Foo Fighters - Keep The Car Running Lyrics

Every night my dream's the same
Same old city with a different name
They're not coming to take me away!
I don't know why, but I know I can't stay

There's a weight that's pressing down
Late at night you can hear the sound
Even the noise you make when you sleep
Can't swim across a river so deep
They know my name 'cause I told it to them
But they don't know where and they don't know when

It's coming
When it's coming

There's a weight that's pressing me down
Late at night you can hear the sound
Even the noise you make when you sleep
Can't swim across a river so deep
They know my name 'cause I told it to them
But they don't know where and they don't know when

It's coming
Or when
But it's coming, keep the car running

There's this fear I keep so deep
Knew it's name since before I can speak, yeah
Oh, oh, oh, oh

They know my name I know them
Can't swim across a river so deep
They know my name but I don't understand
But they don't know where, they don't know when

It's coming
Or when
Keeps me coming, keep the car running

Keep the car running

Keep the car running

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Foo Fighters Keep The Car Running Comments
  1. J Navarro

    Super sick

  2. Sara Jane

    dear god it doesn't get better than Dave singing AF. fack!!!!!

  3. Boudreaux Broletariat

    just discovered this cover on the new ep. great footage

  4. Liam Constable

    It lacks the arcade fire oomph. Wish he had a sore throat when he sang this far too smooth for my liking.

  5. Paula Williams

    I just love it . love you guys so much love to see you in concert 💕

  6. Brenda S


  7. Adam Glenen

    damn that was awesome

  8. Melanie Boxall

    This is better than the original.

  9. Adam Gagan

    Dave if it makes you feel any better Win's fucked up the lyrics to this song live too lol. Great cover

  10. Kathy Scott

    Food fighters you have redeemed yourself! ♥️ Live arcade fire and this song.

  11. jay p

    Crowd is kind of in awe , probably have no idea who Arcade Fire is.... phenomenal cover .. would love to be at this concert and here a great Canadian band !

  12. TheRooster881

    Better than any song Foo Fighters wrote

  13. John Q. Spartan

    2:38 Cate Blanchett on Violin

  14. John Q. Spartan

    Now I want to hear Arcade Fire cover a Foo Fighters song. But which one?

    Jhon Derevko


  15. TD Miela

    Wish the crowd wasn't so lame

  16. sherly85

    It felt so right to have a cigarette-smoking accordian player here.

  17. Wabba Texas BBQ

    Spot on!

  18. Berus7777

    HELL NO.

  19. That Guy

    Yeah, I like this

  20. Larry

    That's a popping snare.

  21. bejazzledxox

    lmfaooo @ the dude smoking while playing that little accordian!! ;)

  22. Richard Fukuda

    that crt noise

  23. David Hudson

    Dave is the fucking man. He's what being a rockstar is all about. The respect for the craft, other artist and the fans is unmatched. He sets the bar in every way.

  24. Chris Silver

    This was awesome

  25. Emanuel Monrroy

    that guy reaction at the end its me rn

  26. Ray Canale

    where is doctor John the night tripper

  27. Loquetengas

    FOO FIRE!!!!

  28. thekenzosh

    wow.....this is GREAT

  29. mMansonsgreyDaisy

    Excellent!! I love this!

  30. Arhell Man

    Dave parece ser un tipo ultra solidario. Rescata a muchos artistas que parecen ser olvidados en el tiempo.
    Y se mezcla con todo tipo de genero: heavy, hard, punk, etc. Realmente es un músico que todos deben respetar

  31. Dennis Hargrave

    There is no better band than the Foo Fighters and no better singer than Dave Grohl,


    i can think of a lot of bands better than the foo fighters and a lot of singers better, starting with the band that made this song. arcade fire..

    Dennis Hargrave

    I will repeat myself, the Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone age and Them Crooked Vulchers are the best bands on this Earth.


    lol havin conversations with people who dont know music is fun

  32. Gina Martinez

    I don't know what the FUQ y'all haters talking about because this cover is bomb!!!!! Also even in more awe of Davey because I myself too listen to this song every day of my life!!!

  33. mrLillipad

    An excellent cover of one of my favorite songs. I'm not usually a big fan of Foo Fighters, but they did this song such justice, what a wonderful performance.

    S Kai

    Not a big fan of Foo but love when they go more acoustic....great, great cover of a great, great song.

  34. DaIndieGodFather

    this makes me like him more

  35. Floppy Rodrigo

    This doesn't sound like Foo Fighters at all. What's the accordion doing there? It's still a solid cover, but it doesn't sound like FF.


    You answered your own question. "It's still a solid cover." It doesn't sound like Foo Fighters because it's another band's song, and they stayed very true to the source material.

    Floppy Rodrigo

    @mrLillipad I meant the instrumentation was unusual for FF.

    Oriana Isabel

    because they're making Arcade Fire, not FF

  36. Nella Crosiglia

    for fans

  37. Malén Alvarez


    el tono de voz de Win Butler es igual de difícil de imitar que el de Thom Yorke, yo lo disculpo a Dave todo lo que quiera por "arruinar" la canción (Para mí no la arruinó)

  38. Artistarter.Tv

    Hi Timo Ruberg! Hi Foo's family :).. I'm preparing a video about Dave Grohl please keep fingers crossed.. by the time You will be reading this it will be probably finished! Check it out. It includes the best things and messages from our SuperHero which Dave really is!

  39. Kari toni

    The Foo Fighters covering Arcade Fire and sounding like Springsteen ... must be in music geek`s heaven

  40. L Pi

    wow ,nice touch for Arcade fire from one of the best bands around( foo fighters) . Seattle, Montreal seam to attract the best in gaming along with music creations . cheers

  41. Greg Hufton

    Great cover! Still enjoy the original more though.

  42. David RF

    Well they ruined it anyway. It doesn't even come close to the original.


    David RF it's a cover of course it's not the original.


    Think that's the idea of a cover you moron!

    Johnny Fryda

    They did a great job

    Dan M

    It’s missing the energy of the song but it’s still a good cover.

  43. Rhoads

    one of the best placings of oh-ohs in songs. elevates the music. and a worthy cover by a band that im not particularly crazy about.

  44. Thomas Jakob

    Some parts of this song NEED to be sung with more people, that's the point of them.

  45. mr7wi

    I prefer the Foo's tunage. Sweetawesometastic.

  46. dragoniguana

    As of 2015, my favourite band (Arcade Fire) has been covered by my second-favourite band (Foo Fighters), which has been covered by my third-favourite band (Florence + the Machine). Cool.

    L Pi

    +dragoniguana mine too great great band there songs mature with us

    Judeu Duarte

    I know this is an old comment but some good news to you: last night they played a song with Florence. So it has come full circle

  47. Nicholas

    eddie and the cruisers!

  48. REB0RN RaMPaGe

    Holy fuck, Dave Grohl gives me more reasons everyday to love him

  49. bigsamzerz


  50. Drew Becker

    Fan of both bands, The Foos do a great cover here!

  51. maggie whiteford

    dave has got to be the coolest guy


    +maggie whiteford Are you an ENFP?

  52. Jbubbah671

    Nice cover.

  53. Bob Dole

    Is it possible to dislike Dave?

    Michelle Clough

    Dave Grohl would accept an invitation to an opening of an envelope. He is now everywhere, Foo OVERDOSE.

    Adam Glenen

    in fact, it is not

    Drake Bunch

    @Brian Kraus well that takes away your credibility bud.


    Brian Kraus you must be a robot, as a human being it would be your duty to like Dave Grohl.


    Yes not as good as the original but it was ok!

  55. PakistaniCult

    That middle-aged bastard, Dave Grohl, turned this song into the X Factor. Absolute shite.

    Edoardo Zanella

    I love dave grohl too, but i think arcade fire are fucking hipster.


    I had the exact same thinking years ago. But not so long ago I decided to listen to all songs from them and those lyrics man.... Vampire Weekend now that is real hipster stuff.....

    You know some times the best way to understand a band music is by going on wiki and check out who these guys really are.

    Anyways man i'm not telling you what to do but keep on rockin!


    @Edoardo Zanella don't be an idiot arcade fire is one of the best bands out there.


    dave grohl should have killed himself after nirvana broke up


    pojk_tant The first Foo Fighters album shits all over any Nirvana album.

  56. CryptedSky

    Haha it's great

  57. Jonathan Williams

    Great song no matter who preforms it.

  58. Carla Toni

    I love this song, arcade fire and foo fighters too. Finally I love this  version :)

  59. Kojak7snap

    Yeah, not gonna lie, I was half expecting a trainwreck, but he done did right by the song.

  60. j monty

    massive A F fan. Love it!

  61. Randy

    Eh, don't know. Good though.

  62. Ella Johnson

    Arcade Fire is always my favorite! Their cover is amazing though!

  63. Fern Fernis Fernie

    Wow that's pretty epic that they covered this song! Dave's the coolest.

  64. haileypotatogirl

    SOLID cover, coming from a die hard Arcade Fire fan (:
    I love the admiration too.

  65. André Cardoso

    nice cover!!!!

  66. Cameron Hines

    Usually not the biggest david growl fan, but he definitely came even with arcade fire on this one 

  67. daniel ramirez

    Better than expected cover.  It didn't even come close to the original, but it did it justice. :)

  68. Mike NicoNico

    The Foos covering Arcade Fire. Greeeat!

  69. zappafan11

    ..... nothing to see here; move along.

  70. kueller

    That was a lot better than I expected.

  71. nothnx100


  72. spydereleven

    I'm thinking he replayed Keep the Car Running

  73. TevyeWill

    Nice. I used to listen to this song everyday too- Maybe I need to get back to that

  74. Simon0

    great cover. I actually prefer it to the original.

  75. Pablo Urbina

    I just had the most massive eargasm ever.

  76. Pablo Urbina

    It's even better when the band that does the cover is also A FUCKING AMAZING BAND!!!!

  77. Null

    That was great

  78. Sam Bruns

    I love the new perspective on this song. What song was he saying he butchered?

  79. James Kenny

    Fuck me I'd jizz in Dave Grohl's beard

  80. thegodieinafire

    Surprisingly good cover.

  81. hardcorerabanrk

    Love arcade fire and are a great band who you need to see live and love this song ..and good job on the cover foo's don't think there's anyone else I would listen to sing this ..Well unless Kurt Cobain was still on the planet :-)

  82. Devin Hale

    That's what I said!

  83. Tim VW

    That awesome moment when your favourite band covers your second favourite band

  84. misterbondage007

    Nothing says "baller" like an accordion and a cigarette.

  85. 1Soraules

    Wow, I'm glad I found this! It's a very nice take on the song!

  86. Dale Nicholson

    i respect mr grohl as a musician, but they totally ruined the song...

  87. AEDSoftware

    Points to Franz Nicolay.

  88. Steve-o Stanko

    Dave's definitely got the right voice for this song.

  89. Scott Moreira

    theyre different musicians, but I wouldnt say better

  90. Danny F


  91. Tom Lee

    I love the guy playing the accordion and with a far stogie in his mouth! Great cover.


    Arcade Fire + Foo Fighters= The only 2 bands I would keep the car running for :))

  93. EmitFlestiKY

    Contemporary music needs more accordion!

  94. jakelocker38


  95. manuholzi87

    great musicians pay tribute to (at least in my opinion) even greater musicians! Awesome!!! .D

  96. Giri Ri

    awesome, but not as cool as the original :)

  97. number7gracestreet

    that accordion part is just... so sweet. And it's making me weep.

    been a long week, for me....

  98. spooninspoon

    Peter Gabriel too =)... best band ever Arcade Fire!

  99. Michaelene Versace

    Freaking A right! This is awesome =)