imagine playing this song at Wembley while writing it

    Gary Dixon

    wot the fok yes dave grohl wrote marigold

    Muhammad Bilal

    this is a nirvana songs

    Penny Royalty

    Muhammad Bilal Dave wrote Marigold while in Nirvana.

  39. EJ2K



    Me too mann

  40. Leelo

    My favorite song of Nirvana LOL!!!


    Greetings from Argentina 🇦🇷

  42. Ted

    Top 5 nicest people ever
    5. Jim henson
    4. Fred roger
    3. Bob ross
    2. Keanu reeves
    1. Dave grohl


    Tbone Jones Johnny Depp is a major asshole on set

    Axl Rose

    1.kurt cobain
    2.axl rose
    3.dave grohl
    4.james hetfield
    5.bon jovi

    Tbone Jones

    @Oceans i know alot of ppl who are assholes at work and nice outside of work..


    Axl Rose is the biggest dick ever to journalists and everyone else

    Damjan Plamenac

    Yea Tom Hanks is an evil cunt

  43. Darla Tidwell

    This is good jam, very special tune by my heroes !!!! Love you Foo Fighters !!


    Gotta love them foos

    Darla Tidwell

    Zulandratronics Yes;!💓

  44. Alan Scott

    I was a huge Nirvana fan back in the day and I love the fact he still does this song.

    Nahuel Vilches

    Yeah but this was 11 years ago, they never play it again.


    Yeah they haven’t played it since 2010 :/

    Ranae Jones

    I would lose my mind if I heard this live 💙

    TRUMP 2020

    Well it was the only song he fully wrote while in nirvana & the only song Kurt didn't sing.


    @TRUMP 2020 a bunch of songs from the first foo fighters record were written in 1992 when Dave was still in Nirvana

  45. Suzana Nina

    What ,,,,,, U ,,,,", Fighting" @Suzana👣 Nina 👣

    Bigby Wolf

    I had a stroke reading this.

  46. Chernobog

    Aw hell yes.
    But you’re 11 years late.

  47. Emma Carmen

    this is my favorite song of all time i swear <3